Are Accelerated Events leading to an Official  Disclosure or a UFO Event? I think So...

In the past several years there has been a new kind of UFO sighting that has increased progressively. Unlike the past where most sightings were witnesses by one or two people on a lonely road in the middle of the night, recently these sightings have been massive public displays of their presence. These have included hundreds of witnesses by a general population including many government and civic officials, pilots, military personal and many other individuals with highly credible backgrounds who have testified to these events.

The press has in these last few years also taken into record, many high profile leaders in their fields who have come forward to make official statements about UFOs and Alien Contact including government, military, religious and scientific communities.

When you correspond these events with the release of a flood of media related movies, video games, cartoons and TV shows there is a progressive concentrated effort to keep these things pressed into the minds of the hearers.

Is it all true? Are we on the verge of witnessing contact with life from beyond our Earth or are we going to be told by Governments willing to come forward, of a past and present involvement with UFO/Alien contact?  While most people who believe something is happening on some greater scale, they may consider these two options.

 But there is a third option scorned by the secular UFO investigative community, rejected by the Churches. Mocked to scorn by the general population and completely ignored by the media. That third option is a Biblical view of what is happening.

Are we witnessing the pages of Biblical prophetic warnings as part of the "end time delusion"  leading to the 2nd coming of Christ by these events? While most the the earthly population will see this as the beginning of a "New age of enlightenment and opportunity," Bible believing Christians will see all of this as the beginning of a hell on earth led by Satan and his fallen angels and demonic hoard pretending to be "Aliens".

Regardless of what you believe, the evidence that something about UFOs and Aliens is being accelerated into our human psyche is a reality.

                 Time Line of events:

April 25, 2010 Stephen Hawking makes the statement in regards to a possible "Alien" contact that maybe we should reconsider trying to make contact or answer any attempt from "Aliens" because it may be like Christopher Columbus making contact with the West, it didn't go to well for the Indians. The same may be said for us and contact with Aliens.


September 18  Vatican Astronomer Dr Guy Consolmango adds to his original announcement from November 25, 2009 about non human "Aliens", that he is anxious to baptize one no matter how many tentacles it may have. His original statement was that non human aliens may be outside of the need for salvation and should be listened to when contacted. This of course is coming from a so called minister who is quoted as saying, "Religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep it close to reality, to protect it from Creationism" Geeze go figure.




September 20 TV series début of The Event. This show features the mystery of just what is the event. Later it will become clear the Event is Alien Contact that had been made by the government and covered up as the most important secret ever.



September 21 Former NORAD Commander Stanley Fulham comes out with a third printing of his book, : "Challenge of Change" In this update, he makes a "tentative" Prediction that on October 13th, 2010, there will be 2,000 mile wide UFOs that will appear over major cities all over the earth for 5 minutes and then blink out. No messages just the announcement of their presence.


September 26th The United Nations announced that Mazian Othman a Malaysian Astrophysicist was appointed the official Greeter for any "Alien" first contact. The UN has since denounced this. However there is much documentation and news videos that state otherwise. Mazian Othman is the Director of UNOOSA, (The UN office for Outer Space Affairs) She claims the need for this position and then is appointed that position.



September 28 A UFO researcher rallies together 6 US Officers and 1 enlisted man from the Air Force for a Washington D.C. press conference. They come forward to claim that on their military watch UFOs had hovered over their installations and made the Nukes inoperable. They also claim they have 120 additional testimonies from US and UK military officials who experienced the same actions from 1948-2003.


 October 3 The above recent statements gets the attention to world renowned Bible Prophecy teacher Hal Lindsy. His weekly report ties together what many like myself have been saying for almost a decade and a half. This announcement will greatly impact an open door to present the Biblical truths in regards to this ramping up of events leading to the great deception.


October 6 A second closing of an airport in Mongolia is caused by the public display of four UFOs hovering over the airport. An earlier event causing another closing of an airport happened in July of the same year. This is reminiscent of the July 2006 closing of O'Hare Airport with the same UFO appearance. 


October 7 This is a personal announcement that is related to these events. A recent friend and colleague of mine, Matthew Miller, host of End Time Tribune contacted me with a sense of urgency. I have been on his program and have had several long phone conversations with him. He is a balanced godly minister of God with a scientific and theological background and a very intelligent researcher. He in conjunction to another guest, Michael Parker  has come to some interesting conclusions in the time span of October10-15 2010. Please go to his site and listen to the programs posted on "UFO update", And also, "Day of Opposition part 1 and 2." It is lengthy but worth listening to.

Matthew garners research of the Jewish feast festivals that annually are celebrated and to anyone in the know, these festivals are symbolic of actual prophetic and historic events. He also ties in Ezekiel's Temple's measurements, The four pillars of Ezekiel's temple, the four corners of the earth and the four rivers coming out of Eden as a revealed mechanics and physics. This understanding is foundational to many other events that are about to happen as claimed by Matthew.

On the 180 flip side of this comes Matthews understanding of Astrology and the actual physical line up of the planets today and their reflective prophetic fulfillment by the physical representation in Mythology. This is by no means endorsing astrology or the occult. This is Satan's own process as a same but opposite pattern of imitating all that God does. It is like looking over the shoulder of Satan to see what he is up to and nothing more.

The death of Adolf Hitler on April 30th 1945 had this same unusual conjunction. That night was Walpugisnact, the highest  Sabbath day of the occult calendar. This was the time of celebrating the death of winter and the birth or resurrection of spring and life. It was also Good Friday that year for the same night. A same but opposite pattern and conjunction with much more meaning than conventional history ever detected. 

With that understanding, the two beliefs from opposing camps seem to have another of many conjunctions or an equinox that appears to be in the make. This time span because of some celestial alterations, has placed the actual dates of traditional Jewish feasts (based on the new and full moons) as slightly off by a few days Matthew proclaims from his research.

The conclusions to Matthews work is contained in the three pod casts and it seems to concur with this "tentative" prophecy by Fulham. If I understand him correctly, a show of force without incident or message is what could be expected in this time period leading up to a polar shift that will have many ramifications for us all.

I respect Matthew and seriously consider this information. He is also one who is cautious and in this context, he is simply excited at the possibilities and no one is predicting anything for certain. Please listen to his three podcasts they are worth the time.

 I am never one to play the dating game. That is the fast track to wearing egg on your face and I would rather eat it not wear it. But this does make me wonder Hmmm could this actually be happening? Well , we don't have long to wait only a few days away. Personally I will never give you a "tentative prophecy" like Mr Fulham.  This is something to consider now and reflect upon after the fact but nothing to impulsively react on.

I have only heard half of this most fascinating message/teaching and gleaned what I thought may be a small tid bit of the picture being painted and perhaps events following this show of might. For me, so far, this is merely speculation not thus says the Lord.

With the understanding of this strange conjunction from two different opposed camps, a part of this seemed to include a certain aspect of the series of feasts right after the booths celebration, the next event after the booths could be alluding to a coming together of the King and his servents or the marriage supper of the lamb. This happens on the same time as this astrological mythical "day of opposition" and a part of this is the physical line up of Uranus and the Earth in this window frame of time between October 10-15th. Uranus is the husband of Gia (new age name for earth) in mythology. Could the planetary line up also be alluding to this marriage or meeting. In the day of opposites then, in addition to a polar shift and other things being alluded to, could this be also alluding to and including a possible fake rapture?

As far as I know since 1996, I was the first to claim that there was a coming Fake Rapture that would include UFOs and the removal of not Christians, but rather New Agers. This was given to me by the Lord and included some horrible same but opposite ideas that went along with it. (A video posted on you tube from the 2005 ancient of days confirms this proclamation)  This concept is known and expected by New Agers as project Enoch. Someday I know this event will happen and that part is a thus sayeth the Lord.


New agers are fully expecting and anticipating a removal of themselves before this polar shift takes place. It is there own pre-tribulation rapture idea. And just like many Christians have done in the past they have time and time again tried to date the event. Blossom Goodchild, a New Age "seer" and "channeler" predicted the appearance of mile long space ships that would appear on October 13, 2008. It obviously didn't happen. However that was the year of the massive sightings now called the Stephensville Lights which I have personally investigated and found a cover-up. That for now is another story. Like I always say we will just have to wait and see as LA Marzulli says: "It will become self evident soon!"

November 6-11 The Vatican will hold an international conference on the subject of Extraterrestrial life.


November 12 2010 The movie Skyline comes out. This is the theme of yet another UFO Alien invasion movie. This time we are told to not look up. If you do you will see a mile wide UFO hovering above a major city, lifting up hundreds of people kicking and screaming in what looks like the same but opposite of a forced rapture by "Aliens". In this time of opposites, this movie says, not to look up but the Bible say that as you see these thing begin to happen Look Up and know that your redemption draws near.


Something is going to happen soon. If nothing happens October 13th 2010, then life as we know it and don't know will continue on. A plan of deception is in the making and already in operation and will eventually come to pass.... it is only a matter of time.

"And when you see these things come to pass, look up and know that your redemption draws near"...Jesus Christ Matt 24