Was it just a dream?

My early childhood memories

For as far back as I can recall, at around five years old, I remember having what I used to call, “ My Science Fiction Dreams.” I am now 56 years old, so this was back in the year 1957. I lived in a heavily wooded rural area just outside of the city of Detroit on an acre and a half with neighbors at just about that same distance away. Across the street stood my single story elementary school and a five-acre open field, providing the only opening in this densely wooded countryside. The night sky was untainted by pollution, clean and clear and very dark without distractions like street lights or city lights. This allowed for a beautiful view of the milky way and many other celestial objects including sighting UFO’s.
I believe that most of the “dreams” I had, happened from 5 to 12 years of age and suddenly stopped just after puberty. A typical scenario would include at times, a bright bluish light that would fill the room from outside of the house. The “shadow people” would be around my bed or in my room. I never actually saw them but felt their presence as a heaviness in my own body and mind. They always seemed to be about my size, about four and a half feet tall, but just outside of my actual sight. I could hear them whispering. Frightened, I usually pulled my covers over my head. Next, the only way I can describe it, I would feel like I was going into a dream state, thinking I was floating or flying in the air and then being inside of a flying saucer! This part of the experience was less frightening and actually exciting. Even at this early age I was completely taken by our own space program and the many science fiction movies of that time.
I do not remember fearful Grey aliens with any medical procedures of prodding and poking like many others. My memories included more of a mental harassment by adult humans. These adult humans were always Caucasian with long blond hair dressed in a one piece, space age suite, like in the movies. I was always being asked a series of questions and mental brain teasers. In one of these dreams, I remember being told to fold the box I was viewing before me inside out with just my mind. It was hard to do and I became argumentative. There was a big test in school the next day and I was concerned that I was not going to get enough sleep to do well on the test because I was here playing these silly games. I saw other kids from my class with me being told to perform various mental tasks by our abductors. Most of the time, in these dreams I felt more anger than fear. I was often argumentative and uncooperative with their attempts to have me play these mental games. At times I remember being in a large room in front of a big window looking out at the stars and space being told that I was traveling in space. I thought this part of the dream was just great. How much of this was real and how much was just a dream triggered by my own interests in space, I may never know for sure. How much of this could have been typical childhood imagination of a more elaborate boogie man in the closet type thing? I may never know for sure. That could be the conclusion of the matter, however, there is another dimension that must be included here that suggests there is more to this than just childhood dreams and imagination.

Physical and mental effects of these dreams: Evidence of something more

Many times before I would have these visits, I knew ahead of time that they were coming. I would have a humming in my ears and a lightness in my head, I would say to myself, Uh Oh, the shadow people are coming tonight. I had nosebleeds that would suddenly come with a heavy flow of blood. I had scoop marks and other marks that remained on me after my dream was over. I often felt fatigued and stressed during school with comments made by all of my teachers to this effect. I often was caught day dreaming and preoccupied from daily routines.
I never shared any of this with anyone other than to mention to my parents that I had a weird “science fiction dream” last night. Their comment was usually something like, “That’s nice, now go and play outside until dinner.” There was never any distress or urgency to do anything, as I felt this was just normal dreams that everyone had, so I just learned to deal with it. It took me almost forty years to discover that all of these experiences were typical traits both physical and emotional of an abduction experience.

A connection and continence of the supernatural

A few years later, as a teenager, I had a problem with having uncontrolled and involuntary out of body experiences. A typical scenario would include a pulsating sensation in my mind that would effect my body as being light and floating. I was conscious, but usually lying still in bed, on a couch or somewhere simply quiet and relaxed. In my mind this pulsating sensation then turned into a feeling of flying through a tunnel. Sometimes there was a light at the end but usually only the sensation of approaching an opening that would then be opened to more earthly surroundings.
One of these experiences was authenticated to me as a very real experience as I recited a conversation my girlfriend had with three of her friends in her third hour class at school. I was there in mind but my body was back home in my bedroom. This was not a dream and this was several years before I ever did any drugs. Another time, I was in a cavern like underground place where a shining bronze like figure of a human like creature stood before me. I remember thinking, that maybe this was some kind of Alien. I was twenty years old and in the Army stationed at Homestead AFB , Florida. The figure said to me, “Salute for each one of us has our own philosophy of living.” The sound of his voice was wavy, like someone speaking through a window fan. (This description is confirmed in the Bible as angelic visitations included, “speaking like the voice of many waters”. As a young man I thought this was really cool and that this “new age” type message must have some special meaning. I was rather embarrassed by the Salute introduction and decided to research why the message would start in that funny sounding way. I discovered that in ancient times “Salute” was a formal greeting. It is where we get the word salutations, another word for greetings. My own imagination could not come up with things I had never been exposed to before so this also confirmed to me that the event was very real. The next experience I had scared me, I was homesick for home and found myself in the living room at my parent’s house. I suddenly realized that my body was back in Florida while my mind was in Michigan. I was scared at this realization and like the snapping of a rubber band, I was all back in Florida in my bed.
After reading about the succubus and incubus in a dictionary on witchcraft, I experienced a personal visitation of the same. Again fully conscious, this was a very real supernatural experience that I had and more than just imagination and dreams. Just a seemingly innocent reading with an inquisitive mind had opened a door. I believe while looking into the night sky desiring to have a UFO encounter, I had opened a door for an experience.

The last out of body experience I had, was several months later just before my salvation.. I was twenty two and felt the usual feelings taking place and I let myself go with them. Instead of floating into a tunnel, I suddenly I felt like I was falling . I heard many voices that sounded like chanting. I was scared, as this felt bad, very bad. I pleaded to God to stop this and recited the Lord’s prayer not knowing anything else to do but crying out in that way for help from Jesus. The falling sensation and chanting suddenly stopped. An important connection with the name and person of Jesus was made which ultimately led to my salvation. A few months later I belonged to Jesus and knew how to come against the feelings before they could subdue me. I never let these feelings come upon me again. Looking back on all of these events, I strongly believe they are all connected and none of them independent from each other.

My experiences are typical for abductees

It has been noticed in the national abduction conference at MIT that abductees leaned toward a new age and occult belief system and experienced psychic and supernatural occurrences after their alleged abduction experiences. My own experiences would concur with these conclusions.
I was always a nut and bolt type of person never believing in magic or superstitions but rather physics and the mechanics of cause and effect. In spite of the many supernatural experiences I had, they did not push me toward a more metaphysical belief system. I always searched for logical practical answers. The answers came not by science but as a logical conclusion of a spiritual battle that has been waged against mankind and God since the beginning of time. These answers started when in 1974 I met my creator and savior Jesus Christ. When I engaged these supernatural powers in all of the above experiences and manifestations as a Born Again child of God, they stopped, ran or left me alone. My various experiences have made me realize their reality. Many others have had much more horrible torments than what I faced. I know these things are real and not the imaginations of unbalanced individuals. Now as an experienced Minister, I am able to listen with sincerity and belief to these horrible and strange sounding experiences by others. As one who has been there, I can offer the same help I received by introducing them to the only hope and way out. That hope and way out is not a formula, philosophy or method to be learned, it is a person to be experienced, your creator and savior Jesus Christ. What we can offer through Him is a total cessation of abductions and any other paranormal harassment. I have no regrets for the experiences I have had and am thankful that I am aware of their realities and even more thankful that I have the answer for myself and for others with the person and savior, The Lord Jesus Christ.