Halloween's Tract with Treat

When I lived in a more urban area we used to pass out tracts that were stapled to whatever candy we gave out to children on Halloween night.    Since that time I live in such a remote area that this practice has been long forgotten but since I have met Pastor Doug and Ruth Dayhuff through my web site, they have reminded me of the excellent opportunity we have on this "Holiday" to bring about some good in it all. Here in their own words is a great idea for your church or as an individual to make the most of such an ungodly holiday.

My name is Doug Dayhuff, my wife's name is Ruth and we are tract ministers. As tract ministers we are always trying to seek God's will for more effective tract ministry. He has clearly shown us the one event that the church can storm the gates of hell and it may not be what you think, it certainly wasn't what we would of thought.

On one holiday the church can plant as many seeds as they might all year. That one event-Halloween! While many churches are having a "fall festival" or their own events millions of aliens, ghosts and other monsters are going house to house with an open sack. Instead of enclosing ourselves in more churchianity why don't we take this one unique event and spread The Gospel. We call it "tract w/ treat". This assault on the gates of hell is a three pronged attack. All three can be used individually or collectively, remember Is.55:11 God's WORD never goes forth void but it accomplishes the mission.
#1 Set up a table at church or busy area with plenty of illustrated Gospel tracts, New Testaments (you would be surprised as to how few have a Bible these days), Bible coloring books...church flier, and a regular selection of candy. Have the folks working that table encourage passerby's to take of the free comics.
#2 Folks that aren't at the table can pass out Gospel comics from their home, instead of keeping the light off, or huddling inside the church. It is reported that in some towns some individual house can pass out up to 500 Gospel comics in the two nights of trick or treat.
#3 For those who don't like to be stationary there is the MSU (Mobile Solders Unit). Get some young people and thousands of Gospel comics and hit the streets yelling free comics. You will be swamped and the kids love what you have because they have seen all the candy before. My wife gets choked up because they almost always say thank you. It's like they are not saying "thank you" to her but to Jesus for the salvation plan contained inside the Gospel comics.



You can google gospel tracts to find illustrated gospel tracts, or do what we do for this event and look at www.chick.com. We are in no way affiliated with chick; it's just that they impacted our lives and like they're motto say "chick tracts get read." If you want any help with this please feel free to contact us at sjemusic@verizon.net

There WILL be a battle to do this any time we use the Sword of The Spirit the enemy tries to take it out of our hands, but let me assure you after 12 years of this that God's love and grace and power will spill over you while this is happening. Godspeed to you all!
Seeking His Kingdom First, Pastor Doug & Ruth