Movie Reviews              from Hollywood Productions of the Supernatural and Paranormal themes

Homemade Productions on the Paranormal and Supernatural topics as well as sound Biblical doctrine of the same!


On this page you will find two sections as stated above. I will give you reviews of some of the new movies that have come out recently from the entertainment value but also, (more important) what is being programmed to the public and the conflict of these themes to the warnings in the Bible.

Many, including myself realize that as information and technology progress, it appears that those in power release their conspired plans and policies before they actually happen. There is some kind of occult based reason why they promote and seduce the public to their desires before they implement them. Much of this stems from the Biblical realization that whatever Satan does he needs our desire and free will choice to want them before he can impose his power over us.  The media then becomes this occult based format to seduce and win us over before they can become reality. This is power by permission determined by the individual, all you have to do to open the door, is to have a desire and interest to consider their alternative presentations and ideas. The alternative is anything opposed to God's ways and means or his plan. It then becomes important to know His Word and plan in opposition to the presentations of ideas and plans as imparted through the Hollywood movies. That is my job as a Watchman to give you the warnings and the Biblical option for the right choice.

With this information you may enjoy the entertainment value of a movie without being conditioned by it. You can make sound decisions in your life, knowing the Biblical side to these things and also discern the times we live in and the growing plans of the enemy headed toward the prophesized global government.

To expound in more detail, I have made my own videos presenting you with the vital information and perspective on many paranormal topics and important Biblical background of information.

Although I cannot compete with the level of professionalism of Hollywood, my videos reflect the barebones shoestring budget of an amature trying to do the best with what I have. These are not just talking head documentaries they are fast moving with many graphics and film clips. My narration is not the best as I have a speech impediment that causes me to talk fast (so you can rewind and replay)and I am still working on background music levels which some have complained about. All in all it is worth watching them and learning. I hope you enjoy as well as become equipped for what is to come soon. Click here to go to the navigation page.