I was looking in my concordance one day and something struck me from out of the
blue……Go to the Greek section and look up all the citation numbers from 2008 to 2018,
then write out everything you find listed in order. Then do the same for the Hebrew in
like manner. Well…who am I to question such a harebrained idea, so I did just that.
What you see below is exactly what you can find yourself in the Strong’s Concordance of
the Bible, King James Version.

The words in [] are my add-ins to try to make some sort of flow to the paragraph, other
than that the rest are what came directly out of the text mentioned. As I started this little
project it dawned on me that it was now the year 2008 with the Presidential elections now
over. I began to wonder if the numbers had any correlation to years, present and future.
Well, I guess only time will tell us that.

I would call this most interesting indeed!


2008 – with urgency, rebuke, strongly admonish citizenship

2009 – of a penalty, punishment

2010 – allow, permit, suffer

2011 – full power, commission

2012 – commissioner, domestic manager

2013 – to chance upon, attain, obtain

2014 – appear, exhibit, to shine upon, become known

2015 – manifestation, appearing, brightness, coming

2016 - conspicuous, memorable, notable

2017 - to illuminate, give light

2018 - to bear upon, or further, i.e. adduce, personally or judicially accuse, inflict,

superinduce, add, bring against, take

In order….It would read by number sequence (like the years of the calendar)…and this is
what it says:

“With urgency, rebuke and strongly admonish[ed] citizenship, [warned] of a penalty and
punishment allow[ing], permit[ing] to suffer [the] full power [and] commission [given to
the] commissioner, domestic manager…..[Then] attain [and] exhibit [and] become known
[by the] manifestation [and] appearing brightness [of] *His coming, [which will be]
conspicuous, memorable [and] notable to illuminate [and] give light to bear upon or
further adduce, personally or judicially accuse, inflict, superinduce, add, bring against
[or] take.”

(*I did take the liberty to insert the word “His” here, only because this word #2015 in
scripture denotes the Lord’s Second Advent)

The Gregorian Calendar Years…2008 – 2018…!!!!!

I did not know what would be discovered if anything by this little side route. But never
in my wildest dreams did if figure it to be anything like this. Does thist not BLOW your


2008 here, now, since, this way, thus far

2009 lo, behold, see.

2010 permission of rest, i.e. quiet, release.

2011 Hinnom, a Jebusite

2012 Hena, in Mesopotamia:
2013 to hush, hold peace ,tongue, keep silence, be silent, still

2014 relaxation, intermission.

2015 to turn about or over; by implication, to change, overturn, return, pervert, become,

change, come, be converted, give, make [a bed], overthrow, perverse, retire,

tumble, turn again, aside, back, to the contrary, every way.

2016 a turn, i.e. the reverse, contrary.

2017 an upset, i.e. perversity, turning of things upside down, destruction, overthrow.

Once again in order just as in the Greek….It would read by number sequence (like the
years of the calendar)…and this is what the Hebrew says:

“Here now since this way thus far, Lo behold [and] see, permission of rest [and] quiet
release. Hinnom a Jebusite, Hena in Mesopotamia [are] to hush [and] hold peace [their]
tongue, keep silence, be silent [and] still. Relaxation [and] intermission to turn about or
over, by implication to change [and] overturn, return [and] become pervert[ed],
change[s] come [to] be converted, give [and] make a bed, [and] overthrow, perverse
retire [and] tumble turn[ing] again aside, back to the contrary every way. A turn [in] the
reverse, contrary [will be] an upset [and] perversity, [with] turning of things upside
down [with] destruction [and] overthrow.”

It seems the Lord does not need man at all to interpret His Word. It does so, on its own,
with no hindrances from us.

Classical Gas/The Watchman

DR Sontag

November 30, 2008

                         Additional Comment :

Debbie Sontag's article and prompting from our Lord may seem a bit mystical to some of you, but I have to include from my formal education in the Study of the Bible that in Hebrew culture their writing style did not include the Greco-Roman mindset that reflects a the Western mind. In this I mean that our view of things is simple, we see things as literal or symbolic. The Hebrews wrote from their own mind set which was particular only to themselves. They had four styles of  writing that many times could overlap on single text. Imagine it like an onion layered. One of the most encrypted forms was called the SOD. This is a message hidden within a message examples being the practice of Gemetria where all letters of the Hebrew alphabet have numerical values to them. Chuck Missler lined up the meanings from the first ten generations of Adam and looked up the meaning of each name, in this the gospel was proclaimed. I did the same thing with Cain's five generations after he killed Able. A very interesting story also is told in this as you may see in the Two Seeds writing or The Hollow Earth chapter in my book.

Thank You Deb for your interesting contribution.