Alvarado Community Center

Alvarado, Texas

April 24th Friday 7:30pm

April 25th Saturday 1:00pm

Jim Wilhelmsen will be discussing the Stephenville Lights and the important battle for souls as the end game to these events.

Watch the videos below about this important event. Please keep this event in prayer for the many Christians who have had their faith challenged and others with no faith who have been further convinced of the coming great delusion.






Here are the Amazing Facts I discovered when I went to Stephenville, Texas. There seems to be a cover up of some important details and a missing video!

I got a chance to talk with Constable Leroy Gaiten. He professes to be a Christian and after talking with him , I see him as an honest courageous individual with a high standard of integrity that has no reason to embellish or make anything up. In saying all of that, he holds a key element to this whole story. On a video, he filmed the two bright red glowing orbs that he saw come rather close to where he was observing them. The orbs or balls of light were bright with a sharp defined line around them, almost like a bubble or force field of some type surrounding something inside. He said when you looked inside of the orbs you could see an object inside that looked like a bell. I drew him a picture of what has become to be known within the UFO community as the  "The Nazi Bell". He verified that, " yes that is what I saw ."

This was exactly what was captured by our own military in Kecksberg PA. in 1964. It was as if our government had anticipated this crash and had everything removed and witnesses silenced within an hour of the crash. A well organized plan of extraction and pick up went into operation. This was the only other  time this kind of "bell" shaped object has ever been seen. We captured documents and blueprints of this same type of craft  at the fall of the Third Reich of Nazi Germany at a complex in Prague. This complex was the equivalent of America's area 51 and also housed the Nazi Atomic bomb research. This "Nazi bell" was an experiment in Time Travel using anti-gravity/ electromagnetic forms of energy. No actual bell shaped craft were ever found. The US allowed the Russians to enter Berlin while we sent Patton on a far journey to Prague to get the goodies while Russia was busy feeding their national ego on being the victors entering Berlin. Patton was only days from Berlin but was sent across Germany to get to Prague at this secret compound. Hitler knew of the threat and had ordered the SS to exterminate everyone who worked on the projects at the compound. No bodies or escaped scientists or engineers were ever found, this even included SS General Hans Kammaler the highest Nazi officer in charge of all "black Opps " type research and development programs for Nazis. It was as if they just disappeared of the pages of History. Is that what actually happened? Only to return years later? One in 1964 and two others in 2008?

The UFO community laughed at the idea of earthbound technology from Nazi Germany years ago when I first started doing my research into this. Earlier, in the 40's and 50's this information and connection to UFOs could get you killed. Like Morris K. Jessup. Recently this is becoming acceptable to believe within the UFO community. I believe there are specific political reasons why this information is being delayed  and withheld from the public. Be assured it is being withheld and by well known members of the so called UFO community. But why? That is the question that needs to be answered, what happened to Leroy Gaiten's video of the two bell shaped objects in this red glowing bubbles? What happened to the video and why has it been a year now and no one has seen this video or had this obvious connection proclaimed by those in the UFO community who are in the know of such information. This is not an oversight, this is a cover-up. Why?

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I am not going to be afraid to proclaim this missing element from the government or the UFO community. I have sat on my hands and refrained many inconsistencies coming from the UFO community in hopes of establishing  good relationships with some in hopes of sharing  corroborative information that could bring them to a saving faith. Well most are not interested in anything to do with a Biblical perspective unless it agrees with their own platform and agenda. There is a leftist political and anti-god agenda that is established by shared assumptions based on their research and investigations. This disseminated information however comes from those who are a part of a conspiratorial plan to play both ends of the political spectrum against each other. This seemingly sci-fi element will soon fit into regular bi-partisan politics and left and right wing, we are all being duped, unless you can see beyond your own preference of politics, to see we are all being duped by an elite power base backed by non human entities. This power base has a different playing field that what we are able to use. Through the occult knowledge provided by non-human entities, cloning and time travel is at their fingertips. This gives them the false hope and delusion that they are like God and need no God believing that they are ascending to be their own Gods in a new age of enlightenment. Call these entities Aliens if you like, the Bible identifies them as the fallen angels of Genesis 6. My book, "Beyond Science Fiction" reveals this plot with scripture to back all of this up as prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes.

This is soon to bring on a second holocaust starting right here in America. This will force everyone born of God's Holy Spirit to make a choice and stand for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Holy One of Israel, The Lord Jesus Christ or to deny him! It might sound outlandish or paranoid now, but I have already seen this by the Spirit of God and it most assuredly will happen and some of the lies and deceptions are going to come from the UFO community. In one sense, they are right as long as they cling to following the game of bi-partisan politics and believing in the occult based New Age Version of Theosophy, there are irreconcilable differences that makes them enemies of the cross, God and his children. Not by my choice but theirs. Their spoon fed lies from the NWO will bring about another Theosophical Holocaust like it did before.



This is an artistic rendering of what the video was supposed to contain. I asked Officer Gaiten about this video and he stated to me that it did contain on the footage very clear pictures of the glowing balls where you could see the bell shaped objects inside. I told him then that I thought he would never see that video again if that was the case. Looks like I am right on that one!

Linda Molten-Howe never replied to my letter but she did reply to my friend and co-worker Dave Ruffino of Delusion Resistance. He also wrote her and asked her for a copy of the video and was rather stern. She wrote him back stating that the video only contained a picture of two fuzzy dots in the air without any detail. She also rhetorically asked why the hostility? Hmmm that is not what Officer Gaiten told me Linda. Why don't you give over the copy to clear things up but then that would be like asking our President for a birth certificate wouldn't it? I wonder if anything was to ever be offered as the original video would be the same one Officer Gaiten would recognize? When I was on Coast to Coast, they avoided asking anything about any findings I had on the Stephenville Lights. (I submitted this as potentially one of the questions and topics to discuss on the show) None of the other secular or Biblical friendly shows ever answered my request to present this information either. Several Christian blog talk stations were more than willing to give me some air time as they are familiar with me and my work in ministry.