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Why Roswell ?

Roswell has become the Mecca for all things Alien and UFO. Because of the alleged UFO crash and recovery of "Alien bodies" in 1947, this was one of several incidents that created modern UFOlogy today. Is it all just a myth or is there some truth with a hidden agenda behind it all? Jim Wilhelmsen investigated this incident as a resident of Roswell for 4 years. This video contains his personal experiences as well as his personal claimed revelation's from God through his word the Bible. He believes the scriptures actually addresses the Roswell Crash. All the evidence is provided as to how Roswell is pivotal to promoting an end-time deception and lie to believe that Aliens are our creators who came from other planets and are coming back to share and give us a promise and hope for a second chance by a greater cosmic community.

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Double Minded America and the Tribe of Dan


Have you wondered why America is so double Minded? This video by the Word of God will explain why America has had a history of being a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Both God and Satan had a plan for America and this video will try to explain both with the ultimate hope that God is on control.

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Abomination that Makes Desolate

Three events have been called the Abomination that makes Desolate. Today we can look back and see a 21st century perspective at the type and foreshadowing that the first two past are telling us about the last one yet to come.

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Blood Power in Myth and Biblical Reality

Central to the Christian faith and relationship with Jesus is the shedding of blood and it's power in part of the redemptive process of mankind. Satan has also provided alternatives to this in a same but opposite manner this video will reveal the two.

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Unity and Evangelism: the Unattained Goal and Forgotten Objective

Judgment begins first in the house of God. 1Pe 4:17. Why? America and the world as it is today is a reflection that the Church has not lived up to God's desire and commission. Unbelievers will know the reality of God's love as they observe the love we as believers have for one another. Yeah right we are too busy beating each other up and accusing each other of being heretics or wolves in sheep's clothing, there is no unity. Frustration and anger as good becomes evil and evil is good we have forgotten how to preach the real gospel. This video tries to explain the problem and then lead to the solution.

6.00 45min DVD

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In Search of the Fortress of Anu

The Fortress of Anu derived from Genesis 10 is I believe an underground Genetics complex creating a mass of immortal warriors the end time prophetic army of darkness using all of the occult based technology gleaned by the Nazis described in Daniel 2:43. You do not have to believe this now just expose yourself to the ideas and just wait and see. If I am correct you will have a reference point for amazing and frightening events yet to happen to mankind. I have been accused by some that this video deviates from my usual work. Although it includes much Gnostic esoteric things I am not promoting them in any way. I present the evidence to indicate what Satan is up to using his plan, language and mystical methods. There is sufficient scripture to support the claims made here and this is not some wild ride of fantasy. Small minds that cannot comprehend or are bogged down in inflexible dogma , cannot be open to see and will never see this for what it is. Others prayerfully may appreciate this for what it is.. just a possibility that I took upon myself to investigate. 

6.00 aprox70 minuets DVD



Theosophy and their Prophetic Symbol

Theosophy in some form will be the global religion. It will morph itself into all of the other belief systems of earth. Their symbol represents a prophetic plan to accomplish their goals of providing mankind with a false eternal body and environment. This video explains how.

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Revelation of the Cross

Unlike any story you have ever heard about an old unchanging story about the cross, expose yourself to a 21st century enhancement of what really happened on the cross Jesus was put upon. From a 21st century perspective you will see a logic and combination of truths that in this so called modern enlightened society governed by scientist-priests, they will pale to knowing these deeper truths of the crucifixon.

6.00 40 minuets DVD

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There can be Only One!

With all the claims by many others of knowing the truth or showing you the path to truth, only one person recorded in history claimed to be THE TRUTH as God in the Flesh Jesus the Christ. In a movie comparison you may see the logic behind this concept.

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