The Flight to the West and the South

2 "Though they dig into hell, thence shall mine hand take them; though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down:
3 And though they hide themselves in the top of Carmel, I will search and take them out thence; and though they be hid from my sight in the bottom of the sea, thence will I command the serpent, and he shall bite them:"  
                                                                                                        Amos 9:2-3   (KJV)

Common Understandings

All commentaries will tell you that this is a metaphorical use of extreme depths and heights that cannot be accomplished by man, so that in their attempt to flee by  extremes assumed to be beyond their ability, God will still reach them. The problem today is that there are no limits to where man can travel. There now exists an element that could make this a literal prophetic event and not just a metaphor.

Who are they?

In context, "they" are a group of people fleeing the wrath of God for sins against man and God. They have dug into hell and reached into heaven. The Hebrew word for Heaven is the same for all three levels of heaven mentioned in the Bible . It is only in contextual use, that we know which of the three are being described. That is by perception and not always conclusive. The three levels of heaven taught in the Bible are the atmosphere of our earth, the physical realm of outer space, and I hope I have shown the domain and realm of God, which is a place outside of time. (Ecc 3:15) Reaching into this third realm, is the heaven breached by the Nazis making both directions achieved by the Nazis and possibly fulfilling this prophecy.
                                                                                                                             Poster claiming the expedition and exploration of space and inner earth

Digging into hell, climbing up to heaven

No other time and no other group of people have tried or have been extremely motivated to try to reach these extremes except the Nazis. They believed in a hollow earth where pure blood relatives existed and they explored areas to find them. This eventually led them to the Antarctic exploring and searching for an opening and digging into the depths. They believed their bloodline came from the ancient "gods" from the Golden ages and believed the Aldeberan system of Taurus to be their heavenly homeland.  In my studies, I have found that there was no proof of any official space program planned. However, there is plenty of evidence from the ideology and comments from captured Nazi rocket scientists to indicate that this was the next natural progression and unofficial desired step. The end result is that first the Nazis and then the US with the aid of former Nazis did accomplish both directions. However this only explains the attempt to reach into the second heaven, that of outer space. The rocket scientists may have been deemed a sacrifice in part as a smoke screen., because the Nazis developed the power to enter into the third heaven which was far more powerful. In all of these ways both realms have been breached as this text of scripture could suggest, if in fact this text is a literal prophecy and not just a metaphor.


Symbols of mans attempt to dig into hell and ascending into heaven.





Hiding on top of Mt Carmel: The escape to the West.                                The "Garden Land" NT MT. Carmel

In the America in prophecy section, it is shown that America was to become the safe haven for the church. Founded by the tribe of Dan for all the other dispersed tribes to rejoin themselves as the "seed of Jacob" this is a necessary element to know. Jeremiah says that this seed of Jacob was found in Babylon, the later one. This was the "sides of the North, the seat and the object for Satan to clandestinely take over. It is also called the garden land (Isaiah 26) the place where God chooses to scatter Israel's seed into all the world and then re gather it in America, the Garden Land. Garden land is an important term in understanding Mt Carmel. My Carmel is in Israel but there my be a New Testament spiritualized version also. Mountain is symbolic of any fortification or nation. Carmel from the Hebrew means "Garden Land". This could be a new Testament version of Mt. Carmel which would be The United States of America. Where are the fleeing people hiding? On top of Mt Carmel. If the symbolic has any truth to it, this would mean that the fleeing Nazis end up hiding in the highest positions in the United States. This is exactly what happened as the result of Operation Paperclip and the Gelhan organization. This is also described in detail in Daniel 11.

The highest level of defense in the "Gardenland"

The Top of MT. Carmel

The End of World War II as Recorded in the Bible

“ But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the
precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at
his steps.(battle of El Alamein stopped the African campaign right here!) 44 But tidings out
of the east (Russian front) and out of the north (Normandy D-Day Invasion)
shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly
to make away many. (Hitler’s Scorched earth policy) 45 And he shall plant the
tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain;
(The US not
yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him. (Accomplished April 30th
1945 in a bunker in Berlin)
Dan 11:43-45 43

Much of this text is not understood because of the term "Holy Mountain of God." Most scholars agree
this is either Mt. Zion or Jerusalem in Israel. There is however a "New Testament" definition that can also be applied. The word "Mountain" can signify a fortification or kingdom, which is a typical Biblical symbolic use. Mt. Zion is interchangeable with Holy Mountain and referred to as Jerusalem, the tribe of Judah (Ps78:68) and anywhere the people of God are congregated.(Ps74:2)
In New Testament terms this could also be the United States a Nation where Christians have congregated!

This concept with many scriptures to support this idea is discussed further in the America in Prophecy
chapter. For now it is only important to realize that because of this misidentification of the "holy mountain of God", this text about WWII has gone undetected for what it is saying. When this military leader (Hitler) comes to "his end", The tabernacle of his palace is taken to a place between the seas. Mt Zion as Jerusalem is not between seas, America as a New Testament Zion, is. Tabernacle can mean a “tent” in it’s broadest use but also means “the body or inhabitants within the tent”. In this sense, the Palace represents the very seat of Nazi authority and kingdom. The inhabitants of his kingdom that made him strong would be the creators of "secret knowledge" and the keepers of this "secret knowledge." These inhabitants would be the Scientists/Engineers and the Intelligence operatives that helped make Nazi Germany rise to its power.  Therefore Daniel 11:44,45 describes Operation Paperclip which relocated the Nazi scientists and engineers to Roswell, New Mexico as well as the Nazi intelligence officers through the Gelhen agreement. This group helped change the military intelligence division of the OSS into a New organization. This organization would emulate the Nazi way of intelligence renamed the CIA! By 1949 almost half our agents were ex-Nazi intelligence officers who should have been put on trial for war crimes. They were pardoned and made good little American citizens. This is the very infrastructure of Nazi Germany which we took into ourselves as the spoils of war.

This is the very thing Joshua was warned not to do. He was told not to take the spoils of war ( cursed thing) from the conquered lands into themselves as it would change them from within. Joshua 6:18 We are no different than Israel and should have listened to the same wisdom for ourselves. This describes the escape by those who went westward on the top of Carmel. The other escape was to the extreme point in the south. Those who hid at the bottom of the sea. Operation Paperclip and the Gehlen Organization was our undoing which changed us from within. The woman with the golden cup becomes the Harlot with a cup of indignation and madness. Rev 17:4


Hiding at the bottom of the sea: The escape to the South

The last part of this text can mean that this another group is hiding or literally concealing themselves at the bottom of the sea. The words can bring out even more meaning if we dare to look deeper. Bottom can mean the lowest level of something but it comes from a root word that can give it the additional slant as a rift or opening , literally, a spreading apart . This idea can be crossed referenced in Job 38:8 as the mention of the sea having doors. Also see Job 38:16,17. The sea in this text means  the literal sea but can also mean westward and some rare occasions southward (PS107:3). In all of this we can get the picture of a group of people hiding at the bottom or a rift like opening in the sea. This is rather interesting as this could allude to the trenches in the ocean as an opening or pathway to this inner realm. This of course could be navigated today by submarines heading southward as this picture shows the Atlantic ridge. This allusion could be describing the disappearance of over 200 Nazi submarines making an escape to an extreme point Southward (the Antarctic) via the Atlantic trench. Something very strange happens along the way. God commissions or charges the serpent to bite them. If we were talking about a literal snake, bite would be the proper meaning here. However, the Hebrew word for bite, nashak which means to bite or strike out like a sting,  has another meaning. If we are talking about an upright shinning creature i.e. the "Gray" alien or Biblically, a fallen angel ( which I believe is being described here,) then the word also means to give interest on a loan. This is a perfect allusion to an alliance! The fallen angels are investing themselves to the Nazi goals as the Nazis are actually on loan to them! Why? because they have the same boss Satan, the head of the fallen angelic rebellion against God. Notice too that it is God himself who is charging this commission. They are merely fulfilling the ultimate plan of God Atlantic Ridge running N + S        in    their rebelliousness. As you continue on with the Man Made UFO section you will find historical evidence of this very thing. How amazing it is that this Hebrew  word could work like a valve with two different and logical meanings in conjunction to the other words around it. This is the way and manner in which the prophecies are "hidden" until it becomes necessary to know, unlocked by the Holy Spirit in His time.


                                                                                The Atlantic Rift was a central fissure to Pangea the one huge c                                                                                 continent , which broke up at the Babel event.



There are a few other scriptures to support the above idea found in Job 39. There is so much mixed in this context yet to be understood that I will have to save this as a single chapter synopsis at the end of your tour.

I believe I have helped you to see that scripture does or rather could support the rumors and historical trail of the Nazis to the West as spoils of war reaching for the heavens with a space program and digging into hell the southern escape to the Antarctic with the ability to ascend into the ultimate heaven the dimensional barrier of time itself. We will discover more compelling evidence of this in the Alien section of the "Nordics".


For now let's return to the story of man made UFO's