"... freely ye have received, freely give."
                                               Matt 10:8

This scripture above becomes my policy.

What I have written has been inspired to me by our Lord. I therefore cannot claim it as my own. The inspiration and discipline to receive it however is and I would hope you would give due credit.

Otherwise, you may use anything written here on this site in any way that would further the gospel of Christ and bring Him the glory. You may make tracts, booklets or cut and paste sections on your own site. I just ask that you give me any credit due for only what you have copied from my site. If you mix it with your own material please make a defined separation between the two or e-mail me to see how we can integrate them. If you make anything that you  intend to sell  to support your own ministry, that is ok with me too, but again, I ask you to give credit due me and use what you want to help get this information out.

I wonder just how much time we have to enjoy the freedom to proclaim the gospel, so use whatever you want in the hopes that it might bring someone closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have to confess that some graphics I have grabbed from the internet because I thought they best represented what I needed to say. I am certainly willing to remove any if you own the copyright and want them removed or keep them if I give credit due. None of them are used for my own personal profit. Some I created myself and am glad to let you have them again to use for God's glory.

Thank You and God Bless you!