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These booklets are separated by topics and most of the information is already on my site for free. However there is an advantage of a hard copy booklet.  Where someone may not take the time to read an entire book or make the time to visit a web site at your suggestion, they may be willing to read a brief concise booklet if  placed in their hands. This is a very effective way to share with family, friends and co-workers. I have kept the cost minimal for this purpose. The hope is that it will whet the appetite to lean more from the Word of God.

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  Many say that Alien Abductions cannot be proved that is just in the mind . The Bible says that human and non-human hybridization happened before in Genesis 6.  These were the days just before Noah's Flood. Jesus said that just as in the days of Noah so it would be before his return. The main theme of Abductions is a hybridization of the human race. Daniel said that this mingling would be in the last beast empire. But unlike before, this would not be in a marriage relationship but rather clinical without a relationships. This is what is happening today and yes the Bible has much to warn us about these events. Backed with scripture, many claims today are fulfilled prophecy. See where this is heading in this booklet.                      

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In order to understand the Aliens origins and agenda, we need to understand just where we are and why. The events in Eden had more to do with a rip in the space/time continuum than talking snakes and naked people eating apples. By re-examining many Hebrew and Greek words in context with a 21st century perspective, we can discover just where we are now and how we got here. This will bring about a whole new perspective about aliens and where they are really coming from. In part two of this booklet, we can see a five point plan that these "aliens" have plotted against mankind since the fall in Eden. Having this five point plan revealed we can learn who, what, why, and how this plan is being implemented right under our noses undetected for what it really is. This is a must to nderstand      that there is a plot against mankind by non-human entities.  

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What are ghosts? Do the deceased come back as angels or ghosts to help us out? Do troubled spirits really have to have some kind of closure before they can pass on? In spite of all these claims and evidence that would say yes, there is a warning  in the Bible about a time when there would be a seduction by spirits to deceive people from the truth about death and other eternal truths. The Bible has much to say about death and life afterward. Angelic beings and various spirits but quite a different picture is painted by the scriptures. Casper ain't friendly find out why here.

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This booklet by Jim Wilhelmsen, puts much of the Hollow Earth research  by others into a Biblical perspective. Does the Bible actually describe a hollow earth?   Jim presents compelling  scriptural evidence from the Bible telling us that the earth is not only hollow but there are entities that dwell in this region too!. Linking UFOs sightings, abductions, legends and myths with prophetic scripture, there is much more evidence that the origin of Aliens and UFOs are from this inner region

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This image is growing ever popular in our society today. Is it just Hollywood and mental suggestion that people claim to have encountered them? Or is there an ageless image recorded throughout history of this creature. In an amazing line up with scripture, this image may be just what was in the Garden of Eden in it's natural form. This image lines up with one given in five different points by the scriptures as the Nachash. The Nachash is the Hebrew word used for serpent. The Bible never said a talking Mr. Ed typed snake was in the garden of Eden, but rather an upright shinning creature. Find out the scriptures and texts that reveal this Gray Alien for who he really is.

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In the OT and NT of the Bible God's presence was described as riding  in or upon a cloud of heaven. Christian scholars have long realized that this was more than a fluffy chunk of water vapor and labeled it as a "Theophanic cloud". It is defined as a unique manifestation of  the presence of God." That sounds good and satisfies many who need to have everything bagged tagged and classified ...but it still doesn't define what it is! This may be rather important today as the UFO community redefines these clouds as extraterrestrial spacecraft. Is your only answer going to be a fluffy chunk of water vapor? If you let the Bible define itself, you will see an amazing discovery that souns strange but much more accurate and preferable than a flying saucer. Wgat truths can the Bible offer in this matter? Find out for yourself.  

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