This is a new section that since the election, it becomes necessary to post. We will be conveying to you any news from the Left or Right that is leading us toward globalism.       We will also keep close eyes on President Obama and his Marxist/Socialists goals, Islamic leanings and racist background . When they start revealing themselves as many of the CHANGES WE CANNOT BELIEVE IN, against the American Republic, we will inform you. If there is anything you can do we will inform you of that. If there is nothing you can do, we will provide the hope and promises from God's Word that can help see you through. Many of my younger readers have never been taught true history and how it relates to events today. We will post historical articles to fill in this knowledge gap.

The main purpose is to provide you with comfort and assurance that God is in Control. We are on the last lap of world history, the "end times" are really upon us and in these days it is important to hear from the Lord in a very personal way. My hope is that any and all of  these writings and articles will help you in making life and death decisions for you and your family. We have divided this new section into three categories.  Some links may be "dead" until information is posted, please be patient and we will get to them ASAP!