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                     A Man                                            A Snake                                    A Man                                                      A talking snake with an apple                     A Woman           

  The Tree of Life        The Serpent       The Tree of Knowledge

                                                                                                                                                                          of Good and Evil

             Extracting a real event from the story



  The Hebrew word for Serpent in the Bible is "Nachash". It means a snake from it's hiss. The root word has an emphasis more on the actions and character of the snake but not literally a snake. One who prognosticates, an enchanter. It can also mean to illuminate or shine. The Rabbis going all the way back to ancient times believed this to refer to an upright shining creature. It never meant a literal snake. In spite of this, today's image is that of a Mr. Ed talking snake.

Five other Bible references indicate and line up with the NACHASH as being none other than the little Gray  "Alien!" This is probably the actual creature that stood in the Garden                                           WANT TO KNOW MORE!


The Hebrew word "ets" is used for tree. This word has a close association with the Hebrew word "toledah" meaning generations. It is in this association that we have culturally developed the idea of the "Family Tree". "Ets" has many variations in it's contextual use and has an emphasis on the wood from the tree as an opening and closing like a door or portal. It can also mean to enlighten or the opening of ones mind. In all of this it is not to hard to see that the two trees of Eden can have a meaning more than a literal tree. These two trees can actually be a doorway to a progression of life. One tree, the tree of Life is based upon faith and trust in a loving God . The other Tree, the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil being the portal opened by trust in the self reliance and independence of man but a rebel to God.



The Bible never called the fruit offered to Adam and Eve as being an apple as commonly depicted. That really has no bearing on the matter anyway. The Hebrew word "periy"  for fruit, means the product from a plant, the offspring from both man and animals and in a figurative use the product and results of labor and application in almost any sense. The fruit then could be the results of  the choice made by Adam and Eve as they disobeyed and choose the results of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the Hebrew, good and evil actually means knowing the difference of good quality and poor quality. This fruit we will see included for Adam and Eve, a changed physical body as well a lesser environment.


ADAM AND EVE                                                                                                                          (The naked couple)

The name Adam means mankind in it's most general use. As the name of the first man it also is derived from the root meaning, to show blood. Another meaning is lesser man. In all of these we have an almost prophetic meaning that the first man would show blood in a lesser form. We shall see next that this is a Biblical truth. Eve means to bear life or life giver. It is in the sense of bringing forth mortal life as a result of the fall. Adam and Eve were destined to live out their names because of the choice they made in the Garden of Eden. Instead of remaining faithful to God's command to not partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they disobeyed and choose this deceit to be upon them and through them all of mankind.



1. You shall surely not Die!


"You shall surely not die." This was the first lie that was promised by the Nachash to Adam and Eve. While it is true they died a spiritual death being separated from God, they became changed and placed into a mortal life destined to die and leave this realm. We shall also see that this was an eventual promise to give mankind an imitation form of eternal life. This cheap imitation would be at the exclusion of God and his ways, with a "Technology" that could circumvent the ways and means of God's provision. That technology we shall see was understanding the process of CLONING! God's provision is stated in this statement made by the Apostle Paul,

 " For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Rom 6:23 (KJV)

This technology circumvents God's provision and brings the imitated ability for man to be like God and never die. In this manner, Satan can stand before God and say, I didn't, lie to them, I have provided  for them, a means in the same but opposite of your method to achieve eternal life apart from you. This lie then would be fulfilled by Satan both spiritually and physically.



2. "You shall be as gods"

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Gen 3:5   (KJV)
In context here, eyes has a meaning beyond the physical eye. It means intelligence or the mental and spiritual capacity to learn and develop autonomous from God. This is the lie which is at the very heart of Gnosticism and the entire New Age movement. The essence of which declares, you are your own  god. Beyond this spiritual aspect there may be a physical dimension to this lie also. What could possibly be offered to man (or an elite few) in the form of a technology that could imitate the attributes of God? It is proclaimed in the Bible that God is all knowing, all powerful and all present.  A technology that could imitate this for mankind and in his own vanity think he could be like God in the physical realm would be that of Time Travel! Now before you log off thinking I am way out there, let me assure you, as incredible as this might sound, there is sufficient scripture and history to take this out of the ludicrous realm into a very logical one. I realize there is a plethora of conflicts and arguments concerning this concept. Patiently or amusingly continue on this tour and you will find scientific, historical and scriptural elements that are compelling and hopefully convincing for you.



I hope by going beyond the surface rendering of this ageless Bible story, we can begin to see a very real event happening that is more informative and logical to a bigger story.

Next  we have to see what results happened on the spiritual and physical realms called the Fall of mankind. We have to leave the Eden room now and enter into the hall of results which is next on our tour.