Abduction Stories of Victory

  My name is Cynthia Talmage and I am a 56 year old mother and grandmother. I have been a Christian since the age of 12.
My main Job has been raising my 5 children. I have been a Medical assistant for 3 Doctors in the past. I also Managed a retail store for a few years. At the present time I am a Merchandiser for a big company.
My children are now grown all with children of their own and doing very well for themselves. God has been wonderful to us not that we haven't had our mad seasons.
I was raised by a Godly mother and a Father who worked as a farm hand, A police officer, who then spent most of his time working for a phone company and retired with a good pension.
We are quite normal people just like anyone else.
The only way we may differ from some is that we have all been experiencers with abductions. I for one am here to tell you, That in Jesus Name It can be stopped.
Jim it helps me to know someone else has shared the same experience as I and able to talk about it. Thank you so much. I've been visiting your site and find it wonderful. You would be the second site I've found that teaches the absolute truth about aliens and abductions.
You talk about what many abducties have gone through in regards to physical exams,
eggs and sperm being taken. You also talked about the many experiencers having implants.
What I didn't see was the experiences many of us have had that are quite different to these others.
Let me first explain that I was raised in church all my life. At the age of 12 I had a salvation experience with God that I will never forget. That experience I believe gave me the ability to discern spirits and detect the true from the false. I so thank God for that.
It is so wonderful and refreshing to find God loving men and women that I can talk to about my experiences without you thinking I'm nuts.
Because of my life long experiences I have prayed for God to teach me and show me the absolute truths in what is really going on and help me understand it.
All along I had a knowledge that my abductors were not what they pretended to be.
Let me explain,
The first memory I have of meeting aliens was a 4 or 5 year old living in Chicago ill.
I don't remember how my older sister or I got to this UFO. I don't remember what happened in it. I only remember my sister and I standing on the out side of this craft and having what I believe to be human looking beings talking amongst themselves while we stood there. During their conversation I do remember so well, being so curious about how smooth the craft felt to the touch. It was so shiny black that it reflected my image like a mirror. From that time on every time I saw black patent leather shoes I would be taken back to that experience. I don't remember being afraid.
To make a long story short I'll just say that's when it all started.
It continued (the abductions) for many years to come. I believed it was happening to all my family. I'm most sure that it only occurred in the night hours.
It didn't matter what state we lived in it just followed us everywhere. Then it started happening with my children.
I can only speak of my own experience and what I know is that it was as if I had been appointed to attend like a school which tried to teach me to do a lot of things just with my mind. For example to move abjects with my mind starting with small things moving to bigger and bigger things. Often I'd be placed in this room with other children
and be left alone with some strange but interesting toys. I remember having the sense that we were left to figure out for ourselves how to make them work. Many and I may have been one, would try levitating them.
I kind of remember also watching things on a big screen but don't remember just what.
We were being taught to mind read each other and talk without actually using our mouths. I can remember also being in outdoor settings as I got older and being with others that I remember I'd known in earlier abductions. They to were abductees.
It gave us great comfort to be together as some of us were not happy about being taken like that. I was in fear of one day not being returned home.
Then came a time that I and my children would be taken together and it had a traumatic effect on them and me because they would separate the children from the adults and I couldn't find out just what they were doing to my baby's.
It's interesting to note that how I know I wasn't just dreaming was that in our experiences My children had some real fears. One of my sons who was just 3 was in fear at night and didn't want to sleep in his room even tho he wasn't alone in there.
He often woke me up telling me there were little men or things in his room that keep trying to touch him.
My youngest daughter would wake up often finding herself outside alone at night or hiding under the kitchen table trying to escape something she didn't understand.
This reflects many of my experiences as a young child.
There were a lot of things that happened with my whole family through the years but none will talk about it.
What I wanted to say also which backs up what you say about stopping abductions is absolutely true. As I got older and wiser I became a real handful for these fallen angels.
I keep talking about Jesus and wanted to know if they believed in him and God.
This just made them so frustrated with me. As I got stronger in my knowledge of the hidden truth of their agendas I began pleading the blood of Jesus over my children and I along with singing hymns and praise songs.
I am now going on 57 in June. It was only a few years ago that the abductions stopped because of Gods help.
What I can remember of the night I knew it was over I was on a ship just over the place I lived. These things were so tired of me that they concluded I was to much trouble for them and that I could no longer be in the program (what ever that meant) and they would have to drop me from it. The next thing I knew I was setting straight up in bed shaking and sweaty and a very bright blue light just permeated my bedroom. Then I heard something I'd never heard before. It was a low pitched pulsating kind of hum that slowly pulled away till the sound was gone. I kind of wanted to rush out side to look at it but I was to afraid. I did have a huge peace that God indeed delivered my children and I from this torment and we didn't have to be afraid anymore.
One other thing....Somehow I would have a sudden knowing when they were coming.
I would feel a number of beeps or loud buzzing then a feeling of panic and anxiety would flood over me. Since the night God stopped them I haven't heard it since.
What has come for me after all this experience is to learn all I can from God on the truth as to what is really going and to have all the answers so I can share with as many as will ask or listen to the truth and not be deceived by a grand lie of Satan.
Thank you for the strength to spread the word regardless of what others may think or call you. It's that faith and strength in God that will save so many from the lie and help them find the truth.....
I don't know just how to share what I've learned but I know God knows and it will come as it should and I really don't care what is said about me. I am quite at peace knowing what Gods sees in me and that is all that Matters.
Thank you and God bless you .   Sincerely,  Cindy Rae


Delivered from Abductions! Stan from Chicago Writes:

Hello Rev. Jim, I think you may recall speaking with me some months ago, I phoned you from the Chicago area having some trouble with
 a wrong presence in my home. I wanted to take the time to really thank you for your help and advice and sound instruction that worked 100% praise God, you were a great blessing to me and I feel embarrassed that I did not report back to you sooner. I have joined Delusion Resistance, brand new member. I really feel that this is God directed, and I hope to be an excellent student, good servant, and grow to be a fierce warrior here with you.

Stan G.



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