This room had an original intent of being private. Costs prevent this from happening. We have two main objectives and purpose for this room. Dave and Jim provide counseling for victims of the "Alien Abduction phenomena." and other paranormal problems  We are two from only a handful in the US that provide this kind of Biblical based help. Because of the nature of this unaddressed issue within the church, this room is the only means of Christian fellowship for them. We guard their right to have this room for them with the utmost care. At the same time we want to invite those who can                                                               Dave and Jim in Roswell NM

 remain respectful of our purpose to join us. We have met many good fellow Christians in this way. However there have been many that drift from chat room to chat room with an axe to grind, a doctrine to proclaim or just looking for an opportunity to mentally arm wrestle through endless debating. If you are in this latter category, you do not need to be in this room, you will be tossed out. We ask for your respect and kindness to those who have gone through various paranormal trauma and are in recovery                                                                          

 Dave and Jim also have a prophetic calling from the Lord to create a network of Christians across America for the purpose of helping each other and their families through the coming years. The belief held in this room is that America is Modern Babylon and is now under judgment of God and the next few years are going to create a drastic change for all believers of Christ in America. We do not have to be apart of this judgment as God's children. and through mutual cooperation and respect for each other with a basic core faith and belief in Christ as Lord, God ,Savior and provider, we can pull through these times in victory. We also believe that the Holy Spirit may soon give a call to many American believers to leave. Their destination will eventually lead them to Israel. Time is short as we truly are in the last days. If you are seeking or just curious without holding to these beliefs and perhaps have another idea, you can come and fellowship in this room, however you will not be given a platform to debate, attack or "reform" us to your way of  thinking or from what we are doing, you will be tossed. We have little time and too much work to do to be hindered by distractions. If you feel you must contact us for expressing differences you may e-mail Dave and or Jim privately for further discussions on your issues.

So if you can meet these requirements, come and join us. You may find answers to questions you never knew were addressed in God's Word. You may also become an important part of a group with the most exciting destiny God is preparing in these last days.

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