New ideas or even products that require change or adjustments on our part, to accept and incorporate them into our society are usually met with less than a warm welcome. When the  conveyer of this new idea, or product  makes some earth changing claim, that could influence our way of life, but attached to it is a price that may cost you something, the first thing we want to know is on what authority do you speak from?

Ego and Pride a Human Problem

Human expectations as to how we think others should accomplish anything in this life is very demanding and usually inflexible to our own standards what ever they may be. An honest person would have to agree, that most of this standard is centered around ourselves. Many times what we are really trying to do is determine if this individual has some creditability above our own. To accept someone who we determine by our own standards to be equal to what we have and are, is met with skepticism at best. If we find they are below what we consider our own level of education, experience or any other perceived qualification, forget it, case closed, nothing they say or do will have any merit. That kind of reaction has more to say about ourselves than it does the product or message. It is because if we accept the person and what they have done, then we have to face the fact that, why didn't we do this first? I mean he's no better than myself, I'm sure I couldn't do this,  so who does he think he is? How dare he try and put one over on us like that! Our own ego and pride has just blinded us from accepting anything from that person.

 To admit this person a right of passage to accomplishments where it is obvious he has nothing that stands out above our own is to, (in a subconscious way) admit our own inadequacies. Of course this is wrong thinking but it is part of the natural fallen state of mankind's sin nature. This was the very thing Jesus was confronted with as he shared profound things from the scriptures in the local synagogue in his hometown.

 "And when He had come to His own country, He taught them in their synagogue, so that they were astonished and said, "Where did this Man get this wisdom and these mighty works?  "Is this not the carpenter's son? Is not His mother called Mary? And His brothers James, Joses, Simon, and Judas?  "And His sisters, are they not all with us? Where then did this Man get all these things?"  So they were offended at Him. But Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house."  Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief."    Matt 13:54-58 (NKJ)

In the above text you will notice that the people did not question the teachings, or the miraculous workings, they were actually impressed with them, probably because the teachings showed insight and wisdom far above anything they had heard before, and the supernatural actions cold not be rationally explained away either. Knowing the normal background Jesus had as a carpenter's son, they became indignant at Jesus and ignored the truths he tried to share and the amazing works that happened. Their lack of faith and there evaluation of who should be able to do these kinds of things, in contrast to their knowledge of Jesus personally, blinded them from seeing what God was doing in their midst. It was ego and human pride that did this.
Later, in a nearby town, as Jesus tried to address his personal involvement and ministry to the locals, it became even worse for him when in Capernaum he referenced scriptures stating these prophetic scriptures were about himself .

"And they said, Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? how is it then that he saith, I came down from heaven? "  John 6:42 (KJV)

Others, as they heard about Jesus, questioned his background.

"Philip found Nathanael and said to him, "We have found Him of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets, wrote-- Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph."  And Nathanael said to him, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" Philip said to him, "Come and see."  John 1:45-46 (NKJ)

We want super heroes, they have to be better than us.

These actions individually speak more about our own feelings of inadequacy and collectively our demands and expectations for a superhero, who should far exceed our own abilities. This is simply human nature as part of our sin nature that rears it's ugly face in the midst of our own fears and shortcomings. What should encourage us to realize that God can and will use everyday  "normal" people as his vessels, instead becomes the threat to our own ego. The end of that thinking is a rejection of what God is doing in our midst. We reject the message because the messenger failed to live up to our standards and expectations. Every prophet and every brave soul who has believed and received the supernatural workings of God in his or her personal life, has experienced this kind of rejection both from within and without the Church. It is also why most Christians today are not walking or experiencing this supernatural side of a relationship with the Lord.

Even in the secular world, we do the same thing because this is part of our own human nature which is part of a sin nature. I would like to give you two quick examples of people who were rejected by society in the same fashion as Jesus. The first one had all the man made credentials anyone could possibly obtain for his field. The problem was that this man was speaking about unheard of ideas and warnings that required big changes in an inflexible structured order of his world. It was too disruptive and way ahead of it's time for others to even want to consider. The next individual was a genius who even though he accomplished the unthinkable, with positive results as proof, he was shunned and rejected because of his race and lack of "proper" education. They were heroes in every sense of the word, because they persisted in spite of the injustice put upon them and our society has been greatly enriched by their insight and accomplishments.

Billy Mitchell was a decorated flying ace of the First World War. After the war, Billy dutifully stayed with the US Army Air Corp, rising to the rank of General. From this hard-earned position of influence, he tried to impress upon the US War Department the integral role that “air power” (an almost unheard of term at the time) would play in the future of warfare.

His unrelenting passion to make certain that America was strong and prepared for any wars yet to come, made him “a royal pain” to his peers. His eventual reward was to be court-marshaled with the loss of his rank, his command, and ultimately retiring in disgrace.

So what exactly was the crime that ruined his life? Quite simply, he was a visionary. Keenly aware of what was, he rightly discerned that which was inevitable. At a time when the naval battleship was the ultimate weapon of war, nobody imagined that a more effective assault weapon would be possible - much less needed - or especially, defended against. Nonetheless, Billy plainly saw what was on the horizon, and struggled for years to impress the War Department to rethink their soon-to-be outdated ways.

Finally, after years of harassment, the military powers-that-were, offered him a chance to test his theories of air power. But contrary to his proposed strategies, they instead, tightly re-defined the parameters he was to work within. You see, Billy was considered a “loose cannon,” and he was finally being set up to fail. So in this very public display before U.S. and international military leaders, he was told to make a high level bombing run upon a specified target - an old captured German battleship, The Ostfriesland left over from World War I. Several times the high altitude bombing runs failed to sink or even hit the ship. Relieved, and confident in Billy's failure, the leaders felt secure that they had made their point.

The missing element Billy was forbidden to use, was a tactic he developed called dive bombing the target. In that moment, Billy Mitchell had an agonizing decision to make. Should he simply call it a day, and fly back to the base with his tail between his legs? Or would he dare break an order to challenge his complacent leadership's “dogma,” and sacrifice his personal security for what he knew to be true –– and for the sake of the nation he had sworn to protect?

On another pass Mitchell signaled the rest of his crew. They knew what to do. Peeling off in a straight dive at the target, they unloaded their bombs, making direct hits, and sinking the ship in minutes. History records that the American leaders openly wept.

Later, from his obscure station near the U.S.- Mexican border, the now demoted Captain Billy Mitchell wrote the War Department one final letter. After a trip to Japan, he felt that our next war would be started by Japan with carrier based airplanes against one of our island outposts - most likely Hawaii's Pearl Harbor, with a second attack at Wake Island. The most incredible thing was he wrote this letter in 1924!

Billy Mitchell at his Court Marshall

The official response questioned his mental competence which led to Billy’s decision to resign from military service. Twelve years later, in 1936, Billy Mitchell died as an outcast. Then on December 7, 1941 - like a prophecy fulfilled - Billy's worst nightmare became a reality.

The warnings of Billy Mitchell became the adopted strategies of air power that helped us win World War II.  In hindsight, a WWII bomber plane was named after Mitchell, and he was posthumously awarded a special Congressional medal of Honor in 1946. Mitchell was finally recognized for the hero he always was. Regretfully he never lived to see the fruit of his labors, or the day when others finally acknowledged the truth of his vision, and acted accordingly.

DR. Vivian Thomas

“I think he is the most un-talked about, unappreciated, unknown giant in the African American community. What he helped facilitate impacted people all over the world.” -- Dr. Levi Watkins, surgeon

 At the height of segregation in the United States, an unlikely alliance between a black medical genius and a white surgeon led to some of the 20th century's pioneering medical breakthroughs, chief among them the procedure that cured the heart defect that caused "blue baby syndrome."
Partners of the Heart tells the remarkable but obscure story of Vivien Thomas, whose medical collaboration with surgeon Alfred Blalock opened new paths for healing at a time when most doors were closed to African Americans.
As a young man in Nashville, Tennessee's middle-class black community, Thomas dreamed of becoming a doctor. But after the Great Depression wiped out his savings, he took a low-paying job at Vanderbilt University's medical school. He was 19 years old. His job classification was janitor, but he quickly became the trusted assistant to the temperamental, ambitious surgeon Alfred Blalock, age 32.
Despite their different backgrounds, race and status, the two men developed a congenial friendship and genuine respect for each other within the lab. At Vanderbilt, they made their first medical breakthrough: they proved that shock was caused by loss of blood and other fluids.
When Blalock's growing renown led to a job offer at Johns Hopkins as chief of surgery, he made it a condition that Thomas accompany him. In 1941, Thomas, his wife, and two young daughters moved to Baltimore. In that city and at Johns Hopkins, Thomas encountered prejudice, racism and segregation as never before from colleagues and collaborators in the lab and the in the operating room, Blalock and Thomas could not eat at the same table in the hospital cafeteria.
At Hopkins, Blalock and Thomas tackled a deadly heart defect that afflicted thousands of babies each year, stunting their growth and leaving them listless and with a bluish cast to their skin. Spurred by Hopkins colleague Helen Taussig, chief of pediatric cardiology, Thomas and Blalock spent a year investigating "blue baby syndrome" and devising a surgery to correct it. As Blalock attended to his many administrative duties, Thomas did the day-to-day work in the lab to advance the project, even creating specialized surgical instruments for the exacting procedure.

In November 1944, a critically ill 15-month-old, weighing just nine pounds, was wheeled into the operating room. Cardiac surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley recalls, "The real worry was could a little blue child like this withstand surgery?" With Thomas at his side, directing his every move, Blalock embarked on a desperate attempt to save Eileen Saxon. It was the first time he had performed this operation outside the laboratory.
After 90 minutes, Blalock began to sew up Eileen's tiny arteries. When the clamps were removed and the baby's lips blushed a bright pink, wrote Thomas, "you have never seen anything so dramatic. It was almost a miracle." Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas had successfully pioneered an operation that would bring fame, glory -- and hundreds of sick babies and their desperate parents -- to Hopkins. In the first year alone, the team performed more than 200 operations.
As the hospital's reputation grew, so did Thomas's responsibilities. The former carpenter with no college education directed the research laboratory, training the country's brightest young surgeons. Yet he struggled to make ends meet and moonlighted as a bartender -- often at functions attended by those he trained during the day.
When Alfred Blalock died in 1965 at age 65, Vivien Thomas fell into a depression and did not undertake a major research project for six years. Then, as Hopkins took halting steps toward desegregation, he made a new role for himself as mentor to the first generation of African American medical students, as well as hospital staff.
Entering his sixties, Thomas began to reap some richly deserved recognition for his contributions to cardiac surgery. In 1971, Blalock's former surgery students presented him with a portrait they commissioned to hang on Hopkins' walls. Five years later, Vivien Thomas received an honorary doctorate from Johns Hopkins. After 37 years at Hopkins, he was appointed to the medical school faculty. Vivien Thomas retired in 1979 and died in 1985 at age 75.

The above was taken from the PBS site featuring their docudrama, Partners of the heart. HBO also did a movie, Something the Lord had Made. When I saw this movie I was angered that I never learned about this man or his great achievements in school. After having my own open heart surgery, I realized that I owed my life to Vivian Thomas. He pioneered much of the modern procedures and even the tools used in open heart surgery. He taught many of the worlds best surgeons of all races.   One of the barriers he broke was the fact that the heart was an organ left untouched or experimented with because of so many Biblical references to it as the seat of ones mind. Imagine ,the man who became the teacher and trail blazer did not even have more than a year of college and did not even rank with the other academics he taught. I am sure as much of an obstacle it was being black in a time of prejudice, equally as difficult was the lack of credentials, that to the pride filled  academic system , was to their embarrassment and shame. What was not understood, was the fact that Vivien Thomas was a genius with a passion for his work.  Medicine was Mr. Thomas's greatest joy and interest. He studied out of pleasure and entertainment which far exceeded the educational requirements met by others. This passion for doing what he liked helped him to serve without reward or recognition by others. Unlike Billy Mitchell, he at least got to receive  some rewards and recognition before his death.

Welcome to my world

 I find myself in a position with portions of both of these men and neither one of them very beneficial to me. I have elements of a message that are way ahead of their time. Some of these elements, if true would require major changes in prophetic understandings that, in this inflexible society, will probably not happen until it is in everyone's face. I also have the double jeopardy of being no one of any consequence. I am not a highly degreed individual from a prestigious Institute, I am a middle class blue collar welder with an associates degree, and a year and a half of Bible college as a Pastor. My only experience is that of a street type minister with experience in the supernatural workings of God's Holy Spirit in many life threatening situations much like many missionaries who have been challenged in hostile lands.

In the type of ministry I find myself in today, I am certainly not one that could even think I am able to live up to anyone's expectations. I am a stumbling block for most because I lack the education as an academic or the social refinement  as an ivy leaguer. Like Mr. Thomas, my passion is studying what I like best, the bible, supernatural mysteries and history. In over thirty years of study, I have gathered as much knowledge than any PhD and I am not afraid or intimidated to be in their company as a colleague. Unfortunately for many, I am not taken seriously by the UFO community or the Church. I can only depend on God to back me up and press forward in any way I can to be his witness.

We as a society, continually act like the ostrich with his head in the sand when confronted with information that is too different or requires a change of heart or practice. We conveniently excuse our willful ignorance and rejection of the message because the messenger will always fail to measure up to our standards and expectations. Most of histories blunders and turning points have been the result of these kind of ego based reactions. It has always been this way and there is no reason to believe that it will not continue this way until the Lord returns to end this current state of affairs. As we fail to understand these past mistakes from history, we are doomed to repeat them. Every prophet of God right up until today has been confronted with the same reactions from the masses. We continue to desire and expect  unapproachable superheroes with  degrees and socially accepted credentials of the highest level. We continue to reject anything less than these high standards even when a simple study of the scriptures continually tells us that God speaks and uses the lesser and baser people to carry out some of  his greater messages and works. That is a sound Biblical fact repeated in almost every story. So called Heroes of the Bible were in almost all cases regular normal people with no man made approved credentials, specialized education or preferred social position. Faith in God was the only thing that stood out above the crowd. That element is not easily recognized or understood in this context even to those who should know, the religious leaders in their time. It was usually at their hand the prophets were put to death or driven out of town and silenced.

Today, as an evangelical Christian, I believe that all the gifts are still here today. I also believe that these gifts are for the use and application in our daily lives to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ to an unbelieving world. However, many times when telling others about my experiences and the fruitful results, I get a dead pan stare of unbelief, even by "Spirit Filled" believers who claim they are accustomed to these gifts but have a hard time accepting my testimony.

Now to be perfectly fair to my fellow Christians, I have to admit, that especially in our times, there are many false teachers, self proclaimed prophets and just plain kooks that make it very difficult to believe anyone claiming the supernatural in their life.  I find that I cannot defend or prove what I have experienced in the past, what I am doing in the present and what I believe I will be doing in the future. I can explain my experiences the best I can and rely on God by his spirit and his word to back me up and support what I say.

On my web site I have tried to explain my findings with the support of scripture, history and logic. Many times I have left out some of the supernatural means by which I had even been able to consider the particular perspective I approach them on. They were not of my own making as many perspectives were the result of visions and dreams that were given to me by the Lord. Many times these perceptions overruled previous beliefs I personally held. Some of my research was the result of miracles of being in the right time and the right place. Some were the result of supernatural intervention by incidents and what many would call coincidences. I have grown to expect these kind of events because in my walk with the Lord they are a regular part of my life. I realize most Christians cannot make that claim, but I will not apologize for it or feel awkward because I have them. I do not think this puts me on some kind of higher level or makes me any better of a person. By faith I have an experienced walk with the Lord to be able to accept his gifts, hear his voice, and apply them in my life, and live in the supernatural. It was the way our relationship was meant to be for all of us in Christ.

The Supernatural dimensions to Echoes of Enoch ministry: My calling

I say all of this because I must tell you of these miraculous events and happenings of what God did to make me aware of things that I have written about on this site and in my books. I kept many of these things out of the sections of my writings because I wanted you to read them without cutting it short by rejecting the  supernatural dimension. In this section I want to boast in the Lord and get me off the hook. I am not that educated, intelligent or gifted enough to come up with all of this on my own. So let me tell you here, about the supernatural things God did to impress on me,  many of the things I have written about. I had the luxury of taking four years of intensive study full time.  I had no bills other than cost of living and I used up my savings to survive. At this time I had no social life and worked like a fanatic researching and traveling when I could afford to, for first hand information. Sometimes I would work from dawn to dusk forgetting to eat when I wasn't even fasting. Was this a hard time for me? Heck no I was in heaven unhindered to do nothing but research. I can geek out like this for a time because I had a goal and a vision. I was on a mission from God.

As I was told these things, most of them in 1996 during a six month period of fasting and prayer, I was  firmly instructed by the Lord on what to do and how to act concerning these things.

1. I was to be like a witness and simply share with those willing to listen what I had been told. I was not to impose myself on anyone or make any demands attached to what I shared. Anyone who did not want to listen I was to just remain silent.

2. I was not to debate anything the Lord told me with anyone or take a defensive position. I was to explain the best  I could but not to dispute over them or even be open to modify what was spoken. (I am however open to adjusting anything that was not spoken by the Lord but are aspects of man, myself or other sources.)

So here is a list with testimony, of the supernatural events that lead to what I believe the Lord has spoken to me. I am not flexible in any way so as to conflict with what the Lord has told me about  the things that God either spoke to me directly, or made such a confirmed impression by events that I know this was God speaking. All I did on my part was to search the scriptures to confirm what I was shown or told in accordance to my fundamental spiritual upbringing.

Aliens and Fallen Angels

1. The so called Aliens were the Fallen angels of Genesis 6. The abductions were real and was a reoccurrence of events prior to the flood. This was impressed on me as early as 1975. However my understanding was very elementary with only a few scriptures and at that time, the only Christian book to confirm my suspicions  was called Crash goes the Chariots. I knew even at this early date that I would be involved with this topic later some day when things were more personal than just sightings.  Twenty years later, while I was recuperating from a broken ankle, I was home and watched a TV program featuring alien abductions. It was during this show that the Lord spoke to me and said that this would be my next ministry. I was to stand in the gap of the deceitful lies and reveal the Biblical truths behind it all. That night in January of 1996, I had the dream that started it all for me. Not long after I had found much more scriptures to begin to see a story developing. I came across the book Omega Conspiracy by I.D.E. Thomas. This book and soon after Chuck Missler's book Alien Agenda confirmed many of the things the Lord was showing me. This was only the tip of the iceberg but a good confidence builder to press on. I found scripture that showed a relationship to the grays of the UFO community with the Serpent or Nacash of the Bible.

Parallel Dimensions

2. Heaven and Earth, as a parallel universe was spoken to me in a dream. In the dream there were two people, twins, sitting at a table. A waiter came up to them and a voice said why must three serve two when only one should be serving only one. As the voice spoke the waiter turned into three waiters and then back to one. I had no clue what that meant and prayed for understanding. My fundamentalist background and teaching drove me to search the scriptures prayerfully for answers. This was during a time when for several months I fasted more than I ate and during a ten day fast, I began to study the Bible and received scriptures explaining the parallel dimension aspect of a true Biblical cosmology. God was telling me what the word clearly explains. In the beginning God walked with man. In the fall  of mankind,  God in three persons has divided up to serve and minister to the two dimensions. At then end of time, one dimension will end and one will to remain forever,  God's three dimensional persons will merge again as one, who will serve only one dimension. ( I think Trinitarians and Jesus only peoples may both have a point and are part right where semantics is the only real division )

The Same but Opposite: The pattern of detection

3. Everything God has done, is doing and will do, is being copied in the same but opposite manner. The Lord told me during a time of prayer and fasting, "Jim, everything is done in the same but opposite fashion by Satan. When you see this as a pattern many things will begin to make sense to you and pieces will fall into place. Everything in the Bible is connected as one story in this pattern. As you become more familiar with the pattern, Satan's plan will become clear in your understanding." In all of these years since I first heard this I feel, I have only begun to see how many events in history as well as future prophetic events are in this pattern of the same but opposite. I have stated and described each as opposites in all of my writings. It was in this time the Lord opened up my understanding of the 5 I wills of Satan and how this was a plan to extrapolate all that God did. It was also at this time I began to become suspicious that time and our perception of time was going to be an important factor in all of this too.

Biblical Clouds of Heaven

4. What are the Biblical clouds of heaven? This was going to be the answer to my first dream where I saw a UFO that kept changing like a hologram from something that looked alive, to a typical 1950's mechanical flying saucer. What God was trying to tell me here was the fact that from the eternal realm, a living order of angel is used as an inter-dimensional vehicle. Fallen angels in Genesis 6 imparted this knowledge to a part of mankind to mechanize this biological process to imitate the same ability for themselves . With such an amazing understanding most of it was developed and confirmed by certain scriptures that sort of jumped out to me to study back into their original languages from this perspective. It was very plain and clear.

The Two Americas in Bible Prophecy

5. During another time of fasting, I was driving home as I came upon a huge American flag waving in the windy spring day. As clear as I have ever heard the voice of the Lord he spoke and told me,  "Jim, the founding fathers of your nation were from the tribe of Dan." Immediately my first thought was, that is the weirdest thing I have ever heard, I never heard that from anyone before. In the same breath while I was still having that thought the Lord was already answering me. "Study the tribe of Dan and you will understand." Within a short period of intense study, I discovered just as the Lord had spoke to me about Dan and America.

 Dan was one of two tribes that would become a tribe nation. Dan and Judah were singled out and both were a major completion of prophecy. America in Prophecy with the many scriptures about Dan was the result of this study. While studying this I was reading the story about Samson. The Lord had just revealed to me with additional scripture how Samson's life was a type of America. He even explained the riddle as prophetic of important events that would be imitated by Satan in this same but opposite style. I was horrified by the implications of what I had found because it implicated the United States as eventually becoming the Modern Babylon and a major part of the last beast empire, not Europe. It was very upsetting to a person who has been a life long strongly convinced right wing conservative republican patriot.

A Major Turning Point and Safety Check

During this time, a voice came to me and said, " Who do you think you are? For several thousand years no one understood Samson's riddle and now you think that you do? Are you some kind of egomaniac? Keep thinking like this and you will end up leading a cult and serving Cool-aid to your congregation. " Fear gripped me and I went into prayer, afraid and a bit confused I begged God to help me. The answer I got later that night was even worse. I really thought I had lost it. I threw out every book I had read and studied, I threw out my prayer journal, all my notes, everything. I called my Pastor the man who ordained me back in 1980 and told him I was hearing conflicting voices, I was confused and concerned about what I was doing. He prayed with me but I am afraid that ever since that time, he has questioned my mental stability. I do not blame him either. I put it before the Lord that rather than ever be deceived or deceive anyone else I was done until I heard in no uncertain terms an answer from him in a way I would know  if it was ok to continue on or stop and turn away from it all forever.

In this time of desperate prayer I received a vision of what I later  understood was a personal revelation of my calling.  I cannot tell you specifically what the Lord told me as an answer. I have learned the hard way that some things are better left unsaid until they do not have to be said at all. I can tell you that what the Lord was trying to do was to comfort me and instill in me a confidence in him that even though some of the  things he was revealing to me had never been considered or spoken by man before, I was not going crazy, this was my ministry and present calling. He also reminded me that I was not and would never be alone in all of this. Even Jewish law stated that in the mouths of two or more witnesses, a thing would be established. There would be others who would receive the same revelations and understandings, I had to remain confident and patient. In stead of instilling any sense of confidence, I felt I had really lost it. For three days I went through an emotional hell questioning and wondering everything I ever did or was doing.

 Out of desperation I called the only people I could  be completely open up to and discuss everything in it's entirety with, my wonderful parents. They were always a good sounding board as they were never shy in telling me the truth. They had become mature Christians who knew the Lord, his gifts and me. I went over to their house and talked with them about the conflicting events that happened in the last three days. My main concern was not falling into false doctrine and teaching others the same. My mother insisted that I take a few tapes of some of my old sermons she made from fifteen years ago, when I was pastor of the King's Kids. (She probably taped almost every one) She handed me a walkman and said, "I want you to take a walk around the neighborhood and listen to yourself, when you come back, I don't want to hear you questioning your past or doctrine or anything like that. You were a good pastor and always preached sound doctrine and it hurts me to hear you talk like that about yourself."  If you knew my Mom it was better to just do as she said and have peace of mind because she would not have it any other way.

 I randomly picked up a couple of tapes and put them in my pocket along with the walkman and took a hike. It was a cool early afternoon in early September and I walked around the place I grew up as a kid. While many of the houses were the same, the terrain went from country to suburbia and I never noticed how much things had changed. I put in the first tape I grabbed  and listened. I actually remember the day I gave this sermon because I abruptly stopped in the middle of it and apologized to the congregation for the disruption. You see I had a prophecy for someone and the Lord was not letting me wait until the sermon was over. I am one that is a stickler for using the gifts in a proper procedure and setting. In my way of thinking then, this was a bit out of order and I hesitated from the pulpit because of it. I finally stopped the sermon, apologized and then began to prophesize. I started out by saying something like, "For the last three days you have questioned almost everything you ever thought you knew. The Lord wants you to know that it is OK everything is OK. You had to go through this emotional turmoil because many after you will experience that same thing. You need to know that even as you are hearing my voice now, it is OK everything you heard was true but everything is going to be all right."

You cannot not believe what I was feeling at that moment. The instant  I said everything was OK I felt the Lord's Spirit just seemed to fall upon me and fill me up with his love and assurance. What a sight I must have been. Here was a grown man in his mid forties walking down the street with tears streaming down his face with his arms lifted up toward heaven saying under his breath, Thank you Jesus over and over. To imagine that this word was for myself from myself after  fifteen years was a tremendous miracle! I came back to my parents house and shared the experience with them. A typical Mom reaction was, See I told you everything would be OK" I realized I had received my answer to my prayer for an answer that I would know was from the Lord.

After that experience I felt a huge weight lift from me and a new boldness and confidence to continue on where I left off. I had a good amount of money saved from working a lot of overtime so I easily purchased all the books I had thrown away. However some things were irretrievable like my prayer journal. I had many things in it that have yet to be understood. How I wished I had kept it. During my times of fasting, I would be woken up at 4:00 am regularly to hear from Him. I would usually write down after what was said to me. This was a regular event that happened almost every night during this time. Sometimes things were of a personal nature, other times they were not.

The Nazi Connection

6. The Nazi connection was slowly beginning to formulate in my understanding. It first came as my son purchased a tape for me from the prophecy club. It was called UFO: Deception of the New World Order? This tape described a history and paper trail of a technology and research that the Nazis worked on that resembled what we would call a UFO. I had studied that period of history extensively and could not believe that I had never heard this aspect before. I went on line,  in 1997 the internet was still in it's infancy, but in spite of that, I was amazed at how much information was available on the subject. At the same time a few other things came into my life of the same subject.

 There was a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) convention in Grand Rapids Michigan that year. I was going to be able to go. I treated this as a recon mission watching and learning what I could without any personal involvement. It was then that I learned of the three main types of "Aliens" that were seen by most. One of them was the Nordic. Man where did I hear that before. I began to be aware of the overall theme of these aliens and it was the same agenda and beliefs that the Nazis had. This much of a connection for me was easy as I knew this already from my study of the history of those times. In the art gallery created by abductees (a part of their recovery therapy) a saw a drawing titled The senses taker. From my knowledge of history I stood there in shock, it was a portrait of SS Dr Joseph Mengela  He was called the "angel of death" and the camp doctor from Auschwitz who experimented on inmates in twinning or what we would call cloning research. I found the person who drew this and got her story, which I believed was another connection to the Nazis. She said when the little gray beings took her into their ship an older human man was there. He was friendly and had a wisdom in his eyes. She said that she felt like he knew her better than she knew herself. She liked this guy and felt he was doing this for a higher cause. She did not like what I had to say about the guy and would not let me use her picture for anything. I thought later how ironic it was that I was talking to an alien abductee, and what I had to tell her was too out there for her to believe.

A Hint of Conspiracy

My youngest son bought me another book, Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper. This book told how much of this UFO activity was part of  a conspiracy with our own government involved. I did not read this until after I got back from Grand Rapids and I am so glad I did. I was approached by an older man at the convention who began some small talk and asked me some questions. He asked me if I was familiar with Gold Eagle. I said no and never thought anything more about it. When a week later I was reading the book by William Cooper, he was describing how many of the researchers themselves were members of the CIA. They used two code words to determine who they were talking to at conventions. One word was a color and the other a name of a bird. Golden Eagle was the question asked by several MUFON members to Cooper. The hair on my back stood up as I remembered the question the old guy asked me at the convention. For me after the fact, this book became all too real. 

Again my understanding was only a tip of the iceberg until I went to Boarders bookstore. I was in an isle looking at books in an entirely  different section but down the lane in the occult section a book fell into the center of the isle. I turned around and there was nobody around to have dropped the book yet I clearly heard the book fall so I went and picked it up. I looked and the cover and it was called Unholy Alliance: A history of Nazi involvement with the occult. I knew then that this was a divine appointment and I had to get this book. I began to have many pieces come together and for the first time since I was in the fifth grade I got some answers I had always wondered about. Soon after that book, I found The Mourning of the Magicians and The Hidden Dangers behind the Rainbow. With added scriptures I found or was pointed out to me by the Lord this connection was cemented into place.

A Life long search for answers to the Holocaust finally answered.

My fifth grade teacher Mr. Rathbaum in 1945 was a young amateur photographer . He was Jewish and in the Army in World War II . His unit was one of the first to enter Auschwitz in Poland at the end of the war. In my history class he showed us pictures that he took. They were like nothing anyone had ever seen in 1964 they didn't show such graphic things on TV yet. It was somewhat traumatic for a 13 year old  but I thank God I had that experience. It caused me to have a life long quest to get the answer Why? How could anything like this ever happen. My first boss was the nicest I ever had, He was a pharmacist and I caught him one evening with tears in his eyes as he was watching his little TV he kept behind the counter. He was watching a documentary about the holocaust. In my youth and innocence, I asked him what was wrong and what I could do to help. He said, " nothing it was just bad memories from the past." He then rolled up his right arm sleeve to show me his  tattooed numbers. I ran out to the back of the store uncontrollably crying. I still don't know why I got so emotional as that was not typical for me. These two events caused me to have a life long drive to study and find answers. Understanding the occult beliefs of Theosophy unaddressed by conventional history, provided the only real answer. After almost forty years I was finally in the process of understanding the answers of why and how.

The Two Seeds

7. It was during this time that God started showing me in His Word about two separate seeds or genetic lines, one was His and one was Satan's. In this, was the connection to the holocaust and the Old Testament call for genocide through Joshua and Caleb. Even those harsh actions against these certain and specific groups of people was an act of Love for a God protecting his people from ones that were not. It was all beginning to make sense and I had turned into a Calminist. (My term for one who believes both Calvin and Armininus.)   This also tied into the two dimensions and explained the only logical model that could fit, the 5 points of Calvinism. With understanding humans as a three dimensional creature, with salvation on all levels both Calvin and Armininus can be more right than wrong without the apparent conflict of doctrines. Too bad most of evangelical Christianity could not see this. As one body we could be much more effective.

Hitler as the Antichrist?

8.As these understandings were coming together I had suspicions about Hitler himself as all roads seem to come back to him and his short term regime. The technology of UFO's had their connection and earthly origin with them, The message they held was the same as the so called Aliens with the common bond of the occult belief in Theosophy. The medical experiments of the Nazis in cloning were identical to what was going on with abductions and their medical examinations and human hybridization. For followers of the occult, it only made sense that they would connect with the fallen angels believing they contacted "Aliens" It was then that my oldest son got me another book for my birthday. The Sign by Van Kampen. This book began to confirm my suspicions about Hitler and in the same but opposite pattern his whole life, rise to power, agenda and even death was amazingly the same but opposite of Christ's first appearance.  This idea was not so direct as it was a composite of studies. I am 98% sure but remain open to change on this one.

Cattle Mutilations: A redemptive covering

9. I began to study about cattle mutilations and was amazed why no one could not seem to make some rather obvious connections to the phenomena. I rented an old documentary that the local video store had on cattle mutilations. It was copyrighted in the 70's. There was a detail in this documentary I had never heard on recent ones. They said only first born cattle was taken and cut up. How Biblical did that sound? In the Old Testament, only the firstborn cattle were used in animal sacrifice as a redemptive covering. Something supernatural was going on here. When I learned that what was taken was sensory and sexual organs I was amazed to realize that this is exactly what the UFO community said the little Grays lacked. I believe this detail was confirmed to me a year prior by God's word. Something genetic and self redemptive was going on here and in a same but opposite of the Biblical pattern. The night after I watched this video my inquiring mind was sparked into action. I began another fast and prayed for the answers. It was so close I could feel it but it was just out of my grasp. That night I was woken up at exactly 4:00am in the mourning. I head a voice almost auditable that said, "eyes have they but they see not, ears have they but they hear not, neither is their any breath in them...they that make them are like unto them." I knew that was in the scriptures, Psalms I thought. I looked it up right then and there.

" The idols of the heathen are silver and gold, the work of men's hands.
 They have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they, but they see not;
 They have ears, but they hear not; neither is there any breath in their mouths.
 They that make them are like unto them: so is every one that trusteth in them."  Ps 135:15-18 (KJV)

As I sat there in my bedroom at 4 in the mourning reading this text, the Lord spoke to me again saying, Jim think of this text in the same but opposite and you will understand." In the past idol worshippers built images of their god's and there belief was just as dead and lifeless as their creation. Today a new living idol is being created that will create a belief that will be just as alive and real as this living idol. Then I immediately remembered another scripture.

" And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed."    Rev 13:15 (KJV)

This connection was so obvious to me and I could not understand why the UFO community cold not have any clue to this. When I shared some of this to my fellow Christian leaders that I had known for decades, I was sure they would make the Biblical connection. Sometimes I can be so naive.  I could have told them I just got back from Mars and received a better reception. But for me this was an important piece of the puzzle added to my knowledge.

Abductions are Real but Do I know anyone who was Abducted?

"Lord, I know that abductions are real from what you have shown me in your word and the people I have met and what I have read but do I know anyone personally that has had this experience?" If I could have seen the heavenly side of that prayer I would love to see what reaction the Lord had. I would have laughed to myself as I answered, "Kid if you only knew". Shortly after that prayer I began to have dreams and memories of my childhood. I had long since put away foolish things from the past. I was a highly imaginative young kid fascinated with the space program and Science Fiction. Much of my childhood was just left in the past because it didn't really mean anything for today...or did it.

 As a kid, I read the interrupted Journey, the story of Betty and Barney Hill, but I never dreamed it was as big as I was to discover. Now there was much more information and cases since that time in the early 60's. I read what I would consider some the classics on the alien abduction experience. like the late Dr John E. Mack, Bud Hopkins and David Jacobs . Their new age perspectives I could ignore but the raw data and historical facts were worth the effort to read. I followed up on some cases on the internet and prayerfully studied the scriptures where directed sometimes by memory and knowledge of the scriptures, sometimes by a Holy Spirit prompting. I called and talked with many of the people I read about to get their stories. Most were ready to help me until they discovered I thought this was a negative thing or that I was a minister.

As I studied about the abduction experience I found that I could identify and remember similar things that happened to me also, but these were just things that happened to everyone or so I thought. I was attending another UFO meeting locally in Detroit still in the capacity as a observer only. I still had not formulated things to the point that I wanted to do anything but observe as I felt I was still in the learning stage. I listened to two women who had been abducted and they both shared a different experience I never heard before and one that instantly flashed back to my own past "dream" I had as a child. Aside from the usual medical examinations and probing of sexual organs, their stories included mental exercises that they had to perform.  There experience was more like a school and some abduction researchers call it the academy. Many believe they are being trained to develop psychic powers and learning certain tasks to assist them for the future. Whatever, I only know that when the one lady stated she was supposed to make a box fold inside of itself with her mind, I flashed to a childhood dream I had long forgotten about.

I was in a brightly lit room with other kids from my class. We were told to concentrate and asked if we could see the box. I said yes and then I was told to turn it inside out with my mind. Concentrate! someone shouted in my mind without really speaking. I complained loudly, This is not fair, I have to get my rest. We have a test in school tomorrow and I need my rest, I shouldn't be here. I was not afraid but rather angry that I was there being made to play these stupid games. I remember in many of these "science fiction" dreams that I thought I had, I was very confrontational. A few times I was fascinated at the idea that I was really in space as my captors had said we were, but I do not remember any medical experiments or anything else drastic. In this dream state, I only remember Nordics in a one piece uniform. I do remember what I called the shadow people when the whole event started at my bedside at night, then I was scared as I was not asleep but wide awake. Before I would go to sleep I would hear a buzzing or humming in my ears and I would think, Oh boy I'm going to have a science fiction dream tonight, or the shadow people were going to come. I was not scared but just sort of got used to it. I was convinced it was just a dream which probably helped me cope with it all. I even told my parents who just thought it was my version of the boogie man.

That in itself would not be so much to consider as anything but a dream but the other stuff is what made me realized that  maybe this was all too real and not just dreams. I had countless nose bleeds that would suddenly come on for no reason. Later I would have sinus headaches and problems related to my sinus. I had scoop marks in my skin, sometimes even bruises where I was grabbed for being out of control. I had the sense of flying just before the dreams and after I could hear the shadow people at the foot of my bed. All of this may sound weird or just a child's  runaway imagination but it was all typical of an abduction experience. At around the age of puberty, I suddenly had no more dreams. I have a more detailed  testimony in the abduction section on my site. I was soon to realize that this sudden ending was called being a throw away. Hey, fine with me. Because of that I soon forgot all of this as nothing more than childhood imagination. In my teen years I had other paranormal experiences that seem to follow me which was also typical of abductees. Most of these memories of my childhood came in spurts and flashes until I could understand them with what I was learning. I did all of this prayerfully for the Lord to reveal to me the truth. I never felt I had to go get hypnotized or the need to know more. As I prayed, I believe the Lord would show me what I needed to know and the rest is better forgotten. I counsel in the same way today for others. There is no need to prod and poke unguided by the Lord. Patience and prayer will yield anything that needs to be known.

The abduction phenomena was not too hard for me to grasp because I had already had at that time over twenty years of experience with casting out demons from people and places. Contrary to what some might think you do not have to be a Catholic Priest from some special order to do this. If you are a Christian by being a born again believer who has the faith, you can do the same. In my case it was part of my calling when I had a ministry dealing with Bikers, the drug culture and the inner city society. It was just part of ministry.

The last book I read on Abductions was Alien Discussions. This was the compilation of a think tank meeting that took place at MIT in 1991. This was probably one of the most objective informative books I read on the topic. Almost everyone who was involved with this phenomena was there and they scrutinized 300 of the best documented cases of abduction. One of the interesting conclusions discovered was the fact that no one ever saw themselves leave the atmosphere into space or come from space into an alien world. In any case of transitions most were from a small ship into a larger one. If anyone saw any terrain changes it was always going into a cave or into the sea and then into a cave where both would enter a subterranean setting. This fact hit me hard as I thought there was something significant about that. I sort of shrugged it off , thinking, well they went to hell where else. The Lord however was about to rock my world with something more.

A Hollow Earth? You got to be kidding me!

While my contemplation of abductions and a subterranean destinations were still fresh in my mind, I came across a site on the internet that made a statement that caused me to fall out of my chair in laughter. They claimed that some of the Nazis escaped to the Antarctic with their technology of UFOs into an opening they believed they found to a hollow earth. I thought, man you really have to be careful what you read on the internet. This was the most kicked in the head wacko thing I ever heard. I was totally closed to even consider this seriously. 

Then my youngest son came to me, he was only 14 at the time and he used to watch me on the computer doing my research, sometimes he wanted to join in. I would always try to include him in even if it hindered my actual study but it taught him well and that was just as important as my studies. He asked me one day, "Dad can we do a study together." He was speaking about my computer Bible Study program that I had. I paid almost 200.00 for it but it was well worth the money. With over 80 reference books and Bibles I could do in minuets what would take hours of study to accomplish using real books the old fashioned way.  " I said sure son, what do you want to do a study on?"  "Hell", he said, "I want to do a study on hell." Without showing any emotion or surprise, I said, "sure we can do that." Inside I was thinking, "What in the heck does he want to study that for. Of all the topics he has to pick the most depressing spooky one in the whole Bible. I wanted to encourage him and not let him know I wasn't too excited about it so we started doing a study on hell.

 This was another divine intervention as God was saying to me, one way or another you need to know this. I am going to get your attention anyway I can. In this study it didn't take too long to realize that there was a cosmology given in the scriptures to a location inside the earth that was a literal physical place. Scriptures told also that the openings were covered with ice from the flood waters. Then the connection was made to what I thought was so funny. I studied all that I could find about this alleged Nazi search for a hollow earth. I found that even our own government took this rumor  serious enough to launch it's own search. I wasn't laughing anymore as this was  serious and real. Then I found the scriptures that confirmed the historical fact as Biblical prophecy. I went to Boarders and found a book Arktos : The Polar Myth in science, symbolism and Nazi Survival. This gave me a composite from several sources regarding the whole thing. Then the Lord showed me a prophecy in the book of Amos that told the whole story I had just read. That was no coincidence and the timing was another divine appointment.  

Time Travel in the Bible!

Right when you think it can't get any weirder than this, it does. I barely had a chance to get used to the hollow earth idea, when storm clouds over my mind were beginning to form about time. This started with mulling over all of these things I had been given to understand and how they all related as pieces to one big puzzle.

I had noticed that right after World War II the largest flap of UFO sightings began. Included in this flap was the Contactees. These were people who claimed to have met the occupants, they were invited to fly in their craft and had lengthy discussions with them. What was interesting was the common theme and descriptions. They were all the Nordic type of alien. They were called Nordics because of their actions and physical appearance. Tall blond hair, blue eyes with a Germanic accent. They also flew in craft that looked just like the captured documents from Nazi Germany. They proclaimed the same Theosophical message packaged in a religious veneer.

 I dug further and found that all throughout history, in every culture , on every continent, there were legends of white masters, gods and brothers who came from the stars that gave their culture superior building technology, celestial mechanics and religious beliefs of the Theosophical kind. These legends seem to be identical to the 50's experience Contactees claimed. Just where and when were these guys getting around to? Most of the cultures used the swastika as a "good luck sign" the arms going either way so the urban legend of good or bad in a left or right position is a myth.

I also pondered the function of the man made UFOs. I realized the technology was provided by fallen angels through communication by occult means that produced what was once a physical reality of angelic beings in heaven to a mechanized version for fallen man to duplicate their abilities. Then it hit me, these are inter dimensional vehicles traveling where only God and his angels were allowed to go. The barrier of the two different dimensions was time, the darn things are time machines.

 Oh Lord! how in the heck am I ever going to be taken seriously on this. When I came to this realization I was actually mad at God. How could you lead me to such craziness. No one is ever going to believe me. I am going to be a major kook for the rest of my life with a message like this. It's just  not fair I didn't ask for this kind of ministry. Why me! After I calmed down and apologized for my little pity party, I just pondered what life was going to be like knowing all of this weird stuff. I was beyond questioning my sanity I knew it was the Lord in all of this. I guess it was the realization of the hard life ahead of me that I was angry about.  The evidence of logical deduction was telling me this was  fact not fiction. I prayed, " Lord is this what happened? could this be true?.

 It was then that I was directed to do an intense study of the Tower of Babel.  I began to see this event in a whole different light. The original language was supporting my suspicions too. I also found a scripture in Daniel that the Antichrist would be given this ability for a season. The  clincher was the physics described in 2 Samuel. I had the possible proof of time travel its use and abuse all from the scriptures. I then found out about Nichola Tesla, the Montauk experiments, the USS Eldridge. This was everything of  rumor and myths pertaining to time travel in our century. Then I went back and reviewed the tape I had watched almost a year ago. There was a brief mention of time travel research by the Nazis and I wanted to find a reference point for further study. They were the Vril society and the SS Ahnenerbe and later the Nazi Bell.

Like an overload flood everything was falling into place. I had one problem of logic that I could not overcome. How could such a technology be given to such hateful mindless people without them acting like a lose cannon wreaking havoc all throughout time? How do you keep a leash on a mad dog and control him?  I prayed for an answer and in a pattern that was becoming almost habit, I got my 4:00 in the mourning wake up call. Very clear the Lord told me, Jim, the first time they flew to a maximum speed, they slipped into the future. I allowed them to see a time where they thought they had won all of their goals and objectives. You always wondered why I would let things go so far."  "Yes", I said back to the Lord with the mass extermination of Christians and a one world religion and a one world government it almost looked like they won. "Exactly", the Lord said to me. "In Thessalonians everybody claims that text as the great delusion and they credit Satan as the one doing the delusion. Look at the text carefully. I send a strong delusion to those who do not believe in the truth. That includes Satan and his angels. I have allowed them to be deluded in their rebellion and unbelief. This is their delusion. By going into the future and seeing what they believe is their victory, they also have a blueprint of what to do and not do that will produce the events they witnessed. That is their control. They cannot deviate  from this determined chain of events in any way or they jeopardize everything they saw. I am doing this to them and I am in control."

  I only recently discovered another problem I had with this. What would keep them from trying to go further into the future. My understanding is that they can't because they went to the year linear time will cease to exist. This is a barrier that cannot be crossed somehow. They, Satan and his fallen angels know this already. The Nazis are only the human agents being used as pawns fore their own ends. I believe this could be in Jerusalem, December 21 2012. I am not going to live by this ...yet, but I am strongly considering the possibility. My friend Dave Flynn has a new book coming out loaded with information on what is going to happen . The Temple at the center of time is the name of it .

In 2012, our solar system  will be at the very center point of our galaxy on that day. In this center area is a back rift of darkness. scientists believe there is a black hole there. Occult lore universally always stressed the importance of locating the central point of their boundaries. It is there that a shamans hut, a medicine mans tent, the Greek, Roman, Egyptian Temples were positioned and built. Even churches built by Masons in mid-evil Europe used this means of location. It was there in the center that myth and legend says that the one traveling dimensional planes can descend or ascend into different realms and even put a stop to time itself. You have to be in the center of what you desire to control. The Bible says that the center of this earth is Jerusalem. 

Time, the Lord told me was one missing element that will not be understood by many until late in the process of things. It will be the one thing that will not even seem important until much later near the end. I guess I can count on either dying in obscurity before I get to see how things play out like Billy Mitchell or if I am more fortunate, I may live long enough to see some validation like Vivian Thomas. Either way if I am at least obedient to my Lord I will see the day of validation for my ministry later when I stand before him.

So there you have it

 I was also told not to be discouraged by some who will claim some of this as their own.  I do hate plagiarism. Even though I can't claim any of this as my own and copyright it, I have worked hard to understand these things in a careful way approved by God as described in the scriptures with much fasting and prayer. This kind of discipline is not fun. It is hard but in the end it is rewarding. It has been hard to stand in defiance to skeptics and critical members of the family of God, to bring this to those who need to hear these things. It does make for a lonely life, as there are very few I can discuss or relate to anymore without saying too much and spoiling a friendship, or even church membership. That is why all of this led me to Roswell and doing shows all over the country. It is where all of this information is not vanity, it is helping to pull people from the fires of hell and deception. It has given a basis of hope and renewed faith in God's word, that it is not just a bunch of fairy tales but very relevant to every aspect of our lives, even the supernatural part.

I hope you can see here, that I am not just some guy in front of a computer with way too much time on his hands coming up with crazy stuff for no reason or purpose other than intellectual vanity. This writing describes how I came to understand these things from a more  supernatural means of my relationship with the Lord. He gets the credit not me.  This is at the risk to many who will reject this kind of process even though you read about it in the Bible. I can't excuse it, I can only try to be honest and explain it. Thank you for the patience to get this far.

Perhaps next I will write about being sent out to stand in the gap to what I have learned leading me to Roswell and the many shows and conventions I have attended across America. The changed lives and renewed hope people find in a God that loves and provides for them, through my efforts to get this information out,  is what has kept me going and the reason I have dedicated my time resources and all that I have and am to this effort. When I see how Jesus and all the other prophets went through the same things I take comfort knowing I am in good company :)