Testimonies from the Museum: The Frontline in Roswell

In this  section I will cap the highlights of events that happened at the museum. There have been so many wonderful testimonies that I will try and share the  best with you. This ministry is about people and the lives that can be transformed by the Love of God in Christ Jesus.

 7/17- 7/24

A young warrior for the Lord

Wednesday: David a young boy about 12 or 13 came into my store alone. He looked at the story boards while I was on the phone. When I got off he came over to my desk as if he wanted to talk. I asked him where he was from he said San Antonio Texas. We engaged in some small talk and he said he wanted to look at the story boards some more. He had a booklet in his hand on the Grays. He asked me how much it was. I said three dollars but I figured he probably didnít have the money. I told him but that can be negotiable how much do you have? He said he might be able to get it from his mom. He then came over and said, "I know this stuff is real and I try to tell my friends at Church and they just laugh and make fun of me." As he said that he bowed his head and you could see the hurt in him. He was a pudgy little guy just the kind that gets made fun of no matter what he would say. I saw so much of myself in him he just crushed my heart.
I said to him, You know most people only want to know in life just enough to get by and "spare me the details". I continued, But God puts into some to ask more and seek more than just what is in their own little back yard. That sounds kinda like you doesnít it? His face looked a littler brighter as said yeah. I told him well God put that in you and you just keep believing in Him and learn and share what you can to others and donít let the others beat you down.
David I said, You need to know more about what the Bible has to say about all this stuff.
I got up and picked out 6 booklets of mine and gave them to him. I said here this is on me.
His face lit up like a halogen floodlight. Really! He thanked me shook my hand and flew out of the store bringing his Mom in to meet me. He left with ammo and such encouragement I just know the ripple effect will effect others around him.

With Certainty

Thursday Two young men in their late 20's came into the store. One man Kevin, from New York was pretty well versed, reading material from the UFO community as well as a vague understanding of the Genesis 6 scenario. The other man Brian, was not that informed on these matters but caught on right away. Both were Roman Catholics that though there knowledge was weak in knowing scripture, they both had a love for God. Our almost two hour conversation was filled with their comments of their uncertainty of salvation and any working relationship with Jesus. I then told them what the Gospel or "Good News" was all about. Without hesitation they both desired to pray and ask Jesus into their hearts. They left the store with a certainty of their salvation and relationship with Jesus! Man it just doesnít get any better than that!


The week of 7-24-30

This week was filled with many vacationing families. One guy left or ran out as soon as he realized this was "Christian". Another female "couple" did the same thing the next day. The rest who came in were fascinated with the story boards and everyone took a card with the web-site address. A few stood out this week that had little to do with UFOs and Aliens but had everything to do with ministry and Jesus.

We are all one in Christ
A young interracial couple in their early 20's came in. They asked many questions about God and then the woman who is a Southern White woman made the comment, I know I have sinned by marrying out of my race but I really love my husband (He is black-Hispanic it does say that in the Bible somewhere doesnít it? As I studied their grief stricken faces I could see the uncertain pain in each of them as the result of this false doctrine. They were of the urban street type culture typical of youngsters their age. They were probably both high school dropouts marrying at a very young age and lacking a good position to start life's challenges that lay ahead. In spite of that they had a sincere desire to know more and in their own way was trying to get a reality check for their life. I smiled with a big grin and said, "Boy, do I have some good news for the two of you."
" Nowhere in the Bible does it say or imply that anyone must stick to a same race relationship."

But it does say that,

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Gal 3:28 (KJV)

I told them both of Moses and his wife Zipporah . Moses was Semitic or Brown and his wife Zipporah was probably Hamitic or black. A perfect example
 of a blessed marriage that was of mixed races.
Needless to say when they left the store they were set free from these wrong prejudice teachings.
Being local they asked about what church I attended and they said they might see me there.

Catholic Monk bound for India

This is going to sound like a story but believe me it is true! Destined trip for a man who would become a Monk. Dominique was a young man in his late 20's. He looked to be of Italian or mid-eastern European descent. Tall, dark and thin framed
 with a classical sculptured Latin face with a very serious countenance. As he came into my store, he methodically read just about everything I had posted on my walls even jotting down a few notes on a pad of paper. I gave him space to read and engaged in conversation only when I saw he had completed the circuit. Asking many esoteric type questions about many things on the walls we covered many topics. He purchased my book and I discovered that he was concluding a world wide trip seeking knowledge before he entered a Catholic monastery in India as a monk. In our conversation I could see that he had mixed many New Age concepts into his thinking but that was about to change
I believe the Lord revealed some things to me about him. It was as if I could see or sense his inner heart. Here was a man seeking after Godís heart with an unyielding Love for Him but as of yet had not found him in any personal way... but he would. It was if the Lord was telling me that the purchase of my book was going to be a turning point for him. The Lord then told me that not only he but others in his group at this monastery would come to know the truth in Jesus Christ and they would be a strong beacon of hope in the times to come. It was encouraging to me to know that my book is going to be in a Catholic Monastery in India that while describing the deception of UFOs and Aliens the whole gospel is explained and offered concluding in making a personal decision
 to accept Christ! Get em Lord!

A spiritual warrior Family

The Nacho Family of El Paso! Yes that actually is there real name!

What a blessing this family was. A Baptist family of about five younger kids and two older ones with families of their own, The
Mother is German and the Father Hispanic, just a good American Heinz 57 mix. The father was very well versed and informed on the Genesis 6 scenario. The entire family was a real encouragement to me as they all had the traditional values and solid core beliefs that any Bible believing Christian should have. The rare ingredient they all had was the openness to look outside of the traditional box of dogma and man made religion. The Father has imparted his understanding to his family in a very balanced manner. They all understood the coming threat to our faith from the New Age UFO Alien scenario. If I am right as to how some
of these events will play out, The Nacho Family will be able to stand in the gap of knowledge in the power and might of Godís
 Spirit with much scripture and understanding to share with many.
This was truly a warrior family of faith! ]

Theosophical wake up call:

A man in his late 40's from Vermont came into the store. After some brief conversation the long hair and general hippy look
 confirmed that he was a diehard from that time period. Very well read and educated, he was interested in any thing Gnostic in nature. We began to talk about that going on to Theosophy. He was obviously in the "New Age" camp and yet was not offended by some conversation about the conflict of Theosophy and Gnosticism with faith and the scriptures. He took some time to read some of the story boards on my walls and when he got to the comparison of Theosophy with the Nazi doctrines and the New Age, a light went on. That became our conversation for the next hour. He purchased several books and commented several times, "Wow I didnít know these things about Theosophy " Before he left, a new perspective was already causing him to reflect this upon his own life and belief system. He was a rare individual that was open to receive this information about his new age beliefs without storming out of the store in anger like many of the open minded "New Agerís" have done.

Marathon fellowship:

Karl from somewhere in central Texas who actually drove out from his home town to visit the Museum! He was a Christian that was pretty well versed in much of this material from my site and a few others. He spent the entire day at my store and we had a great time of fellowship. He didnít have to buy any of my DVD taped speeches as he got most of the
 information during our conversations. He got to see firsthand how I do things down here and he told me it was well worth the trip.

God, Guts and Guns Look out NWO!
A family came in from Ohio. They were well versed in many of the conspiracy ideas. They were even well informed on recent
 politics and many of the recent "changes" taking place in our country. They could quote sections of the F.E.M.A. act, The constitution, sections of the Patriot act, some of the best informed people I ever met. Their young son of about 13 years old was home schooled and probably years ahead of his piers in American History, Politics, the Bible (at
least pertaining to war, retribution and its permissiveness). He could probably field strip an M-16 blindfolded and darn sure knew how to use one and pride fully let me know it. They were intense and very passionate about their beliefs and look out if you had a different idea! They also claimed to be Born Again Christians. I began to share some scripture and relate some end time ideas, that could suggest a more passive non-violent physical reaction and using a more aggressive spiritual one based on love and patience. I only stirred up a hornets nest of anger and hostility. I backed off hoping they would consider reading more in depth from my web-site. As they left I prayed for them to find the one piece of knowledge they didnít have: The Love and Hope that is in Christ Jesus. I felt very sad for the child as he has been indoctrinated into an American fascist.

In a few weeks I am coming out with tee-shirts for the museum which almost epitomizes their situation . There is the museum logo on the front but on the back it says above a picture of Jesus, Itís not what you know, (then below the picture of Jesus it says) Itís Who you know.
He who has the Son has life 1Jn 5:12

What an e-mail!

Here is a short e-mail I got yesterday that really says it all!

I met you at the museum during the festival, I just want to thank you for pushing me back into the direction of the Lord, I was at a crossroads
 where I was really questioning my own faith. Who would of thought that in my search for alien life I would find God again.

August 13-24

For those of you who are prayer warriors I would ask for prayer for the next couple of visitors to my store.

The unhappy gay comes home

Gary is a short little bald guy (like me) about my age, from Texarkana, who came into my store last Wednesday. He was not really too
 interested in anything on the boards as he seemed preoccupied by something else. He came over and asked a few questions and then realized that this was Biblical based information. His questions then changed into ones about God.
He had made earlier comments about wanting to believe but couldnít. He made another comment about being too late for him now. I directed our talk more to the heart of the situation and then Gary confessed to me as tears started to well up in his eyes, He said, " I am gay and I just found out Iím HIV positive. I made this trip to sort of gather myself and try to find some answers.
I guess Iím going to hell because Iím gay arenít I ?"I answered, "I suppose you are expecting me to say yes but what if I said no?"
He looked rather surprised as I continued on, " Gary the only reason you would go to hell is because you refused to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord." Being Gay has nothing to do with it. I was a biker in the 60's and did many things just as sinful as being gay and none of that had anything to do with sealing any fate. When I accepted Christ all was forgiven. I no longer do the things I did in my past but it is only because I have a better way now. The same is available to you now."
He then stated that he had accepted Jesus long ago in his life but turned from it. "I guess I am what my Baptist background would call a backslider" whatever that means."
I said well, I have another surprise for you, your still breathing so you still have a chance to come back. You can even be gay, but you canít be a practicing gay. By that I mean Gary, that God will accept you as you are and give you the power to change but you have to stop sinning to get victory. Same sex relationships are a sin but so is adultery and fornication. None of them seal your fate. There isnít a special condemned clause for being gay. Sin is sin in any form. Heck mine if you had to name it by a single word would have been anger. All God requires from us is to allow ourselves to become over comers. You can do it.
I then shared a personal testimony of a victory I made and I then offered to pray with him.
He was more than ready to come back to the Lord and we prayed together in the store.. Gary needs prayer from you that he might find the support of Christian friends and a local church .
As he left my store he told me that somehow he felt drawn to come into my store even before he visited the UFO Museum. He was
 at peace but he needs the prayers and support of fellow Christians to make it.

Tarot Turnaround

39 year old Jeff from Oklahoma came into the store interested in getting out of the rain and looking for a Tarot Reader. He was in
 town performing at Day care nurseries as Tigger the tiger. Doing a regular circuit, this was why he came to Roswell. I later found out he did a performance at the day care my wife Debbie woks at. He looked around and asked some questions about the Roswell crash of 47. He then asked me if I knew where he could have Tarot Cards read. I asked him why on earth he wanted to do that. He told me his life was in a mess and he thought that it would help him get some answers. Long story short I quoted enough scriptures and helped turn the tables on his miss motivated desires. He also confessed to me that He "tried God" once and was Born Again" but it didnít seem to work. I asked when the last time was that he prayed, he said just yesterday. I asked him what he prayed for. "Direction" mainly cause thatís what I need.
I told him the importance of having patience and faith along with prayer and quoted a couple of related scriptures. Then I challenged him, Jeff, why do you think you are here right now and we are having this conversation? You were going to go to the enemy who has helped ruin your life for answers. The last thing you probably though you would run into as you came into my place was a Christian minister wasnít it. He smiled and agreed with me. I then told him the importance of fellowship and being a member of a local church. The Lord gave me a word for him that he needed to look for a Christian who would show a desire to be a friend and invite him to their church. He said that had already happened with a fellow worker who was a member of the CMA
(Christian Motorcycle Association). I am familiar with the organization and told him, Jeff you need to do what that man tells you. He is the real thing and can help you on the right path. As he left he realized God did answer his prayers. Please pray for Jeff and his daughter and son Dustin and Lavender.

Learning About Jesus while reading about UFOs and Aliens

A couple came into my store from Main. They were a mid-thirties pair who were well educated as he worked in the Aero-space industry. They had a very liberal Christian background and understood some scripture and a few good concepts but I donít think they had the relationship vs religion idea very clear in their minds.. They were versed in understanding the pre-flood world having read Chuck Misslerís Book, Alien Encounters. Mike shared some cutting edge things that he was aware of going on in the space industry and he found it rather amazing that these things were already addressed in the Bible. He bought my book and I rejoiced that within the contents of the book is not only information about some of the things that captured his interest but the entire gospel with an emphasis on the relationship not the
 religion is presented for him to understand. For him that will be the best reason for buying the book although he doesnít know that yet but he will!

Nordic Invaders from Starbucks Minnesota

Lutheran Pastor, Todd Klemme and family is another family much like the Notchos from El Paso. What an uplifting experience this was for me. An entire family of two young men and two young women talented and anointed with Godís
Holy Spirit. Mr and Mrs Klemme
came in my place with their four children ranging from around 14 to 23. The Pastoral knowledge of Todd has been wonderfully passed down to his wife and children in a remarkable way. I enjoyed sharing with them for about three hours. They all had a complete comprehensive understanding of the Genesis 6 account. As I was sharing with them about the postings they all contributed their understandings adding to the wealth of information being exchanged in our conversations. They have a unique position of sharing with others as Todd is the Pastor of his own congregation. I am terrible at names but Mrs Kleeme could hold her own with the best as she shared her knowledge and insight about the whole Alien UFO deception. Very rarely have I met Christians who while they are not afraid to look outside of the box, they retained a balanced grounding in the core Christian beliefs. They are a family very few in number who are good at being ambassadors to
Christ even to other Christians who do not understand.

Delivered from Abductions! Stan from Chicago Writes:

Hello Rev. Jim, I think you may recall speaking with me some months ago, I phoned you from the Chicago area having some trouble with
 a wrong presence in my home. I wanted to take the time to really thank you for your help and advice and sound instruction that worked 100% praise God, you were a great blessing to me and I feel embarrassed that I did not report back to you sooner. I have joined Delusion Resistance, brand new member. I really feel that this is God directed, and I hope to be an excellent student, good servant, and grow to be a fierce warrior here with you.

Stan G.