The Promise of their coming

A constant theme within the UFO community is the fact that "they", the Aliens, are coming to earth soon. In an almost same but opposite pattern, the high expectations within the UFO community for this event can be likened to the hopeful expectations Christians have for  the return of Christ to earth.  There has been a history of presumptuous  people, some with good intensions, that have tried to date the return of Christ within the Church This has caused many to shy away from anything to do with the "end times" prophecy and the second coming of Christ. Some have even taken the extreme position of denying that these events will ever happen. The Apostle  Peter realized this would happen and prophetically under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit expressed this condition at the end of times.


First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.
 They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation."                     

X                                                                                                                                 2 Pet 3:3-4 (NIV)
Same but opposite pattern

These same kind of mixed reactions have taken place within the UFO community. The nut and bolt  scientific investigators are on the most part embarrassed by some of the claims of the new age metaphysical types that are usually the ones making these proclamations. Some recently however, have been won over to their mystical methods. Overall, these proclamations which have usually been vague, loosely interpreted and wrong, have, in spite of this, generated the energy of a hopeful expectation that has been felt by all believers in UFOs and Aliens regardless of their individual positions. It is this energy that is preparing the way for an "event" to actually happen.


Working both ends toward the Middle

I believe, the enemy of mankind, is using a tactic of working both ends to the middle. Satan, working within the church to deafen the ears and understanding  of clear thinking about end time events has been successful in making many Christians embarrassed to consider anything prophetic. Many churches today with all the signs of the end times around them are silent. It is because we as a church have been "burnt" many times in the past with false hopes of the soon return of Christ. In this hazy uncertainty, many do not even know in the most general sense, anything about prophetic scriptures about the future. Some churches even deny that there will be a literal return with literal signs and wonders pointing the way. In this state of the church, those with newer revelations from the Lord that includes a false deception of fallen angels that are pretending to be good aliens is not taken seriously and some even with hostility, reject the very thought and to those announcing them. This gives the church no rhyme or reason to deal with a soon coming E.T. event. Satan then has been successful in making the church on a whole ill prepared for this coming deception.

On the other end of the line, Satan has created a huge amount of energy within the UFO community that has overflowed into the entire New Age Community which is growing much faster than Bible believing churches to this hopeful expectation. In this trickled down dissemination of information and the energetic hope that follows with the promise that something big is about to happen, has been eagerly received by a troubled society. This doctrine of hope has even gone into mainstream society with a waiting excitement. Yes, mankind has never been more ready for a Star Trick.


In the fullness of time...

In the tense times we live in, it is true most people are in a survival mode and could care less about the more ethereal things in life. This is the perfect time for an intervention. With mankind desperate and in trouble, in a survival mode, we are ready for a change any kind of change. (Just look at Americas election campaign promises! Change you can believe in! ) We want change at any cost and do not even look at all the evidence what that change might actually be.  This was exactly the stage set  upon the world in the 1930's that paved the way for Adolf Hitler to come upon the scene. This is the same stage set for the "coming ones" of our times now. Below is a recent article about two "New Age" mediums that have "channeled" messages from a federation of Aliens and their recent promises to mankind. These kind of things have been quoted and reported throughout the history of Ufology and someday Satan might actually back them up with an actual appearance. That time could be very near and fast approaching, eventually in some form it actually will happen!


Most recent example:

ET is coming on vacation.

By Eleanor Momberg             September 28. 2008
Reminiscent of a bad script from a science-fiction movie, Earthlings are being warned in a bombardment of Internet postings that the aliens are coming. And, their date of arrival is October 14.
 While skeptics are brushing off the messages as something that will give ufology a bad name, others are saying the messages received by two mediums on opposite ends of the globe are real.
 The mediums, Blossom Goodchild, an Australian actress, author and direct-voice medium, and Mike Quinsey, a well-known United States-based medium, say they have been contacted by the galactic Federation of Light who have made it known that they will park their massive space ship over Alabama "in the south of your hemisphere" on October 14, and will remain there for three days.
 The visitation to humans has been brought forward from the initially planned End of Days in 2012 because of the damage being caused to the planet by man and the fact that "dark forces" remain in charge.
 The most recent message was channeled to Mike Quinsey this week from SaLuSa of Sirius on behalf of the federation, which warned that it would not be long before people would get a clear indication of where humanity was going.
 "There are events that are approaching manifestation that will be the precursor of greater happenings... You are being helped to break away from the iron grip of the dark forces, and this is vital if you are to tread a different path that shall allow you full expression in the Light," part of the message said.
 SaLuSa continued that soon there would be "irrefutable proof" that we are not alone in this universe and that extraterrestrial craft were no strangers to the planet.
 "What will be different is that the event of October 14 will happen in such a way that it will be undeniable and will open the door to first contact," the being apparently told Quinsey, who was also informed that without the help of extraterrestrials, man would have been unable to progress as far.
 But the initial announcement that the federation was en route was made by Goodchild, who recently published a book documenting the messages channeled to her by these cosmic beings.
 She said that in her most recent contacts the beings informed her that they come to "help us and our planet move to a new higher vibration of love".
 In their message to the "leaders, governors, politicians and all people of Earth", the federation stated that they would be attacked by those who would try to deny their existence.
 They were not coming to take over the world or destroy it, but to give people hope so that they would see the Light. Their presence would be televised, but there would be no direct human contact.
 The aliens claimed that man had been prepared for their arrival - through the movies.
 One blogger questioned whether the Federation of Light was the alien force that Captain Kirk and Mr Spock had to deal with in at least three of the original Star Trek episodes.
 Others debated whether this was not part of Nasa's Blue Beam Project, part of which apparently involved a gigantic "space show" consisting of three-dimensional optical holograms sounding the new "god's" voice to mark the start of a new world order.
 Yet others debated whether these messages were reminiscent of doomsday cults such as Jim Jones's People's Temple and the Heaven's Gate in which followers committed mass suicide.
 The 38 Heaven's Gate followers believed souls would board a space ship hiding in the Hale-Bopp comet in 1997.
 In additional communications posted on Goodchild's website, the aliens tell her they are coming to collect those humans who have seen the Light, which some said might explain alien abductions.
 Cristo Louw, the founder of South Africa's UFO Resource, said he believed anything was possible and that "vibrations have been happening throughout the history of humankind". While he would not bet money on the aliens arriving on October 14, he did believe it "might be a good thing to get people to focus on something more positive".
 "If it happens, it is not unexpected. It is not going to change the fact that these beings are real," he said. "Most people are in survival-mode thinking, so they have not had a chance to think about the deeper questions in life. This might be their chance."
 Man, he said, was ready for this visit.

There is Hope. YOU!

In spite of the seemingly successful attempts of Satan to keep the church asleep to what the scriptures have to say about these matters, God has his own successful plans. Many of you readers understand with clarity what is going on with Aliens and UFOs in end time events. You understand how the events of Genesis 6 are being replayed out in our times as Jesus warned. You have been called to this understanding because you have an important future role as emergency pillars of support.

When this kind of event is thrown into the faces of everyone on this planet and the roof of the church seems to be ready to collapse under the weight of the seemingly realities of this deception, you will be there along with many fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to provide sound doctrine and scriptures to give faith and hope to a shook up church. Those that laugh and make fun of you now, those whose Pastors have asked you to keep quiet and maybe even asked you to leave will be begging for help. Your responsibility is to not let hurt turn into bitterness with the, "I told you so" attitude. Grounded in His love you simply answer the call to serve those who once rejected you and your message. This is God's way. He has scattered you as salt and light throughout the world in many different churches across the globe.

The majority do not understand these things and will not, because they have not been called of God to understand. God has a plan, in order for that plan to work, a certain amount of Satan's evil deception has to be carried out, The majority of the church currently cannot know these matters the way you do. Why? because we collectively could prevent many things from happening that need to happen. Satan's evil plan has to be carried out to fulfill God's ultimate will. The perfect example of this is Peter's reaction when he realized that it was going to be necessary for Jesus to be put on a cross and die. Peter in his own reasoning, wanted to prevent this horrible thing to happen. Jesus responded by telling Peter but addressing Satan and told him to get behind him. We are in the same place as Peter. We need to see the bigger plan. You have been placed in a church or discouraged, you may not even attend a church. This is not God's will. You belong somewhere regardless of the reactions to what you know or understand, you need to be planted somewhere in a local Bible believing church. Receive what you can from the church, do not make your knowledge of these matters an issue of division. Realize it is not your job to "wake up the church" because that  is not going to happen. You are to be there as an emergency support when this "event" does happen. I do believe you won't have to wait very long. Be patient, be faithful and know that you are part of God's plan to counter the biggest lie to ever hit mankind since the Flood days of Noah! E.T is coming and you will be there to take the mask  off and expose his real identity!