How You Should Respond to the Prophetic Importance of Genesis 6







A Problem Ignored
I set up my web site in 1999. My main focus was to inform the public about the Biblical perspective on UFOs and “Aliens”. From a Pastoral role I also wanted to provide an alternative Biblical based counseling for victims of “Alien abduction”. I have had some counseling success with abductees but it only represents a small part of personal ministry. More surprising to me was the fact that the bigger ministry was to the many Christian individuals who have recently come to understand events in Genesis 6 and their replay as “Aliens in UFOs in our time”
The biggest problem most individuals had was how to relate to their local fellowships when they tried to share some of this information. Regardless of how well they presented themselves and the information, at best they are considered nice but sort of “out there”, and at worst they are asked to leave the fellowship. These various forms of rejection, most of us have encountered especially if you are involved in ministry related to the topic. The enemy Satan would like to turn the hurt and disappointment into anger and hostility toward the Church and create a further estrangement and isolation for the prophetic individual. This problem has become a bigger ministry for me than any other aspect of the topic of UFOs/Aliens and Genesis 6
The purpose of this article is not to discuss the Genesis 6 events but rather to discuss the New Testament believers who are going to be involved someday in explaining to the masses of fellow believers and others, just what is going on. I hope this article will help you through some difficult times as you realize what you should and should not do with all this strange sounding information.

This is Big, and I have to do something about it!
One of the largest and important, missing elements of eschatology (study of end time events) is the Genesis 6 scenario revealed and realizing how it is replayed in the end of times. For most of the readers here, you are probably already familiar with these events. I do not want to be sensational or at the same time downplay the importance of the Genesis 6 paradigm. Most who have studied and made the UFO/Alien connection realize just how big on a global scale this really is. But what should we do with the message? How are we to balance our own lives in the midst of proclaiming it? What is the big picture concerning our personal evolvement?
The first thing to realize is that much of the prophetic aspects of the replay of Genesis 6 in our day are unconditional prophetic events. Unconditional prophecies are those events and situations that are part of a bigger plan leading toward God’s perfect and ultimate will. Many times these events are very negative but they are a necessary part of God’s plan. Human nature is such that we would tend to interfere with unconditional prophecies if we knew all the details before they actually happened. If they were positive, we would find ourselves trying to assist God in their completion, and if they were negative we would try to prevent them. In this reasoning it is important to know that unconditional prophecies are usually not known or understood until they have already happened or at best when events are already progressed beyond the possibility of human interference. This is why there is a warning to the saints living in this time to refrain from this kind of interference.

“He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with
the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith
of the saints. “ Rev 13:10 (KJV)

I believe John is not describing the taking of prisoners here but rather in context, he is giving a choice for believers. The first part of this scripture is the mental attitude in the midst of this end time scenario. To lead into captivity is the attempt to seize the moment by your own understanding. By not seeing the bigger picture within these events, the natural reaction is to support against or prevent negative things from happening that are predestined. In this wrong thinking you lose focus to a higher calling and become captive by the temporal disruptions. You settle for second best by acting in a physical manner as opposed to the spiritual calling of a higher ministry as a witness. The second option is the physical response to the wrong attitude. To “live by the sword and die by it” is an option to defend your self by lethal means which appears to be permissible but it will result with your own shortened life and diminished potential of ministry meeting an early death by the same means. The qualification of this interpretation is revealed by the concluding statement that not reacting in this manner is the patience and faith of the believer holding out for God’s very best. His best for us in this time as prophets or witnesses for the truth is described also in the book of Revelation.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of
their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
Revelation 12:11 (KJV)

The Blood of the Lamb
Accepting Christ is the only dimensional bridge back to the intended creation. The blood of the lamb makes each person as they become “Born Again” and touched by His Spirit aware of this dimensional difference of heaven and earth. The shed blood of Christ gives a supernatural hope and expectation to something more than just this mortal life. Our focus becomes fixed on another dimension, heaven, rather than the present mortal existence on this earth. The shed blood then makes the believer aware of this difference without knowing necessarily the physics behind it. This act could only be accomplished by God alone and He, being fully man and yet God in the flesh. The power of the blood of the lamb is the power of a sense of newness and hope and the realization of belonging to a better dimension, eternity with the one who loves and created us. That revealed knowledge gives the believing individuals the power to overcome the horrible global events around him or her and even the mundane things in our daily life here in this fallen dimension for the appointed duration we are here.

Word of their testimony
Each one who crosses over spiritually into this act of being “Born Again” experiences a change in your perception of the world around you and your own life in it, you become forever changed. The personal process leading to that moment of decision becomes our personal story or, the Word of your Testimony. In its simplest form it is like the words to Amazing Grace taken from the testimony of the blind man given back his sight. “Once I was blind but now I see”.
While researching and reading a very deceptive book about the UFO/ Alien Agenda which was very hostile toward a Biblical perspective, I wondered for a moment, (or rather in retrospect, was maybe told in a whisper by the enemy) “what if this could be true and you are wrong”. A sudden fear came upon me that was instantly removed. In that moment of fear and uncertainty, I remembered a hot day in July of 1974 as I was in my living room praying for the first time in my life. I was asking Jesus to come into my heart for the first time. In that very moment only what I could describe as something like a warm blanket of love floated over my whole being. I cried like a baby feeling like I did when I came home from the Army in 1970. I suddenly knew beyond my own natural senses that God was my Father, there was no more fear of what awaited beyond death. I felt clean and new. That experience was the Word of my personal testimony. In this remembrance of my testimony I immediately snapped back like a rubber band to a reality the world could never understand.

Loved not their lives unto death.
Equipped with this mental and spiritual realization we have the strength to obey the last part of this scripture. It is the fact that we may be called upon to die because of our faith in the near future. The Greek word for witness is “Martus” by analogy means a martyr. We derived the English word Martyr from this. The ability to do this is in our focus, as we understand that there is a better place of existence called eternity. We also know that this present linear mortal life is going to end and we will not create heaven on earth in this dimension, it is not our job nor God’s will, it is going to burn up and come to an end. Our only order is to remain faithful and overcome this present system. To further spiritualize this idea, we should as the Apostle Paul put it, “ die daily” to our old ways and habits that reflect this present world system and gather the power and awareness of the new world to come and it’s reality. Our spiritual focus to overcome the ways and manners of this world, is our most general order, promise and hope.

So what do you do now?
Knowing where the ultimate road may lead in the near future, how does that translate into your daily life now? This is probably the most important aspect of this article as I have seen so many gifted men and women of God have their faith shipwrecked by the enemy through a rebuking and unbelieving Church.
First I will tell you what not to do. Do not expect that you or anyone of us is going to “wake up” the church to these important end time understandings. It is just not going to happen yet.
You must realize that you understand something that is unconditional and predestined. You know this before the majority of your fellow believers who are not even willing to hear about it. You must realize that they are not willing to hear about it because they have not been called to understand it yet. In order for some of these events to come to their completion, the majority of believers must be oblivious in understanding them. If tomorrow, the whole body of believers would suddenly have the knowledge some of us have about the role “Aliens and UFOs have in this great deception, we could prevent it from ever happening. To do this would actually go against the ultimate will of God. It is all part of the big picture which we cannot see as God does. Certainly God’s plan will be carried out without our help or interference. Understanding this should take the pressure and burden off your shoulders, that it is not your job to convince the unbelieving church about these matters yet. They won’t understand until God allows them to. All you can do with the masses is plant a non forced seed for future recognition. This should remove the frustration as you wonder why the others don’t get it or even consider what you have to say. You need to realize that they are not called to do so right now. It simply is not God’s will at this present time for the majority of believers to accept or to know these things. Our natural tendency to interfere is prevented in this “blockage” by the Holy Spirit.
So, this still leaves the questions, who is the message for? , what do I do with it, and what do I do with myself?

Stay where you have been planted
Most of us find it very hard to remain in a church that will not tolerate our message or us. At the very best all we can expect or hope for is a place that will accept us and tolerate the message as long as we don’t push it on others. We will always be looked upon as a bit “out there” or “kooky” For now that is OK. It is to be almost expected.

Salt and Light
Today as events are, this understanding is for two groups of people. One group is the few individuals who are drawn to you and ask questions and have insight to what you are saying.
The Lord in these present times has allowed many to know these truths but we are scattered into all various parts of the body of Christ,. This scattering is the function of being salt even to our fellow believers. When, and certainly someday soon, the UFO Alien lies will become a public challenge to our faith, the church will be shook up and rocking on their foundations because of their lack of scriptural knowledge of these topics and events. This is where your ministry becomes a public one to reach out to your fellow believers in your local church. Right now you share with anyone who is willing to listen or who inquires but we do not come with an agenda to push this on everyone. We are in a sense building pillars within the church to be an emergency support when we are called upon. Events will create this need naturally without our plans or schemes. We just simply stay where we have been planted in our local churches and if at best endure and bear with them.

Wait for your time
This present action is like a prizefighter. He must stay in shape and be ready for the big fight whenever the opportunity comes, but until that time he must remain patient and in shape, ready for action. This is in a sense a holding pattern until we are needed and then, with a servant attitude we need to remain in our churches that currently at best only make light of us.
However there is exciting news! There is a mission field for having this understanding of UFOs/Aliens and the Genesis 6 paradigm

Go where the fight is today
Without exaggeration there are hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the New Age belief system. These individuals have forsaken Jesus Christ and the Bible for every wind of doctrine. One of the fastest growing “New Age” doctrines is the concept that “Aliens” are our creators, the clouds of heaven in the Bible are extraterrestrial spacecraft and soon they will make their appearance to bring us into a greater cosmic community and a New Age of enlightenment for mankind. You have the truth so go and tell them in any way and manner that is scriptural and fruitful. This should remain your focus at this time. In doing this you can have an exciting fruitful life in Christ with the ability to endure the rejection and light treatment by the world and fellow Christians.

Getting stoned as a prophet New Testament style
Realize also that in the Old Testament times, prophets who carried an unpopular message were stoned to death. Today we live in a much kinder and gentler society. We no longer stone the unpopular prophet, rather the Church’s gentler, kinder way to dispose of an unpopular prophet is to simply ignore them and exclude them from involvement and activities until discouraged they just go away. Realize that no matter how anointed, talented or experienced you are in the Word and gift ministries you will probably remain on the outside of things and not too actively involved or invited to minister. Don’t let this be a discouragement to you. It is ok; abide faithfully where you are, remaining friendly and loving to your fellow brothers and sisters. Be the bigger wiser brother or sister without a condescending attitude. Your ministry for now is simply to those who are genuinely interested and those who are running into hell who believe the lies in which you have the truth.
This should be enough to sustain you until the big day when all this will come out into the open.

You are a Human Filter Be Careful
It has been my experience in the past that many times just before the Lord gives me some understanding that is not personal but rather more global or universal, he will humble me in some further shaping and molding way. I will usually receive something of a personal nature for me to realize my weakness, which helps to remind me of my dependence on him. It will usually be something that I may comment back to him, “Well that isn’t really that big of a thing and certainly not related to my ministry is it Lord?” You better believe if the Lord brought it up it is important to him and to you. The scripture reminds us of one important fact for a prophet, HOLINESS.

“ For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but HOLY men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. .2 Pet 1:2 (KJV)

The gift and ministry of a Prophet is free but discipleship and obedience are how this gift and ministry are performed with accuracy. Imagine pouring a brand new can of oil into your car and you are using a strainer funnel to direct the flow of oil into your engine. In the process you drop the filter on the ground and it now has grass mixed with sand dirt and other objects in your filter. How pure is the oil going to be when it has to pass through this dirty oil filter funnel? It will be a mess. We are human filters that have to be clean in order for what the Holy Spirit is pouring through us is pure and clear. Sometimes it is the little things that will clog and contaminate us as a filter. The scriptures allude to this thought with the little foxes that can ruin a vineyard by stealing the grapes a little at a time. (SOS 2:14) The rewards of obedience which leads to Holiness is a powerful clear message easily and boldly proclaimed.

When God Speaks
One of the tests of maturity in the Christians life is our reaction when God speaks to us. Weather it be that small still voice heard during a time of being quiet before the Lord in prayer , an impression while reading from the Word of God , the bearing witness of the Holy Spirit while hearing a sermon or teaching and even through someone else in the form of a personal prophecy, what we do next with this revelation may determine an outcome for more than just ourselves as we learn to wait upon the Lord. Many times truth ahead of it’s time will produce confusion instead of the intended direction and guidance.

Do you have the play or the ball
To illustrate, the Christian who has just received a form of revelation from the Lord could be likened to a football player sitting on the bench. The coach approaches the benched player and gives him the next play to give the other ten players and sends him out onto the playing field in the huddle. How outlandish would it be if the player instead of going to the huddle, starts running toward the end zone as if he had the ball and was going to single handedly win the game by scoring the touchdown all by himself.
Many times, young or old Christians may get caught up with the excitement of a revelation and speak or react before the proper time or even before having complete knowledge. This can have a very negative effect and not the intended one with results that affect more than just the individual.

Do Bee Don’t Bee
Two examples of do’s and don’ts are illustrated in the Bible for us.

“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart”. Luke 2:19
Mary upon hearing that she was going to birth the promised Messiah and thereby be the mother to the incarnate God pondered this in her heart.  Ponder in the Greek, ( Strong’s number 4820, sumballo) means to throw together, to discuss with ones self as a mental exercise of analyzing, discerning and settling the matter in your own mind . The scripture also tells us that she kept those things the angel spoke to her. Kept in the Greek, (Strong’s number 4933 suntereo) means to remember and guard or protect the matter to herself . She kept them secret to only herself. This is true wisdom when concerning supernatural revelations. It is important to wait upon the Lord for further direction, confirmation or definition that may only be for yourself or for a certain group of people at the proper time.

What results would have happened if Mary went strutting around during her pregnancy telling everyone, See this? (as she pointed to her bulging belly,) I’m carrying God in here an angel told me so. Everything is true but some things have no business being said ahead of their time. This was something meant to be kept secret and quiet, a personal revelation just for her.

Joseph was another who received a supernatural revelation as a dream.

“And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more.” Gen 37:5

Joseph in his youth and lack of experience blurted out his dream to his brothers without realizing that there existed a tense relationship between them and that the dream would only inflame things further. This foolish act started the course of events that would actually fulfill the dream. This was a Romans 8:28 plan, everything worked together for the good in the end, but it could have been less intense for Joseph perhaps, if he had used wisdom in what he spoke, how he spoke, to whom he spoke to and when.

A recent personal example of a mistake with balance
My father was a living example of having this balance and aspect to both examples. In 1979, many of our members including my Dad and I were prophesied over by a well known missionary evangelists, Steve Fato. My Dad’s prophecy was stated, “The Lord was going to extend his life beyond his time and that he would be a pillar to others and that when they came to him they would trust him because they knew he would not turn them in.”

Now because of the part about “not turning them in”, was there, he began to believe from this that someday in the “end times” he would assist people in escaping to safety, who would not take the “mark of the beast.” This was personal and he kept it to himself for awhile. In 1984 my father was dead from a heart attack for more than ten minuets. He was miraculously brought back to life without any damage. This we all agreed, was the first part of the prophecy fulfilled. His life had been supernaturally extended, as he should have died that year. This gave him a boldness to share with his eleven grandchildren the rest of the prophecy. Nine of them were my brother’s kids who were not exposed to too many things about the Lord. Since that time my Dad had several other heart attacks far less severe, a triple bypass and also angioplasty which he survived. He became a familiar face at the local hospital and if you knew my Dad, he just saw all of this as a missionary journey. Every time he went in, my Dad’s witness was leading a nurse or fellow patient to Jesus. Much of his strength was in the hope of this prophecy not yet fulfilled. He stayed around out of a sense of duty and responsibility because he still had something to do.

The last time he was in the hospital, his countenance was different. He began to lose his short-term memory and he realized that he was too weak and too old to ever perform what he hoped he would someday do for the Lord. He began to be depressed and brokenhearted, that somehow he had failed the Lord and was being passed over.
I prayed and pleaded with the Lord for understanding and faithful as He is, I got the answer.

While I was Pastor of one of the first evangelical Christian Motorcycle Ministries, we had a rigid line to tow in order to let the rest of the world see that this was a legitimate ministry. I was the authority figure of this ministry. Bikers and authority are usually not the best mix and this was no different even in this Christian environment. Now my Dad was never a “biker” and got his first motorcycle at 50 years of age to be with his son. My Mom and Dad were in my ministry and I realized that they were parents to everyone who never had a loving parent. When I was a kid I would have some of my friends come over not to visit me, but to talk to my folks. I didn’t like it then but looking back on my life, how blessed I was to have such loving parents who could love beyond their own. My father was the confidant to everyone in the group. I was the authority figure, and many would not come to me with their problems, instead they always went to my parents. They also knew that whatever was said to them never came back to me or anyone else. My Dad was a pillar in the church and a confidant who “would never turn them in”. He was also the same way with his eleven grandchildren.

Although my Dad had a hope in a wrong interpretation of a personal prophecy he never let it dictate his daily life. He realized that if this was going to happen it would be by the Lord’s direction and not anything he could or would do in his own power. With this balance and living a daily walk in obedience with the Lord, my Dad, just being himself fulfilled the prophecy. I shared this with my Dad and I think he was a bit disappointed that he was not going to do the things he hoped he would, but there was also a peace that maybe he hadn’t failed the Lord after all. The next time my Dad went to the hospital it was the last time. On January 17th 2000 my Dad heard the words from the Lord that every Born again believer longs to hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into joy of your Lord.”

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall
mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isa 40:31

What about you?

When God speaks to you, wait upon the Lord for further understanding, The Lord will always confirm His will in a two-fold manner. Wait for timing and discernment so that the revelation is able to produce the good fruit intended, and not division or confusion. It may be true, but it may be only for you or others in the right setting of time. Wait upon the Lord and do not be a reactionary, God is never late and anything done in haste or strife is never going to be right. And if you make a mistake, no one is going to stone you today. (Romans 8:28), God can make it right with a humble spirit and willingness to learn. Many times making mistakes is the only way to gain wisdom. So get over yourself and press forward. When God speaks, listen, wait and then obey.

In Conclusion

It is my hope that I have provided some understanding of a bigger picture which will help you to remain patient and walking in His love in the midst of ridicule and the rejection you might be facing now. Our time to minister this information is now in the small ways we can. The day will come when no one can run away from this as it becomes public and forces everyone to consider, “Who’s your Daddy” Aliens or God. Then your knowledge tempered by the Holy Spirit will make you the pillar of strength for many and the victorious warrior in the final big fight against the powers of darkness. But until then, “Look up and know your redemption draws near.”
In His Service, Jim W.