The Extrapolation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Greatest Deception since the Flood!

This next part will be a brief possibility of how this big lie just might conclude itself. This is only a guess and not meant to be made into any doctrine. I base this guess on the patterns of the same but opposite from statements of those in the UFO and New Age Communities, as well as a few scriptures that might allude to this format. The only reason I would give any consideration to the mediums and their "channeled messages" is for a pattern of the same but opposite. Through the occult they have their own prophetic promises. Half truths but in this they tip off what the enemy is planning. In a booklet I have on the rise of Hitler based on the occult perspective, it reads out like a same but opposite Gospel story. In the same manner I see these "experiencers’’, mediums and contactees fulfilling the same role for another set up of events.

New Age Medium and UFO cultist, Ruth Montgomery states in her book "Aliens Among Us", that there is a coming shift of the earth’s axis which will cause this "cleansing." The catastrophic events will destroy a large portion of life. Her "guides" have told her,
" that there will be flying machines to remove some of the earth people who are too valuable to be allowed to go into spirit, because of the need for their wisdom."

This theme runs steady in UFO "Channeled messages" by various cult leaders.
Thelma Terrell of Durango, Co., channels messages from “Ashtar Command”. They gave her the name “Tuella”, of which she is more know as. [Tuella and Thule (name of mythical Aryan capital) both pronounced too-la. A pattern that is consistant with so caled "Aliens" is one where the names of many of these channeled beings seem to be the same mythical names of heroes or names of demons.] “Tuella” states as received by her E.T. contact "Andromeda Rex" (Indiana Jones has nothing on this guy) that,

"The Great Evacuation will come upon the world very suddenly. The flash of emergency events will be as the lightening that flashes in the sky. Our rescue ships will be able to come close enough in the twinkling of an eye to set the lifting beams in operation. In a moment. Mankind will be lifted, levitated shall we say, by the beams from our smaller ships. These smaller craft will in turn taxi the persons to the larger ships overhead, higher in the atmosphere, where there is ample space for millions of people."

Even the language of the messages mirror the language of the Biblical theme of a rapture.

New Age writings by Alice Bailey, David Spangler, Angi Yogi, H.G. Wells, The Theosophical Society, Rosicrucians, all describe a coming "cleansing" action that will have to take place at a critical point of this convergence or next evolutionary step up for Earth and Mankind. David Spangler’s quote is very ominous to any Bible believing Christian or Jew,

"…those of us who refuse to accept the "Christ" will be sent to another dimension other than physical incarnation, out of physical embodiment, to another level of vibration where we will be happier."

David Spangeler is attributed to being one of the founders of the modern "New Age" movement. He is the founder of the Finhorn Foundation, author of several major new Age books and co-founder of the Lindisfarne Association, a group of professionals as scientists, theologians, teachers, psychologists and others in related fields who are a social think tank associated with the UN for centers of studies and transformation to a One World Order of social change.
Another New Age visionary, Peter LeMesurier describes in his book, "The Armageddon Script", the necessity to fulfill Christian expectations of a second coming in order to get them to accept a New World Order. With the strategies of staging a false Second coming ,  one can almost see an entire end time traditional scenario taking shape as an extrapolation. In other words it will be in the same expected events but with a different message attached to them. In that sense it is the same but opposite results of an extrapolation of the Biblical model.

Abductees’ accounts also indicate one or both evacuations of certain people. Billy Meier and his Pleiadian encounters with “Semjase” (same name as the main leader of fallen angels of the  Geneses 6 deception) although slightly different dangers, (WWIII) mirror the same warnings and need for both evacuations.
Add a couple of scriptures that allude to these events and you have the same but opposite events happening just before and interwoven with the real events. Let’s take a look at these scriptures first. Then I would like to suggest an explanation of this intertwining.


Thanks in part to the Left Behind series the traditional end time events are becoming known even to non Christians or Christian professing people who have never been taught anything about the return of Christ by their "Churches". As part of these traditional teachings comes the idea of the "Rapture". This is the sudden removal of all Born Again believers in Christ assumed to be just before the "Great Tribulation".

With this world wide expectation, imagine a scenario in which there is a sudden removal or disappearance of many but not a tremendous amount of people. Instead of being the "Born Again Christians" it becomes the hierarchy and leaders of the New Age movement. At the same time a flap wave of UFO sightings are reported around the world.
A Possible Scenario: A Phony Rapture that Includes UFO’s ?
With this sudden void of influence, two things begin to result. One, a Christian revival such as the world has never experienced before. The second, a Fake Tribulation period in which the tables are turned where good is evil and evil is good. This could begin with many sudden earth changes and natural catastrophes.. (It has been alleged with much support that H.A.A.R.P. is a project that could influence weather and produce some of these effects.

During this time the world will begin to piece together an understanding that the New Age is fulfilling Christian prophecy and replacing Christianity in the same manner as Christ was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and replaced the Old covenant with the New Covenant of Grace. It can be why the New Agers say they want to eliminate Judaism, and adjust Christianity from its Jewish influence (or as they put it, its contamination)
This sudden new turn and direction for America’s Christian revival incurs Satan’s wrath and leads to an attack. Third part of Washington’s vision discussed in the Alien section) These threatened Nations, with an alliance of like minded nations lead to an-all out, short-lived war or attack on America. In response there is a "supernatural intervention". The "Christ" consciousness, Matreya and thousands of "angels" appear to deliver America and save the day. They come in the "clouds of heaven", or rather, nut and bolt UFOs.

In a space age Inter-galactic format, with good angel aliens and bad angel reptilian ones, man is in the middle. Bible prophecy, ancient myths, all other religious prophecies and occult myths are fulfilled. This results in the attempt to unite the World U.N. style. Christian resistance and refusal to accept this New Age becomes obvious. In a very convincing manner, Christians because they seem to prosper both spiritually and in the natural at this time are blamed for being the deceived ones who unknowingly took a mark. The Holy Spirit is explained and viewed as being an alien entity. The hidden truths of the Grays and their connection to Judaism and Christianity are "revealed."
The Theosophical concept of the "Harmonic Convergence" set up, is explained and added to the list of crimes committed by the controlled Christians. The natural catastrophes are their fault also. The second Holocaust begins. In a matter of a few years of continued resistance and even militant resistance by "Christian professing" people who know just enough about prophecy without knowing their Savior, fight back and become dangerous to themselves and others. This leads to another "Final solution”. The first Holocaust is perhaps justified on the same alien implant basis. Hitler then becomes a Hero of mankind instead of the mass murderer.
In the midst of all of this we have the two witnesses who are explaining by the Word of God just what is going on and why. We also have the Antichrist and False prophet who came on the scene. Both are said to have an assumed 31/2 years of ministry or power. You have two seeds and two ways of looking at these events and people. One will see the two witness as the Antichrist and False Prophet, and the Antichrist and False Prophet will be seen as the two witnesses representing possibly Tao. The Ying and the Yang. One who looks like the traditional Anglo-Saxon Jesus is the False Prophet who directs the worlds attention and worship to the Antichrist Adolf Hitler who now reveals himself and the whole world marvels. (This could not happen until the principles of reincarnation, Karma and ascension to an Avatar are taught and made to be understood by the common man). Israel and Egypt are horrified. It fortunately results in a national repentance and acceptance of the real Jesus Christ.
By now the real mark of the beast, whether a challenge of commitment or a literal mark is openly implemented and it creates the division of one camp from the other. The two wittiness reach the end of their ministry and are killed. Three days later there is a resurrection and ascension in the sight of everyone. It is explained away as the Antichrist and the False prophet being tossed into the lake of fire or as the New Agers would say taken to another dimension where they can work out their karma and be in a happier place.
Immediately after this, a phony Judgment by the false prophet takes place. This will somehow include a bringing down and capturing of real angels who along with many earthbound Christians who will be judged and killed. This will be a fake "White Throne" Judgment. Any theological discrepancies will be quickly and easily explained away by the sudden shock and impact of so many changes and the "proof" of this intergalactic war.
Then the real rapture hits. Suddenly all of God’s people are gone. This is explained as the second removal of those who would not accept the New Age. This event would be explained as the Biblical separation of the sheep and goats, and wheat and tares mentioned by Jesus.
At the second coming of Christ, it is recorded that Jesus Himself puts a new name upon the foreheads of His own that no one else knows. All that are left take this mark thinking they have just entered this thousand year rein of the Christ and instead they have taken the real mark of the beast! As the Armies gather to finish off Israel and get to the center of the earth following an occult tradition of the axis pole, the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem, The real Christ returns and with nothing but a word from His mouth the Armies are destroyed.
I have simplified this greatly, as there are many details and probably a million questions about particulars. But it is not my point to assume all of the details and wrap this up in a neat little package. I can’t do that, no one can. This is only an educated guess. If this pattern begins to happen I am sure God will reveal more needed details as we need it. This is just a generalization of how events may happen that include "aliens" and the ancient myths and prophecies from all religions and the occult. This would be the coming together of all things in an opposite direction than that of God’s. It will only be by having God’s Spirit in you that you will even be able to tell who is who.
Consider this Mockery.
God revealed Himself to the Jew first. Law, Jews, Burnt offering. It was through the Law that the Jews came into the presence of God by a burnt offering. When Hitler came the first time He destroyed the Law, took the Jew and made him the burnt offering.
Christians= Faith by Grace. With Jesus fulfilling the Law, a Christians way into the presence of God is by Faith in God’s grace. If Hitler is to come back a second time, he destroys faith by explaining away everything in "natural" terms through technology and "Aliens". He then takes the Christian and kills him by "Grace" which will be a mercy killing. With an understanding of being innocently infected by an "Alien" entity that causes us to resist the New Age which in turn causes the natural catastrophes, we are killed for the benefit of mankind and ourselves. With the embedded belief in reincarnation, this would not be a final act of death, as we would simply come back again and be free of this "Alien implant"
Strange, imaginative, maybe even scary? Perhaps, but this might be the end of the New Age Rainbow and the inclusion of UFO’s and Aliens in an End-Time scenario.