I love my country but...

I have tried to keep my site non-political as much as possible but a recent event has caused me
to believe I need to explain and take a stand on some issues.
I believe from recent history and what the scriptures have to say about America’s future role, we
end up as the catalyst for the United Nations to become The New World Order. We are going to
become and are almost there, the Modern day Babylon. It is a hard truth but nevertheless the
truth. So how do I respond?

I am not a reactionary. In my youth I would probably be considered that way but life tempers
and matures a person to be more cautious, slow to act and quick to listen and consider all things
more objectively. Becoming a Christian with a personal relationship with our Creator and God
can give us the ultimate balance in our lives if we are willing to listen and obey.

Let me tell you a few things about myself first. Even in the 60's when I had to go into the Army,
I came from a conservative background. I was never a hippy type war protester, I went into the
military in 1969. I was against the Viet Nam war but did not protest against my fellow military
members who had to go and fight there. I did not then, or now consider myself a puppet to the
system or a rebel to it either.
I have never considered myself a member of any political group or organization and have no
loyalties to any political groups. My personal voting habits would say otherwise to most, but I
consider myself a moderate conservative. I have never voted for a Democrat in my entire life, yet
I do not consider myself a Republican. I vote according to moral issues as the most important
motivation. These moral issues are based on the Bible and not mans own changing ideas of what
is moral or not. At the same time I have never voted for a third party but might consider the
possibility in the future.

I consider myself a patriot to the America I remember as a child growing up in the late 50's.
This was still a Judeo-Christian nation then and I am thankful that I am old enough to remember
it. Big mistakes at the end of WWII began to produce such anti-American groups like the ACLU
whose sole purpose is to undermine and over turn our heritage and moral character. We have
two Americas now, one is the Judeo-Christian nation our forefathers and founders created and
the other is the New Age America which crept in after WWII. I love one and hate the other so
where is the balance and how do I act in this tense world of today?.

In the name of diversity and tolerance, we have changed our immigration laws to allow many
people from all over the world into our country who actually hate us and want to destroy us.
There was a time when we had a screening process to keep these types out. My family came to
this country legally from Denmark in the 1840's after a famous war with Germany over a boarder
dispute. Most “red blooded” Americans today came from a mixture of diverse multi cultural
peoples. Yet we used to merge these into one basic cultural belief and social order, i.e. the
American culture and Christian religious beliefs. Yes we were a nation founded on the teaching
of Christ and the Holy Bible and NOTHING ELSE! Our founding fathers warned that we should
seek out Christian men as our leaders, they warned never to be a democracy. Yes they actually
did! We used to be a Republic. Remember this?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for
which it stands, One nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

In the last 60 years we have diluted this to a point that we no longer have any specific identity.
Our heritage, history and hero's have been so maligned, and rewritten, our youth have no idea
what is true.
Many in America believe that there is some clause in our Constitution that claims a separation
of Church and State. This is an unfounded lie! It is not there and never has been. This is a
misquote from a letter written by Jefferson to a minister assuring that no one denomination
would have political influence over another. He assured this minister that the government would not
have any influence or right to interfere with the Church as there would be a wall of separation
from that happening. This wall in context was to keep government out of organized religion not
religion from our government!

After World War II, we accepted the very infrastructure of Nazi Germany into our country.
Through operation paperclip and the Gehlen organization top levels in national security,
academia and industry have been compromised. That is not some paranoid ranting from a radical
conspiracy theorist, it is a historical fact. It is also a prophetic Biblical fact.
We have allowed our enemies to come here and exploit us from within and create this new age
America which is diametrically opposed to the foundational one.

Here is what I do as a Christian living in America today.

I am against the War in Iraq but I will not do anything to demoralize our men and women who
have to go and fight, I will support them, pray for them and send packages to them at holidays.
I will be vocal about my beliefs against the war but not to the point of aiding my enemies.
I feel betrayed by President Bush and the current administration, but I will not name call or
disrespect his office. (I did the same with Clinton)

While I am against this war I am not so stupid as to not know we have an enemy.
I personally do not feel that these people are my enemy but their own holy book says that I am. I
am speaking about Islam and the Koran. Yes it gives permission and instruction to kill the
unbelievers or infidels. That is defined as anyone not believing in Allah as their creator God.
I believe in JHVH and his messiah  Yeshua or Jesus Christ whatever you prefer. That, by
definition of the Koran makes me an enemy which is approved and encouraged to be put to
death. I didn’t make myself the enemy, Islam did.
Why are we here in America so blind to that. It is because we are so used to freedom of speech
and tolerance YES TOLERANCE we are a tolerant people. We have that freedom and security to co-exist with
others who think and believe differently. Americans cannot even fathom anything less and do
not realize that others can’t fathom living as we do. Dare to be a missionary over there in their
countries and see how tolerant they are. Nowhere in the Islamic countries can you preach Jesus
without being put to death! No where could you set up a program and proclaim anything against
their beliefs or heads of state. You can in America, the most tolerant nation on this planet!.

The Bible records that Jesus tells us to be harmless as a dove but wise as a serpent. There is
your orders for the day.
No, I do not think we should be globe trotting around the world playing world police but at the
same time we should recognize just who are enemy is. Our enemy is Islam not the people of
Islam but the religion of Islam. It has no option for a peaceful co-existence. It demands Jihad or
in other words, world conquest and dominance with the infidels as slaves if unrepentant to their
different beliefs. I am not being prejudice or intolerant, I am merely taking them at their own
words. History proves they mean what they say and do what they believe. Violence intolerance
and death is what they believe and practice. They always have and probably always will, if true to
their scriptures. But on an individual level, they are people who need to know Jesus. They will
only do that if we who are called by his name obey our scriptures. While I do not trust the
nations under Islam who have proven to be hostile to anyone not of their faith, I cannot be an
enemy with their people. I am told by my scriptures in the Bible to love your enemies and pray
for them and that is carried out on an individual level.
As a Bible believing Christian I also believe that we have a shared destiny with the Nation
Israel. Read My America in Prophecy section to understand what the scriptures say about this.
That does not mean that we are to blindly follow and cater to Israel. We as Americans are to be a
supporter and moral conscience to Israel. We have a shared destiny and prophetic unity to fulfill.
The people of Israel are not the bad guys in this conflict and I support them but with open eyes..
They have a corrupt element in their own government as do all nations of the world. But there is
enough moral people that believe in some accountable God that keeps the negative element from
taking complete control. That cannot be said of Islam nations.

Recently I lost a radio program on a military station for Vets and our troops overseas. I agreed
with the owner of the station that some of the conspiratorial information was a bad mix for his
target audience. At the same time I could not avoid this area and give correct intelligent answers
to many of the questions presented on that show. We had to part our ways and that was OK, I
fully understood and agreed with the decision..

Right away, a reader with good intentions hooked me up with a new opportunity for another
radio show. It was a conspiratorial format and pretty much anything goes except advocating
violence in the middle east. I noticed that they bashed Bush and every policy about the war in the
middle east. Justifying many as freedom fighters and condemning to anything conservative in
America. They were giving away free air time with a premium chat room format and latest
technology. Everything for free. They were going to let me broadcast that very day! They liked
what I had to say but I noticed comments that made me realize they were not to fond of Israel. I
then found out that the web-master and much of the staff were Islamic.
I prayed about it and believe that the Lord let me know that this was a set up to use the
conspiracy angel to proclaim their political views to win Americans over to their cause and
against the current activity in the middle east. The more they can “Americanize” the shows with
other Americans, the better they can sway others.
While I do believe we are going to go on a wrong path, the same one Germany took 60 years
ago, I will not aid my enemies and have anything to do with their project.

I am sharing this withall of you because I hope you will be very cautious when reading or visiting                                       some of these conspiracy sites. One very well known site is part of there system. I have visited this site myself
and will now, have nothing to do with it. I have been motivated to write a Biblical perspective
on conspiracies. If you click here you can read what the Bible says. I do believe there is a global
conspiracy to create a one world government and religion. It is Biblical but I refuse to aid those
helping to create it. I know my country will be a part of this deception but there is nothing I can
do about it on a large scale.
By not being a reactionary trying to take things into my own hands, and relying on the fact that
God does have this under his control, all I can do on an individual level is continue to be an
ambassador for Christ. Win those who despise or use you by love not hate. At the same time we
need to be aware of our surroundings and know who are enemies are. We are engaged in events
that are destined to happen and we cannot change them, all we can do is seek to point people
toward Christ and on an individual basis one on one, lead them to the only hope for them in
Please be cautious about many of the conspiracy theories that create fear, paranoia or anger and
require you to take violent action. Pray before believing everything you read and do your own research
as best as you can. Consider and bring back everything to the scriptures in the Bible that is your
only discernment, safety and direction.
I stand with Israel with my eyes open through the scriptures, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
I also pray for my country the Judeo-Christian America, that we take back our spiritual authority
and regain our spiritual influence in this mad world. We will not change pre-destined events but we can                             change the hearts of individuals even our enemies. I pray that we not react in un-Christ like ways
and rely on our heavenly father that he is still in control. I pray for the lost Americans believing
the very spirit of antichrist, that they may return or discover their true roots and history and find
faith in their God, our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for Muslims who are deceived by Islam that the
glorious light of Christ may pierce the darkness and violence and heal their hurt and anger.

That is the only call to action a child of God should act upon for now.

If you are in this country illegally, if you are not a citizen and are advocating the overthrow,
take over or destruction of America, you need to be deported back to where you came from.
There is a difference between tolerance and stupidity. While I do not agree in hunting down our
enemies I do not think we should entertain them and invite them into our lives to harm our
families and nation. We live in a world where not everything is as it seems. My trust is in the
Lord and His Word alone nothing else. Although I view many of the UFO/Alien phenomena as
being part of a global conspiracy with our own government as part of it, I do not advocate anti-
social or un-American activities in any way. When you come across the sites that do advocate
reactionary behavior, you need to flee from this and not lose your perspective of the great

commission, if you are one who names the name of Christ. I am not ready to announce publicly
who these people are but if you write me I will tell you. In the days ahead be careful who you
align yourselves with as nothing is as it seems anymore.

                                                           Sincerely, In His Service, Jim Wilhelmsen   


Rev 21:24-26
 "And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honor into it.
 And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.
 And they shall bring the glory and honor of the nations into it. " (KJV)


This is describing New Jerusalem, and the fact that a certain element within all nations brings a glory to God with them. This is the remnant church of true believers and godly leaders. Above all Nations I believe these two will take the lead. The current world system is corrupt and being in the end times probably all nations in some way are led by the Nephilim. But the remnant of true believers will retain that which was intended by God. It is that America I believe in and pray for and will not betray.