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At long last you can now have your own DVD Videos from my You Tube Channel to play on your own TV or portable electronics. The following is a list with suggested donation prices for having your own DVD's on all of the topics written about here on this site and taken from the videos on my You Tube channel. It has come to my attention that the shopping cart may not be working properly. Please add up and send the amount thru paypal or send a check to the address on the bottom of the page. Paypal purchases please send an e-mail @ with the specific DVDs you are ordering. I will send them out the same day I get your check or paypal notice of payment. Thank You.

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 The best thing for you about this offer is after you make the initial purchase, you have my permission and desire to copy your master from your computer to distribute copies for free to family and friends even enemies! I want you to use these DVD's as if they were a gospel tract. Give them away as there will be no copyright on them. Your contribution price will go in part toward supporting this ministry and helping me provide for future expansions in ministry. Supplies are limited but I have the equipment to quickly produce your orders in a timely fashion. These prices include shipping and receiving. I have kept the DVDs to a fraction above my cost so that you may have an information ministry yourself supplying others that you come into contact with.

A Video tract

 I see these videos as perhaps the 21st century version of the chick tract. Timeless and ageless Chick tracts were distributed and read by all even enemies of the gospel read them. It is my hope and desire that like the Chick tract people will pop in a DVD and experience truth regardless of their predisposition in the same way.

What to expect

If you are not familiar with my You Tube videos then here is what you can expect. None of these videos are talking head types. I have used many graphics and film clips to make them a fast moving eye pleasing documentary. I  do have both a speech impediment that I try hard not to let it interfere with the narration and I have had some complaints that I talk too fast. I am working on that but for now that is why you have a rewind ability that you can use to catch it all. In saying that I am being honest that the production quality may not be Hollywood first rate but certainly a lot of work has been put into the production to make an effective entertaining yet informative documentary that still has a professional quality to it. I do guarantee that the information base and quality is first rate and some of the best scripturally backed information you will find anywhere.


DVD Video Series: The following Videos are multiple video disks giving you two to six hours of a fast moving eye pleasing information packed documentary supported with much scripture, history, archeology, science and logic.



Dark Alliance: This series is the fastest growing series I have on You Tube. It covers basic information not understood by most Christians and more recent revelations about the prophetic end and conclusions to end time involvement by these various entities.

Part 1 Angels, Demons and Aliens.
This part addresses little known facts about the difference between Angels and Demons and all things Alien as defined by the Bible. The remarkable line up of all types of "Aliens" and different Angelic types of the heavenly host are compared with amazing connections as being one in the same.

Part 2. Giants
Just how did the Giants reappear after the flood to continue on with the corruption of the human race and continue on in steering man toward rebellion against God? This question has been addressed by the best minds on the subject from a Biblical view and still has no conclusive answer. All of the ideas are addressed here with an added new option that may fill in the information gap.
Some information ignored by many include the reality of a Hollow Earth and how it may have served to provide a "second incursion" by the same Nephilim rebels. Just who are the Giants of Genesis 6 and could they be different from the "Mighty men of old, men of renown?

Part 3 Antichrist,  Human alliance and the real Army of Darkness
This part of the series addresses the prophetic end game plan of an alliance of humans and rebel entities against God and his people. Packed with scripture that describes trans-humanism, cloning, cybernetics and genetic tampering of the human race on a global scale. The Unknown history of who how and why this takes place on the earthly plain is explained by scripture through many prophetic passages of both the Old and New testaments. Many missing elements to this story include the importance of WWII, the occult Nazi beliefs, Adolf Hitler, the New Age, Time Travel and a Hollow earth. Bringing all of this together by scripture the end game plan is revealed for what it is the biggest deception since before the flood. This series ends with the only hope in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior, Lord and God. 

$20.00 for a three disk series almost 6 hours of information.


The Three Frogs of Revelation is finally Available!

Almost three hours of Biblical backed scripture connecting unknown aspects of human history and the doctrines of men that have been rabidly against Israel and the Jews with the ultimate goals of Armageddon and the destruction of Israel and mankind's rule on earth. The series starts out with frogs as a Biblical object of judgment in the Bible and then the natural attributes of a frog and how they relate to the three spirits who are like frogs and go out to lead the world to war and the extinction of God's people . This series addresses the dangers of replacement theology and Christian Zionism.
There is a balance between the two extremes understanding an Old and New Testament transition but not a total replacement. This series explains the three movements that have no reconciliation to the Word of God or His people be they Christians or Jews. National Socialism (Nazis) Communism and Islam are three beliefs that do not allow for the existence of Israel or Jews but are willing to morph into a form of Christian blends as long as their objectives are predominate. Backed by History and much scripture this series provides a balance to understanding the political and racial tensions existing in the world today. It explains how all three have crept into the United States to change her from within and with her global influence helping to form the last beast empire and offers the only hope in Christ to those who believe.

 $20.00 for this 4 part series  with 3 hours of amazing connections and history that explains the here and now. This answers the question, "How did America come to what it is today?" It also includes the projection of what is to come from their evil plans.

New Age Nazi Lies

New Agers and Nazis are both followers of Helena Blavatsky's Theosophy. In a same but opposite they appear to be polar opposites when in fact, they both have the same foundational beliefs. Just as Judaism and Christianity have the same foundational God JHVH, viewed as the OT God of wrath and demanding separatism while the New Testament God of love acceptance and forgiveness says to go into all the world and proclaim this hope, appears also to be polar opposites but they have the same foundation and God.

Theosophy has it's form of Old Testament beliefs based on blood line and national identity while the new testament version is based on a religious belief or ascension to godhead to become the man - god superman. New Agers and Nazis believe we are destined to evolve into this "New Man" this message and hope now offered to anyone believing this by faith. This series explains this ideology backed by scripture and then proves the connections by comparing and quoting New Ager's, Nazis and the so called Aliens. Find out how the Alien agenda is actually, ( under the guise of the New Age,) just a continuation of the Nazi Agenda. The History of UFO/Alien contact and the many unknown facts of the occult Nazi beliefs meld into one belief system that will come to the same conclusions: another holocaust. The technology, the genetic manipulation of people and the message from the so called Aliens, New Agers and the Nazis are all one in the same. This series also addresses how this belief system has crept into America changing her from within.

$10.00 for this double layer DVD with almost 2 hrs of cutting edge information on the New Age/Nazi conspiracy that threatens to lead the world into another holocaust.



The Hollow Earth and it's Inhabitants
This series is the most popular one on my site. The series starts with the scriptural doctrine taught within the Bible that our Earth is Hollow. I then show by scripture, global myths, history and archeology the realities of the different types of inhabitants within and a prophesized invasion by them in the last days. The idea of a hollow earth is an important missing element to understanding end time prophecy. The Nazi belief of a hollow earth and expedition and colonization of the Antarctic was a part of a major prophetic fulfillment. This series shows the full implication by scripture how important it is to understand this reality. Conflicts with plate tectonics and other modern "scientific" models of a solid earth are discussed with supportive evidence of a harmony to what is observed and how some ideas seemingly conflicting science is actuality compatible with a hollow earth.

$10.00 for this 1 1/2 hour documentary 



Dead Animals and Cosmic Changes What is going on?
Birds falling dead in the sky, dead fish and other marine life washing ashore  by the thousands, strange drone noises from the skies and in the earth, spiral lights in the sky, strange weather with mega tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and increased world wide volcanic activity and indications of a pole shift magnetic and physical. What does it all mean? The Bible describes this time in great detail including these earth changes as causing a release of  an underground Army of Darkness upon an unsuspecting world.

A line up on December 21, 2012 may be the start of something big. Not the end of the world but a change that will place mankind and the earth toward the great Tribulation. Evidence from the Bible, the stars, ancient legends and a physics being enacted as a line up may be telling us all, time is short and even thought the Antichrist is coming soon, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus is coming to clean up the mess. Loaded with supportive scripture this video describes the Biblical significance of all we see today in this collective strangeness.

$6.00 for this 1 1/2 hour Documentary 

Parallel Dimensions

The two trees in the Garden of Eden may represent far more than just two trees but refers to two dimensions as heaven and earth. All the scriptural evidence is given and from this perspective a far deeper and clearer understanding results for many scriptural  texts from this perspective. Important related prophetic warnings of the future also come alive understanding space and time. This series introduces this new perspective that serves to confirm age old doctrines of the blood atonement, resurrection and eternal salvation as part of the core of the Christian Faith based relationship with out creator.

$6.00 for this 1 1/2 hour series 

  Hells Plan for the Future

Lucifer's 5 "I wills" found in Isaiah 14 clearly reveals a 5 point plan to eternalize this linear fallen existence into his own dimensional kingdom where he hopes to rule as his own God with the same vain promise for his own both angelic and human followers. Far too many Christians think Satan is a defeated enemy cast to earth, disgruntled as a sore loser, who plans on bringing down as many as he can with him to hell. What the Bible actually teaches is that we have an enemy that is a genius but he is insane with a plan and a  hope which makes him far more dangerous. Today in the times we live in it is important to know our enemy and what he is up to so we will not be deceived by his devices and staged entry into our realm. Backed with much scripture, see how he has a plan in the same but opposite to do all that God has done  for himself so when he stands before God at the White throne Judgment in his delusion he will claim right of passage to his own universe He will eventually get his way sort of... but his realm is called, The Lake of Fire.

$6.00 for this 1 hr video  


 The Wrath of God

God always gets blamed for natural disasters. Our society even supports this idea with a clause supported by most insurance companies passing responsibility to God. With the sudden increase and intensity of natural disasters world-wide who really is to blame? There is such a thing as the wrath of Satan and the Antichrist. There is also the element of free will given to mankind. In this video you will learn from the Bible the difference and what is really happening in our world today. Most importantly you will lean what to do to be prepared to overcome and or maybe pass over this wrath. We as believers are not appointed to God's wrath so in all of the confusion, learn how the same loving God of all ages provides for his own.

$6.00 for this 1 hr Video 


What are the Clouds of Heaven?
For decades the secular UFO community has subtly told us that the Biblical Clouds of Heaven were actually extraterrestrial space craft from alien worlds with their occupants being our creators. No longer subtle, the emboldened message has included every element of our society and media from music, movie TV and computer games this thought is being impressed into the human psyche. For the first time anywhere see what the Bible has to say about what the Clouds of Heaven really are. They are more than a fluffy chunk of water vapor but they are not nut and bolt spacecraft either. The truth is stranger than fiction but this can be a ready defense of knowledge for the lies coming our way.

$6.00 for this 1 hr video 


Time Travel in the Bible


Satan's biggest secret of the end time deception mystery is Time Travel. Time Travel technology would be given to mortal man to be used as a weapon of deception.

This is not even a debatable topic it is one already addressed in the scriptures. This is an important piece of the puzzle to understand some mysteries of the coming end time deception.

I have been ridiculed and shunned by the best and most of colleagues but in time (no pun intended) it will become a reality of truth and I stand by the revelation the Lord gave me and the hard work of prayerful searching to show you this is taken out of the realm of speculation and is Bible Doctrine. I do not say that lightly so watch the video and prayerfully decide for yourself. This four part series had about 6 hours of exciting revelations about time that has never before been spoken out by someone of faith in the Lord Jesus and the Bible. A few have scratched the surface but this series is exhaustive in presenting all aspects and problems from scripture to Theoretical Physicists.

20.00 for 4 part series about 6 hrs  


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