These next few years are going to be the most difficult times for Bible believing Christians to live through in America. This last election was a judgment from God in the first step to a series of events that will lead to the eventual promise of The 2nd Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

 America has a shared destiny with Israel, many of you are going to be a part of the most demanding yet exciting part of these events. There is a great delusion already at work put upon all of mankind. Some of us have seen how the UFO/ALIEN scenario will be apart of these deceptive events. However this is only one small element to a much larger deception. Some of the more subtle things are happening right now before your eyes.

The changing politics in America will make it hard to have a free exchange of ideas and thoughts very soon. Before this happens, we want to provide you with a chance to network with each other across the land. We need to encourage one another and develop relationships with each other as a family so we may all pull through these trying times that most assuredly will come.  Dave Ruffino of Delusion Resistance and myself, Jim of Echoes of Enoch have teamed up and are opening up a video chat room so that we may begin to form a bond with each other.

This is not some special elite group or anything that you have to join. There are no doctrines you have to believe other than the basic core beliefs that make us family in Christ. This is not a replacement for the local church, it is an enhancement to help you belong and stay in a local church somewhere. Part of our premise for the room is because Dave and I both believe that judgment has come to America because we are the Modern day Babylon mentioned in Revelation 17 and Jeremiah 50,51. God in his mercy and grace is ready to call a remnant of his children out of Babylon / America for ministry. Dave and I both have been told to prepare and help those for this future ministry that they will be involved in.


           (Blue Cows Unite!)                      The symbol of the blue cow was the result of a dream Dave had about a month ago. This dream was from the Lord and was Dave's realization of this calling we are now ready to embark upon  . I received my understanding while living in Roswell several years ago while ministering in my store. It was then that the Lord confirmed to me that what he had given to me, in understanding the UFO/Alien deception and it's role in  the end times was for the lost who were being deceived into accepting new age beliefs. It was NOT  for the purpose of waking up the church. That will not happen.

Within the church, there would be many who would understand because God had put it in their hearts to understand. These would be people who would be like salt and light sprinkled and scattered around the world to serve as emergency supporters when this whole thing is set before the whole world. These events will include the UFO/Alien paradigm and much more. In this room it will help if you understand what happened in Genesis 6 and the identity of the sons of God as being fallen angels. If you do not believe this or have a problem with that doctrine this may not be the place for you. Some of our members in this room are victims of the "Alien Abduction experience" that Dave and I have or are counseling. Their identity will remain anonymous as they need this time of fellowship and not doctrinal disputes. For many of us with real experiences this is not a topic for debate we are way beyond that. We can and will provide you with scripture and Biblical support for our beliefs by e-mail or reference you to our web sites. However, we are not interested in debating this with you. Our time is too short and we need to concentrate on more important things for the sake of those in need.


more Many end time events will play out so different that it will leave most Christians reeling in dismay and without answers. This is where many of you come into play, this is your ministry. You will be there to supply them with hope support and much needed answers. I realize that most people in the church are currently the ones who laugh and mock you or politely put you out of fellowship now, but soon they are going to need what you know. In order to be a support, you need to belong to a local church and remain there so you can be ready to help when events will determine the right time to share what you know. In the mean time you can receive the quality fellowship of like minded people through the effort Dave and I will be  providing in this chat room set up.

All you need to do is sign up for a free membership with Pal Talk and download their program. If you have a Video camera and microphone you can join in our conversation live.

All you need to do is sign up for a free membership on Pal Talk. When you download their program and open it, the Pal Scene pop up looks like a TV remote control. On the bottom of the pop up, you will see a blank search engine screen. type in Remnant Call and it should take you to the room. The room will only appear on their list of rooms when it is open. If you try to get on any other time a pop up will tell you it cannot find the room. (The cost of a free room) It is our hopes we can grow into a private room but that cost 80.00 a month and we are a long way from that luxury for now.


Currently we are open:  Monday 8:00ps est until 10:00pm est Monday is an open "free for all'' all"                                    fellowship time to discuss whatever you want.

                                                                Thursday 8:00pm est until 10:00 pm est Thursday we will discuss the x                                            prior weeks chosen topic of study. Each member will prayerfully x                                            research and study that topic and be ready to share their findings with x                                         everyone as a group. Dave and Jim will add and steer the discussion.

      This weeks topic is Zechariah 5 and the Roswell Crash and the Woman in the basket.

                                               Please come and be ready to share and ask questions.