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1. Deity of Jesus Christ                     

Jesus was fully man, " the son of man" and yet fully God as the "son of God" yet an equal part of the one God as "God the Son". He was the word made flesh and the only sinless human to ever exist. He came in the flesh to this world and lived this sinless life in which death could not hold him and rose from the dead to be the firstborn of the dead and we are what follows.

He alone is the author and finisher of our salvation and in him only is there eternal life no other name on this earth  can be saved in any other way but through the finished work of Jesus the Christ.. 


2. Blood Atonement:

There is no remission of sin except by the shed blood of Christ. This innocent and untainted blood shed, brought us back to God and reveals to our soul God's forgiveness. 


3. Salvation by Faith

Salvation is by faith in the Grace of God through Jesus Christ only as the offering of  himself

as the once and final sacrifice for our sins. Salvation is for God's elect  and provisions have been made by God for those who are the

wheat and tares or sheep and goats. I believe there are truths to salvation in both camps of Calvinists and Arminian camps so i am neither and

yet both when you understand the three dimensions of mankind's make up and see that redemption is on three different levels for the three parts.  


4. Three in One God

There is only one God with three dimensions to that one God The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Man made in this image also has three parts to one person, a soul, a spirit and the body.