Something is in the air

In this section, I am selecting a wide variety of quotes and recordings from every facet of society. With this I think you will see something is in the air. In this, I am not endorsing individual recordings or making any kind of determinations and conclusions whatsoever. This is just a record of what people are thinking and saying about our times. Everyone senses something Big, something historical has happened since November 4th 2008. Some see a New Age and change with hope for a new future while others see the end of an Age with many challenges and hard times ahead.

 Here are the voices that are being proclaimed today. I wonder how many ears are listening and how many hearts are being won over. I have made some comments on some of these but what matters is that you see what is being felt, what is being spoken and what is forming as a reality.  How will you act and react as a new world with new ways comes upon you. With this newness come dormant feelings of anger hatred and desires for revenge that have been repressed by many for centuries. These awakened feelings may be directed to that which was by that which is coming. Finally, and what is most important, is what do you think about it all? What will you do in this new reality? The Bible says,

"... for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh... But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.                                      Matt 12:34p36-37

Promises, Promises
Before the election repeatedly we heard comments that the election and nomination of Obama had nothing to do with his color. Much of this was directed at the white population, to assure them that race was not an issue. The message was accepted as truth as 61% of the white population voted for Obama . This means many Evangelical Christian and white Republicans crossed traditional voting lines and voted for the Democratic party'  Additionally we were also told in spite of much suppressed information to the contrary, that Obama was not a Muslim,  a racist, or a Marxist. 

A Sudden Change of Voices

After the election, what was not a race issue suddenly was an in your face, voice proclaiming a victory and the end of white rule in America. I can understand the excitement for blacks at finally having a President from their own race that has struggled for 300 years for equality and now they finally had their day of achievement and victory.

However for some to start proclaiming this victory as the end of white rule? I thought you said this was not about race, that Black liberation theology was not an influence or involved as a matter to be concerned about? Tee shirts worn by blacks at the Washington  victory celebration boldly proclaimed, Respect My Vote! What is that about? In the background of another celebration, someone was flying the communist flag. Are these the true sentiments that are coming out after the victory?

A Joint Effort Black, White and Brown

But people, you have this victory not by your own doing. This was the result of the change of heart of a majority of whites that took forty years to become fruitfully mature but it came here, now in your time. This was a majority of whites remorseful of the social injustice that has plagued the black people for these centuries. They desired this blessing for you to the point of ignoring many danger signals about the man and they did vote for him because of his color. They did this as an act of apology, as an act of respect and appreciation for blacks and a desire to show justice and equality. Most did it out of human love for the perceived underdog.

 I did not vote for your day or time, not because I am prejudiced. I would love to share in your experience and joy but not at the cost of my beloved America. I voted not on color but on the person. Obama regardless of his color, is a Marxist, Islamic sympathizer with a racist theological background, he is anti-Christian. If he was a blond haired blue eyed perfect image of Nordic Caucasian genetic stock , I would still be against him. I despise his politics just the same, color not even a concern! He is an anti-God individual who is against life, supporting abortion, infanticide and embryonic stem cell research all of which from a Biblical perspective, is mass murder! On that basis alone,  I have a moral obligation as a Christian to oppose his effort to political influence and power to rule.

The Conscience of other whites, always helped in the Black struggle for Equality

 The historical fact is that you never left your slave chains on your own! It was the conscience of Northern white Christian Republicans that got behind a Republican President, Abraham Lincoln and his emancipation proclamation, At the cost of a civil war, white men against white men (as a majority) fought over and killed each other spilling white European blood  for justice concerning the slave issue.  It was a majority of open minded , open hearted  whites that got behind  a Republican Civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. that pressured needed change in modern times toward an assured equality for all Americans of any race color and gender.

No Thanks but Hints of Revenge?

Instead of thanking these people, there is nothing mentioned from the black communities in any way of being thankful. Instead there is silence from any major groups  with a sudden amount of small voices expressing anger and hatred toward whites in general. Is this just a small obscure voice of a few extremists or something that will proliferate into a movement. Time will tell if anyone is listening or believing this voice.

 It would appear however, that Black Liberation theology has and is making an impact. How much more now that we have a follower of this theology as President of the US? Voices making demands with alleged scriptural quotes as to how the white man is inherently evil and should bear the burden, guilt and price for the last three hundred years are boldly being proclaimed on the street corners in major cities in America right after the election of Obama. Is any body listening to them? Ominous warnings that Caucasians are going to get it now by both black and brown races because white rule is over. Why the sudden boldness which burns with hatred and a desire for revenge. Why, if this was not about race, as we were told before the election, has it come to this race in my face attitude now? Why so many racists voices now? Why the anger instead of thankfulness?

I can't help but to be a bit nervous at the sound of all of this. I  feel like a Jew in Germany in the mid 30's. I do not think this is just imagination on my part. There is an ugly storm front of "reverse racism" that appears to be on the horizon. Here are a few videos from the internet to give you a feeling of what I mean. I am not trying to create a sense of paranoia or blow anything out of proportion. I did not have to search very hard to get many similar videos that have filled the You Tube and Goggle web sites.

Uncomfortable Subject, But it must be Addressed

As a faithful watchman of the Lord I am only trying to make you aware of a possible threat. I would hope I am wrong and for now we will just have to watch , pray, wait and see.

Please excuse the  foul language I do not know how to censor this out. Hardly any of the videos exclude this element and does explain the mentality of those expressing themselves.


Racism from Gutter Street Evangelists

The above gutter street Bible Scholar and his group neither reflects any kind of fruit as  "Born Again Children of God" or the simplest of understandings of Biblical truths. Their doctrines are flawed beyond believability and on  par with their radical counter parts of the Aryan Nation and the KKK for scripture twisting to prove their racist points. This is the same doctrine we heard from Reverend Wright, Obama's Pastor. The same message most of you decided to ignore because it was not really that serious, Remember?

 The twisting of scripture is something I will explain here

Black Liberation Theology includes the scriptural backing of twisting scripture to demonize the white race. It is the same but opposite of what the white supremacist do to other races. Both doctrines are just as sick, just as twisted in contrast to the real truth. How this must hurt our Lord as he sees his children beat each other up using His precious Word.

Declaring that the linage of Esau are white Europeans is outrageous. History is vague about some aspects of the Edomites but there is sufficient evidence in the Bible and enough archeological evidence to know who these people are and certainly who they were not.. Esau was the fraternal twin with Jacob by their Father Isaac (Semitic) and Mother Rebekah (Semitic). The Semitic line is the Brown race including all of the variations according to the table of Nations in Genesis. This was the "chosen" line of Jesus who was not white, he was Semitic or brown.

Esau and his lineage settled in Edom displacing the Horites.  Edom was located in the Negal desert in the Arabah valley with reddish mountains which included the famous natural formed refuge city of Petra. The Horites that remained, merged into the Edomite society and their combination of blood lines were later called the Idumaeans of Idumaea in the time of the Roman Empire. King Herod was an Edomite. Now here is the interesting fact based on the table of nations in Genesis. The Horites that intermixed with the Semitic Edomites to become the Idumaeans were descendents of Canaan from Hametic linage. THEY WERE BLACK! Based on Pharisaic writings, the Talmud and later Spanish and French Rabbinical writings, all comment on the fact that Rome and the Byzantine Empire were called Edomites, not because of any genetic relationship but the term was a cultural slur describing their nemesis enemy throughout history, the Edomites!. The name Edom means red not white. The red comes from several facts that are controversial amongst historians and Archeologists. It is assumed that Esau had a reddish look at birth as some of the brown variations do have that appearance.  This is confirmed in the Biblical text. Controversial is the fact that it could have been prophetic of the land he would settle in and/ or the soup Esau sold his birth right for which was red in color. In any of these, white is not even close to any allusion to his race. It is out right ignorance to make the claim. In the same manner white supremacist try to make the claim that the Semitic line are the Caucasians which is just as outlandish with no Biblical or Archeological support.

A Deceived Christian ?

This next young man is possibly a fellow believer in Christ as he seems to understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit. A self proclaimed "prophet of God", he completely misunderstands a prophetic word given and posted on you tube before the election. I also posted this same video on my site as it bore witness that this was real. Here is his explanation. You can see that even with some Christian teaching and background, the doctrines of Black liberation theology have crept into his belief system and I have to wonder, how many more are thinking the same way and influenced by the same poisonous doctrines.


This self proclaimed prophet of God clearly mixes Black Liberation Theology with Christian Doctrine. If it wasn't so dangerous, it would almost be funny how he adds the "red neck" slang term for whites as proof of a connection to the "Ruddy" color described as Esau's. Here is a little historic fact you can Google for yourself.

In 19th century Scotland, a political group desired to reject the Church of England and have a Presbyterian Church Government. They signed the documents with their own blood and wore red patches on their necks in show of support. They became known as rednecks. Many of their descendents migrated to America in a particular part of the Appalachian mountains. In 1921 the famous Battle of Blair mountain resulted when predominant residents of Scottish heritage wore red bandanas in support of unionization of the coal mines. In the tradition they came from they too were called red necks. Today because of their poor background and stereo type upon them, the term is used as a derogatory one describing unsophisticated poor whites with crude behavior. This has nothing to do with color.

Here is the prophecy that he has so blindly misunderstood.

The Real Meaning by contextual evidence.

In this prophecy (posted before the election)  it clearly states that Obama is going to be our leader as judgment on America. In no way does this word proclaim him as a righteous judge imposing judgment on white America.. He is a leader who is an enemy of America from Ishmael. The descendents of Ishmael have always historically opposed all that was God and his people who became the peoples of Islam. The ones being judged are not just white America, but Americas in general as a nation. There is no allusion to any  specific race involved in any manner. Who is being judged is explained by the offenses stated. The ones being judged are those who are against Israel and God Himself.

Israel literally means the nation of Israel and it's occupants who have always been the Jews. Now in a New Testament sense those grafted into the olive branch (Romans 11:24) could also include all Born Again Christians. They are part of his people Israel, today in the "time of the gentiles". This is not exclusive to any group other than those born of his Spirit. This includes all colors, both sexes and every nationality, the eternal "whosoever will." Understanding this,  America is to be judged as a nation (Thus says the Lord to the United States) with Obama for those who reject His ways, His Laws and His people.

Judgment is for all American people of all races who reject God, His Laws and His people

We have become a godless nation taking God out of out government, education,  and even our "Christian religion" that includes a majority of Liberal Churches that deny the Lord that bought them, and includes such outrageous doctrines of British Israelism and Black Liberation Theology. A nation who was called of God to show the world his goodness now denies him and shows every other religion of the "New Age" as the great diversity lie. The ACLU, Planned Parenthood, KKK, Aryan Nation and Black Islam are to our shame and to God's denial.

Evil is left to it's own devises,  comes from itself as we deny our creator. When a nation is so blind that they will vote in an enemy, they deserve it. When the same people as a nation turn a deaf ear to the Word of God which clearly describes what life is, they will be judged as an unbelieving nation.

Ignoring Life, playing God.

"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." Jer 1:5 (KJV)

This text of scripture is God talking to the Prophet Jeremiah and though specifically speaking to him, this gives us a picture from the eternal realm of God and His perception of life. Life according to God is at conception before birth. This is not some vague passage that needs some greater depth to understand, there is no symbolism here, just plain simple literal language that sets a precedence of understanding about when  life begins and  what it is, God's appointment not mans. So as a Nation we ignore this important passage of scripture. We decide in our own wisdom that suddenly something like the issue of life at conception is over ruled by man in the name of civil liberties and human rights for women. This is a moral issue that we as a nation have rejected and we as a nation will be judged for. This has nothing to do with color or nationality this is breaking God's standard of morality. With the acceptance of a leader that thinks abortion, infanticide and embryonic stem cell production is OK, it opens the flood gates for these practices to not only continue as a national policy, it will increase exponentially. It is mass murder that now becomes a national policy. This is what we are judged for as a nation.

When Sexual Prevision becomes "Human Rights"

When we elect a president that thinks that a vague passage in Romans is open to interpretation and has nothing to do with same sex relationships as being a moral issue, and we as a nation agree with his lack of wisdom and disobedience to God's Word, we are all guilty. Obama in his own wisdom  overrules God's Word of moral direction to same sex relationships and approve  this immorality as human rights of equality. Laws that will even give special protection against anyone who opposes their flaunting lifestyle. Again, this has nothing to do with color, it has to do with morals and sin. Rejecting God's Word and persecuting His people of all colors who speak out in moral defense of God and His Word and ways  as a national policy, will bring judgment as a nation. Here is the scripture Obama is speaking about.

" And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31 Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."                                                                                               Romans 1:27-32 (KJV)

I am sorry but there is nothing vague here. This is quite clear and describes the act more as the movement and not just the  individual one of immorality. As a national movement it is described by God as an abomination against him. Celebrating their "freedom of rights", Gays have proven their perversion and fulfillment of this text of scripture by having rallies that include public displays of open sex practices. Our acceptance and tolerance of this bad behavior, granting them their desires, also make us guilty as a nation and brings judgment upon us as a nation.

Warning, All will Reap what They Sow tenfold!

Finally there is a severe warning for those who will be deceived and follow Obama in these national policies of ungodliness and multiplied sins by our nation. He is a leader who is an enemy of God and his children. Whatever he dispenses upon others and against God is going to come back upon him tenfold to him and his followers. This judgment will come in the form of the real Antichrist who is to come after Obama. That is something to think about as you progressively go down the same path of national sin. The man in the above video calls himself a prophet but who's prophet. With his twisted scriptures and false doctrines he is a false prophet who has entirely missed the whole point of this warning by his own hurt turned to anger accepting false doctrines he is misled heading toward his own destruction. I wonder how many more will follow this path.

Independent action was taken in Philadelphia by local Black Panthers, a militant group who decided to be guards at a local voting center. The point was made that this was a bold move on their part to be an intimidating presence.

Some voices do not include thugs, militant groups or deceived Christians they also include intellectuals and academics.  The next video is by another so called Minister, obviously an intelligent presentation he explains how whites will pay the price for past sins of their forefathers in a demented twisting of scriptural concepts he justifies these actions and violence against whites as a natural order of things with Biblical proof as justification.



The above man uses the imagery of the law from the Old Testament which declares that the sins of one generation will carry throughout seven generations. This is a Biblical truth and part of the Mosaic laws. However what this so called Christian Minister with a Doctorates in Theology  so shamefully fails to mention is that in Christ we are no longer bound to the curses of the law, through Christ we are set free from that and any other curse and judgment of the Law. That is what God's Grace is all about a full pardon!

"Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith."                                                                                                        Gal 3:13-14 (KJV)

"For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.                                                                                                                    Rom 8:2    (KJV)

Sorry there is no justification for your anger, hate, violence and desire for revenge. In Christ we are all set free. This twisting or rather limited version of scripture not telling the whole story or including God's provision of grace supplied through Christ is the same thing White Supremacists do when quoting about the descendents of Canaan of Hamentic  or the black race. A curse that Canaan  

Here is another Black intellectual  Professor who just comes right out and calls for total extermination of all whites.



How Influential has almost Forty years of Black Liberation Theology been. Is this an era of a New Boldness of Racism?

It is a statistical truth that in the last twenty years, black on white crimes have increased to the point that they are now twice the amount than white on black crimes. A reverse discrimination has taken place whereby most black on white crimes are not called or charged as a race hate crime as in almost every case of white on black crimes are. When we see racism preached on the street corners,  taught in the homes and churches, what else would you expect but an increase of violence. Churches that are called "Christian" from any racial or national standpoint which preach the gospel true to the Biblical teachings of Jesus would be teaching a gospel of love and forgiveness, not hate and revenge. How many predominantly black churches teach Black liberation theology? Listening to all of the above examples of the racial hatred that they proclaim, it makes one wonder how big and widespread is this doctrine in black culture and communities? If many blacks are hearing this in church as if it comes from the oracles of God, and believe it to be truth, then justification for  their anger is only righteous indignation that is allowed to be carried out in acts of violence toward whites who have been demonized as inherently evil.

This has all of the resemblances of the replay of the hatred of Nazi Germany in the early 30's. Is it just a fad that will eventually go away or is this the culmination of centuries of anger coming to a head? Will the racism of Germany be replayed in America? Are the past sins of ancestral whites for such outrageous evils  like slavery and the manifest destiny doctrines coming back on their descendants as punishment? This doesn't make it right by any means but it just might make it all too real to the unregenerate human condition! Satan would like to make this lie his reality because he has a plan to destroy both sides of the issues. Time will only tell.

With such tension, there is a thin thread of a delicate balance that if broken results in death and war. History repeats itself. Tension in Western and Southern Europe in 1914 came to a head by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, this single act started World War I. In 1938, a young Jewish immigrant youth assassinated a German Diplomat which after five years of demonizing Jews in Germany, this one act led to the famous night called Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass. Jewish Synagogues, shops and homes were burned looted and the Jews rounded up into concentration camps. This one event started the extermination or the "Final Solution leading to six million dead Jews."  Could the unthinkable happen again in America? I mention this only because there are voices already expressing this fear. One video of a young black woman said she had a dream of an Obama assassination attempt. One plot was already thwarted and Obama has not even taken office yet! Another video was recorded from an intellectual black talk program. They made a plea to the KKK not to try to assassinate Obama. Thinking the unthinkable, what if that happened. Would these sentiments explode and cause another civil war? There are global powers that are probably counting on just that reaction.

On a Black Forum discussion the topic was speculating the idea of an Obama assassination hear are their warnings.


But there is always hope and some are not listening to the hate mongers. This is the attitude we all need to have and in the days to come we may need help from above to go beyond our own frail human abilities to receive and maintain a supernatural love and self control to resist the negative desires of anger hate and prejudice. Black, White or Brown we may all be personally affected by agitated and instigated acts of hatred from dormant feelings that are brewing up. God bless this woman for her insight and beautiful attitude we all need to learn from her wisdom.


Here is a black minister, a true man of God who dares to speak rather harsher than I would think to say  from his heart as he speaks against attitudes of hate and anger.


Satan's Plan to Divide and Conquer another front line of attack for America

Illegal Aliens more than meets the eye.

Just when things look pretty bad in race relations, another storm front is on the rise with voices coming from south of our boarder. There is more than meets the eye to the increase of illegal aliens entering into America. There seems to be a plan and a silent invasion. Some of the land grabbing schemes America was shamefully involved in over a hundred years ago may be catching up on ourselves today in our time. In the days long past, whites were the leaders and primary policy makers that imposed themselves upon the southwestern areas that was once Mexican territory. Even though a large portion was purchased from France, Mexico never recognized their right of occupation either and looked upon all of it as forceful Eastern European Imperialism. What we could not purchase, we found ways to simply take the land. I believe we did it because we could and called it manifest destiny. This injustice from over a hundred years ago was not forgotten by the Mexicans. It was not right but the retaliatory actions against the descendents today are not right either. And I believe the old saying that two wrongs don't make a right still applies here. Today this anger has turned into a plan of revenge upon white and black Americans with a hatred that appears to be equal toward both and has been put into action.  For them terrorist attacks have already happened to them daily by Latin Gangs and American Hispanic sympathizers to the Aztlan takeover of the United States of America. An invasion is already happening right under our unaware noses. It is mean spirited, flaunting and hell bound for destruction and revenge for a bitter past.


As I watch this, a chill goes down my little white spine. Yes I feel like a Jew in Germany watching the Nuremberg rally in 1938, a little nervous I am. This is the desire of the globalist elite to have Mexico, America and Canada one section of ten. This pushing may have added dire consequences for white and black Americans as the bold proclamation of racism is clearly and boastfully proclaimed. Mixed into this movement and connected directly to the Globalist movement is of all things, the Mormon church. It is no big secret anymore that they are connected to the Masons and have this One World Order desire themselves. The Mormons also have an ET inclusion to their doctrines, which are little known by the majority of people today. Google up Kolob, Mormons believe that this distant star system is where they expect God and the angels will come from to visit and judge the earth soon! This gives them the total expectation and acceptance of George Washington's vision as fulfillment of their prophecies! So in a sense their beliefs here, turn into the actions (just below this video,) that  push events toward their hopeful prophetic end.


I sure hope you have taken this as a poorly written sci-fi novel. Blasphemous and racist this is a total offense to God and mankind. As silly as it might sound to some, do not underestimate the power of belief. The Nazi's occult doctrines included a large portion of information taken from an occult based science fiction novel, The Coming Race, by  Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1871. It is strange how twisted this doctrine is and yet the fact remains that millions believe it. What does this have to do with the voices? Well, it is a voice that has motivated one of the largest and wealthiest cults in the world into action. This action is part of the New World Orders desire to create order out of chaos. Here in part, is how the Mormon church is working toward this UN agenda to unite in one way or another, Mexico, America and Canada.

Here is there doctrinal beliefs put into action as they proselytize Mexico and encourage Illegal aliens toward their global agenda..


Many of the illegal aliens come to this country and jump right into the criminal aspects of our own society and wreck havoc in local communities. Here is an  Arizona town close to the Mexican boarder during a town hall meeting addressing what has become common in the Western states. The frustration and anger to put a stop to this invasion is ready to erupt into a violent counter attack if things continue to be ignored. I know this tension exists as a fact from living in New Mexico for four years. What is not mentioned is the fact that even many mainstream American citizens of Hispanic descent  are equally repulsed by this invasion. It is because their identity is as an American first and that despite any race issue is the main target American of any color that oppose their invasion!



As I said this quest for taking back a portion of America for Mexico is not limited to white Americans but includes Blacks also.


Some of the threats extend even farther than Mexico and include Honduras Nicaragua and El Salvador where the most violent gang the MJ13 evolved from. 


These are not the only voices posing threats to sanity and peace in our society. Another voice remains strangely silent from their past sword rattling and past boasting. This  voice seems to be more reserved and trying to appeal to frightened, frustrated and angry whites who no longer have a trust in their own government, no longer seeing anyone who will do anything about this coming threat and they, the national Socialists, are in a  recruiting mode making their seductive promises as they did 60 years ago in Germany.



I guess in the minds of the American Nazi this is supposed to appeal to people. There are many more subtle promotional videos out that I do not wish to advertise for them here. They do have an appeal to youth. They are not even associated with any political movement as advertised but the background music is played by screwdriver and other "skinhead" groups of which I am familiar with. There was another series of videos addressing all of the above issues from a  White extremist view that was more of a moderate position as far as taking any action. They promoted legislative action as opposed to physical action but did not leave a revolt out as a last resort. They were all removed from you tube while in the process of writing this report.

What appears to be a small obscure group of radical white supremacists when combined with all the factions together like the Aryan nation, The KKK, the National Socialists movement would still add up to a minority but one that has roots right into our own government with accessibility to weapons, logistical and intelligence support. But a greater number of manpower would still have to be added to contend with all of the other threats and if they were combined, would be a huge force to contend with.

The enemy of my enemy becomes my friend.

 History has shown that factions and differing elements have always combined when faced with a common enemy. The war in Afghanistan with Russia is a good recent example. Tribal disputes over territory and control has been a part of the Afghan culture for centuries. In spite of the centuries old hatred of each other, when they were faced with an invasion from the foreign power of Russia, they set aside extreme differences to fight  a much larger force on their land who was a common enemy to all. 

In all of the above groups I have shown many splinter groups divided by race, by national identity and political associations who have a desire to kill the Old American Republic and establish or impose their own image of what America should be. That is exactly what Obama said when asked about not wearing the American Flag pin on his lapel. He said he would rather show his patriotism by being given a chance to show how America can be great. This is a self made image of America influenced by radical Marxist Liberation Theology. This same sentiment is shared by his wife who has never been proud of America before this opportunity for a New America by Change has come about.

Obama wants to reshape America into a Socialist Country, this is his image of greatness. What was shocking to me and to many others after November 4th was the fact that a majority of White Americans also want a socialists America. The answer to this surprising reality is explained in my section on Industrial Strength. The Baby boomers of my generation had forever been influenced by the "Hippy" movement of the 60's. It's beginning came from the beat movement of the 50's and that started by the Lincoln brigade survivors of the late 30's trained in Russia and sent back home as insurgents. Slowly and patiently, the Communist plan was to change a generation of people from within and prevent a military confrontation they knew they could not win. This plan first conceived in 1930 at the 16th Congress of the CPSU under Joseph Stalin came to fruition. Now the baby boomers are their end result. They are now the senior members of American society and in control to influence and make the difference. The common thread to Black Islam, The Black Panthers, Black Liberation theology, The Aztlan movement, the street gangs desire for take over and control of the US and the liberal left wing white Americans, is the Communists, Marxist influence and instigation of them all.  This has not gone unnoticed by the other America, the Republic.

With a knowledge that America may forever be changed into a Communistic or Socialistic entity of unknown change, even moderates and pacifists and Christians of a conservative nature, if suffered for their beliefs race or religion may rebel and join together to fight back. But they would have to be forced or provoked by a sudden danger that would look irreversible.

Call it a civil war or a 2nd revolution, it is on the horizon. We are teetering on a thin line of a very delicate balance. A combination of events could set off an explosion of change no one would want. I believe most of it is contrived and set up by the people with a Global agenda. They understand human nature and our weaknesses and they will exploit that which already separates us.

If there should be an attempt or success of an assassination of Obama (God forbid!) more than likely there would be rioting in all of the major cities as in 1967. Unlike before, this would include an element of Black radicals that are organized, armed and trained for just this occasion. They will be supported by foreign powers who desire the fall of America. Islamic terrorists groups would be eager to support this window of opportunity so would hard core Communists. This could be accomplished through an "International Peace Keeping Force" created through a United Nations Intervention.

If we actually think we are going to schedule and announce our withdrawal from Iraq ahead of time to our enemies, we are only helping them to be set them up for extermination. This is the most foolish liberal head in the wrong position thing we could ever do. And yet that is the promise from Obama. It may well get enough of our troops killed to make us ineffective to prevent any disturbance on the home front.

If, or rather when, in any combination, these events do befall our country, ordinary everyday citizens of the United States Republic will rise as a two million man Army all across this nations. They are the ones who as Obama said, " cling to their guns and religion."  Many of them are men and women of all colors who are part of this nations independent militias. Ohio's Militia's highest officer is Black! Certainly you should see that they are not a racist group, they are patriotic Americans of all colors and national heritage who are willing to give their lives for their country. Their country is the  American Republic, not this rainbow New Age, Communistic godless America that seems to be Obama's promise of "Change" that most seem to want today.  War is coming and there is no getting around it. The "New America" and Obama's change will impose itself upon everyone like it or not. When it reaches a critical point, resulting in rioting, marshal law or an international peace keeping forces, there will be war. I was shown this almost thirty years ago and wondered if i was going to be alive to see it. Now after November 4th, like a switch that was turned on, glimpses I had all came together to make sense. The scriptures are there to support what I have been shown. America is Babylon and it is going to be judged by God there is no turning back now.

The Militias already know that this scenario is going to happen. It is not because they are part of any conspiracy to make it happen, it is not because God told them it was going to happen, but a careful examination of human history and understanding human nature cries out that it will happen as it has so many times before in other empires and cultures! Here is a video from a Presidential candidate asking for restraint and balance to what is coming. Although I respect and deeply care for the militias, I do not agree with their actions and after this video below I will explain.  


Confusion by Mixing

The next video is the hardest one out of all of these for me to control my emotions on. This is the most deceptive weird combination of ideas that will produce the worst holocaust ever. What angers me most by this is the fact that they distort the image of my Lord, twist his Word and claim to be like me. They use real truths and mix them with the most horrendous lies ever conceived by Satan himself.


  To have the flag of rebellion and another of the Antichrist in the same room as you quote scripture is an abomination. This strange mixture of doctrines and conclusions proclaimed as "Christian" is not! This is a group and philosophy I warned about in George Washington's Vision. Please read this and see where it is all heading toward, which is a conclusion as the great end time delusion.

I also have to include a Biblical fact about interracial marriage. There is nothing wrong with it in God's sight! It sure brings a world of hurt to the brave souls who make a decision to come together in this world today ,in the eyes of man no matter where you live. Moses was the bringer of the Law and the man God used to one of the greatest tasks of all, the freedom of the Jewish people and returning them to their land of Israel. He married Zipporah a Midianite she was black and God's blessings were upon them both. There are many more examples of this without God having any problems because of race. The problems God had were always of faith in him, he did not want his own to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever but race was never the problem.

What are the Odds?

Below is the latest demographics of race in America.  If this hatred against whites grows into a popular mainstream thought in the New American Babylon, the combined ideas of black liberation theology, Aztlan cult beliefs  and liberal God rejecting whites who desire a socialistic democracy, there will certainly be war.  But the odds are not with minorities. There is an invisible Army of almost two million strong that will be empowered by Satan himself. The most radical of this coalition, has been waiting for the moment to strike. They are the ones that have set up all of mankind of all races and national identities and philosophies to this end.

 The confused young man from the last video, is a representative of the most radical spectrum of this invisible army. If you read my section on America in Prophecy, Anti Gospel of Adolf Hitler and The conspiracy of the Big Lie, you will have all the scripture needed to take this away from "my own ideas", and realize this is what the Bible could say and maybe I actually heard this from the Lord.



2 Million Army of Militias?

In 1979, an article appeared in the front page of the Detroit News. It told of a story about a scientist who was approached by a right wing radical group who wanted him to develop a laser cannon for them to use on the Sears Tower or World Trade Center to trigger off a civil war in America.  As wacko as it seems he went to the FBI. The FBI told Dr Murderhedie to string them along and see just how big and how well organized this group was before they were brought to justice. After some time, a case was made and they presented it to the higher courts. It was thrown out because it was unbelievable. The report said that this was a group networked with many other groups that had enough shared beliefs making them a potential 2 million man army. It included  facts that this army had connections that went right into all branches of the government and the Pentagon. It claimed that they were heavily armed and well fortified. The entire case was thrown out of the courts and no one was ever brought to trial. They refused to believe that something that large could be so well concealed for any length of time. This sleeping giant has been waiting ever since for their day to come and it is right around the corner. Has this group maintained itself? Did it ever exist at all? I kept the newspaper but in all these years I cannot find it. I tried to research it to see if I could get a copy with no results so far. If anyone else remembers this and can give me documentation I would greatly appreciate it. I have seen enough personally to believe that this is a real threat not to be taken lightly.

Even with the addition of UN troops on American soil to assist these factions making up Obama's "Change" for America under Marshal law , the remaining American forces would probably rebel against the foreign troops as they almost certainly will commit atrocities against the American people. We are the most hated people in the world. Our own military will turn on the foreign troops and assist the militias against the UN "peace keepers"'  Proliferation will be exactly like Washington's vision and then the unexpected will happen.

 The combined forces fighting for the American Republic will be reinforced by supernatural beings. The hardened heart above that quotes scripture under a Nazi flag does not realize that he has wholeheartedly embraced the real Antichrist. In the staged second coming, (Washington's Vision) he like his followers will continue to believe his lies and end up slaughtering millions of "Born Again "Bible believing Christians thinking he is doing his Lord a favor.  Their common belief in "British Israelism"  will cause them to follow his "lord" right back to Hell where he came from. Does this all sound too crazy to be believed? Read my section on The Anti gospel of Adolf Hitler, America in Prophecy and The conspiracy of the Big lie. read it prayerfully please.  Details supported by scripture is what I have to offer you.  I have included all of the scriptures God led to me to understand as the source reference to  reinforce this very idea.

Oh by the way, Confusion by Mixing is what the Word BABYLON  means in Hebrew.
894 Babel- Babel or Babylon = "confusion (by mixing)";
This now becomes a pivotal doctrine to understand for the days to come. Militias, as much as I want to see America restored into a Judeo -Christian Republic, it will never happen. Judgment has been proclaimed by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel and his holy redeemer Jesus or Yeshua the Jewish Messiah and light to the gentiles, also mankind's only redeemer and savior.  The godless unsaved America is Babylon, judgment is coming to her and no one can stop it. The seed of Jacob is in her and they must leave or flee the coming evil! This evil has to be played out in the way God allows even though it is horrible. It is no different that what Jesus had as a mission for all of us, to go to the cross. It was necessary and part of God's plan. This is the voice we need to hear and take notice of very soon! If you do not recognize where we are in God's timetable you may be deafened by false doctrine to hear what the Spirit is going to be telling his children of all colors in America for today!.

First a reminder:

 "For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.
 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise."                            Gal 3:26-29  (KJV)

Jew nor Greek describes the National identity difference, racial difference and philosophical differences a promise that "in Christ" God sees no difference, no discrimination, you are all his children once "Born of His Holy Spirit. Brown, Black or White in Him we are his children according to his promises this is made clear and plain

bond or free describes the social position there is no preference or discrimination  according to God once you have been " born again" by his Spirit.

Male or female describes the gender difference. In Christ there is no gender specific acceptance or rejection. We are each his special loved children able to be or do what ever God leads in our life.

Too Hard to Hear

There are many enemies of America that like to proclaim this doctrine of America as being Babylon spouting off their hatred of America with a gloating gleeful attitude as they announce the judgments to befall us as a nation. This is so overwhelmingly accomplished by all of the above factions who are threats to the true American Republic that it causes anyone who truly loves America, to  violently opposed  the very idea of America as being Babylon. The close association with this doctrine with our enemies makes it almost unpatriotic or treacherous to even consider such a thing. This is typical of the enemy to shroud a truth with radical revilers thereby deafening the ears of those who need to hear its warnings. It may not be the masculine thing to confess but I do love my American Republic. I love her enough that I have cried many times for her. I cannot hear some songs without breaking up as I mourn her death and my loss. I remember the old America of the 50's that believed in God that still had some kind of moral sensibility. Knowing that is dead never to return hurts but I know this is part of a reality I must deal with, it is a grieving process.  In spite of what our enemies do to mock us about this warning, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, John and even Jesus have warning about an end time nation that was once a golden cup in the Lord's hand that is now filled with filth and abominations that make the whole world mad and  will come under His judgment. Jeremiah 51:7 Rev 17:4


To follow Jesus in the next few years in America will be hard.

Judgment is coming upon America because we have turned our backs on the Lord, His Word, His ways and His people. It is not the Old American Republic that is being judged, the NWO has already killed that and it will not return. This new America and all of the unrepentant people who want change at any cost, the same who turn a deaf ear and eye to abortion, cloning and same sex relationships in the name of human rights, they will be jydged. The new America filled with drugs, the occult and alternate lifestyles of every perverted pagan form and despises anything of traditional wholesome values will be judged. The "liberal who accepts anything under the sun in the name of progressive freedom and enlightenment but rejects their creator and His word they will be judged. Those who have departed from the faith and no longer trust in God for fear of loss and compromise for financial gain will be judged with the rest of the unbelievers. But God has always spared the faithful, a remnant that will follow him and hear his voice. Even then the others, under judgment have always attacked and killed God's people out of revenge for what comes upon them and for their faith that goes against the majority. When they remove God from all public places, news press and even the internet, they will come after you.


You don't have to be caught up in what the rest of Americans who have turned their backs on God will suffer. You can find the way out for the coming judgment if you will hear his voice today. If America is truly Babylon, there will come a time when God's voice by his Holy Spirit is going to beckon to his children in Babylon to:

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."            Rev 18:4   (KJV)

 "My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD."                                                                            Jer 51:45 (KJV)

Perhaps before you can hear his voice tell you about what to do in the next four years, you may need a starting point. In this case, I will end with your starting point.

The Most Important Voice You Will Ever Hear

The voices I have shared with you all speak of very hard times that are coming upon us now. If you have never heard the voice of God before or maybe your not sure, I hope and my pray that you hear it now. This may be the most important message you will ever hear. Answer today and be ready for what we shall all face tomorrow with help from your loving creator. This is the most important voice you will ever hear.


If you have prayed this prayer for the first time please contact us at for further help in your new relationship with our Lord. May the Lord keep you from the hate and fear coming upon the World, may he get you ready and directed on his path to meet him soon as He returns with the power and glory of his kingdom. May His voice overpower all other voices and lead you to life everlasting.

"He that overcomes shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.Rev 21:7