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    Articles on Paranormal and the Supernatural

A Hollow Earth?

Abduction Stories of Victory

Abduction, Was it just a dream?

 What the Bible says about Alien Abductions,

Cattle Mutilations: A Genetic Harvesting applied to Cloning

Chameleon of Ufology

What are the Clouds of Heaven?



End Times, Could it mean the end of linear time?

E.T. Rumors - Star Tricked the Final Generation

Ghosts What are they according to the Bible?

Gray Aliens: The Bible reveals who they are!

History of Man Made UFOs

Heaven/Earth: A Parallel Universe?

New Age Evolution:  Star children by Dave Ruffino

Nordics: Good Aliens or Angels of light?

Occult Explosion

Roswell Obsession

Roswell 1947: The hidden history behind the Crash

Time Travel in the Bible!

The Great Flood of Noah: What really happened?

Vatican Aliens: Is it really OK to believe in Aliens?

Washington's Vision: A demonic set up?

Why Roswell?

Stephenville Lights cover-up? Alvarado Community Center

Articles on Christine Doctrine and Balanced Responses to  Paranormal, supernatural and Prophetic events.

2012 and the End Times

America In Bible Prophecy

Anti-Gospel of Adolf Hitler The one and only Antichrist?

Christian Myths

Conspiracy Theories

Endless Debate of Calvin VS Arminius

Essential Theology to Understanding UFOs and "Aliens"

ET Rumors: Star Tricked

Extrapolation of the Gospel

Flight to the West and South

Genesis 6: How you should respond.

General Orders for the End Times

Horrors of Ezekiel 38th Chapter Invasion of Israel

Human nature and God's expression of Prophets

JD Hook's Babylon Falling

My Country

Mystery of Iniquity

Nudity and the Bible

Prophets Yesterday and Today

Peace through Strength

Testimonies of the Museum

TV Theology

The Two Seeds

When God Speaks

WHY?: The answer to the question, Why are we here?

Who are the144,000

Political and Prophetic Warnings of the Times

A National Civilian Defense Force?

Auto Bridge Loans

Bail Outs: The Road to Communism

Unknown History of the Civil Rights Movement

Global Socialists

Home front: Marshal Law in America?

Industrial Might

Obama's Political Background: What you didn't see on TV

President Obama: America, You got what you deserve: Judgment

Obamassiah The One!

Rick Warren is No Billy Graham

Shariah Finances in America?

Voices: The Rise of a new Racism on Whites

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Welcome to Eden

Results from the Fall

The World Before the Flood: The of the son's of God

The Tower of Babel What was it really

The Five I Wills

Man Made UFOs  The History