This book is the result of ten years of intensive study and personal involvement with the UFO Alien Phenomena by myself, Jim Wilhelmsen. I have been involved in Christian Ministry as an ordained minister for over thirty years. I am a ten year member of  the Mutual UFO Network (M.U.F.O.N.) as a religious researcher. I am also Co-founder of  the Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International (P.A.A.P.S.I.). This is a networking organization providing free Biblical counseling and termination of the abduction experience. This is a combined effort by many experienced in this type of ministry and subject, including Dave Ruffino of Delusion Resistance Lynne Marzulli, Ce4 research and others trained in the area of abduction and deliverance ministry across the globe. I also owned and ran a ministry outreach book store / museum in Roswell New Mexico where I lived for four years providing the Biblical truths about the UFO/Alien agenda.

This book offers the most comprehensive study, well documented and supported by scripture work on this and many other paranormal subjects written so far. This is not a boast but an honest assessment. This book connects all of these dots into one cohesive story of Paradise lost and found. The premise is that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God . It is also a record of the entire human experience from start to end on this planet. Contained within the Bible is an answer to everything man will ever be challenged with. We just have to dig deep enough rightly dividing the Bible to find them. This process as claimed by myself is less of the intellectual study (however important) and more of revelation through much fasting,  prayer and a disciplined right relationship with my Lord Jesus.

Most who have read the book admit that I have been able to explain complicated and intricate ideas and scholarly work in an easy to understand flow of logic.  However there is a draw back in the books current printing that I will address to you before you buy it. There are spelling, grammatical errors and even format and typo's within the text. Some people may not be able to get over this rather amateur attempt on my part to see the important content within this book. For this, I must apologize and explain my situation.

Let me be the first to share that I realize that this casts doubt on my credibility as a researcher or scholar. I am more of a called individual in a prophetic ministry simply doing my best with who I am and what I have. I have a few personal challenges that have caused me to rush this information into print before it has been polished into a perfected product. I have waited years for professional editing volunteers and had a few that did provided some edited sections. The process was too slow and something needed to happen soon as I have some time constraints to contend with. I am not a person of financial means that can just hire professionals to do the job or it would have been done long ago.

Although I have a degree in an industrial technical field as well as Bible college, I was able to do this by getting my G.E.D while serving in the US Army.  I never finished high school and lack this basic foundation. None of my education included any English or writing. So while I excel in some areas, others suffer as the result of my own bad decisions as a troubled youth. Even then. I am not any different than the average person writing as most need this professional touch to their work.

While waiting to get a fine polished copy of my book for print, I had a five artery by pass and discovered that the hardening of my arteries was due to being a type 2 diabetic. I am losing my sight faster than I can keep up with my prescription glasses. I can only work on a computer monitor for a couple of hours at a time before I can no longer see and have to rest my eyes double that time. This makes the whole working process tedious and time consuming. The hardening of my arties has also including the blood supply to my brain. I do not have dementia yet, but I can tell that my short term memory is being affected. I saw my Dad deteriorate slowly into dementia before his death and I am concerned that I really do not know how much time I have left for myself. I did not want this important information to die along with myself as an incomplete obscure work. It was so important to just put it out there even at the cost of making myself look like a fool to the world.

Most people have enjoyed the book and have either missed or overlooked the amateurish presentation realizing that the amazing content made up for it.  I have good reviews from both Barns and Noble and Amazon.  However the perfectionist and the Academics have been angry, frustrated or very disappointed that the presentation did not measure up to their standards. Some have even dismissed the entire work because of it. For this I apologize. Instead of criticizing the work, help me make it better. I would love for anyone who would or could help me perfect the English within this book. In spite of this flaw I stand by this book. In contrast to many other well written books on the subject that actually do not tell you much about anything, mine is exhaustive with vital information and unlike others, concludes with a way out and hope through it all.

This is my willingness to be as transparent and objective as I can in regards to my work in this book.  I proudly and humbly stand by it and believe that it contains answers to question some have never even thought to ask yet. It is well worth the money for anyone wanting the truth about this whole subject. BTW, I am not getting rich on this either. I get 3.00 per book on royalties. All of my profit goes back into ministry where I travel in local shows to witness my faith and warn of the coming deception or help victims.  You can purchase it at either link below.




Thank You and May the Lord Bless you greatly as you read this vital work on an important part of a coming deception.

Sincerely In His Service, Jim Wilhelmsen