Validation and Opportunity

Call it final disclosure, official disclosure or complete disclosure, the basic term describes the ultimate hope for all investigators and researchers within the UFO community including their  followers and fans. Disclosure is the hope of validation for all involved in exploring this phenomena. For some it is their life's work and many others it represents a possible end to the mocking and fun poked at them for their mere belief which is intensified as determined by the amount of their own personal involvement.  For many, on all levels within the UFO community, it will be their hopeful expectation for a beginning point to opening up  a new age of enlightenment for all of mankind on this planet.

A Faith based Belief

 This collective hopeful expectation can be compared to the same kind of hope many evangelical Christians have toward the hope of Christ's second coming. For many Christians the second coming of Christ represents the final end of Satan's rule on earth with a new era (1,000 years) of restoration, peace and reconciliation to our creator God with a final victory at the end of this 1,000 year reign forever with a new heaven and earth..  Christians at least have a promise of their awaited event, written in the scriptures and spoken of by God himself. Unlike this guarantee, the UFO community has nothing but leaked rumors from government officials and logical deductions arrived from their research conclusions, which may not always hold true.  It is a hope that relies on a blind faith in a future event that will bring closure to one of the biggest mysteries in our time. But it does take a measure of faith with a hope for this event without any evidence or promise that it would ever actually happen. This puts their expectations of disclosure into a faith based hope which is, like it or not, a secular religious belief system.

So what exactly is Disclosure?

It is the long awaited and hoped for official announcement by the United States government and others who are in the know to admit or confess the truths about UFOs and an alien presence here on earth and our own government's involvement and relationship in whatever capacity. In this announcement, evidence and proof will reinforce the claims which will be made. It is the time when all of mankind will grow up into adulthood with a realization that we are not alone in the universe and that we are part of a bigger community of sentient beings, human and non-human. I certainly am not saying I believe this, but rather this is the shared belief  most individuals within the UFO Community are waiting for as the end game of their hopes desires and personal involvement.

Past Concerns about Disclosure's effect on society                                                                              The impact on religion

In the past, the UFO community has proclaimed a concern that disclosure has not happened because of the negative impact it would have on our society including one aspect, religion. The words of physicist and author Paul Davies typifies this sentiment, "The existence of extraterrestrial intelligences would have a profound impact on religion, shattering completely the traditional perspective of God's special relationship with man.     It is this traumatic effect that has kept our government on a course of a staunch denial and continual cover up of evidence and events, so most in the UFO community believe. In this sense the Government is keeping this knowledge from the public for our own benefit. There was a time when people assumed that a total breakdown of our society could be the end result of such a "truth" revealed to the public. Government funded think tanks and seminars by leading experts have come to the same conclusions. If any announcements were to ever be made, a planned preparing or conditioning would have to be made in the minds and hearts of the masses.

The Conditioning for Acceptance                                                                                                                         A Compromise and  Melding of Lies

There has been much preparation in the last three decades to ease this potential traumatic reaction by conditioning the public to accept this "truth" without the negative effects on society. In order for this to happen a compromise and melding of a False Christian Theology with an ET UFO reality has been progressively proclaimed by many well trained and credentialed individuals from the scientific and ecclesiastical communities. These presentations however are not really scientific nor do they represent a true Biblical perspective. Because many of these new ideas are presented by individuals with impeccable man made credentials, they are readily accepted by most of society and not challenged by their own colleagues. This silence by others is more an apathy, viewing this whole topic as insignificant and not worth any serious discussion or consideration than any lack of response for any other reason. However, in this silence which has existed since the phenomena first presented itself, comes a built in credibility for the new ideas that were first presented decades ago and left un challenged by anyone. Below are a few books which came out in the early and mid 60's. They were the first of many other books with the same theme. This is the melding of the Bible ,UFOs and Aliens in a very unsound manner. The attempt is one where the two meld into a logical re-explanation of Bible stories and prophecy that explains the modern phenomena in more natural terms.

Presenting a New Theology

The Bible and Flying Saucers by former Rev Dr Barry Downing is a perfect example of compromise and melding of  half truths. He holds a Doctorates in Theology and was a former Presbyterian Minister. He is very popular as a "Christian" Icon within the UFO community and is a long standing member of MUFON. I have talked with Mr. Downing and actually find him to be a very pleasant professional man. However, in spite of that, he holds that the Bible contains errors and is not the infallible Word of God. He does not consider himself a part of the evangelical "Born Again" type of Christianity and does not hold to fundamental doctrines. It is from this natural position that he interprets the Bible and conforms it to the UFO activity and events. Anyone following the rules accepted by any and all Christian denominations knows well, that the opposite process is part of rightly dividing the Word of God. It is the events that are flexible and must conform to the scriptures not visa versa. When man attempts to determine the scriptures apart from divine revelation led by God's Holy Spirit an interesting combination is created and warned against. The number of man in Hebrew Gematra is 6. There is 66 books that contain the Old and New Testaments. When man apart from God expounds upon those 66 book in his own understanding  he has added the touch of another 6 to the 66 books. That makes 666 the number of the very spirit of Antichrist. The final result is an opposition to the very essence of what is being said in the scriptures about God, his work and purpose. This is exactly what we find happening today by these well credentialed "experts". They are none other than the warned of blasphemers speaking evil of the truth in the "last days". Jude 1:8,10 2Timothy 3:1-13 1Timothy 4:1,2  Matthew 24: 11,12

 Other books appeared at the same time from a more academic background. The most famous being Chariots of the God's by Erich Von Daniken, a self proclaimed archeologists and historian. This book was the initial seed planter for the the whole concept of ancient astronauts in our past influencing human history and creating the various religions of the earth including Christianity. In spite of the contrary evidence provided from more traditional fields of science and the Church, that disclaimed many of his ideas, this book sold over 20 million copies and prepared the way for other more daring books. One of these books is a well written yet outright blasphemous book, The God's of Eden by an attorney William Bramley. In his book, he proclaims that the early Christian church was founded by an abduction experience of Paul on the road to Damascus. The church was then founded by an alien attempt to suppress mankind's knowledge and understanding of the cosmos through religious superstitions. There is an allusion to the Holy Spirit as being an alien influence prodding this religion on for the individuals suppressive ideas and behavior.

Another ground breaker and modern icon in the UFO community is Zecharia Sitchen. His twelve book series expounds on the theme in much more of a pseudo- academic level. Today many others have added to the same thoughts. Many have little or no technical Biblical backgrounds and break every rule of interpretations known and accepted by any and all Christian denominations. They do however have a high degree of education in other areas. This becomes their "foot in the door" to present many ridiculous rule breaking revelations from the scriptures. It would be like having a top brain surgeon hired to install a new transmission in your car.  In most cases a first year Bible college student can see through the abuses with ease but do not, because the church on a whole, ignores this whole area of study, as insignificant and not worth the time to study or confront. This silence only adds to the brazen abusive slander of Gods Word by untrained professionals.

Compromised Christians Silence, Reinforces False UFO Theology

The added creditability is given by other "Christian professing" people who are already in the ranks of being well known investigators and researchers within the UFO community, that while they may not agree with this perspective, they are silent against it for fear of losing their esteemed position in the UFO community.  Speaking to a few of them in person I asked why they remain silent. Their rationale is that they feel they can do more by working on the inside. When I ask how long they have been involved and what have they actually been able to do so far, I get answers that sound as hollow as Lot explaining to the angels what he was doing in Sodom. In many cases they have even tried to meld the two camps together at the expense of scriptural  truths. This same non-confrontational acceptance to work within this community is nothing more than a compromise to one of the biggest lies since the flood. This compromise has only served to solidify this false "Christian view" into the minds of the rest of the secular world researching this subject and has made it almost impossible for me and many of my like minded colleagues to present the true Biblical perspective. We become the rabble rousers who are trying to upset the existing peaceful melding of the two camps.

Yes there has already been a line drawn in the sand. It is a line against the one true God, The God of Abraham Issac Jacob, the Great I AM and his savior provider, Jesus Christ. and all who represent him. Too many of these "Christian investigators and researchers are  blind to see the evidence of this line. Many have a hope of becoming a voice within this community but without a great amount of compromise, it will not happen. Here is an example of a random pick from a website discussing Disclosure. You can see this same mindset repeated on dozens of similar sites. I will let their words and attitude speak for themselves. This was from a list of concerns about disclosure. 8 and 10 make my point here:


8.  Is the struggle over UFO disclosure a theological war? Not the way that question suggests, but Dr. Steven Greer, Director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, has talked with high officials in government. He has learned that a number of right-wing extremists in the Cabal are also fundamentalist religious extremists, who demonize the extraterrestrial visitors, and may view their private war as a "crusade"....

10. The ruthless attacks by the Cabal certainly serve to undermine the trust and cooperation that the extraterrestrials wish to develop with us. Since the extraterrestrial cultures in contact are more developed, they do not resort to violent massive retaliation against these attacks. Thus, the Cabal's private war is not physically suicidal, but certainly self-defeating for the best interests of
Earth. Top world leaders, such as found in the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations, have been quietly meeting with and entering into negotiations with the representatives of the interstellar Federation of ET cultures in contact. The ETs seek peace, human attention to reversing global pollution, and the sharing of theological, historical, metaphysical, scientific, cultural and technological information. They also wish to be of assistance during upcoming and foreseen geophysical cataclysms and societal turmoil. But only if we want their assistance.

The above concerns and statement, no matter how strange sounding these claims may seem to the average Christian or interested observer, are not coming from some old hippy type new age left over from the 60's. Here are the credentials from the owner and author of this article and his web site, his views are a typical example of  general common knowledge accepted by most within the UFO community.

  - Richard Boylan, Ph.D

Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor (emeritus), certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. He provides hypnotherapy for recalling full details of partially-remembered close encounters with the Star Visitors, stored in subconscious memory.  Dr. Boylan also is a consultant to Star Kids and Star Seeds seeking to understand better their origin, identity and mission, so they can achieve full awareness of and clarity about their identity, inner growth, spiritual development, and future path. ( see Dave Ruffino's article on the Indigo Children, as they are one in the same)
His career has spanned four decades of service as a psychologist, social worker, hypnotherapist, clergyman (retired), educator, and space anthropologist. Dr. Boylan has served as a Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, University of California, Davis, National University, Chapman University, and Sierra College.
Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted research into human encounters with the Star Visitors. This has led to his current focus, creation of the Star Kids Project, Ltd, and working with these genetically-upgraded children with advanced abilities, and their families.
He has presented papers on his research at, among other conferences, the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference, and the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at Washington, DC. He is author of four books, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey To the Stars (1996), Project Epiphany (1997), and Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation (2005). He has over 50 articles published. He is currently working on a fifth book, on "The Star Nations-Human Connection".
Dr. Boylan is President of the Star Kids Project, Ltd, an non-profit educational and training program for young and mature Star Seeds.
He is also President of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) Inc., a nonprofit educational and research organization. He has conducted numerous workshops for mental health professionals on the specialized counseling for experiencers of Star Visitor contact.
He has lectured widely at regional and national conferences, and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including NBC's Sightings twice, on Paramount Television Network's Paranormal Borderline , three times on Art Bell's Dreamland program, and as many times on George Noory’s Coast To Coast AM program.
Dr. Boylan is a member of the National Board of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Anesthesiology. He is Past-President of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association.

You can see he has the education, credentials and personal involvement that makes him a showcase example of what is acceptable for societies consideration and attention. I hope you can also see the division and claims made against true believers as he refers to them as a "fundamentalists cabal" who demonize the aliens and their good intentions. He talks of the world leaders who are in contact with the "Aliens". Did you know the CFR and Bilderbergs are populated with the same families of rich elite that supported Adolf Hitler. These same individuals belong to the same occult lodges and have an active desire to create a  New World Order! Yes, full of  half truths, this melding is creating the rising of the beast of Revelation 13 right before your eyes including their friends, the Aliens. (...and the dragon gave him his power and authority...:) Yes you guys will get your disclosure and it is coming very soon. The powers that be, have upped the anti by including known and respected leaders and figureheads of our society who are now coming forth with their own revelations and stories.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper confessed to seeing something on one of his mission in space. Edgar Mitchell's statement is even more dramatic as he claimed to see an intergalactic spaceship. He made further comments:

Edgar Mitchell admitted that he has "inside" information that confirms that the Roswell crash did indeed involve a craft from another world, and that a government cover-up of UFO and alien information began then, and has continued to this day. Moreover, we have been visited by beings from other worlds a number of times during his tenure at NASA. Only his insider information allowed him knowledge of these events.

 When you add the recent proclamation by the Roman Catholic church, that it is  " OK to believe in Aliens". the way is being prepared for the coming of  this total disclosure to a frightened hungry world made ripe and ready to accept our new friends. A younger generation has been indoctrinated with important New Age concepts that are helping to shape and mold this acceptance. UFOs and Aliens are a main theme to many role playing computer games, movies, cartoons,  and documentaries.  Heroes and  X men get us used to "star children" The Old Battle star Galactica and  Stargate make us ready to see ancient ET involvement in our history, Dark Skies, Star Trek and Stargate get us used to alien symbiotic entities, X files helps us understand cover ups and conspiracies, many more movies and TV programs plant the necessary seeds and elements to this big lie. From children's cartoons to documentaries, for all ages to all levels, basic concepts have been impressed into our inattentive minds. Yes disclosure will certainly come and very soon but what is going to be disclosed?  The Truth or more Deceit? Soon, everyone on this planet may have to make a choice as they will be given some type of tangible proof.

Disclosure is Deception i                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Whatever official disclosure we will experience, it will never be the real truth. The real truth is self incriminating and exposes the real reasons of "Aliens and UFOs. The primary purpose of disclosure is to produce the very things that have always been warned against. When the powers that be are ready, they will present the evidence and illusion of an alien presence on earth. Whatever connection or relationship our government alleges to have with them will be an equally elaborate fabrication of half truths. The technological marvels that accompany these claims as "proof" will be real nut and bolt fully functional UFOs. The primary purpose of this event will be to destroy faith in the God of the Bible. When this new fabricated and false Christian theology has merged with the New Age metaphysical occult beliefs, and has been introduced into a generation who has not known anything else, the time is set... and that time is now! I fully agree with the UFO community that in this act, religion will be destroyed . The destruction will be more of an absorption into the mushy accept all truths New Age Theosophy.  I can agree on that because this event is described in the scriptures.

... "Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens."
 The words "once more" indicate the removing of what can be shaken-- that is, created things-- so that what cannot be shaken may remain.
 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,
 for our "God is a consuming fire."  Heb 12:26-29 (NIV)

This text is telling us that there is some event that will shake or upset all things that are founded on mans own reasoning but what remains will be the unshakeable faith and relationship we have with our creator. It is the difference between relationship and religion. Man made or demonic inspired religion will die. This death may be in the form of having it meld into one big mass of the New Age Theosophy. Religious Christianity will be included in this number.

The Sure Foundation

But what the powers that be who desire this New Age of enlightenment are not understanding is the fact that their ploy will never destroy the faith of Bible believing Christians who hold fast to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God or the personal leading of God's Holy Spirit as provided by the promised Messiah and savior, Jesus Christ! The relationship of true Bible believing Christians cannot and will not ever be destroyed with any kind of disclosure about UFOs and Aliens regardless of what physical evidence is provided. That is why myself and many like minded involved in the same type of ministry are standing in the gap in various ways to these coming lies against the God of the Bible. In a sense we are creating a preventive maintenance for our faith before the threat happens. Ironically, our work is so far ahead of the needed time that it has been ahead of the church's understanding for the need for such measures. We certainly are not a part of some Fundamental cabala as some have accused. This is simply a part of a movement inspired by the Holy Spirit to prepare his people for things to come. This kind of disclosure for real Bible believing Christians will not destroy our faith. We have a guarantee to this effect from God's Word. 

There is not any event or situation on earth or coming from outer space that will outlast God's Word.

" Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."  Matt 24:35

There is no deception or lie that can trick a Born Again believer who follows the Holy Spirits leading.
"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come." John 16:13

The relationship and bond of Love God has for us cannot be separated or undone by man, angels, aliens or any created thing at any time from anywhere.

"For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Rom 8:38-39

Real Disclosure is already here.

A dream the Lord gave me back in January of 1996, really said it all. In this dream, the conclusion was, that everything we needed to know about the mysteries, cover-ups and secrets about UFOs and Aliens were all in the Bible. Total Disclosure if you can accept this source then, has already been given and in some detail. That is what this entire web site, my book and ministry is all about. I certainly am not the only one doing this. Perhaps one of the first, but many are being called and the same revelations have been given and distributed to many, as they too are added into the number to stand in this gap of knowledge. It is there for your consideration , not indoctrination, if you want to study all aspects of this topic. In a nutshell let me highlight the main points the Bible tells us about the whole subject.

1. There was a time in the ancient past, around 6,000 years ago when non human entities (fallen angels) intervened in human affairs on this planet. They interbreed with human women producing the mythological gods recorded in all cultural history, myths and legends. The flood destroyed this old rebellious act of corruption and contamination. 

2.The flood destroyed the physical dimension of these beings but being part angelic and eternal, these fallen angels and their offspring were placed into a disembodied form as "ghosts, what we call demons today ( 2Peter2:4,5, Jude 1:6, ) They would remain in a cycle of going up to stalk the earth and humans as invisible spirits or ghosts and cast back down to an inner earth by the authority and faith in God, JHVH (OT) Jesus (NT).

3.They would return again just before the return of Christ in the last days. (Genesis 6  Matthew 24:37,38, ). Their return would be physical as they are restored to a fleshly existence. ( Job 2:5, Isaiah 14:29, Isaiah 26:13,14, Revelation 12:9 ) The allusion of cloning with mankind's assistance is alluded to in the original languages of these passages. They would again mix their seed with mankind but this time in a clinical way outside of marriage (Daniel 2:43) They would be mustered up as an end time army of darkness against mankind and God. (Isaiah 26:14, Revelation 9:3, Joel 2:1-10, )

  4 After the flood, some of the technology was remembered and recorded at Babel. (Genesis11:1-9) As these rebels were scattered abroad with their languages changed, they placed this remembered knowledge into memorials, encrypted into the very construction and preserved in occult ritual and myths. (Gen 11:4)

5. This information would be revealed to one man in the last days to be reassembled and implemented on an unsuspecting earth. In league with the fallen angels and Satan himself, in a clandestine manner, he would deceive the entire world and almost destroy it, but this first appearance he would die. The forbidden knowledge would be taken to the "holy mountain of God"  or a nation of God's people.( Daniel 8:23-25, Dan 7:25, Dan11:43-45,

6. The reappearance of these fallen angels and the second appearance of this man would come from the skies in a sudden startling event or events from the skies bearing a contrary to the Bible message and offer of help and false promise. A false religious belief system would result. (Revelation 13:1-8, 2Thessalonians 2:9-12,) Many people will depart prior beliefs and gather to a new one.( 2Thessalonians 2:3,)

7. All of this activity will be clandestine and conspired between an elite portion of mankind and these non-human entities. However some will look just like humans and infiltrate earths various institutions including the church. (Revelation 17:11,12, Jude 1:4,11-16.)

8. This global unity will be achieved for a short time. It will be at the expense of forsaking the God of the Bible and enforced by a global economic system where you cannot function without joining and you cannot join without rejecting a belief in the God of the Bible.( Revelation 13:16,17) A global socialistic, humanistic form of Theosophy will replace all traditional forms of religion, government and science. The fallen angels pretending to be ETs will be given charge over the nations and made to be worshipped. (Daniel 11:39, Revelation 13:15)  And YOU will have to make a choice, you can only be on one side or the other, indifference and/or indecisiveness  will not be an option. For most of the world today, home is that area of mental indifference which produces non commitment or personal involvement to anything but self. The coming new age of enlightenment will force that decision on you like it or not.

If we understand this real disclosure provided for us in the Bible, this coming  false disclosure should only reinforce one's faith in God as he has foretold of these events and their final outcome.

The Final Disclosure

9. This invincible Army of human and non human entities with combinations possibly even of clone and mechanic mixtures marches in on the only last remaining resistance, Israel. They come to protect and establish this New Age of Enlightenment upon the whole earth like it or not. Suddenly there is a sudden shout from heaven and the appearance of another army descending from the heavens. The Bible says that a flaming sword comes out of the mouth of their leader. I believe under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and also consistent with Bible symbolism, I was shown this: The sword is the Word of God, fiery because it brings judgment and with just one statement, this entire invincible army is destroyed. What statement could be that powerful? As Jesus was being challenged by the Jewish leaders of the Sanhedrin, They asked him a question about his teachings. Jesus being a young man in his thirties, how could he imply that he was around during the time of Abraham? Jesus replied with a simple yet powerful statement that caused everyone to fall backwards on the ground. He said, " Before Abraham was, I AM!        (John 8:58)I believe those two words are what the whole world will hear in that day of the Lord which destroys this entire ungodly army. (Revelation 19:15,21)  I AM. That is to say, I exist!.

Your Choice

 The bottom line to this whole New Age of Enlightenment is their basic belief that man through evolution and spiritual ascension becomes a god. Man must decide the final question presented by the UFO Alien agenda...Who's your Daddy? Did Aliens tweak the evolution process and are our creators as they claim? Have they come back to introduce us into a larger cosmic community and a New Age of enlightenment as they also claim? Or, did a loving God create us to be his children and help rule with him forever in eternity. Is he coming back take his children home and put an end to Satan's lies and man's folly of self rule and self reliance?

That is your eternal choice and in that sense you are no different than Adam and Eve as they stood before two trees beckoning them to come. One tree depends on self reliance to receive knowledge and wisdom to be like God, the other tree depends on faith and hope to trust in a loving God as a father who has already made the provision to be like him and share all creation with him as members of his family. I AM addresses all of these issues and debates and puts a final disclosure to everything!

I like the words of Joshua as he was near the end of his life he challenged the people to make the same choice between God and the same beings you will have to chose from. He said,  "...

 "choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, ... but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD".  Josh 24:15