Subject: not all encounters are demonic activity

recently i read echoes of enoch ministries web page and there is no need to lie, i am not impressed. i have never seen an extraterrestrial however this does not mean they do not exist. i read zecharia 5:5-8 in the bible and found nothing that mentioned a metal disk. i am a born-again christian and believe every word of the bible. the most frequently asked question i hear is if there is life in another galaxy then who is their savior since adam sinned on earth and jesus died on earth? the answer is simple. when adam sinned it overtook all of creation and when jesus died on earth where sin started his blood is sufficiant to save all of creation. the reason the extraterrestrials are more technologicaly advanced than we are is because their sin is not as advanced as ours. perhaps they did not have sodom and gommorah or a tower of babel. they may be forbidden by God to communicate with us while demons impersonate them in our presence. i am aware that you have researched your topics and i can see where you draw your opinions from, however when you take the stand you have taken you limit the creative potential of Almighty God. yes jim there is life in other galaxies and it works hand in hand with our creator and perhaps one day you will see that which you call a trick of the devil is in reality a creation of God. i would love to read the web page you construct then.
                                                                      God Bless You,
I usually do not bother to answer people who call me names or make false accusations. You begin your letter telling me I lied and then end up closing with God Bless you. Which is it? You don't bless a liar so I am assuming the best of you here and perhaps you did not mean to be so callous. I realize that my site is big and most people cannot possibly read everything to get a full view of what I am saying. Your assumptions are completely wrong on both cases. First off whatever Bible you were using was at best, a translation. When I quote scripture, I refer most of the time to the original language of Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. I can see your misunderstanding when any surface rendering will not give you the full potential and meaning of the words. In the section on essays, if you go to the new Roswell exclusive and Zechariah 5, you will read the entire explanation of this. Here is a brief meaning from the original language. I certainly am not a liar and do not lie. I am an ordained minister and have been for over thirty years.

 In this case Zechariah 5 :7
  And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah. Zech 5:7

Talent  is the Hebrew word Kikkar Strong's number 3603 it means a circle, round and flat i.e. disk the same word is used for money and bread (eastern bread was round and flat like their money.) The main description means round and flat what we would call a disk. So there is no scripture twisting going on here.
The other word Owphereth Strong's 5777 means lead for it's gray or metallic appearance. The emphasis is on the color and appearance: gray like metal or metallic.

 As a Born Again Christian, please don't be so ready to call someone a liar. Just ask what did I mean before making such an unfair attack on my character.

If you go to the frequently asked questions, I cover life on other planets in a manner very different from your assumptions of what you or I think.  I have addressed this issue in a way that you would perhaps agree on. Again I ask you to just ask me before assuming what my position is. 
I hope I am not coming across to harsh but i do not like being accused of something i am not guilty of especially something like being a liar. Please take the time to read the FAQ section and consider what i am saying. If you have any other problems or uncertainties about what you read, just ask me about them, I will be more than happy to explain myself to you.
Sincerely In His Service, Jim Wilhelmsen






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Subject: Antarctic Ice break up


Hi Jim, I have a quick question for you. Do you suppose that the ice breaking up in the Antarctic has anything to do with the UFO flaps ? I mean, if the Nazi party escaped to the Antarctic and it is now melting away they may end up being found down there. They may be forced to act upon their plan before being discovered.
Just a thought.
In His service,
Scott wrote:
It is interesting you should bring that up. I was going to post this but could not make it conclusive enough, maybe I don't have to? If you remember what is said in Revelation 16:12,
"And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared." Rev 16:12 (KJV)
When you think of this scripture in modern terms and the geography involved, it makes absolutely no sense at all. Today the Euphrates river holds no tactical obstacles for any army to cross even the Iraqi armies would have the technology to bridge and cross this river. There must be more to the meaning of this scripture. Keep in mind that many of the words used here have more than one meaning and these options depend much on the assumptions of the translators. If they are already predetermined at looking at these words from a certain perspective, they could miss another option, or the options are not known or understood until technology requires a better explanation. When we re-examine this text , well it is a mind blower! The Greek word for great, megas means large mass. The Greek word used for river, Patamos, can also mean FLOOD WATERS! The proper name is placed here for river and not knowing or having access to the original writings I am not sure, but the word combination also means breaking forth. The last variation of words come for dried up, it is better rendered as a melting away! This sentence could be telling us,

 "And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the large mass of flood waters breaking forth; and the water thereof was melted away, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared." Rev 16:12 UJWV

 Where are the flood waters held in reserve? According to Job 26:10, Job 38: 33:7 and 2Pe 3:5-7 In all of this we are talking about the melting of the Antarctic so that the way of the Kings of the East are made clear. The King's of the East as I have written in the Hollow Earth section are none other than the descendants of Cain living inside of the earth east of Eden in the land of Nod. The Nazis went in search for this group at the opening in the South Pole. So Scott, I think you are on to something that is crazy sounding but very possibly scriptural.  I was going to post this on my site as an update but I wasn't sure I could do it with any certainty. I think I should and just present this as a possibility...
Thank You for your question and interest. 
Sincerely, Jim W. :)


Areas melting shown in yellow and red       Red area is Nazi Colony





For official sites on the Melting of Antarctica:


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From: Dan Vogel
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Subject: Zech 5:1-11

   Jim,    Hello again.  I may have told you what I'm about to tell you before,  I cant remember if I did or not so here it is possibly again. This is in reference to your article on Zech 5: 1-11 which I read twice.   Its an amazing article and I can see and understand what you are explaining about the disk; the woman: the basket ;and all of it.  This scripture is referring to the curse and the lie that will come to the whole world,  that is already here. Years ago when I read about the flying roll,  or as some Bibles have it flying scroll,  my King James says flying roll,  I had been studying about this strong delusion of the UFO phenomenon when I read this same scripture. You state the flying roll is not a reference to UFOs yet the whole scripture you are discussing is about UFOs and the woman and the disk, etc.  I read the scripture in Zech. 5:2 about the dimensions of the roll and I sat in my chair and thought of a Roswell book I have and picked it up and turned to the page that gave the approximate dimensions of the fallen craft and it said;  the main part of the craft is about twenty-five to thirty feet long and twelve to fifteen feet wide.  In Zech.5:2  it said the flying roll was 20 cubits in length and its width is 10 cubits.  Why would God give an exact dimension to a roll or a scroll I thought.  I looked up cubit and it said to measure from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow and that was a cubit.   In the dictionary it said cubits are 17 to 22 inches long.  My cubit arm length is 19 inches long.  So I multiplied 19 inches ( my cubit) times 20 from Zech. 5:2  and came up with 31.6 feet in length,  and then multiplied 19 inches times 10 from Zech 5:2 and came up with 15.8 feet in width.  So after multiplying,  I had a flying roll or scroll of 31.6 by 15.8.   Again the Roswell vehicle was said to be 25 to 30 ft in length and 12 to 15ft wide.  I don't believe in coincidences.  I understand what you explained about the different sides of the scroll and its prophetic meaning, but isn't it possible that God is also giving us the dimensions of the craft  along with other clues about the strong delusion and the curse and the lie that has now come upon the world.   What do you think?  I enjoy your book and your web site.  

  Thanks,  Dan Vogel St. Louis, Mo.

I remember you telling me about the roll being the craft, and at the time I did not think that it was and still do not. However the measurements being that exact in the context of what is being said does mean something.
I totally agree with you that there are no coincidences if the measurements are that close to what was claimed, I think somehow there is a significance to it as well as a connection. The scroll because of the use of the words as the literal ancient form of legal document common to that period however has an emphasis of it being just that, a vision of a  document, however the measurement must be related to the craft. This is truly amazing and I agree that, this is not a coincidence. If I may have your permission to post your letter and even change my book, (The Devil came down to Roswell) I would like to add this thought on and of course I will give you credit where it is due? I wanted to post a new section to include input from my readers. This would be a great addition to the site and make it more ours rather than mine. I like that because I think this is the heart of the Lord, to share in all of this as a team and not just one individual. Thank You for your input. Sincerely, In His Service, Jim W






Victory over Abductions

Thanks so much Jim for your website. I can't begin to tell you how many doors you have opened up for me in the last couple days of going over the site. Since early childhood I was plagued with visitations. I don't ever recall being taken aboard any "ships" but clearly remember the sight of the little glowing guys and the sheer terror I felt when ever they were around. I've got too many stories to write about here but I will say that on one occasion as I laid down to go to sleep I could sense their presence. I always new they were on the way because I would get this mosquito like buzzing in my head that would get louder and louder till paralysis took over my body and the experience would begin. I was so tired of fighting them I decided to just close my eyes and let it happen. I went deeper and deeper till I feared for my very life. I have never been so scared in all my life and in my head and heart I cried out to Jehovah to help me. In an instant, and I mean like a hundredth of a second, I was back in bed, no noise no presence just me and God. That was about 22 years ago and to this day I have never had another "visitor". I am a sinner and fall way short of hitting the mark, but I know what God did for all of us by sending his Son down here and I love and thank Him often for all he has done for, my family and everyone else. I am writing about this because I was always a bit confused about this particular experience I had. In my heart I knew  that the aliens were evil. God has blessed me with a rather large helping of discernment which I often thought of as a curse at times before being born again. But the draw of the occult is strong and left me wondering if God stopped the visitors not because they were bad but because I just wasn't ready for it yet. Thanks to you and your website I will never question the gifts God gave me, and I only hope one day God will send to me those confused and in need of someone who knows what they are going through on a personal level having been there myself.
Again, thanks so much.
Your brother in Christ,


Hi Jim – just finished your book. I have to admit some of the ideas presented caught me off guard until I looked into some of what you were proposing. Now I am thinking they are not so far fetched. Satan our adversary is very crafty and intelligent and has his minions involved in a lot of what is going on today. I think what I really got out of your book is your heart for God and the Gospel. You came through the book as really caring for those that are deceived into the good alien theory. I wish more of God’s servants “Got this”

 I will be praying for your ministry and you take care……


Vancouver WA


I was very pleased to find your site, and find it very refreshing and encouraging. I have just started looking through it, but want to thank you for your work.
I do have one suggestion though that would make it easier to read. I am having great difficulty in reading the entire text of your pages due to the background color. For example, the article on the 144,000. THe background is basicaly black with blue letters, however every so often when scrolling down, a brown parchment looking background will appear. In these places it is almost impossible to read the letters.
At some point, if this could be corrected, it would be very helpful.
Thank you again for your site, and ministry,
Shalom, yours in Christ,


 What I thought would be a good idea wasn't, your input as well as others have convinced me to re-work the entire site. Hope you like the new look.

Sincerely, In His Service, Jim W.


What you saidThey say they have created mankind, through enhancing existing primates with DNA restructuring and have interacted with us throughout our history. The most disturbing claim they say, is that they created the world’s religions and one in particular, Jesus Christ to teach the world peace. They believe in a universal consciousness energy in an eastern or Theosophical idea of God not as a person but rather a force to be utilized. They claim that their home world went through some cataclysmic changes that our own earth will soon be going through”

Is just so amazing to me, as I was clearly used by demonic forces, maybe Satan himself, before I was saved, in writing a full blown script that taught these very things, having NEVER heard them before.  This is the first time, since I wrote the script, that I have seen the exact idea mentioned about primates, which was In my script.  I believe, if I had not gotten saved, it would have been turned into a very “successful” movie.  I had been “groomed” by seeing UFO’s myself, which led to a voracious interest in the subject as well as other occultic things.  Ministries like yours are so important.  Keep it up for God’s glory!




Thank you for getting back to me. I realize you are a very busy person. I am almost done reading the book, and I must say it is truly an amazing book. I have read much about this subject, and I must say that I truly believe that you have been blessed with prophecy from the LORD. I am going to read it again when I am finished. I think what you are doing in helping these people who have been abducted or possessed (maybe the same thing) really do need your help. I must say that if I had been faced with some thing 3 or 4 feet tall, green or grey and doing weird things to me it would have changed my world view for ever and maybe would have never known the love of GOD. I will pray for your ministry and those people who need it and those seeking help that they are led to ones like you. I really think the way things will play out are as you say they will in the book, or really close to it. All I can say is that I am very blessed to have been saved and I wish people would wake up and see what we see.

    Thank you Jim for all you do, Gina

Dear "Echoes of Enoch" ministers-
i am compelled beyond my own understanding to present to you information which i believe wholeheartedly you are able to discern by the holy Spirit the truth or error of. i have visited your site and read much of what you write on and i am more than happy to have found one of a very few sources for things which Christians so rarely want to think about. i believe that all wisdom is there...all the God's word and that this wisdom is multifold and faceted and always correct on every level. i don't believe it is a matter of intellect or of education..but one of submission to the Lord's guidance when one comes to understand these things in scripture.
the information i feel compelled to relate is a very broad subject and one i hardly know how to go about communicating. it pertains firstly to the genetic manipulation of the Sons of God upon the human race. as you pointed out and well know...Satan has a forgery for every one of God's true miracles. perhaps you have already noted then that as God has His remnant and His too does Satan,  these having the genetic markers of his own kind. beware of these things that Satan makes claim to that you are not deceived into seeing half a truth. i take for example the Indigo Children you commented on. correctly you see that it is a tendency toward limiting discipline in children and raising them up to the worst of their human nature. there is also, however another side to this coin.
psychopathic by nature? yes..many of them are...and this is why: although the New Age movement would like to keep the definition of an "Indigo Child" as broad as possible so that any parent with an unruly youngster might buy into the lie...there is a less public definition with a more limiting list of credentials including a blood type factor and a gene deletion factor which defines what these people and their master are really looking for. there has been a population surge of them in a little more than the last three decades. they are those whom you refer to in other sections as the genetically engineered hybrids which will house the demonic spirits. this is really just the tip of one huge ugly iceberg. by no means are these children born exclusively to new age fact many are born to families which are involved in ministry...although i would seriously question the faith of these "ministers" due to the circumstances which lead to such a child being born to their family.
white people are the chosen race for this as you mentioned...the reason for that initially was what it a good portion of the Caucasian race has the appropriate genetics to combine nicely with this new wave of hybrid offspring. the necessary component is rhesus negative blood...the Royal family of Britain has it..the presidents of the United States have also been descendants of them through the same bloodline as the British family royals. they claim ancestry from the tribe of Dan and if you will take a look at Masonic geometry you will not miss its unmistakable mark in everything symbolically American. please don't take me for an "America hater". i love what America set out to be in the hearts and minds of its citizens...i'm no friend of Allah either...but it is imperative that Christians learn to differentiate in their minds between the rabid propagandized patriotism that wants to strip freedom from its people and the real America...the lay people who are awake enough to know that this country is in grave trouble of losing everything that is supposed to make it what it is. i won't even say that America was clean in the beginning at it's governmental foundation. Satan put his fingers in that stew and set a snare that was laying in wait for these years to pass. that snare does not just include what is Obviously Hitler and also includes the flip side...the seeming benevolent acts...humanitarian efforts...things to keep us "safe". he knows very well how to play good cop and bad cop.
i do not in any way support some kind of amassing of civilian armies to do what should have been taken care of during the Revolutionary war...the fact of the matter is that God said certain things about America in prophecy and these things will it or not. i do however believe that every Christian should be informed down to the last detail if possible. deceptions of Satan are subtle and insidious and they lull people to sleep. they comfort the ailment but never cure it..lest you never want for more "cure". they keep you "safe" ..but that safety is a cage. they entertain and never inform. the drunkenness scripture speaks about is quite literal in a sense and the "tonic" comes by way of everyday innocuous things.
there is more to all of this but it's best to keep it broad for now...the details could go on for pages. you may contact me back concerning these things if you wish.
-concerned fellow servant in Christ
After reading through your site, my attempted abduction by "aliens" makes more sense. The leader of the three reptilian beings grabbed me and lifted me out of bed, it breathed out of it's mouth a hot blast of sulfur-smelling air and we rotated and began sinking through the ground. I never understood why we were going down instead of up.
I said, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus", and I was instantly back in bed.


I was bored at work (work is slow right now) and began watching You Tube. I was interested in UFO and cities on Mars.  I am a born again Christian. What I was reading about took me eventually to your site.  I had been asking the Lord about UFOs.  What ARE they, I asked.  There had to be something to it... shortly after that I read your site.  He answers our questions! Thank you for the info. Have you written a book on all this? If so, what is the name of it?


Dear Witnesses:
It is with Great Interest that I've read you articles posted on your Web site.  So much of what you've said is fantastic and almost unbelievable!  I remember a 'Dream' that my brother and I both had when we were children--About a 'Spaceship' in the field behind our house.  In the 'Dream' we both went out into the night and saw it.  I don't remember details of it--only seeing it in my 'Dream'.  We both had the same 'Dream' on the same night.  There are So many other experiences that I could relate--Of course, that was All prior to deliverance from the Occult.  That's not to say that there aren't a whole new set of experiences, But--of a different caliber now! 
In meditation once, when I was young, I had an experience with a 'Mind Expansion'--My mind, brain, pulsating and I understood and comprehended concepts, formulas, etc. that I had never been previously exposed to.  It was the Name of Jesus that broke that 'Meditation' experience--and I'm sure Saved my Life!  That was comforting to know that the Name of Jesus Can and Does protect us--whatever the guise or deception that Satan may use.  I KNEW that the advent of All of the Hollywood emphasis upon 'Aliens', Star Trek to 'V' to 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' was nothing more than preparation for a coming Invasion of 'Aliens'--and that Satan Really Is the Prince of the Air.  I Always felt that Satan would come as 'An Angel of Light' (Literally), and that UFO's would be his mode of transportation, with his agenda of 'Leading Mankind' Into a Brave, New Frontier, with of course--Him as 'Lord'!  Your articles not only confirmed that, but validated other suspicions I had--In a well researched and well documented manner.  Thanks and--Keep Writing! 


Praise to God,


I can’t tell you how grateful that I am to come across your site. I am a Christian that believes that there is more to what we see and are told everyday. I am familiar with the “Sons of God” situation mentioned in Genesis. I yearn to know more than what is presented and have found myself reading and contemplating things that can conflict with my Christian beliefs. I search for the truth and believe that I have found some truth in occult information and practices, but it always comes around and conflicts with my beliefs. In my process of digging deeper, I came across your site. I have read through it and totally agree with what you say. All questions that I have had have been answered and I believe it.


It is amazing to me how easy it is to believe in the occult information. I am very technical and understand many things that can make the occultist view seem valid. If it weren’t for my anchor in Christianity, I would be full force into what is to come, but on the wrong side.


Your information has confirmed what I have felt in my heart. When this “ripple effect” is all over, I will see you and shake your hand.


The good thing to always keep in mind is:  From God’s view, and in reality, I am already in Heaven.




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Subject: Re: Please answer my Yeti question.

   I have to confess that I have not researched that subject enough to make an informed response. Many have tried to tie UFO's with the Yeti however there remains little evidence of this connection. That does not mean that there is not a connection, but just that there is not much evidence, even circumstantial evidence to make a conclusive connection.
  Like with UFO's too many people have reported seeing this creature with similar descriptions. To dismiss this as a hoax or massive delusions is not being very objective and actually offensive to those who have claimed contact with such creatures.
  I have always figured that there could be such creatures smart enough to elude mankind but not intelligent enough to create a competitive society. In this middle of the road situation, they could remain undetected for centuries, That is just my thoughts and not a very informed one at that. Sorry I could not be of more help.
In His Service, Jim Wilhelmsen
Thanks for the quick response Jim, I appreciate the  humility to  basically say "I don't know much abut that subject, so I can't really comment."
I was very encouraged to find your web site. For a number of years now I have felt like a persecuted minority because I never embraced the righteous line of Seth Idea concerning Gen:6:1-4. I suppose there was always too much of an evangelical in me to stretch scripture in that fashion. Any way after studying the topic from what I understand the bible has to say. .  I believe that the conquest of Canaan and the total destruction of the peoples in that land by the Israelites was connected with the giant seed that seemed to intermingle amongst the people. The Idea of total ethnic cleansing always was hard to accept but perhaps if the humanity that Jesus was coming to  die for was in danger of being destroyed because of polluted blood ( bastardisation,  man and Giant...) then Israel's conquest was salvation for the rest of the planet?
I think I  believe that hell is literally under the earth, and so that would place me with a hollow earth!  That Hitler is the antichrist, well that is possible too and Vancampens book "The Sign " seemed to help there!  Nazi ufos, well as  child I remember learning about these ufo's that were found after the defeat of the 3rd Reich. common knowledge.  
I have one main area of concern and I could be wrong on this ( It would not be the first time!) as a bible believing Christian I am afraid to " go beyond what is written "   1Cor.  4:6.  I notice that you use extra canonical literature such as the book or books of Enoch.  I understand that Jude refers to this literature and It may well have much merit and value.  I am also convinced that you are a born again Spirit filled Brother! If I did not believe This I would not be writing.  Obviously you do not think it is a problem to use extra biblical literature to enforce your understanding of truths.  Was there ever a time when this was a struggle for You?  What do you think about the idea that the Lord does not want us to know all this stuff even if it is all completely spot on!  I remember reading something in the Law about the secret things belonging to God....  
It may all come down to the call upon ones life, I have pastored in the Vineyard church and worked for years in YWAM. My primary area of gifting is in preaching and teaching and i nearly always end up with a mission / evangelism perspective. I think that you have a ministry to the ufo / new age people and may God richly bless you and your family as you continue to serve Him.
I hope you do not see this letter as any form of Criticism.  Actually i think your perspective is the most orthodox out of all the other web sites that have a similar message. The Lord will judge each mans work when he returns and we are both on the same side. Please respond at your leisure to some of the thoughts in this letter and please keep it in lay mans terms for me. Like whinnie the Pooh, I am a bear of very limited brain, and  you seem to be rather  bright in your area of expertise. Sincerely, Paul.

I began to feel comfortable using the Book of Enoch, Ethiopic version known as Enoch 1 as I analyzed just what context I was using it in. I am no more using this book as many a well read Pastor would use Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus to enhance the historical background already confirmed by scripture. Flavius Josephus was a Greek Historian who's faith was firmly Jewish. He was no friend to Christianity. In spite of this, current events about the life of Christ, as part of Jewish history, could not be ignored. The little he has to say is rich in detail which proves the historical Jesus and the account of the resurrection. Lending itself to even more historical creditability, is this Book of Enoch, being quoted in the Bible itself by Jude, can give us a confidence to the historical content. I am not saying this is canonical literature, any more than those who quote from Josephus. In this context, it has all the legitimate valid use as an additional historical narrative to a time where little information is known. This book does not conflict with anything in the scriptures that would be considered essential doctrines. It is hypocritical for those in the church to rant and rave about quoting from this book with such intense emotion. I believe this fear and extreme concern is demonic, as Satan does not want the church to have a good understanding of the events during and just before the flood or about Enoch's ministry toward them.

In this context, The book of Jubilees or Jasher can also be used simply as historical narratives, not canonical literature.

I would agree with you that certain eternal truths were never meant for mankind to understand, or utilize. Part of Satan's end time plan of deception however is to provide mankind with forbidden knowledge that can be utilized. As this happens the cat is out of the bag sort of to speak, It is only logical then that God would  provide His side of this forbidden equation, the moral and ethical reasons why it is forbidden, this act puts a balance and check to the lies presented to unbelievers by the enemy. This is an act of mercy and love toward his creation to not be deceived by the half truths that are offered. This in turn gives us an intelligent answer for the hope that is within us. In this way God is not divulging secrets, he is only putting into perspective ones that have already leaked out by the enemy so we do not follow the crowd to oblivion. 




Hello My name is Ronnie, and  I am a General Baptist minister and I have been looking for a good linear bible and came across your web site and was astonished with what I read. Your ideas about the literal meaning of the scriptures goes along with what I have been thinking but could never put into words that made sense. Do you have a linear Bible and if so could you let me know where I can get one?

I love to read and research the Bible and have many research books including a Strong's Concordance but it would be so handy to have the scriptures and the Greek and Hebrew meaning all in  one book.
Keep spreading the Good News of God's redemptive word.
My email address is 
Thank you for your time and help.


In most all Christian Bookstores you can find the interlinear New and Old Testaments. Zondervan is the publisher of the ones I have.

However I now use PC Study Bible Reference Library on my computer to find all original meanings and etymology of words at the click of a mouse. I prefer this program over the rest because all windows, books and programs are linked with each other with an unlimited clipboard too. This enables me to do what took hours into minutes. It can be costly but well worth the price for serious fast scholarly work. My program cost about 280.00. You can get a smaller limited version for as cheap as 50.00



read your website materials, with special interest about Hitler and the
Hollow Earth analysis you provide!

Have you ever heard of Coast to Coast AM? I think I remember you being a
guest on that show, but if not, you should contact them about getting on.

Thank you for your work!

I have been turned down three times without explanation. I can't even comment why but it sure is a mystery to me. I have as much or more firsthand experience as anyone else in the field. I suppose everything being controlled by the Lord, it just isn't my time yet. I promise you I am not going to lose sleep over it though.

Sincerely In His Service, Jim W. :)

Dear Jim,
Your site is very interesting, first of all, I wanted to ask you if you had ever heard of Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe (their website is A very long time ago I ordered his tape series on U.F.O.'s and they were similar enough to your theories to seem as if the two of you are "barking up the same tree" so to speak. Dr. Ross is a cosmologist and physicist and was the director (or something; it has been years since I heard the tapes) of the Royal Observatory of Canada and investigated many U.F.O."sightings", close encounters and abductions personally, so he comes at it from a very scientific and authoritative angle. 
I also received Dr. Ross' newsletters for a while and in it was an excellent article once on "string theory" and it's relevence to the extra dimensionality of God. Oh, yeah and he's written a few books; three of which I have read: The Fingerprint of God, The Creator and the Cosmos, and Beyond the Cosmos. I think the two of you, your theories (his and yours), compliment each other quite nicely. As it says we see through a glass darkly, but when we put things together, as in the Biblical canon, we can see a little more clearly. Also, have you seen the NOVA (PBS special) on string theory? It was awesome!
Thanks to Hugh Ross' tapes I agree with you that #1 the "aliens" are fallen angels or some fallen species of celestial beings and that they are trying to propagate their race like they did in the time of Enoch. It was interesting how you translated the verses of the fall and the description and curses placed on the serpent in Genesis, I found that very interesting.
I have also come to a similar concept of timelessness in heaven thanks also to Hugh Ross, and the fact that in eternity all things could; have happened, are happening and are going to happen concurrently. I have been met by those same blank stares from people, some with degrees in theology, whom I've asked "do you agree that in heaven there is no time?" they answer "yes" then I say "ok, if our time is linear it only goes in one direction, never stopping and never backing up or slowing down, never going to the left or the right, up or down, etc, and in heaven there is no time, wouldn't that mean that if you are going to heaven when you die, wouldn't you have to be there now? Since past, present and future events could all converge?" that is when they just stop and look at me, then change the subject. Sometimes they try to explain it by saying something like "well of course you arrive when you die here on earth" then I say "BUT you're referencing a point of time in heaven, if there IS NO time then there can't be a beginning of anything there, things just ARE or they aren't. Things can stop and start here, but not there, maybe there can be a starting and a stopping effect that things in heaven can do elsewhere but not in eternity where there is not time". I'm not trying to sound smart, I'm actually looking for someone to discuss this with, but I haven't found anyone, yet. Except for things I read in books or online, and of course my husband and I discuss it, I would think I'm the only person in the world that has thought about it. I just ponder it and that's as far as my pondering has taken me so far, lol.
I too grew up in Michigan, I thought maybe we may know or at least be familiar with the same people or the same churches, I grew up in Brightmoore Tabernacle. Also, my mother was in a motorcycle club in Detroit called the "Thunderbirds" back in her day, but I thought maybe you'd at least heard of it. Also, I told my mother about your site and she wants me to ask you if you have any affiliation to the Christian biker group "H.I.M." (Hogs in Ministry) here in Michigan.
I can also relate to your problems with the church's rejection of your "unorthodox" ideas to reach out to the unreached. It never ceases to amaze me how they can be "so heavenly minded they are no earthly good". For instance, my son is in a christian "hardcore" band (the "new" music genre made famous by secular bands like "AFI" and "The Used", but it started with Christian kids)...they play at churches AND bars, wherever they're invited. They don't hide the fact that they are Christians, yet they don't act judgementally and holier than thou either. Their Christian music is enjoyed, then they always give an offer to talk to them after about their Christianity, then they mingle with the crowd (although they don't drink, smoke, etc...), my son tells me stories and it is obvious that they are shifting paradigms and planting seeds in unbelievers. BUT you would probably not be shocked at the reaction from the Christian community, a good example being; my son's band has repeatedly been turned down, by our own church, about playing for the youth group. They continue to "pre-judge" the music even though our worship director was in an 80's Christian rock band "Shelter" and it wasn't too long ago that kid's parents (my youth leader at Brightmoore in fact!) were saying the same things about HIS band's music!!! Apparently, he needs that fact pointed out to him, he can't make that connection on his own, lol.
Well, anyway, bless you and thank you for your site, sorry to go on and on.


Thanks to your letter I am now acquainted with Dr,.Ross's work. I think I saw a tape of his years ago and was quite impresses with it. I enjoyed his site which is loaded with very challenging and interesting faith building topics. Of course I also like the fact that much of my own work and what I believed was revealed to me from our Lord, is confirmed by a true academic. That always helps when you hear the same things coming from such creditable sources.

Having a cutting edge ministry such as a Christian band, motorcycle club or even a UFO museum/bookstore, has it's downside of being miss-understood. The rule of measurement I have always used so I don't do the Lot thing, was, am I influenced or am I being an influence. If at any time I find myself in an environment where it becomes hard for me to remain in the spirit and power of the Lord I am being influenced more than I am being an influence, it is time to leave, quit and just get away from the draining source. If however, I am strong in faith and am being an influence to others around me directing people toward Christ , I can confidently remain and stand my ground in spite of others reactions. And this is not to say that things can change, which they probably will. What was good may only be for a season, so being open to that is important. By the fruit you will know of the doctrine if you speak from yourself or have the leading from the Lord. I think God can and will use many different avenues to reach the lost and if a ministry bears fruit I don't want to stand in the way.

 Believe it or not my personal preference in music is antiquated old fashioned gospel music with a very simple format. I do not even care for the contemporary format, but that is a personal preference and not a restriction or limitation to any other form of style.

Thank You for your nice letter, In His Service, Jim Wilhelmsen :)


Hi Jim,

    I have been reading your website, on and off, for a couple of months now.  Again, Wow!  I am a bit of a sci-fi fan and a big fan of God, so having my mind blown by every subject you approach is kind of fun.  Hollow earth, clouds of Heaven, time travel and the tower of Babel, etc. really seem to explain the "mysterious" phraseology of some scriptures and point to the prophetic nature of "the law".  I'm not yet sure if I "believe" everything you state, but as yet, I don't disagree.  (I tend not to commit too quickly).  Regardless of your findings, I believe that your fruit is of God and so I thank you for your ministry.
    I have been a Christian since I was very young.  My parents were members of the Lutheran church for most of their lives.  When I was about six, they were led to a personal relationship with Christ.  Following their lead, I too began my life with Christ.  This seems very young but I still remember the details.  Christ has comforted me in this, "Suffer the little children and forbid them not to come unto Me" and considering that in this world, we see only "through a glass, darkly"  I am no more "qualified" to begin at this age than I was then.  I spent my high school career attending a Baptist school, where the Lord blessed me with a regimen for learning His Word, and a good look at what fear and dogma can do.  
    For a short while, after I was asked to leave the Baptist school (expelled for partaking of alcohol over the summer) I experienced some disillusionment with religion and quickly busied myself with the distractions of this world.   When I found myself with a family and began looking at my responsibilities and the thought of "getting my life together", I knew, as I always had, that I needed to walk with Christ again.  Actually, that didn't sink in until I figured out that I couldn't do it on my own.  Now, almost daily, God gives me one more reason, or one more explanation, or one more example of the clear truths of His Word.  Although I have read a lot about the Bible and of the Bible, it was your website that convinced me how God's Word can really be used as the meter for all of our understanding.   There were inclinations of this concept when I dismissed the "Bible Code", "Conversations with God", and some of the other "New Age" ideas I have encountered, then more fully realized by testing your ideas the same way (which you do yourself). 
    All in all, I have found your writings to be interesting, bewildering, but above all, inspirational.  I find that the more I investigate God, the more He strengthens me and my faith in Him.  I will continue to follow your work and will keep you in my prayers.  By "following your work" I mean that I will keep checking the progress of your ministry and continue re-reading your columns in an effort to absorb it all.  (Again- Wow!)
    Oh yeah, the reason why I wrote to you in the first place... the two seeds.  (This is my very first "fan" letter).  I assume that since it is not posted, it may be more controversial or at least challenging?  I think I'm ready for it if you would be kind enough to send it.
Thanks, Troy


PS.  Although your articles are very well written and obviously insightful, there remain a few spelling and homonymic errors.  Just a note from someone who loses sleep at night over grammaticism.  If you would like, my amateur proofreading skills are obtainable at a minimum of cost (free).
Troy ,

If you check your e-mail I sent you the Two Seeds attached in MS Word format. Thank you for the nice letter and when time affords check out the scriptures in the original languages so that you can see I am not pulling this stuff out of thin air but from the Word as it could imply. Again Thank You for the encouraging words. Sincerely, Jim W. :) PS I know I need help in proof reading and am willing for any help I can get Thank You for the offer.



Dear Rev. Wilhelmsen,
I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly appreciate your website and have enjoyed reading your articles!  I came upon the theory re: Gen. 6 and the nephilim about 6 months ago with the writings of Fruchtenbaum, Unruh, Missler, and Marzulli, and now yourself.  It explains a lot of things that I previously found hard to reconcile, such as the Flood, UFO's, abductions, and certain passages in the Old Testament where Joshua is ordered to "kill them all".
In years past I had never believed in "demons and devils" until I became involved in the "New Age" and it finally dawned on me after a while that the real question regarding chanelling and its like is not: "Is he/she really channeling?", but rather "WHAT is he/she channeling?!?"  I self-facilitated myself out of that environment and am a stronger Christian now than ever.
I was wondering what you make of certain Bible passages (I wish I could quote them but I know they are in there) which make mention of Anak (nephilim) and their descendants.  Is it your opinion that the sons of angels could themselves have children, and then their children, and so on?  Would that not create a gene pool problem today?  Could their descendants exist to this day, or that people exist who have some remnant of them in their DNA?  Or do you think that they were sterile and new "giants" have to always be created anew from a fallen angel?
Do you believe that the "days of Noah" and the "great deception" that Christ mentioned are upon us?  Or that the nephilim need more time?
I read on your website that you had recently returned to Michigan.  I am sorry to hear about your disappointment with Roswell, I hope in the end that all works out for you and your ministry, maybe God has other plans for you.  More than once God has used my disappointments to achieve His work.
Do not forget, too, that this understanding is just too "far out there" for most people to want to become acquainted with.  In my case it was the shocking personal experience that dark forces do in fact exist that opened me up to this understanding.  Not that many people are that far yet.
Prayers to you and your ministry,

Dear Joan,

If you read the sections on the Flood, Abductions, Cattle Slaughtering and The Two seeds you will get the full story. In short, the sons of Anak were giants. The same word used in Genesis 6 is the same and only other place this word Nephilim is used. They are one in the same however, the Bible is quite clear that this genetic contamination was destroyed and stopped by the flood. The reemergence of this genetic interbreeding is a mystery that many of us who have been called to this area of ministry have varying beliefs as to how this was done. One interesting note I discovered was the fact that the majority of  researchers believe that the Nephilim was the name for the offspring. If you look even at the surface construction of the sentence, it is not directly saying that. I asked Dr Mike Hieser who is an expert on ancient Biblical languages, about the Word Nephilim and its contextual use in Genesis 6,  is there the possibility that this is a separate group from the offspring which are called the mighty men of renown. Based on the word construction Dr. Mike Heiser agreed that this is the only option for the Word. So we have a group that was there then and reappeared again after the flood. The genetic interbreeding was the only reason genocide was permitted and even demanded by God to certain tribes. These were peoples who had mixed themselves with this seed. Joshua and Caleb did not finish the task as a last band of these giants fled safely into the camp of the Philistines. Currently, I think any of the various ideas as to how the seed reappears are viable.  I hold that the Nephilim were the descendants of Cain after he murdered his brother. He was sentenced  off the surface of the earth to wander in the land of Nod east of Eden in an literal hollow earth. These are the same Kings of the East who come out of the pit in the last days to engage in the battle of Armageddon.

 Fallen angels are able to reproduce with humans, that is what the whole Genesis 6 scenario is talking about. They are right on their time but that is running out for them and they do not believe it. We are in the days just like before the flood that through the whole UFO/Alien deception, the message, beings and their agenda have come full circle once again. 

While I was disappointed with Roswell,  or rather the Christian believers and the churches there, I certainly did not leave out of a sense of defeat or discouragement. Anyone who knows me, knows once I get a vision and purpose directed by the Lord I am like a pit bull. I left because God told me to, nothing more or less. I could not tell you exactly why then but now after a year I know a few reasons why. While in Roswell, I had no medical insurance. Unknown to us, my wife and I both had medical problems that needed urgent care. We obeyed and came back to Michigan in the worst economy I have ever seen. In less than a week, I had a good paying job with Blue Cross /Blue Shield after a short time of working. When my insurance became active, I found out I needed a five artery by-pass surgery which cost about 114,000.00 dollars. My wife also needed her Thyroid gland removed. I had angina pains for almost two years with five arties over 90% clogged. I was a walking almost dead man without knowing it. My wife's gland was not life threatening but left ignored it could have been. In his mercy he had a plan that had us move back home. I believe we are going back to Roswell in the near future There were other things that happened that God is still working out that probably made it necessary for us to leave for awhile. We were the only ministry there standing in the gap to this big lie that was also leading people to Christ. I somehow will be helping to re-establish my store/museum there again as it is needed . After being in this kind of ministry for over ten years, rejection is a way of life and discouragement is just something you get used to dealing with, and in a prayerful relationship with the Lord you can endure it. What kept us going and remaining encouraged was the fact that we were making a difference. Lives were being changed seeds were planted and daily we had divine appointments in our place that told us to keep on going. I do not regret anything about my Roswell experience and can't wait for whatever is next. Thank You for your prayers and concern. This is a bit more than what I usually write back but i am still recuperating and have plenty of time on my hands right now.

Sincerely, In His Service, Jim W. :)