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This is a virtual bookstore consisting of most of the books that were sold in my bookstore in Roswell. Many of these books I used as a reference and source for my book, "Beyond Science Fiction". I have made a brief comment about each book that I have personally read and added information about the author if I know them. If you are interested in purchasing or finding out prices, just click on the link next to the book in question. This will take you to the link at There you can find more information and actually purchase the book. By gong through my Web site first and then clicking on the book link, it will take you to  A very small percent of the sale price will  go to support this ministry. This does not in any way, create any additional cost to you. The price plus shipping remains the same. I am signed up with Amazon as an associate seller and receive a small percentage of the purchase price. The books are divided in various topics, however, many of the books can fit into other areas as well so search each topic.


Aliens and Fallen Angels                   

 Alien Abduction

Biblical Based Science Fiction


Creationism, The Flood, Anomalous Archeology

Hollow Earth

Man Made UFOs

The Message / The Big Lie

Time Travel


Spiritual Warfare

Extra Biblical Aids

Booklets by Jim Wilhelmsen


Other Christian Classics