Regardless of your beliefs or disbeliefs about UFOs and their "Alien" occupants there is a message declared that is implied as truth  and unfortunately believed by many, including those who shape and form our world today. There seems to be this open denial about UFOs and Aliens by society.  However, behind the scenes,  a preparation for acceptance of their message has become common shared knowledge on a global basis. Using every form of media and cultural influence, our human society is being continually barraged with certain concepts and ideas that are elements of the "Alien Message". The content of the message is in direct conflict to the God of the Bible. That is why we also experience an ever increasing attack against the Judaic-Christian beliefs in the  attempt to discredit and create uncertainty of their truths. The belief in only one accountable God creator and savior, naturally creates a non- inclusiveness to other "truths" and religions. This fact has been exploited and compared to being a human rights violation. Good is made evil and evil is made to seem good. In this section we will learn what this shared philosophy is and how it has existed all throughout history. We will also see that this attempt to wipe out the God of the Bible was predicted within the scriptures themselves.

With every type of "Alien" mankind has alleged to have encountered in direct contact or various occult means of communication, all of these beings espouse a belief system which falls under the label of Theosophy. Commonly identified today and referred to as "the New Age Movement".

Theosophy is the cement that brings all other religions and occult beliefs together in one big spiritual buffet . It is all inclusive to every beliefs system excluding only the one true God of the Bible both Old and New Testaments.  This belief system has it's origin in the Genesis 6 pre-flood generations brought and created by the fallen angels. In a sense it is the deification of these fallen angels as the ancient Gods of the golden age now made to be our "Alien" creators. This was made the national religion of Babylon and existed in some form in every man made empire since.


One individual assembled all of these belief systems together and called it Theosophy. This person, I refer to as the Anti Moses. She was the creator of Theosophy and the founder of the Theosophical Society. Her two volume book, Secret Doctrine has impacted mankind almost as much as the Bible but unfortunately in the opposite direction. Secret Doctrine is in a sense., the written word of everything opposing the Word of God or an anti-bible. Meet Helena Petrova Blavatski and Theosophy the very spirit of Antichrist. This is the message of the New Age, the Aliens and in recent history, The occult belief system of the National Socialists Movement commonly called the Nazis. Theosophy, in the same but opposite pattern, has an Old Testament version based on bloodlines and national identity that became spiritualized now based upon your concept of  God and mankind.

In this section we will learn about the specifics that tips off a plan for world conquest. We will see connections and harmony of the Nazi goals as a repackaged presentation through New Ager's, Globalism and the "aliens".

We will also come to understand the real occult reasons for the Holocaust and the reality of the second one aimed at Bible believing Christians.







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