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Below  are pictures of Stores featuring everything Alien and UFO


The above store is owned by a Baptist Minister               UFO Museum Front









These are various Main Street stores exclusively featuring everything Alien and UFO Fluff and Stuff.









More Main Street Madness



To the Left, is another store owned by a "Christian" professing man


Who owns these places?

    Most of the store owners of these souvenir shops are not part of some global conspiracy to undermine Judeo-Christian  America. Many are Mom and Pop small business owners who are capitalizing on a fad or local phenomena to simply make a living in an otherwise hard place to make a decent living. They view this the same as a small town that features the "Mystery Spot" or the world's largest ball of string. Ignorance of the facts is the enemy and not the owners of these places.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Alien Zone 1 and 2, the largest stores are owned by a Baptist minister. I do not know him and have never even met him. I would not even comment on his motives or intent. I briefly met his son who seems like a nice young man. But I have to ask, why have you never sought out any information since a Biblical perspective first appeared here over six years ago? Roswell Landing is owned by a "Christian believer" he has been to my store and heard important information I eagerly shared with him. Yet he sells the book The Roswell Message" which basically bashes the belief in a Biblical God and proclaims Aliens as our creators. How does a "Christian"  justify this kind of compromise?  "Star Child (above) is owned by Richard H . He makes no claim to any faith in God but does not throw the idea completely out either. I have come to know him as a local merchant and my next door neighbor He is a rather pleasant guy  with the inquisitive nature about UFOs and Aliens that most believers of this phenomena have. Unfortunately the only  information and education aided by the media, comes from the UFO community which is dominated by the "New Age"  perspective.  I believe much of that information and it's dissemination, IS a part of a global conspiracy. This has infiltrated and become much of the existing UFO community today. The New guys on the block , are the few of us that are proclaiming  the Biblical perspective. Most of the premise and conclusions are 180 degrees opposite of the "accepted agenda " the UFO community proclaims. However, much of the "raw data" coming from the UFO community, is in many ways, in total harmony with a Biblical explanation and perspective. While the individuals in the UFO community claim and ask others to be open minded, many of them are very closed minded to anything Biblical that does not proclaim or confirm their preconceived notions.  With this closed mindedness, many of their own research which can be confirmed by the scriptures but are rejected without any inquiry on their part because of a prejudiced attitude toward Christians and  the Bible. Unfortunately, some of this negative attitude is because they have been victimized  by well meaning uninformed Christians that had a good intention but bashed and judged them without much compassion or willingness to listen first and speak after. I know this is true because I and the others presenting the Biblical perspective have also been misunderstood and became victims in the same manner by the same people. The end results for this  lack of knowledge, communication and the rejection of the Biblical perspective has made Roswell  a massive platform that does undermine the Judeo-Christian foundation of America.  On a global scale, Roswell proclaims there is no God, Aliens are our creators and they are coming back to invite us into a larger cosmic community and a New Age of enlightenment.                

A Brief History of the UFO Community

    When UFOs were first sighted, it was nut and bolt scientists with an open mind and persistence to find answers that were involved with the investigation of UFOs. The Contactee's of the 50's and 60's were always looked at as kind of out there as they mixed metaphysics and pseudo eastern religious beliefs into the "message" of the Aliens. There was no proof or evidence to their claims and therefore rejected by most within the UFO community at that time. .The two camps were separated from each other and Conventions and Seminars were either of one camp or the other but never together.

As the Abduction experiences became more known and increased in number,  many cases  included physical evidence and even multiple witnesses. The spiritual messages given to abductees were the same beliefs proclaimed by the contactees. This gave a new creditability to the same occult religious ideas of the contactees of the last two decades. Now the blending of the two camps have become as one. There are some of the old time researchers that want to distance themselves from the metaphysical beliefs but they have now become a predominate force within the entire UFO community. In a sense they are researching two different aspects of the same phenomena.  The whole phenomena can be broken down to three aspects. You have the vehicle, the messenger, and the message. You cannot separate one from the other as they are all part of the whole phenomena.

The way to complete knowledge and a real open mind.

It could be compared to this: Imagine: You are a reporter sent to cover the arrival of the President and his new message. You already know the message and do not like it or  the President. So you ignore the two and concentrate your efforts on describing the vehicle he drove in because you really like it a lot. Now this kind of behavior is not very logical.  Yet, this same lack of logic is being exercised within the UFO community. If you are embarrassed or not comfortable with the message, you should examine why you feel that way. Some even disbelieve the other two elements exist, as if they will then go away, but you cannot separate them  This should cause you to examine the messenger better to determine why you do not like the message. You cannot say the messenger does not exist because you don't like the message, it is part of the whole experience. This should cause your eyes to be taken off the vehicle as less important than the messenger and the message. If you examined the messenger and the message with the same scrutiny  as a trained expert the way you do with the vehicle you would have to be open to all data including the Biblical perspective. Then you might find the answers to the whole phenomena. As it remains today, there is only one perspective  about the who the Aliens are and what their message means to us today. What is learned , heard and accepted within and by the UFO community today  is one proclaimed by the Abductors themselves!  How one sided and single minded is that? It  is the ultimate naivety exercised by highly intelligent people. The main excuse is that this higher intelligence must be peaceful because they overcame the destructive potential we live in, and have such superior technology. I wonder if that is what the American Indians one thought or the Aborigines making first contact with a higher civilization? History has always shown us that the superior, technological advanced society will assimilate the lesser without sharing what they have. They usually make them a second class citizen or worse slaves. True, we are talking about human history but with all we know of any type of these visitors none have been consistent with themselves. They always change their address as to where they come from, they make excuses and change stories as much as our own government. They have shown the same human flawed characteristics that humans have so why would anything else be any different?

 The Biblical perspective is your wake up call to practice what you preach. With an open mind consider all the information and sides before making a judgment. I especially put this on those of you who name the name of Christ who own and operate these stores or other Christians who are volunteers at the UFO Museum and even some investigators who do not proclaim and ignore the Biblical perspective.  If you are truly a Christian why would you not want to investigate the Biblical perspective based on the Bible you say you believe in? 

Here are other places of business that have captured the "spirit" of UFOs and Aliens








Here are a few local Restaurants














A Motel with a UFO parked on the side




The Local Radio Station








                          A Local Bank








A Resale Store



All along Main Street the lamps lighting the downtown sidewalks at night art topped off with Alien heads









Here are some of the other images posted all through Roswell




























This last one on the right suggests a birthing of something new coming from between the legs of the Alien.


2006 found the annual festival as the worst turnout yet. It was  an embarrassment to the entire city as hype, promotion  and past shows would believe one to be coming to a huge event. The price of gasoline at 3.00 a gallon diminished tourism and was a contributing factor. The future of the whole Roswell Festival is in question by many. The UFO Museum has purchased a new location for a huge museum that includes a movie theater, and holographic displays making it a 21st century marvel. Will it ever become a reality?

   A local UFO investigator which has been closely associated with the Museum for years had this posting on the internet.                                                                     

   The implication from his writing is that The new director of the UFO Museum is the museum's worst enemy. She has destroyed relationships and unity with many different groups that used to  function together to put on quite a big show. I never met her but actions and end results would indicate that this is true. Could the whole thing die and come to an end? Is that a bad thing?  Even though there is a real and dangerous truth to UFOs and Aliens, even more than the church currently realizes, would it be a bad thing if the focus and attention no longer existed in Roswell (if that were even possible now) As long as the lies about who created us and the occult messages of these so called Aliens are attached in the package as truth without another view offered, I say let it die. Why would I or anyone naming the name of Christ want to help perpetuate the whole thing with these lies attached as part of the presentation. I had more than one "Christian" investigator/researcher tell me they had no problem with the mural painted on the side of the UFO Museum. Well I am sorry, but that is a constant reminder and battle cry for me as to why I am doing what I am here in Roswell to stand in the gap of this big lie. I am offended by the fact that they are implying that my Lord and Savior, is nothing more than a bunch of aliens. I don't take to kindly when someone slanders the name, nature and character of my Lord.

The picture below is a mockery of Michelangelo's painting on the Sistine Chapel called the touch of God. That is supposed to be Adam's hand being touched by God at creation. Replaced for God's hand is E.T.'s hand. Yes I am offended by this subtle deceptive suggestion.