Most Christians believe that the UFO/Alien agenda is one of many obscure diversions Satan has created to keep peoples minds away from the truths in the Bible and belief in a personal accountable God. Although this is true, there is so much more to this than being a simple diversion. This is part of the "end time delusion" prophesied in the Bible that will eventually touch and challenge every individual on this planet! Because we here at Echoes of Enoch see this bigger picture, we will take every opportunity to get out and warn the public and give them the only hope and way out in Jesus Christ. Here is a record of some of the past events and what we are planning to do in the near future.   Watch the video 2003 AOD

Also in 2003: We set up a booth for a UFO convention in Dayton Ohio, and Aztec, NM.






2003  Ozark UFO Conference Eureka, Arkansas    Dr Chris Ward, Dave Flynn, Dr Mike Heiser Richard Hoagland, Jim Wilhelmsen                Wilhelmsen                                                               x             1st Ancient of Days conference 2003                                           


Great show operated by a fellow believer (in Christ not UFOs)  the interview can be heard by clinking picture or link.                                                                                                     




 2nd Ancient of Days Conference 2004 Roswell NM N      During the filming of the round table discussion, I had to leave quickly. A member of the audience fully manifested a demonic rage. Lisa Davis, myself and a few experienced members of the audience formed the deliverance team. Trying to be as discreet as possible,  three demons were cast out in the parking lot and the person was on her way to being set free.!                                                                                                                      We also set up at the  2004 Ozark UFO Conference E                                                                                                                                                         Eureka,  Ark. And the  2004 MUFON convention in  x                                                                                                                                                        Denver

 San Francisco Bay area UFO Convention 2004   Jim W, and Dave Flynn - Bay area Conference                                                                      x             


I teamed up with Guy Malone and Alien Resistance for this one. I watched the booth while he mingled with the who's who. He was in his element and I was in mine. I prayed with a young man who was a self styled Buddhist.  He did not believe in God but I challenged him to simply pray and ask for God to reveal himself as real.. I led him in a prayer right there in front of the curious crowd. I had around five people around the table who blew off the speakers that they had paid for so they could stay and listen to me. A pretty good day.  Video Ancient of Days Panel discussion 2005

2007 Roswell NM





2007 Roswell NM UFO Festival




While in Roswell for the 2007 festival  I met Dr Louise at the Civic Center where we had our booth. Jerry Pippin was in town doing interviews for his well known program on UFOs and Conspiracies. She got me on his program and you can hear it by clicking on the program banner. There are times when the Lord will give me an in depth look into someone's heart that goes far beyond normal human abilities. This is nothing accomplished on my part by no means. This is one of many gifts of the Holy Spirit .that allows a true believer to walk in a supernatural ministry of service. I say all of this to ask you to pray for this woman. She is a psychic with a Jewish background, but beyond this surface, the Lord showed me a tender heart with a great potential to be used by him. He told me she was one of His, she just didn't know it yet. I don't really know much about her in any other way except she was a very gracious woman with a great sense of humor and open to the things of God. I hope soon she will come to know her Messiah. Please pray that she will. rt                             




Dr Rita Louise          Jerry Pippin


 Photos and story about the 2008 convention in Roswell 2008

II appeared at the 2008 convention with Dave Ruffino and Joe Jordan in support of their efforts.

    Broadcast from November 22, 2008

April 6-14th I was invited by Pastor Ray










                                             UFO Schedules

In the future, I will no longer post UFO conventions other than the ones I personally plan to attend. Recently, in some of the conventions that were noted for their practical and scientific presentations, they have gradually changed departing from their original intent. I am pretty disquieted by the attitude of the so called secular scientific UFO communities that claim to have an open mind. The Biblical perspective has been presented for almost five years and much to my dismay, it has been rejected by many as "Religious" and not scientific. The case can be made that we study and scrutinize in the same manner as they claim but are brushed off that our work is just religious fluff. At the same time they are "concerned" about our position and try to write many of us off. I should not be so surprised as they are in darkness and cannot and do not want to see anything outside of their own preconceptions.   ,Today, the entire UFO community accepts every form of occult concepts and ideas of alternate spiritual insights except, Biblical Christianity.  All of the conventions now include "channeled information, contact from mystics, Psychics and Shaman. This is so hypocritical that any reasonable person and many Christians who attend these events should reconsider.

Unless you are a well grounded Christian who feels called to learn the dangers of the topic, you wouold do well to stay away from such vonventions. There are many good sound research and information that can be had but you have to wade through a certain amount of biased New Age poisen to get it.

For me, this is our mission field and we at Echoes of Enoch treat it as such. I do not say this in vanity but in an awesome respect for what the Lord has done in my life to inform and equip me to have an answer for the hope that is within me, I do not go to these meetings to gather information, I go to proclaim what I already know. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit has equipped me with everything I need to know on the entire subject.  I don't claim to know everything, just what I need to know to sift through the lies. I am able to keep up with current events and sightings but I am not a seeker. Why seek when I already have the truth, I just want to share it with others.