Nephilim inThe Last  Days


This three part series was in response to finding out that some of the people I had worked with in the past have suddenly turned around on some of the research and information about Genesis 6 and the return of the Nephilim. A new group of not so new researchers has now  determined that none of the UFO/Alien events are actually happening in the physical realm but are a deception of the mind and solely a spiritual deception. The main theme of their new claim is that there are no Nephilim here today and there is no Hybrid program currently happening anywhere on earth. All of the alleged events are a mental ruse by Satan on a spiritual plain and not a literal one on any physical reality. Spearheaded by Joe Jordan with Guy and Nichole Malone, Dr Mike Heiser, Dr Chris Ward and Gary Bates, they are associated with secular UFO investigator Nick Redfern and mean to do business in presenting their new revelations to the world.

Now I have to say I know most of the individuals and can say that these people love the Lord and desire to see people come to Jesus Christ and  set free from this demonic harassment. This we all agree on. The theology behind the Alien Abduction phenomena, Genesis 6 and the replay in our times is where there is now two camps that disagree almost 180 degrees. I find myself opposed to this non physical beliefs and state a few claims below.

Writing for LA Marzulli's monthly newsletter in a three part series, I posted my personal concerns and hopes about the two different camps of opposing doctrines.

NEPHILIM'S RETURN: To Be or Not to Be?



The End Time Delusion and Deception: Part 1

While Standing in the Gap” are We Ready for What is to Come?

A Pastoral comment by Rev Jim Wilhelmsen


There is a growing debate and division beginning from the small amount of us who research and warn the public about the UFO/Alien phenomena from a Biblical perspective. One of the recent controversial issues causing a division is this: “How much of the end time deception is going to manifest on the physical level.” Most of the controversy is centered around hybrid humans, the mixing of human and fallen angelic host to create a hybrid offspring. Is this actually happening or is this just a mental manipulation by demonic forces creating the illusion that it is happening. There is one camp that says, “yes it is real and already happening and they are in our midst right now.” They believe that knowing this, we need to understand our surroundings and meet the challenge on all levels including the physical. There is the other camp that says, “ NO! This cannot be happening and is just a lie and illusion to make people believe Satan has more power than he actually has”. They believe that by this deception the minds of people are focused off the spiritual aspects of warfare and begin to rely upon secular and physical solutions to a spiritual problem. This they fear, only creates more problems and strays us from the real weapons of warfare..


Divide and Conquer.

It concerns me greatly as the side I would tend to favor theologically has recently accused their opponents in personal ways even questioning their salvation. This is when and where I bow out of such politics and melodrama. I happen to know the individual accused and he is a Christian that loves the Lord. I also consider him a friend even though we do not agree on many issues, we are still family and should treat each other accordingly with a certain level of respect, love and consideration.

I have been the brunt of discussion and ridicule by the accused “other camp” as the “kook who is out there.” Some issues have even been passed along as gossip under the guise of announcing me as a false teacher. Nothing could be farther from the truth. On either side, my reaction must be that we are all family and need to have a certain amount of respect for each other as family members. We can disagree and make our theological points but we should not feel comfortable attacking anyone's personal levels of integrity or their relationship with the Lord unless of course you can prove it by their own words and actions. We know and see in part and none of us have the complete picture. When we accuse each other of deliberate wrong doing we put ourselves on thin ice with the Lord. He always has the back of those whom he has called. To come against and personally attack a fellow laborer in the Word will most certainly get your fanny whacked in a spiritual sense by the Lord. So we all need to be careful how we express ourselves toward each other.


Can there be a balance of ideas and a melding of both camps?

Is one camp completely right and the other completely wrong or could it be that both camps have elements of truths that need to merge as a whole. I think the hardest part of our Christian walk is to be able to “love one another” as Christ loved us. Sometimes the Lord causes his revelations toward us to be fragmented and imparted to various camps to teach us this factor about His love. Full revelations from the Lord will only come together as we are willing to come together in an atmosphere of peace and understanding with mutual respect for each other as family members. This is the test of true faith in the God of Love and a hard pill for many of us to swallow. It is far easier to act on our own egos and play the false role of the OT prophet and set everyone straight with an abrupt shouting from the rooftop but is that really how Jesus wants us to act toward one another? Only in a spirit of Love and humility can the fragments come together and the body of Christ receive the whole picture.


I” trouble

Our own ego is always our worst enemy as we want to protect and proclaim our own personal leading from the Lord. Many times we forget or in our inexperience do not realize that we are only filters. What is put into us is pure from the Lord but in our humanness we may mix things up a bit or add our own embellishment and interpretations. In most cases, even though we love the Lord, this is not done as some devious purposeful act but rather innocently and ignorantly we can fall subject to this mixing simply because we are human stuck in this present fallen world and earth suit. These elements naturally work against us always. Experience can help but we never arrive at some point to be invulnerable to this tendency. It is one reason we need to guard our own personal relationship in holiness to help to maintain accuracy. When we realize this about ourselves we can also have more compassion and understanding to others before we claim them to be false teachers or prophets. Spiritual rightness is only part of the thing to remember. Gained experience is another factor to appreciate. This process is simply how we grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. We must be hearers and doers of the Word. In the military we call this action OJT. (On the job training.) Taking action is the only way to learn and grow either by wise counsel from others or by our mistakes wisdom is the final result.


A Mixed bag

Those of us who have been called to this kind of ministry come from the same diverse backgrounds as the first disciples came from. This also intensifies the problems I mentioned above. We have different levels of education, social positions, occupations, cultural backgrounds, age and experience. In this diversity we need to realize that God truly is no respecter of mankind. He uses willing hearts period. Everything else is an extension of that fact to either enhance or inhibit what God is able to do through us...and that solely depends upon us. Humility being the key to knowledge and wisdom.


In 1978 when I was the pastor of the King's Kids, (one of the first evangelical Christian Motorcycle clubs) we had this same problem. We were a small of ministry around 30 families at our biggest growth level. We had a few professionals with masters degrees, some that could not even read or write and every level in between this. We had every race represented and both blue collar and white collar workers. Because we were so small yet diversified, we had to have one Bible study for all. How could I do this and not be boring to the educated and overwhelming for the uneducated.


We had a group dynamic study where everyone contributed to whatever level they felt comfortable with. This went so well that one offshoot resulted that I did not foresee . This dynamic kind of study created a mutual respect and understanding toward everyone for each other as each shared something toward the study. The educated learned to consider the person who could not read. I would give them a Bible tape and have them listen to the text of study, then asking them to pray and ask the Lord for insight. Sometimes the answers were quite profound. The uneducated overcame hurt, anger or intimidation and developed respect and appreciation for the educated as they responded to them with a warm approval. In all, every type of barrier was stripped down and everyone learned that each one of us had an important piece of the study.


Humility and Respect

We need to have the same respect toward one another.

The PhD academic needs to seriously consider the claims of a lesser credentialed researcher with the same effort as a considered pier of his own level would be given. At the same time the self taught should give due respect for the time and grade of the academic. Most have a decade of discipline and hard studied effort to achieve a very difficult goal. Like the academic, a seasoned experienced elder with decades of ministry should consider the novice beginning youth as having something important to say or contribute. The younger ones should also show respect in their approach to the elders in accordance to the Bible. If we all presented ourselves as family members and consider these important elements we could accomplish much.


Can't we all just get along?

We all need to quit this infighting. I am afraid if we do not make some kind of attempt for common ground, we will just act and become like the church. The Church has forgotten their first work and bigger picture by dividing themselves by doctrine and denominations and has become ineffective to do the real work of the Lord and bring people into the Kingdom of God. Is this an unfair statement? Explain America today then. We have become the third largest un-churched nation in the world. Yes we have lost our vision and purpose by unnecessary divisions and infighting. The remnant currently called to explain what is to come, are falling into the same pattern. We need to stop and see the bigger picture and realize what the enemy is up to.


I truly believe both camps have some important points and concerns that should be discussed and prayed about. In this kind of effort, the body of Christ will only become stronger and more effective. A result of more effective counseling for victims of all paranormal experiences like a haunting , Alien Abduction, SRA or any other oppressive attacks can be better provided by ministers who are in harmony and providing a unified means of deliverance. This however will only happen if we first get our own egos out of the way and come together in an atmosphere of peace and mutual respect with a desire to see the bigger picture beyond our own pet doctrines and personal leadings.


A possible solution.

Instead of fighting each other on our differences, we should get together and with dialog not debate, examine just how all of our differences may actually come together as pieces of the puzzle that makes the one big picture. Imagine if we could get a round table discussion going at a location central for all. Video tape the process and invite the public. It would be a far greater event than the usual conferences which are good in themselves but this could become a format for healing and solidarity to the higher goal intended by God for all. All of our current ministries would be enhanced on a whole new level of authority and bring forth greater fruit for the here and now. It will cause us to truly be prepared for this trigger event of disclosure or fake UFO rapture that will put this in everybody's face tomorrow. We all know this day is going to come. As the ones called to stand in the Gap we will not be ready for this day by being divided by trivial pursuit. We need to exercise some kind of unity among the few of us doing this kind of work and ministry. If an already skeptic church and mankind in general are ever going to see any truth at all in what we are trying to warn and assist it's victims, our infighting is just going to make all of our efforts to no effect and we will powerless and unbelievable like the Church in America is today. I for one do not want to see that happen to any of us..


Next month in part 2, I will show the specifics from both camps who have serious truths to be considered. I will provide scriptures that explains just how physical and in your face matters are going to be. I will also provide scriptures of some serious things to consider on all levels of mental, spiritual and physical readiness for a sound balance while standing in the gap until this coming trigger event happens.


To Be or Not to Be?

The Nephilim and Hybrids are they here today? Part 2


I know I promised this month scriptures to show the physicality of the Nephilim in today's world but with the response to my last article from both camps, we need to address the clash of doctrines. Since the last article about the physical reality of hybrids, Nephilim (and I should add, the Gibbowr) both camps have e-mailed me. In the dialog to follow I am convinced that in a perfect world my hopes from the first article could be realized. However we are not in a perfect world and the two sides have irreconcilable differences that may never be resolved in a manner any different than what past history has produced.


Letters from both camps.

One member of the camp that believes none of this is happening on a physical level and also believes there are no Nephilim, Gibbowr or hybrids among the human race today could not wait to have a meeting to debate the issue. His desire was supportive and positive to what I wrote but...Hmm did you read the whole article last month? I do not and will not debate this or any issue and I explained why last month and hoped that others would have the same wise consideration. Dialog yes, debate no.

Also, others from both the abduction counseling arena and the Sacrificial/Ritual abuse counseling arena wrote me with their support. Both of these groups see the hybridization of the human race as part of the prophetic end time events. Both have been personally involved with helping the victims. These two camps are working from different aspects and from slightly different experiences. They have on the most part come to the same conclusions but also are not familiar with each other, present company included. They, (we) need to get together and compare notes and help solidify our positions and help each other in our ministries as we seem to be on the same page and understand the scope of this problem and the intrusiveness of its physical nature into our realm.


Irreconcilable Differences

I am convinced that these two different ideas about the Nephilim and Hybrids will not meld together any more than the camp that believes the "sons of God" in Genesis 6 are the descendants of Seth and not some form of angelic host. The two doctrines do not have any common ground and can never be reconciled with each other. Evolution vs creation would be another perfect example of two ideas that by their very nature are opposed to each other with no possible melding.


The biggest challenge then becomes the ability to agree to disagree and continue on in ministry as co-workers without behaving like children on a playground in a tug of war game. I can only hope this can be realized so that the ministries from both camps will not be hindered as both have produced effective results for the people we minister to and who count on us. They should be our focus and purpose for ministry.


Can't we all just get along?

The biggest problem to this letting go and creating a neutral atmosphere is that elements from both sides see their doctrines about Nephilim's and hybrids as essential to their effectiveness to minister and the opposing doctrine as threatening to the solution of the problem.


An abduction counselor from the no Nephilim camp is convinced that the victims of “Alien Abduction” have to come to understand that none of this was real and denounce this whole experience as a lie before he could help them be set free. Somehow if it is a physical reality the rules somehow change. My God is Lord of all dimensions spiritual, mental and physical. The same truths and simple weapons of warfare work on all levels because Jesus is Lord of all.

Within the SRA people, (many of their type of cases) they believe that it is necessary for the victims to understand their plight as including more than the demoniac realm. The intentional splitting of the mind in some cases produces the multiple personality disorder which may include more than just a demonic deception or trespassing of the mind. To ignore this as not real prevents help from for these victims from their perspective. This is a bit out of my element and an area I need to know more about. In the last 14 years of abduction counseling, there have been a few cases that I could not find closure with. I referred them to Russ Dizdar who is well trained in the area of SRA. It has been a great pleasure to have met a few others who are also involved in this area of ministry. My research of the early experiments the Nazis did in this kind of area gleaned by the allies as the spoils of war and the development of the MK ultra mind control program by our own government  tells me this is not science fiction, it is real.


So is there any balance to both camps?

In my initial encounter with “Alien abduction” victims, I bring the person to the same place as the other abduction counselor from the no Nephilim camp but I do not leave them there. Later down the road determined by the Holy Spirit we slowly unfold what has happened and where to go next. Sometimes it leads to the SRA camp other times it does not. Let me try to explain what I do.


Regardless of the persons background I tell them that I can only offer help in the form of introducing them to Jesus Christ. If they are Christian experiencing this, we are half way there. If not I will bring them to that saving knowledge first before I can do anything further. This is the same pattern I have used in deliverance counseling before engaging the enemy in spiritual warfare. I explain to all that I do not offer a system, method or anything you can learn that could help you out of this mess it is only a person, Jesus your Lord and God who can help you. I can point you in the direction and give you all of the rather simple tools of spiritual warfare to engage in but it has to be anchored in your faith in Jesus that would or could ever make them work and terminate your bad experience.

The next thing is to close all doors. This includes doctrines of any and all types. I ask them to not search for logic, reasoning or any purpose behind the events as they amount to lies and distractions to keep you away from God and focused on other things. I tell them it does not matter how much is real and what are lies and illusions for now. At this time it would be hard to know, as these attacks upon you are on all levels and a certain amount of a delusional frame of mind can exist in anyone  traumatized by these kinds of experiences. We in time, will let the Lord sort that through you in a personal way but later. (Hypnosis seems to create a bigger problem if they have gone to one)
For now close the doors. That means quit going to secular UFO seminars, watching UFO documentaries on TV, quit exploring by any source or method in trying to find logical answers from the secular world. Even quit reading all of the theological reasons from a Biblical perspective about UFO's and Aliens. The last thing you need to be learning now is anything about UFOs and Aliens. The first thing of spiritual survival you need to know is more about Jesus. Who he is, what he has done for you and how he can help you now in your situation. Scripture memorizing custom tailored to your attacks and quoting back to  the enemy is what you need not this other stuff in any form. When things are stopped, prayerfully see if you are ever to address the other things about your experience. You may have to forget it altogether forever. You may be equipped with further knowledge and understanding to help yourself and others but for now that needs to sit and wait.


A Supernatural process not an Intellectual exercise
I am only able to make this process very personal by using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Word of knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Discernment, Prophecy and the Working of Miracles are essential in making the process a personal application of the Gospel to assist the individual. Without these gifts working in harmony I could not do what I do as it is less me and more the Lord doing the actual work.
I keep all of my clients or whatever you would call them very private and guard their identities unknown for their own safety and soundness of mind. I do not believe in recovery group types of meetings as they are always the victim trying to recover. We do have a follow up with our chat room but hardly anything of a recovery program, it is more of a discipleship and fellowship program aimed at complete freedom from these entities and dependency on Jesus only.

This is very brief and not meant to be a complete guide to what I do. I have used this method in deliverance counseling for over 30 years and I apply the same to abduction counseling which I started engaging in 1998. In this method, there is nothing but the simple gospel applied in a sense of dynamics for the individual, There is no mention about the Nephilim and how much is or isn't real in the approach I use, it doesn't matter in the beginning. My God is Lord of all dimensions and levels and is able to deliver us from all. (Learned most of that dealing with angry Bikers in Detroit with the intent to kill me.)  What matters is to focus the person on Jesus and getting set free minus any doctrines or other distractions. I start out with the simplest answers and move on to the more complicated. In a sense I use the basic methods from both camps in application without introducing the doctrines but I always move forward as each case may lead with no restrictions of doctrine but led of the Holy Spirit. I hope I have explained myself in a way that you can see that for me there is a complete separation from theological doctrines (outside of core issues) and the abduction counseling I do for victims. I have had great success in applying this kind of methodology for people to be set free and have been able to work with both camps until this doctrine recently has been made an issue of division. I like to think that quite accidentally, I have been able to use certain elements from both camps to accomplish effective results for those in need. In this for me, I have found a balance between both camps.


Next month, I promise, several scriptures that show a physical return of the Nephilim, Gibbowr and the hybridization of the human race toward a real Army of Darkness.


A Return of the Nephilim and the Sethites Part 3

In part 2, I may have seemed like I was in a quandary about the two camps belief or disbelief that Nephilim, Gibbowr and hybrids exist in our world today. You would be correct to detect this. The camp who believes that this is not happening today but that it did happen in Genesis 6 has little or no redemptive value to their beliefs or scriptural support of it. I am trying to be as graceful as I can in opposing this outrageous concept. Most of those who are spearheading this idea are people I have personally known for almost seven years and it shocks me of their doctrinal conclusions and it pains me that I have to oppose them. But this belief negates scripture, personal testimony and personal involvement by many fruitful ministries and the people working in this field of alien abduction and Sacrificial Ritual Abuse. The deniers that believe that the days of Noah are not replaying in our time with the specific event of Human angelic hybridization are in a sense just like the believers in the Sethite lie of Genesis 6.


A Return of the Sethite Lie!

This sudden flip flop by some on the Genesis 6 scenario with the return of the Nephilim, i.e. “and also after that” in the last days brings us to the return of the tactics and doctrinal position of the Sethite lie.

This man made doctrine says the “sons of God” of Genesis 6 are not fallen angelic host but the descendants of Seth who married unbelieving descendants of Cain producing a human race of unbelievers and apostates toward God. Nothing more, nothing less than mundane normal behavior. We are then left to believe by this doctrine that people got really really bad and God got ticked off to a point that he decided to wipe out all of creation because of what fallen mankind was naturally inclined to do and has done throughout all of history since the fall? Nothing supernatural was happening just an increase of the same behavior of natural man's rebellion to God. The only conclusion to this doctrine shows an intolerant angry God and a great distortion of His nature. This Sethite doctrine can only be defended by breaking all the rules of Biblical interpretation. The Bible will always define itself by itself and the term “sons of God” is used three times in the OT as heavenly beings. Nowhere is it used in the Bible to identify anything human. In history however King's and rulers did use the term to define their ruling status. (Who in that time were probably the Nephilim)To deny this is to break the rules and call the Bible untrue. This doctrine then depends solely on man made rhetoric to support their claims ie. Rabbinical writings of the Talmud which are just commentaries by the human “experts” of the time. This sons of Seth idea first appeared written in the fourth century AD.) The common angelic/human crossbreeding was common knowledge all throughout history until the 4th century. Paul warned women in church to cover their heads because of the angels. (1C0 11:10) They knew that this same threat was present in their time. Jude's entire letter addressed this reality of the Nephilim in mankind's midst as common knowledge and we will conclude with his writings.


The only common ground I could have with this idea is the fact that these doctrines should be kept out of counseling at least for the beginning in dealing with the abduction phenomena. My understanding in the SRA area is that the physicality has to be addressed right from the start. I have found a personal balance to where on the most part it doesn't matter to me one way or another. A few cases I have had to turn over to the SRA people and so therein lies the impasse. Now as I promised here a few from dozens of scriptures that can support the physicality and return of the Nephilim and the hybridization program.


Let's get physical.

To make a statement that angels are not physical beings is probably one of the biggest misnomers within the Christian Church today. The Bible does say that angels are ministering spirits that is true (Hebrews 1:14). The Bible also says that eight souls were saved from the flood.(1Peter 3:20). When mankind is referred to as a soul it certainly does not mean that we only have this dimension to our being. We are body, spirit and soul, if we are of God. (1Thessalonians 5: 23)

The use of spirit or soul defines the primary operating principle of the creation. In fallen man it is the soul, for angels it is the spirit, therefore they are ministering spirits but certainly not limited to only one dimension, and there is a physicality to their being as well.

When wee read about angels in the Bible, we understand that they have sat down and ate with man, they wrestled with Jacob and they have been able to fight each other with some form of physical restraint. (Dan 10:12,13, Revelation 12:7-9, Genesis 32). This cries out a requirement of a physical nature. Paul describes both physical terrestrial bodies and physical celestial bodies.(1Co15:40) Some have said, “well angels are just shape-shifting and can produce a temporary form to relate to mankind better”. Please show me chapter , text and verse of this idea? It is not in the Bible. It is man made rhetoric! A logical point to this argument is the fact that when the children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness they were fed manna. Manna is defined in the Bible, as angel food (PS 27:5). Now how in heaven or earth can angels have “food' without being a physical being. That being said, if God is the God or order and not chaos, how can you have a physicality to your existence without the combination of elements to make something physical called a DNA construct! To make a statement that Angels have no DNA is just ludicrous. If the interbreeding did happen in Genesis 6, it only happened by a mixing of genetic material of some sort; angelic and human. There is no magic here only physics that may seem magical in our ignorance of it but certainly a structure ordered and consistent by God as part of all creation..


Increased knowledge

The most testing part of mankind in these last days is that we are beginning to understand godlike physics not meant of mankind yet imparted to man from the fallen angels. (Enoch 63:1,64:6 Luke 21:26)) In our base nature of thinking then we act out the same 5 I wills that Satan said in Isaiah 14. This frightens many Christians and they think somehow if we can explain the workings of God we have somehow taken away his power. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The enemy distorts anything and everything God has done in all of his creation including the abuse of technology or the “secrets of heaven” as described in the book of Enoch. Man's sudden acceleration of knowledge mentioned by Daniel is being accomplished by fallen angels today called “Aliens” and their human cohorts. God then must inspire some of his children to stand in the gap of this distortion of abusive use of forbidden knowledge and rightfully explain it just as he did to Enoch as recorded in Enoch 1. Ok enough of this, let's get to the Word of God.


Rev 12:9,10
9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.


When I first looked up the Greek in this text, it was before home computers, I did it the long hard way with an interlinear Bible and a Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Hebrew and Greek. The wording cast out in the earth is very specific and can only mean on dry land amongst men. How much more physical can you get. When did this happen? The next verse defines this for us. Just before Jesus went to the cross he said now is the prince of this world judged. (John 16:11) In another recording he says cast out (John 12:31). Satan after Christ can no longer accuse the brethren as he has now been cast out of the third heaven as part of a judgment from God and accomplished by Jesus on the cross. He and his angels are literally on dry land amongst men and has been that way since the cross. They may travel from the second heaven into the first but they are physical beings still restricted to this planet on either plain 1 and 2 of existence. Within their biological makeup they have this ability but it is now limited or simply, they have had their wings clipped.

But they have a plan and part of this plan is to regain their ability to be fully inter-dimensional once again and dwell in their own eternal state fashioned by their own rules. By giving technology for a price to mankind, alluded to in Ezekiel 28:18,19. Satan and his angelic followers take the physics of the biological natural eternal realm and mechanize and synthesize that known physics to allow mankind to achieve the same thing. In this process they lose any connection to God and become Satan's puppet slaves.

Cloning, Hybridization and UFO technology are the specific physics that were given before the flood and have now re-appeared in these last days. This simply goes back to the two lies of Eden, “You shall surely not die and your eyes shall be open and be like God.” The beliefs of the Occult Nazi regime was this quest by man to rebuild the technology and the beings that once existed in the physical form of the pre-flood world. In this deceptive process they, being deluded, think they will beat God at his own game plan.


Happens in the last beast empire

This genetic process is described in the book of Daniel with Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the empires of earth. The last beast empire is a mirror of the Roman Empire or a revived Roman empire. This empire does not have to be geographically located in the same place as commonly misunderstood by many prophecy teachers today claim. It is about genetics and bloodlines which depend on the people involved not the location. Like the Roman empire, this last beast empire will have two parts to it. The legs of the image was the Roman Republic and then the Holy Roman empire.


The revived composite, the two feet of ten toes will be partly scattered and dispersed and the other strong and united.

I say that the inspiration I got from the Lord is that this was the Occult Nazi regime scattered and morphed into the United States who's global position was united and strong. Under the guise of the New Age, a transformation of America propels the UN into the last global government framework. (Interesting too is that the UN charter and goals is to divide the earth into ten sections)


Within this beast empire, it is mentioned in Daniel 2:43,


 “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay


The key to understanding this verse is who are “they”. Most all commentaries say this is the government of the ruling class mixing with the common people in the form of Communism or socialism. Recently the other camp has stated that this was the Revived Romans mixing their seed with the conquered masses of the global empire. The logic in this mundane interpretation implodes upon itself as totally illogical. What would be so special about the Revived Romans genetic makeup that would separate it from the rest of mankind unless it contained the seed of the serpent? One group would simply be mixing with another and would not even be worth mentioning unless there is something else going on here. Like many words in the ancient languages even in English, specific definitions depend on the rest of the wording in the sentence structure. Miry clay as a literal translation from the Aramaic means filth to be swept away from Clay specifically means burnt clay of the potter. That is harsh and certainly not the definition of any human blood line or social status of any earthly people so it must mean exactly what is implied, this is not something “normal”. It is the same mixing that happened before the flood. The idea that they shall not cleave one to another does not speak of a lack of success in this mixing, this is the same language used in Genesis 3 where a man shall leave father and mother and cleave unto his wife. This is speaking about marriage. This time the mixing and hybridization would not be in a family situation, it would be clinical, outside of a relationship exactly what the main theme of “Alien abductions” and SRA is all about.


In Isaiah 14:29 there may be a reference to the Philistines and the tribe of Dan in connection to genetic tampering. In my book “Beyond Science Fiction” and on my website, I give a full breakdown of this text. If correct we have a text of scripture that tells us that a shell for the serpent to hide in is being provided. We do know that the camp of the Philistines is where the last of the giants fled to safety. The Philistine society still held this genetic trace of the Nephilim. The Philistines disappearance is a great mystery in history. They seemed to disappear when the ten northern treibes were taken into captivity. At the same time tribes in northern Europe appeared with all of the similarities to Dan and the Philistines. Later they were called the Germans by the Romans. Not conclusive but a possible connection of history, prophetic scripture and the reasons for the Aryan theosophical Nazi myth leading up to the return of the Nephilim with their occult knowledge..


Can this be why Jesus included the fact that they would be marrying and given in marriage as in the days of Noah? That cannot be conclusive either way but it might be an important aspect of events that did happen then that will happen again prior to the second coming as being nothing to do with normal activity but the resurgence of the same unique clashing events of the natural with the supernatural..


An Unholy Resurrection

In the next text of scripture we see a condition and intervention happening to the disembodied spirits that were the offspring of the Genesis 6 incursion. The ghosts of the Giants of Genesis 6.

Now let's look at Isaiah 26:13,14


Isa 26:13-14
13 O LORD our God, other lords beside thee have had dominion over us: but by thee only will we make mention of thy name. 14 They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise: therefore hast thou visited and destroyed them, and made all their memory to perish.


In this text, dominion is better rendered as “married unto us”, in the sense, the authority a husband has over his wife and family. A natural predicament is announced in rhetorical fashion. The, “you are dead” means just that, they are deceased but then in what appears as a redundancy it says they are deceased. This is the Hebrew word Rapha or the ghosts of the giants. It says they shall not rise as in a resurrection. Many have used this as proof that the disembodied spirits will not return or came back again. The image is that they are in shackles in a pit until judgment. But the next statement reverses that action. He has visited is  paqad ^6485^, It means according to Vine's Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, “ The first occurrence is in <Gen. 21:1> ("The Lord visited Sarah") in the special sense of "to intervene on behalf of," so as to demonstrate the divine intervention in the normal course of events to bring about or fulfill a divine intent. Often this intervention is by miraculous means. It also means, “ However, the most common usage of the verb in the whole of the Old Testament is in the sense of "drawing up, mustering, or numbering," as of troops for marching or battle .”

I believe the Lord told me that both meanings apply here. Many scholars say this double meaning cannot apply but there are other patterns of similar use that can and do say otherwise. This double meaning is a controversial one among theologians and Bible scholars with no conclusions between the two. I stand then in light of the controversy that what the Lord told me is accurate, both apply here. This visitation is mentioned by Peter in which Jesus first descended into a hollow earth portion called Tartarus or Hell. (Eph 4:9)


1 Pet 3:19-20
19 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; (Jesus)
20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.


The word here does not mean that Jesus preached but rather he made a proclamation to spirit beings. The word use for spirits in context can not mean human departed spirits but spirit beings the disembodied spirits in hell. The condition of these spirits when looking at 2Pe 2:4 and Jude 6 always gives one the image of angelic beings chained up in a bottomless pit until judgment day. That may not be so. Shackles may also have a meaning as a cycle of going up and down. We see this with the demonic at Gadara This cycle is exactly what we observe when people desire information and power outside the provisions set forth by God. We can conjure up demonic activity in our homes and lives. This is cast back down under the name and authority of Jesus. The words in Greek here can mean this cycle and is supported by the meaning of the word for “delivered them” this means to guard not from escaping but to fulfill a prophecy or specific event which is in harmony to Isaiah 26. Their day of judgment is not the final judgment but their own personal destiny at Armageddon. Their eventual destiny then being supernaturally intervened and mustered up as an end time army. Technology and the application of forbidden physics is taking place from below by the inhabitants that live below to achieve this. The Nazi expedition and colonization to the Antarctic may explain Amos 9:2 with Job 26:5


A Hellish Technology

The supernatural means of being brought back to physical form by an alliance of human/angelic beings is again alluded to in Job26:5

Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof. Hell is naked before him, and destruction has no covering.”


Dead again is the word Rapha, the ghosts of the giants in a sense of being restored, repaired in a twisting spiraling motion or manner of twisting the natural process. (alluding to a helix DNA coil? Or modification of the natural birthing process) This is the literal interpretation of this text by the words used. Who is doing this those who inhabit the lower depths of this a real literal hell in the hollow earth! What these rebels view as superior technology and creative powers, God views everything as their own destruction as announced back at the time of the cross and what Jesus had proclaimed to them.


The Real Army of Darkness.

The idea of this return of the Nephilim/Gibbowr through a hybridization process is the end of their invading army!

This is the same army Joel and John saw in Joel 2 and Revelation 9.


Here is my paraphrase of Joel 2:1 based on the potential full meanings of the Hebrew.

A day of ignorance and concealment, a day of

practiced magic and the lowering of high things,

as the dawn spreads out upon the mountains, a

huge abundant congregated mighty people come

into existence that has never been before and shall

never be after...They shall climb the wall like

men of war and they shall march every one on his

way, and they shall not break ranks, Neither shall

one thrust another, they shall walk everyone in his

path and when they FALL UPON THE SWORD, THEY

SHALL NOT BE WOUNDED. They shall run to and fro

in the city, they shall run upon the wall, they shall

climb up upon the houses, they shall enter in at the

windows like a thief (abductions?)


Two wave Invasion!

This intrusion will first be clandestine until the abomination is made full mentioned by Daniel which has three repetitive occurrences to it). (That is another path this takes and you can read that in my book or on my web site).

Before the actual outward manifestation of this invasion headed to Armageddon, an infiltration of all of man's social orders will take place by non-humans steering man toward a one world government, one world Religion and One World economic system. This is what the entire book of Jude is warning us about. It is a very short book please take the time to prayerfully read it for yourself with this different perspective, you will be amazed.

These people who are spots in our feasts of charity, speak evil of leaders and head us toward destruction are as Jude warns, the same as Enoch prophesied against. Who did Enoch speak against? The Nephilim and the sons of God before the flood! Here are three unique definitions about these entities that are called men. They are clouds without water, (form without substance also not having a spirit) twice dead, (dead spiritually and gee, dead physically before) plucked up by the roots (roots maybe the DNA plucked up to restore), wandering stars whom is reserved everlasting darkness. That my dear friend is not talking about mere humans, these are angelic beings that are in our midst.


It may well be why Jesus said in the great commission as recorded by Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every CREATURE! He did not say man or mankind or people he said to every created thing. This does not mean animals or plants but conscious sentient beings that are human and ones looking like humans that are not. It is also why Paul says the same warnings in Romans 8:38 that no Creature can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. The Lord is telling us of the conditions and entities we are going to encounter in our daily lives living in perilous times. We are not to know who is who, we aree not to be some kind of Nephilim hunters, we are to proclaim God's love to all and let God sort em out. That is his job not ours.



This is just a few of many scriptures that can clearly define the warnings of Genesis 6 that, “ also after that”, means just that. They , the Nephilim have returned, are returning and will continue to do so successfully until the right time, at their choosing, they make a mass appearance to deceive this planet and try to take over. To believe events that happened before the flood do not in detail replay again in our time is to deny the Word of God, personal testimony, personal witness to those involved in ministering to the ones damaged and ill prepares a church already oblivious to what is coming ahead of us.

As LA says, it will become self evident very soon. Scoffers may ridicule this idea but I will take it to the bank of God, it truly will be self evident soon. Skeptics demand tangible proof, they want someone to hold up a Nephilim for dissection before they will believe just as having a UFO to examine by others before they believe this is foolishness. Read the Bible carefully and logically, this is a deception, a conspiracy that for a time will be successful. That means in most cases evidence will not be found. Whatever evidence is provided will not be accepted by the majority. What is provided is the Word of God and personal testimonies which can only be taken by prayerful faith. I can rest and rely on that.

On that basis alone, I know who I am following, I have a relationship not religion, I will not debate this issue with anyone, I will not defend it nor do I have to, neither will I try to impose this on anyone.

Much of what many of us have to tell you is relational even though it is scriptural and can be studied. An important element to many of our ministries is the supernatural revelation and experiences which are impossible to debate, in defending we would only come off in misunderstood ways and to impose it is to take away the equal supernatural way that the Lord will have our backs to verify and clarify what we are trying to convey to a skeptic lost world. So on that basis I and we will treat this other doctrine as we have treated the Sethite lie, we will ignore it. Not that it will go away it wont until it becomes also self evident as aq dried up fruitless doctrine of man that produces no life where there is death no foundation or answers when it is needed. That day is coming soon. Now I must conclude that almost every scripture I have provided and many more in my book has an equal and equitable alternate way of looking at it in a mundane manner. I believe God did this on purpose. Daniel was told that many things would be sealed and shut up until knowledge increased and people would run to and fro. This way of encryption is why we have both and it leaves everything to the bottom line of prayer and faith. Only you as an individual can know by asking the author of the Bible and if you have a relationship and not just a religion, you will receive a personal answer. I know I, LA. Dave Ruffino and many others who I have not yet talked to can rest on that with confidence. Our ministries have already encountered this menace on the spiritual battlefield and we have been able to effectively help people out of their mess and lead them to Jesus and be set free. So believe what you will but as for me and my house, we will follow the Lord.