I have lived in Roswell for the last four years. In that time I have learned as anyone living in Roswell has experienced, just how well known Roswell is for anything Alien and UFO. If I try to order something from the phone and give my address the focus always comes back to UFOs and Aliens. While out of town traveling, my license plate says Roswell NM on it and when stopped for gas sometimes even just a red light, others will ask  questions  about UFOs and Aliens. It is not limited to just this country but has become known on a global scale. Everyone regardless of their background and beliefs knows about Roswell from what is now called "The Roswell Incident."

What happened in 1947 was quickly covered up and on the most part ignored by society until the early 80's. When Jessie Marcel contacted Physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Freidman the real story was revived from obscurity. Stanton Friedman began an intense investigation in Roswell digging up many witnesses and circumstantial evidence that could draw a conclusion that something out of the ordinary did happen in Roswell and the government had covered it up. Within the UFO community other investigators added to this witness. For a while it was a place known only to people actively involved in the study and research of this phenomena.  

In 1991 the UFO museum opened up and began to create more public awareness of the incident. The original intent of the museum was to give a day by day account of the historical events and include a research library which included a full spectrum of ideas and thoughts on the entire subject of which they would remain impartial.  Founded by Glenn Dennis, Walter Haut with Max Littell they always desired that the museum be made free to the public. The research center began to have seminars which included many of the UFO investigators. The Museum soon became a central hub for anyone involved with UFO research.


A unique feature to Roswell is that to travel North, South or East, West through New Mexico, the flattest, quickest way in any direction takes you on highways 285/70 or 380 both intersecting right through downtown Roswell. Without these two main arteries Roswell is located almost 200 mile from any major city, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Because of these two highways, most travelers come through Roswell. Many have stopped along their way, into the museum and novelty shops which were added with the growing interest and began to change the local atmosphere. By word of mouth, the Museum began to make many others outside of the UFO community aware of what happened in 1947.


Then, in 1997, a co-sponsored festival was created that gained world-wide attention. This was a major turning point in history as millions converged that year to tiny Roswell. With the world press present, global attention followed. Things began to take on a life of it's own. Annual festivals on a growing grand scale were given each year including movie and music stars. Soon to follow were many documentaries with global distribution and a weekly TV sci-fi drama. Now Roswell was on a global map with thousands pouring into the small town. Stores sprang up all around the museum capitalizing on the craze. Other stores and business began to add alien pictures and even Roswell changed it's city logo to include a flying saucer! Roswell became obsessed with the whole thing and created a tourist attraction and financial boom to an otherwise depressed small town. Roswell today is growing leaps and bounds and much of it contributed by the UFO Alien fame.

While most American visitors come without any predisposed ideas, they are here in the attitude of visiting Disney land. The European and other global visitors however are making a Mecca journey to the capital of what they dearly believe in, a hope in friendly visitors who might help us out and, who might even be our creators.

The UFO museum originally intended to present a non biased presentation of the facts. However, the growing influence of the UFO communities infiltrated metaphysical ,occult and new age beliefs have transformed the museum into  their own seed planting headquarters. It now subtly indoctrinates the entire world into rethinking their prior beliefs and in many ways imply this new message. That message in brief  is the lie that there is no God only Aliens pretending to be or misidentified as God. Aliens are our creators and they are soon coming back to  introduce us into a New age of enlightenment within a greater cosmic community. This of course is the prophesized great deception that would be put upon mankind just before the return of Christ in the last days. The museum recently removed any books from its library that had an emphasis on anything conspiratorial. They do not have books from a true Biblical perspective although you will see some from a "religious" perspective that agrees with their agenda and even written by authors who are clergymen. Another recent change to the museum is the suggested entry fees. The Museum also has not allowed the local MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) group to have their meetings at their place as they are now considered "competition."

Walter Haut was a resident of a senior citizen home where my wife worked as a cook. I got a chance to know him and found him to be a gentle man who loved to tell about his role in events and was open to the alien ideas but also believed in a traditional God. He certainly was not a part of any conspiracy against Christianity and probably would not like the turn of events happening there now. Oddly enough, his daughter has taken over as Director and I have been told aggressively runs things.


In spite of the changes, they have an excellent portrayal of the historical events and it is still worth the $5:50 to view.

                                         Inside view of the historical section of the museum a worthy event to see

I have advised everyone coming to Roswell that the museum is worth visiting, but buyer beware beyond the historical event, much of the rest of the material is biased to the general agenda of the UFO community.


 Most Christians and churches are totally unaware of the growing threat of "Panspermia" or the Trojan Horse of "intelligent design". Even here in Roswell, we have almost 130 churches in a community of about 50,000 people. In the 11 years that this "message" has proclaimed itself as a new truth to the world, only one church  boldly but unfortunately temporarily stood in the gap to this great lie. Even they eventually distanced themselves from the whole thing as they gained a new Pastor who says the whole subject "creeps" him out.

This is a very sad commentary to the believers here in Roswell. I must confess that I have not done all that I could. This is why for the 60th celebration, I am planning a tent type revival/conference in one of Roswell's parks near the festivities. I am calling on all of the Christian community, Pastors elders and believers to at least hear the Biblical significance of Roswell and their opportunity to make history by doing what they should have done 11 years ago and stand in the gap.  My focus in being here has been to seek out the lost, searching , curious and even indifferent visitors who are being influenced by what they see and hear in Roswell. It is these lies that will have eternal consequences. More than just explaining the dangers, I wanted to give the hope found in the scriptures and lead them to a relationship with their real creator Lord and God, Jesus Christ. Regardless of what your personal views are about this subject you cannot or rather should not deny the subtle message. Pictures are worth a thousand words so I will provide you with proof.

It starts with the mural on the side of the UFO Museum taken from Michelangelo's painting on the Sistine Chapel

The mural has replaced God's hand with an alien hand. The original painting depicts the hand of God touching Adam's hand at creation. If you ask most residents of Roswell about this mural, they say, "What mural? I didn't even notice that there was a mural." Inside you will get a variety of trinkets, books and everything reflective of the whole UFO Alien phenomena. We now have well over a dozen well stocked stores offering anything from tee shirts, underwear, toilet paper and anything else the imagination can manufacture. Some are very disturbing reflecting popular ideas coming from the UFO community. Here are some examples of the books and a few anti Christian trinkets.


All of the above books abuse every manner of proper scripture interpretation accepted by all denominations within Christianity. Some of the authors, I have had the chance to discuss enough to understand how they think and how they came to some very unsound conclusions. One is a Presbyterian minister with a PhD, As an individual, I like him. He is gentleman. a professional and very easy to talk to. However, in spite of his pleasant personality,  he believes the Bible has errors. This puts him on the slippery slope of heresy. Most all of these books tell you that our creator are aliens. One, The God's of Eden even goes so far as to say that Christianity was founded on an abduction by Paul on his way to Damascus. He states that Christianity was founded by a group of Aliens (the Elohim) who want to suppress mankind by superstitious religious beliefs. The serpent he states, are the good aliens. They  are on earth called the White Brotherhood of which H.P. Blavatski wrote about. They  are humans and non humans working through secret societies  to bring mankind equal to their masters who they are hiding behind religion to control them. There are many more books with the same theme and butchered scripture twisting trying to prove their point. The average person with little or no Christian upbringing from a Bible believing church can easily buy into the very well presented material even if it is twisted lies. Most are professionals who can articulate themselves very well with  convincing psychobabble. They should not be taken lightly as this is just the past repeating itself.

 The last book here is boldly anti Christian and yet sold by two stores owned by "born again" Christians, one is an ordained Baptist Minister!                             







Roswell is a microcosm of the rest of the word. Local government is heavily influenced by a few families of rich elite citizens. This influence even reaches into the local Churches so it is hard to have a message that could  severely conflict with the local economy and it's dependency on tourism. You can deny the scriptural proof I will show you about the significance of Roswell in world events but living here, you cannot deny the influence it has produced upon the world which is exactly what the Bible has warned us of. Roswell take notice ! Judgment is coming and it begins first at the house of God. 1Peter 4:17




First off the Bible does not mention the actual name Roswell. That would be too easy. A fellow Christian researcher, Dave Flynn holds several degrees  in cryptology, ancient languages, and ancient customs and history. He has taken mathematic formulas considered "sacred geometry" and with occult myths and legends discovered encrypted knowledge that proclaims the Roswell incident was a planned event. The calculations are truly mind blowing. You can get the full story here. http://www.ahrimangate.com/flynn.htm

The most important point I want to make here is that through these calculations, measurements indicated a preplanned event would happen at 33.3 degrees N and 104 degrees W, the exact location of the crash site near Roswell. Further use of the same ancient mathematics also gave a date of 1947,  and the flight path of the crashed vehicle. His findings if true tells us that something really did happen that was out of the ordinary in Roswell in 1947 and that it was preplanned to happen by the enemies of God. This is truly remarkable.

Now what if I could confirm his findings from the ultimate source, the Bible! I believe I have discovered a vision in the Bible explaining the fact and reasons behind the "Roswell incident". This was not accomplished in my own reasoning, but rather, I was led to understand  this by the Lord.

In 2005 of July during the annual UFO festival here in Roswell, Dave Flynn, Dave Ruffino ,Joe Jordan and a few others converged in the desert of New Mexico to the co-ordinances discovered by Dave Flynn. With a ceremony including the blowing of the Shofar a prayer was offered on Roswell's behalf, for the city to be taken back for the Lord. I missed the event because I had to work that mourning. 

Later that year I was given the DVD recording by Dave Ruffino which he sent me in the mail. I was reading my E-mail at the store when the mail came with the DVD. One of my readers had a question about Zechariah 5th chapter. He wanted to know if there was a possible reference to UFO's in the text. I had glanced at it casually as I really wanted to watch the DVD first. As I was searching in my Bible program for the text, the word "basket" stood out to me. I looked it up and it had a meaning like our English word cup. It was both a literal object to hold a specific unit of measurement and it  was also any kind of measurement in the general sense. Like wise our English word cup is a unit of measurement and the object that holds that measurement as well as an object that holds liquid of any kind. That was about all I did on the e-mail as I popped the DVD in my computer to watch the event I missed.  Through the whole DVD one word kept coming up in my mind from the DVD, MEASUREMENT! In my spirit I felt the quickening by the Holey Spirit that yes there was a connection and this was no coincidence that  I was sitting here making this connection. For the full detailed story with much scripture to support this go here,  http://echoesofenoch.com/devil_came_down_to_roswell.htm

The Vision is found in the entire 5 th chapter of the book of Zechariah. We will take a look at the most pertinent part for the short story.

6 So I asked, "What is it?" And he said, "It is a basket that is going forth." He also said, "This is their resemblance throughout the earth:
7 "Here is a
lead disc lifted up, and this is a woman sitting inside the basket";
8 then he said, "This is Wickedness!" And he thrust her down into the basket, and threw the
lead cover over its mouth.
9 Then I raised my eyes and looked, and there were two women, coming with the wind in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between earth and heaven.
10 So I said to the angel who talked with me, "Where are they carrying the basket?"
11 And he said to me, "To build a house for it in the land of
Shinar; when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its base."
                                                                                                                                             Zech 5:6-11(NKJ)


First from a surface rendering, there is a measurement going forth in the sense of a practical application. It is being applied as a plan for some purpose. There is also a resemblance of this plan or measurement that goes throughout the entire earth, which  is a lead or metallic disk, being lifted up. Lifted up can mean in a literal sense or as gaining fame or recognition. There is a woman inside this measurement. The Angel  points out that she is wickedness. He places her in the midst of this measurement and places the gray disk over her as a cover. Two woman come with wind in their wings these wings are like stork wings. they transport her between earth and heaven. Then they take her to Shinar. Why? so the woman in the basket will have a home that in time will have an established foundation there.                                                            

The measurement is what David Flynn discovered as a plan with a specific location and time. The likeness going out into all the world which becomes well known is a gray or metallic disk. What more description do you need to see this is what we now call a UFO. What is inside the measurement? Wickedness coming in the cover of a UFO. The woman in the basket is a false religious system. Remember the comment by Spiros Zodhiates Th.D. in regards to the two fold signs and lying wonders. This is the UFO and it's deceptive message which is the false religious belief of Theosophy.  The two women with wings look like what angels are depicted as. However, anything of the angelic order has always appeared in the male form never as a woman. This could be alluding to a false image of an angelic being. They have the wings of a stork, the Hebrew name and type of stork mentioned is one that is typical in the middle east. They have an intense maternal instinct for their young. This could reflect that this connection to the woman by these false angels is one of a strong self sacrificing commitment toward the establishment of this religious system. They have wind in their wings is describing the method of flight. They take her first between earth and heaven or in an inter-dimensional place between both dimensions. The wind in their wings is the wings of the wind mentioned in Enoch. This is defined as gravity and the pathway of the angels.  In the Hebrew there is also an illusion that one is human and the other non human as blending or an alliance of the two. They then bring the basket with the woman inside under the cover of the metallic disk into the land of Shinar. This is the geographical place known as the plains of Shinar in Iraq. Shinar means the land of two rivers. This includes the Tigress and Euphrates river which are found in the plains  where the tower of Babel once stood in the nation of Babylon.

There is much controversy about Babylon in the Bible. There are obviously two Babylon's mentioned in the Bible. One is the ancient empire and the other a future Babylon. Some have said the Holy Roman Empire will be the future Babylon others think it literally has to be rebuild  in Iraq. There are many ideas about this future Babylon, all of them are guesses both good and bad. There are others who believe that Jeremiah, Daniel, Revelations and other books of the Bible define the future Babylon as the United States. In my long version I describe by scripture why the woman is the church who becomes infiltrated from within with a portion that  becomes this wicked woman or false religious system also known as the whore of Babylon. Notice how she is taken outside of time and then placed at a set time where a house is provided for her in this land of Shinar for a solid foundation. In this short version without the many scriptures let's look at one incredible "coincidence".   Sometimes I think the Lord has reduced things to simple illustrations for all of us easily understand and get a wake up call. This could also be some of the wonders and signs of the end times Jesus said we would see. They may be things that were here all of the time but unknown until the "need to know" situation comes into play. This all comes back to MEASUREMENTS!


If you were to start in Ancient Babylon on the plains of Shinar in what is now downtown Baghdad, you would be 33.3 degrees E latitude. This is just about where most experts place the tower of Babel . You would also be near the banks of the Tigress river  with the Euphrates river to your west before you would hit the end of this large desert valley surrounded by mountains plateaus and mesas. If you were to walk a straight line west to about 380 some miles, you would be on the top of MT Herbon












Approximately  382 miles due west on 33.3 is the top of MT Hermon.                    33.3   Downtown Baghdad where the Tower of Babel stood         This is the location where it is said by the Book of Enoch that the                                                                                                                                      fallen angels first came to earth mentioned also in Genesis 6.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  stood 


  Here is where it begins to get very strange.

If there was a place that would be a New Babylon, could this place be similar to the old one in location? Several places in the Bible Jesus said his coming would be like lightening which would come from the East to the West. Jesus also said he saw Satan fall from heaven like lightening. In an imitation  of the same but opposite pattern could we expect something to line up if we headed west?                                

 Let's continue heading due west on the 33 degree latitude.

We end up in downtown Roswell New Mexico! If we adjust it to 33.3

we end up at the crash site location!







Regardless of how skeptical you might be this is some kind of intelligent design and not mere coincidence.


There is more! Here is a map of the terrain and rivers on the plain of Shinar in Iraq compared with the plain and TWO rivers in Roswell. They are almost alike!


The land of two rivers in the West, the Rio Grande and the Pecos.  The Land of two rivers in the east Euphrates and Tigress

Both places are a valley with the cities located just off the eastern river. They are both surrounded by mountains, plateaus and mesas.

Mt Hermon is where the fallen angels first came to earth and Baghdad is where they became immortalized in worship as the ancient mythological gods.

In the same but opposite fashion,  Roswell is the place where they first reappeared in the plains of the new Shinar in the New Babylon. The message as the woman in the basket is given a foundation to prepare the whole world for their reappearance as objects of worship...The image of the beast.

The image of the gray disk, the messenger and their message is made famous and centrally located in down town Roswell. This is a parallel of prophetic scripture and real history that line up beyond anything accidental or coincidental 


Now to project this pattern to the limit , what exists due west some 380 miles on the 33.3 latitude from the Roswell site?  It is very close to Rachael, Nevada more commonly known for AREA 51. Personally I think it may be too far away to be the exact location  consistent to this pattern. However the exact location borders a high mountain area just like Mt Hermon in Syria. Both mountain points are located almost the same distance west of the oceans coast. Could there be an underground complex located somewhere in that mountain range that would be a reflection of the opposite of the east? This could be a top secret military complex like area 51 where the disembodied spirits we call demons get a cloned cyborg resurrection called the image of the beast of Revelation 13. It is prophesied in the Bible and we will cover that in the Alien section of the museum. This section will provide scriptures that give a  full Biblical detail of judgment and prophetic resurrection of both fallen angels and their disembodied offspring of Genesis 6 in the last days.  I hope that you will find that this is not the ranting of illogical speculation but a logical conclusion about supernatural beings and their final demise.

Tom Horn was one of the first people I shared this vision with, He sent me a photo of an ancient coin which is not from the original Babylonian empire but a later off shoot from that Empire. This coin would however, reflect  the same religious beliefs from Babylon as they were of the same culture. They would probably know of Zechariah's vision as  it was recorded by then. Within their own occult based belief system, may have been their own prophetic mention of the same plan. The similarities are again, more than coincidental.


You can see the two tall figures as guardians even if they do not show any wings. The figure floating between them is less than totally human and in a mid eastern birthing position. This could be the wicked woman in the basket. Below her are two small figures of women each on their own pedestal. They could represent the two Babylon's new and old  from the East and West The pedestals are the two  foundations for the wicked woman.  Behind the guardian to the right or eastern position is another woman in a birthing position. This is where, from the east they first appeared and became famous as the ancient gods of legends their birthplace. Behind the guardian on the left or western position, is another female figure but one with a tail. This could be the image of the beast which comes from the west and the final return and completion of these Nephilim as the Image of the Beast.










Well, we have discovered the Occult plan and the Biblical based prophetic reasons for the "Roswell Incident", there remains the practical implementation as to just how this came to be. In the America in Prophecy section, you will understand not only Why Roswell but Why America.  This knowledge helps to explain  a strategy to  change American from within and prepare a house or infrastructure for the woman, the false religious system to be introduced.

Let's recap some historical events and get into the minds of our highest  military leadership's minds as they confronted a crashed disk with little gray guys.

Until July of 1947, the US intelligence community was trying to back track the Nazi's to determine if the flood of sightings which began in late 1945 and spiked in 1946 was possibly  escaped German aircraft. The unsuccessful expedition, Operation Highjump in February of 47 was quickly answered by the Roswell crash. Here in our own backyard, they had what looked just like the documents our intelligence officials had captured.

 Can you imagine the horror and fear that must have struck their hearts to discover gray aliens instead of the expected dead Nazi solders? What would they naturally think or naturally speculate? That the reason the Nazis had such technology was the result of an alliance  with aliens. This would cause them to almost immediately , rethink their whole world view about life in general. Their role as victors of WWII and prior position and strategies would drastically change.

They would naturally feel that some kind of agreement would have to be made with this last bastion of Nazis or we could be left behind as a new third world power.

This one event accomplished this shocking realization on the highest levels of our government. Add to the fact that through the Gehlen organization and the paperclip scientists, we took the very infrastructure of our enemies into ourselves. This two point clandestine attack on America produced the house and foundation for the woman as the New Age movement that in 50 years time, matured and made Roswell the world capital for New Age indoctrination.

Well now let's go back to the Hub where you may choose the Alien or Message section of your tour.


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