The Chameleon of Ufology

Investigators have received or imparted to others, information that is always changing and adjusting itself throughout the decades. Also the UFOs and Aliens have constantly changed their stories, identities and characteristics through the last five decades. Here are a few examples:


1. The Nordics, the tall blond or red hair, blue eyed aliens originally stated they were from Venus , Saturn or Jupiter. Suddenly after Voyagers 1 and 2 recorded scientific data on the hostile environments that existed on these planets "New" or different "Nordics" began stating that they were from the Pleiades , at the same time no one ever heard from the first Nordics that were supposed to be from our own solar system. It is only logical to see that both groups of "Nordics" are one in the same. They are backpedaling and adjusting their stories to conform to our progressive knowledge of the cosmos.

2. For over three decades, The Grays were said to be much more intelligent than humans having two brains . They speak by mental telepathy and have the ability to "freeze" or suspend a person motionless during an abduction. They performed surgical implants, extractions of eggs and sperm and various other sophisticated medical operations. With overlapping testimonies this was the consistent nature and actions of the "Grays".

As Biblical researchers began to reveal the similarities of "fallen Angels" and the Serpent of the Bible with the "Gray Aliens", the "Grays have suddenly gotten stupid and clumsy. Recent researchers state that they act like robots, or a clone gone bad! Why the sudden change? Are these "different Grays" or are they adjusting their nature because of the exposure that has been revealed about them. Are the "Grays" using the naivety of a newer generation of researchers in changing their behavior, or are there a new generation of operatives misinforming the public because of the light put upon them? However the actual case may be, this is another backpedaling attempt to throw off their true identity by creating new information about their behavior. The Chameleon of Ufology makes another adjustment.

3. Researcher Stan Deyo states a rather logical observation in his book, The Cosmic Conspiracy.Ufo’s observed through the decades appear to match the styles of technology used on earth at the time. The question he poses then is, are we to believe that "Aliens" are defining their technology to our Earthly styles? Or does this suggest a developed earthbound technology that simply conforms to the styles and times as we progress through the decades?

4. Cattle mutilations have long been suspected as being part of the UFO phenomena. Early reports recorded details left out in more recent times. The cattle were usually firstborn. What was taken

were sensory organs and sexual reproductive organs, exactly what the Grays do not have.

As I posted the Biblical relationship of first born cattle and the function of being a redemptive covering with prophetic scripture alluding to a mining of resources for a genetically created shell for the serpent to hide in, a new trend in Cattle Mutilations soon developed. This year at the X Conference in Washington D.C., two Christian researchers, were approached by a "Christian Intelligence Insider" who claimed that the Cattle Mutilations were actually the Governments monitoring of the "Mad Cow Disease".

Before starting that lie, someone should have done their homework. Jim Hickman a MUFON investigator has in his records accounts of two pilots whose planes crashed while chasing UFO’s, one was in 1952 in Arizona and the other in 1956 in Nevada. Their remains were in the same condition that cattle mutilations were discovered to be. Jim Hickman has other accounts of Human mutilations as well. So much for Mad Cows. This is another example of a shifting of facts to continue to cover up the truth as it becomes known.

A Chameleon who hides it’s spots

Hard evidence that conforms to a Biblical understanding of "Alien Abductions"

The following information is compiled from the findings from within the UFO communities own researchers and the 1991 Abduction Conference at M.I.T. in Cambridge Mass.

An Abduction was stopped by a person who sang a Christian hymn and quoted scripture.

This is recorded on page 235 and 236 of Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference.

Just one case would imply something that is spiritually significant, but what if you had over 100 reports of the same thing?

Joe Jordan is an area M.U.F.O.N. Director in Florida. He is also President and founder of CE4 Research Group. As a Christian, Joe counsels people who make the claim of being abducted by "Aliens". He has collected over 100 cases of people who have used the Name Jesus with authority to stop an abduction. Others have sung CHRISTIAN songs, prayed the lord’s prayer and other various means of acknowledging Jesus as the source of help. Joe has also compared notes with the Worlds leading Researchers doing abduction counseling. They have confessed the same accounts and do not know what to make of it.

They also wanted to keep their identity unknown for fear of what impact it would have on their careers within the UFO community. There is an unspoken acceptable "norm" and agenda that must be adhered to in order to remain desired as a speaker or popular author. Out of context information is swept away by this pier pressure.

A logical conclusion to this information is this:

If these entities are truly Aliens from another planet, why on earth do they seem to be subject to the name authority or recognition of Jesus Christ!

This screams out to the fact that these are spiritual beings that are subject to spiritual laws! They may be very physical as the fallen angels are, but they are subject to a spiritual authority! WHY!!!

"For God (the Father) has also highly exhaled Him, (Jesus) and given Him a name above all names, that at the name of JESUS every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD to the glory of the father."

Within the same book, " Alien Discussions", destinations are mentioned. Out of the 300 cases examined, only 34 cases involved any type of transition. Most were taken into a larger ship from the smaller one that they were abducted from. About a dozen however are rather interesting. No one recorded seeing themselves traveling into space leaving earth or entering an alien world from space. The only other transitions were entering a cave into a subterranean domain, or traveling into the ocean and entering a cave into a subterranean domain. In all cases they went into a hollow planet. Of course they are told this is some Alien world as our earth is not hollow.

HOWEVER: The Bible describes that our earth is hollow with a Varity of residents who exist there. ALL are rebels, and we call it HELL!

5. A more recent trend within the UFO community is the desire of the "nuts and bolts" old guard researchers to distance or separate Abductions from UFOs. Many are embarrassed or disgusted with all the metaphysical and spiritual attachments that are neither scientific or provable, which have been added to the UFO community. However as much they might long for this separation it is not logical or healthy to the complete investigation of this Phenomena.

To illustrate: If the President was coming to my hometown and I am assigned to report and collect data on the event, but I do not like the president or his message, but he has a really cool car, so lets just report and study the car because it is so practical and interesting. How foolish would that be. You cannot separate the message and messenger from the vehicle. And really the vehicle is the least relevant of the three. What is being said no matter how embarrassing indicates something about the messengers themselves. This is what is going to impact society and mankind in the long run.

"But though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed." Gal1:1

No one yet coming from a UFO has proclaimed anything except another gospel and another Jesus than that of the Bible.