THE HISTORY OF                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This section will explain the recent rediscovery of an ancient technology forbidden to mankind by God. Occult means secret knowledge. This knowledge is not magic or incantations but rather technology. The technology in itself is not evil, God created it and the physics to go along with it. However, in the hands of fallen man in a fallen dimension, it would be like giving a loaded gun to a child to play with. The only possible result and outcome would be abuse and harm.




Let's back up and review some important facts first.

1. The secrets of heaven were first described as revealed to mankind from fallen angels before the great flood. This was when fallen angels ascended from the heavens to interbreed and mixed into human society. Genetic manipulation, building technologies, warfare and all the secrets of heaven including how to travel between them were shared with mankind.                                                                                         

2. The flood wiped out the mixed human/fallen angelic society based on the application of forbidden knowledge (Physics from the eternal realm). The next act of rebellion was the The Tower of Babylon. This was the first attempt after the flood to reorganize a global society and preserve, maintain and contain what was remembered from the antediluvian world. In their attempt to accomplish this a contingency plan to encrypt this knowledge into memorials hinting at skyward signs and preserved in myth and legends was planned in case they were disrupted by God and "scattered abroad". Their hope was that someone in the future would put the pieces together. In this attempt to record their remembered knowledge, they would hope to benefit from their attempt also as time and space would no longer be a restriction. 


They were scattered as the Bible tells us and languages were changed.  The contingency plan then was activated and we know these places  as the wonders and mystery spots of the world. This is where we begin our history lesson of man made UFOs.

The next logical question would be, is this a yet future event or is there a history that reveals that some of these events might have already happened. We need to see if there was any society, kingdom or person who understood and fulfilled these prophetic understandings.

1. They would have to be an occult based group.

2. They would see the occult in the form of science and technology not magic and religious incantations from the dark side.

3. They would have a belief in ancient technology and a "golden age of the gods" that included themselves as ancestors and an integral part of reconstructing this lost world.

4. They would have had archeological digs and explorations covering the globe to collect the pieces back together from Babel.




5. They would see themselves as being on a religious  mission to restore this "Golden Age of the Gods" The twofold mission would be to regain the science, technology and their superman status leading toward a New World Order with themselves as the initiated leaders. Does History record any such group that fulfilled these requirements?











Conventional History  until only recently mentions only that Hitler and some of his higher ranking officials referred to or hired their own astrologers for advice. This claim is only part true and other occult mediums were also used for various counsel and advice but this was not the total extent of the Third Reich's involvement with the occult. The truth of the matter was that they were the occult. They were an occult based organization who's every action was motivated and decided by their occult beliefs. No icon, action or practice was made that was not based on certain occult beliefs.  Nazism was an  interpretation and adaptation of Theosophy. More of a theology or religion than a philosophy, Theosophy was a popular belief that existed long before Nazi Germany and was the occult root of the whole movement.

Helena P. Blavatsky was the founder of  the Theosophical Society formed in the 1870's. She was of Russian noble descent and moved to New York in the 1880's. Theosophy was a mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. combined with the new modern sciences of evolution and psychology as well as mixing in metaphysics and even some of the science fiction of her time. Theosophy quickly became influential amongst intellectuals, artists and the rich elite in America, Brittan and the rest of Europe.  Much of Theosophy was based on Blavatsky's huge two volume book, The Secret Doctrine. She has claimed her information came from two ascending masters who were Buddhist monks while visiting Tibet. The information was supposed to have come from the Stanzas of Dzayan in the caves of the  Himalayas. Further rumors are that these were antediluvian texts describing a very different world than what conventional history records. There has been much debate about her plagiarizing much of the information for  her book as well as drug use,  and  other lifestyle issues considered immoral. Regardless of these claims against her the fact remains that her book, Secret Doctrine and her Theosophical Society has impacted mankind almost as much as the Bible but in a very negative way. This debated character profile about Blavatsky is just what I would expect from the one I call the Anti Moses.

This is the symbol of Theosophy. Notice the symbology which includes a reverse swastika, the ouroboros (serpent with his tail in his own mouth forming a circle) The star of David , Egyptian Ankh and the symbol for pi.  Enclitic, trendy and steeped in occult symbolism, variations soon swept other originations to adopt similar icons and inclusion of Theosophy as part of their world view.                             

Theosophy in a nutshell was the account of creation by an electro-magnetic force called "fohat" which she claims was a conscious creative spiritual force that could be tapped into by creations. Mankind on earth was the product of the ancient Gods  of the "Golden Age"  who created seven different races of Atlantis. These had supernatural powers to speak health and growth to plants, direct animal life by their thoughts and perform other superior mental powers. They soon became corrupt wanting to dominate everything and each other. Some of the races became physically grotesque while others became violent.  War and corruption broke out over the earth. These Gods then created a different race separate from using earthly primates, they used themselves and created a new master race. They were taken to the high rugged mountains where they went through a tough training to become strong. They were told to keep their bloodline separate from the other races. As the other races took notice of this new race they saw them as a threat and declared war on them. The master race eventually wins the war against the other races but in the process loses their supernatural powers. The Manu or the Gods give them the sun wheel sign as their personal symbol of identity and a religion whereby they are to live by intuition and follow the voices of the many spirit beings that would guide them back to regaining their superman powers. These "gods" saw the other races as inferior which took away the atma force for themselves like parasites The plan was that by natural selection the inferior races would eventually die off. The Master race would survive and regain this atma power from Fohat for themselves and be restored to their superman status. A deluge destroys the earth but the last Manu delivers the chosen master race and takes them high atop the Himalayas where they shall direct the affairs of the world and the other races of mankind.

   This may sound rather silly but it was taken very serious by the rich elite of the European society at the turn of the 19th century. The Pan German movement of World War I Germany, was promoted by many Occult and Secret societies  which shared these Theosophical views . These many fractioned groups had the common goal that Germany was chosen by God to lead the world into a New Age by restoring the society and technology from the ancient golden age of the gods. After the loss of the war and the constant threat of Communism to their financial empires, The elite rich, many belonging to these secret societies and occult lodges melded together in the 20's and 30's as Hitler came on the scene. Eventually combined together as one, they became the Nationalist Socialists movement. You see, Blavaskis  master race was the Aryan and the symbol was the swastika!  The rest as they say is history.



Below are some of the Occult Societies and their leaders who greatly influenced the Occult Third Reich and their unorthodox  research.


These were the three main influential groups that formed the National Socialists German Workers Party or,         The NAZIS




                                                                                                                                for more on the Vril click on the symbol



There were many other societies and lodges who also had a voice by members within the Third Reich. Here are just a few of the more well known:









   Knights Templar                       Golden Dawn                                 Rosicrucian                     Ordo Templi Orentius     Illuminatti




All of these groups became an influential part of the Third Reich because many of their leaders became high Nazi officials within the Reich.


Guido Von List

List was a writer who was the first to mix German
volkish ideology ( Nordic Mythology applied as a lifestyle) with Theosophy and other occult beliefs. Much of his well published books helped to create the Germanenorden. This was the very beginnings of the Pan-German movement which helped bring about the "Great War." (WWI) It also helped foster the Nazi party much later. He created a Nordic religion called Wotanism. Part of this religion included his interpretations of the Icelandic Edda and Ruinic symbols. He was the first to assign mystical values to the Ancient Ruinic symbols which are still practiced by many pagans and New Ager’s today. In 1891 List discovered a prophetic verse in the "Voluspa" which promised a messianic figure would come and set up an eternal order. This was the "Starke von Oben" which means, "the strong one from the skies". He died in 1919 and was not directly involved in the Nazi party but laid the groundwork for many of their beliefs.




Karl Hausehofer  Hausehofer was a retired General and a leader in the Vril Society. He mentored Hitler into the political aspects of the movement. He developed his geo-political ideas of Lieberstorm or living space, this was combined with Guido Von List’s studies of Nordic mythology and ruins. They laid claim to the fact that wherever ruins or the swastika was found, Germany had a legal claim to that land. The use was so wide spread that a global dominance was figured from the golden age, therefore world dominance was justified. This concept also inspired the Eugenics program of mercy killings of the disabled and retarded ending in the final solution. Haushofer made several trips to India, studied the ancient Vedas, lived in Japan where he was initiated into an esoteric Buddhist society “The Green Dragon”. He later served as a connection to bring many Tibetan Lamas into Germany as SS officers on an advisory staff at Himmler’s castle in Wewelsburg. When allies overran the castle in 1945 they found over 1,000 monks in German uniforms lying burned to death in ceremonial circles of suicide. Hausehofer became the head of academics and a professor in geopolitics at the University of Munich for the SS Ahnenerbe.  Haushofer was also a mentor to Hitler.

Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels   Liebenfels combined von List’s teachings with his own interest in Eugenics and created a new doctrine, which he called “Theozoology”. He claimed that the Atlantean’s 4th root race (taken from Madame Blavatskys 7 root races) had, after thousands of years, inter-bred with beasts. So this race had now separated into two separate races, one pure Aryan and one into a species of beasts. Because of the unfortunate inter-breeding, the Atlantean’s [Aryan’s] psychic power had rendered to almost nothing. In 1905 he started publishing a magazine called “Ostara”, named after the Teutonic God of Beauty. The magazine was filled with occult teachings and beliefs. Hitler as a young man grew up reading Ostara and even quoted it often in his book, Meine Kampf. In 1907 Liebenfels created the New Order of the Knights Templar . He also fostered the doctrines of racial purity which lead to the Eugenics program and the "Final Solution". He was one of Hitler's mentors via the Ostara publication.


Rudolf Von Sebottendorf  He was the founder of the Thule Society which was based on H.P. Blavatski's Theosophy. He was an eastern Freemason which mixed Islamic Sufi mysticism, alchemy, astrology and Rosicrucianism into his world view.  He was a part of the Pan German movement and headed the Germanordern named the German Workers Party when the young Hitler joined the movement and later renamed it the National Socialists German Workers Party. He set the basic framework for the Nazi party however had a small roll during Hitler's rein. He wrote a book, :Before Hitler came" which did not make him very popular with Hitler. Because of his Islamic background he was an agent working in Egypt, It has been claimed that he was a double agent working for the British.  


Dietrich Eckert  Has quite an occult resume. He was a freemason, a member of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucain, and a member of the Ordo Templi Orentitus of the Alester Crowley fame. He was also one of the founding members of the Thule Society. He published his own newspaper and was an international figure mixing with the rich elite. Described as a coffeehouse darling, he had a charismatic nature and many friends in high places. He was also the spiritual mentor to Hitler. It is said that he helped Hitler become the great orator and also introduced him to many industrialists channeling much money to the Nazi treasurers. While at a séance, it was announced to Eckert that he would prepare the way for the promised  Germanic Messiah, the Lord Matraya who would posses the spirit of antichrist. He was to prepair the way for the coming one. Upon seeing Hitler for the first time, He stated, that this was the man that I am just a mere prophet and foreshadow of him who has come to us. Upon his death in 1923 he proclaimed, " Follow Hitler! He will dance but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the Secret Doctrine, opened his centers in vision and given him the means to communicate with the powers. Do not mourn for me, I shall have influenced history more than any other German."

Rudolf Hess was third in command in the Nazi regime. He was a member of the Thule society and was heavily influenced by Karl Hausehofer  while attending the University of Munich where the professor taught Geopolitics. Hess was associated with Rudolf Steiner’’s Anthroposophy and Sebottendorff occult influence also.  He ate biodynamic food, studied mysticism, astrology and herbalism as well. In 1923, Hess took part in Hitler's failed Beer Hall Putsch in which Hitler and the Nazis attempted to seize control of Germany. Hess was arrested and imprisoned along with Hitler at Landsberg prison. While in prison, Hess took dictation for Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, and also made some editorial suggestions regarding Lebensraum, the historical role of the British Empire, and the organization of the Nazi Party. Hess played an important part of propaganda in his dogged loyalty to Hitler. Hess is remembered mostly by his  mission of peace flight to Scotland where he was captured and imprisoned until his death at Spandau prison in 1987 . His fanatic occult beliefs and dogged devotion to Hitler was the visible example he gave to the German people.
He saw Hitler as the "Stark Von Oben" The strong one fron the skies, The German Messiah

 Heinrich Himmler was a member of the Thule Society and the Vril society. He also created the Occult based, Order of the Black Sun. He fashioned this organization after the Teutonic knights and the Jesuit priest order of the Catholic church. His headquarter was located in a Castle restructured based on his occult philosophy. It was called the Wewelsburg castle. This was to be the central point and pinnacle of his occult elite. Top secret gatherings by the elite conducted out right bazaar Satanic rituals. He considered himself a German neo-pagan influenced by several other occult scholars Rudolf Steiners's Antroposophy and Karl Maris Wilgut who was called "Himmler's Rasputen" Himmler became the second most powerful person next to Hitler in the Nazi régime. He joined the SS which started out with eight men who were a special body guard unit to protect Hitler. (The SS was signified by the runic symbol of the Sig which looked like two lightening bolts and meant The Schutzstaffel) In English it meant protective squadron.   When Himmler joined the SS he soon became it's leader and it grew from about 250 members to more than 900,00 by the end of WWII, The SS absorbed and controlled the The Ancestral Heritage Society  commonly called the Ahnenerbe. This was a private academic scientific group consisting of some of the top archeologists historians and others in the scientific community in Germany.  As the SS assumed complete control, the main function of proving the Aryan heritage spread out to include the search for Atlantis, a Hollow earth, to rediscover the power of the vril-ya, alternate energies and ancient technology from the golden age of the gods. It even included a peace time space program to reach for these very gods from the stars. Mind control, psychic and metaphysics and even genetic engineering were among some of the hundreds of areas covered by the SS Ahenerbe. Under Himmler's leadership The SS branched off into controlling almost every aspect of German government and life. The Waffen SS was the elite military division, The Allgeneinss SS filled in various political positions as watchdogs. The Sicherheitsienst SS was the security and intelligence division, The Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) was the secret police division, The Einsatzggruppen SS was the mobile killing units which also branched off to the SS Totenkopfverbande in charge of the concentration camps and extermination camps.  Keep in mind that all members were indoctrinated in the various occult beliefs as lifestyle and religion. The SS Ahnenerbe became the primary vehicle to re-discover and apply a new technology. However most of their efforts came too little and too late to help in their war effort..  

 SS Ahnenerbe: Turning Myths into realities

The Ahnenerbe can be best described as a Humanities think tank with guns. They had an unlimited budget. They could work on any project, to pursue any theory, using any resources available. This included using humans without fear of accountability. In other words, they had a license to kill. But they had to produce results. Failure to do so could mean loss of their position and profession, imprisonment, and even their own life. The Ahnenerbe spanned the globe accumulating every artifact, written myths and legends from all over the entire world. The activities included everything from archeological digs to looting museums in occupied lands. They visited all of these "mystery spots" to compile information for their scientists / priests. Much of the information, data, artifacts and even people were taken to Wewelsburg Castle which also became the central Nazi think tank.

The movie. "Raiders of the Lost Ark", depicted rather accurately the activities of the SS Anenerbe. Working on rather unorthodox concepts even though some were just outrageous, they did make some important discoveries that put them way ahead of everyone else but again, too late for the war effort. But they did have a plan B as we shall soon see.








               Shipping crate for seized relics

                                                             Real Nazis in Egypt                                                                                                              

Nazis at an Archeological Dig in Egypt                                                                                                                                                                     (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)                                                                                                                                                                               Wewelsburg Castle




Castle and grounds layout formed a spear piercing a circle. Cain means spearhead a connection to their real Aryan roots

Himmler's Elite SSOrder of the Black Sun at Wewelsburg Castle

                                                                                            Inner court of Wewelsburg Castle where occult Rituals were held                                                      occult rituals were held by Nazi Elite



Several expeditions stood out as being significant in discovering a technology that led to the creation of a man made UFO

The Icelandic expedition was initiated by the belief that the mythical land of Hyperborea-Thule, the earthly origin for the Aryan could be identified with Iceland and Greenland, Iceland was the home of an ancient text called the "Edda".  Some in the Thule society (named after the mythical Aryan capital) believed the inhabitants there were the remnants of the lost kingdom of Atlantis. Others in the Vril society claimed that the people of Thule had survived to become a subterranean super-race. They both believed the Edda held the key to understanding this mystery. Some of their findings even included, (as they interpreted some sections of the "Edda") that although Thule was the first capital of an earthly existence, the ancient Aryan gods, creators of the Aryan race came from the heavens located in the Aldebaran system as part of Taurus the Bull. This zodiacal sign was often identified with Baal or Balaam one of the many names for Satan. This extraterrestrial origin concept is shared toady with many in the New Age movement and within the UFO community. NASA's first deep space probe was sent to...The  Aldebaran system! NASA was created from Nazi scientists gleaned as spoils of war through project Paper Clip. The Iselandic expedition aided in the already expanding projects of the SS Anenerbe to include, searching for the opening to a  hollow earth, finding the pure Aryans and finding the power of the Vril-ya. This led to the next major expedition to Tibet



Tibetan Expeditions: Ernst Schäffer, a German hunter and biologist, participated in two expeditions to Tibet, in 1931–1932 and 1934–1936, for sport and zoological research. The Ahnenerbe sponsored him to lead a third expedition (1938-1939) at the official invitation of the Tibetan Government. This expedition followed on the heels of the Icelandic expedition and foremost on their minds and expectations, was to discover the legendary inner earth via tunnels and caves in the Himalayas. Theosophy teachings almost demanded that Tibet and the Himalaya mountains were the place to discover the Aryan past.

Their mission in addition to ancestral heritage  was to  find and then to maintain contact with the Aryan forefathers in Shambhala and Agharti, hidden subterranean cities beneath the Himalayas. Adepts there were the guardians of secret occult powers, especially vril, and the missions sought their aid in harnessing those powers for creating an Aryan master race and vril power for new super weapons. Scientists and experts in geology and earth magnetism were included for this new aspect. The result was that the Buddhists monks openly welcomed the Nazis as they viewed them as a major fulfillment to their own prophecies. The monks gave the Nazis an open door policy and gave them many ancient texts, opened the way to explore the caves and tunnels closed to the out side world for centuries. Through the influence of Hausehofer, over 200 Monks were sent back to Germany as SS officers and worked with the highest rank and file of SS researchers at Weweslburg Castle. In 1938 it was announced in German newspapers that the opening to the inner realm had been discovered. This led to the next major expedition which some say turned into a colonization and relocation project in Antarctica!




Antarctic Expedition In 1938, Antarctica was not politically stable due to international treaties, and the only way Germany could stake a claim over that territory would be actual occupation. Although, the Nazis did not want to provoke the Allies. Germany's actions in Austria and other countries had pushed the limits for friendly relationships between Germany and the Anglo-French Allies. As much as Hitler wanted lands in Antarctica, he was not prepared to go to war over them. The idea of a semi-civilian expedition in cooperation with Lufthansa came into being. Command of the expedition was given to Captain Alfred Ritscher, who had already led some expeditions to the North Pole and proved courageous and skillful in dangerous situations. The expedition's ship was the Schabenland, a special freighter capable of carrying and launching aircraft. It had been in use since 1934 for trans-Atlantic mail delivery. The aircraft it carried was the famous Dornier Wal (Whale). These aircraft were mounted on steam catapults on the deck of the ship, and could be started and refueled on board the vessel. The Schwabenland was prepared for the expedition at the Hamburg shipyards, carrying a cost of 1 million Reichsmark, nearly a third of the total expedition budget. This alone speaks of the importance and urgency the Nazis placed to secure the Antarctic for Germany. Meanwhile, the crew was assembled and trained by the German Society of Polar Research. The society also invited Richard E. Byrd, the famous American Antarctic researcher, to join the expedition. Byrd arrived in Hamburg in mid November of 1938 and was given a tour of the expedition preparations, including meeting the crew. In the end, though, Byrd declined and returned to the US, The ploy by the Nazis worked as allies never saw the expedition as a as a military venture.


The Schwabenland left Hamburg on December 17, 1938, and headed to the Antarctic on a
precisely planned route She reached the pack ice on January 19 1939.
 15 Wal flights took place over roughly 250,000 square mi. These were photographic missions, and they took more than 11,000 pictures of the area. Old Norwegian maps from 1931 were proven to be wrong and changed accordingly Nearly one fifth of Antarctica was observed and charted this way. Valuable information was documented for the first time and the lands were simultaneously claimed to be German territory. To stress this claim to the other powers, the two Wal aircraft dropped several thousand small Nazi flags, as well as special metal poles with expedition's insignia and the swastika. The whole territory now got the name Neuschwabenland (New Schwabenland).  The expedition apparently discovered several ice free regions, small signs of vegetation, as well as warm water lakes and cave inlets. One vast ice cave within the glacier was reportedly found to extend 30 miles to a large hot-water geotherm
Map of Antarctica showing the location and size of New Swabia as claimed by Germany from 1939 to lake deep below. The expedition's geologists said that this phenomenon was due to hot sources in the ground. In mid February of 1939, the Schwabenland left the Antarctic. It took two months to get back to Hamburg, and Ritscher used this time to organize the results, maps and photos. Captain Ritscher was so surprised by the results of the flights that he immediately planned a second, fully civilian, expedition. These plans were, however, canceled with the onset of World War 2. The fact was, that there was never going to be a another civilian expedition. 


Boundary Poles                                                                            Neuschwabenland in Red Area



The military took over completely sending U-boats to the area before and during the war. From military cargo manifests to captured and sunk submarines, many in the Antarctic area had payloads which included at times 50 to 60 men. ( a normal crew consisted of 8-10.) and included machinery and construction materials.  Various scientific teams were moved in to the area, including hunters, trappers, collectors and zoologists, botanists, agriculturists, mycologists, parasitologists, marine biologists, ornithologists, and many others.
Numerous divisions of the German government were involved in the top secret project.

This is where the mainstream historians leave off however there is probably much more to this story as we will see. It is alleged that deep underground construction teams came pouring into the renamed "Neu-Schwabenland". They came on cargo ships, military transport ships, and submarines. The cargo ships coming from South Africa were protected by a host of killer-submarines and military ships. This might explain the intense Nazi war efforts in North and South Africa. Any ship that even came close to the shipping routes from South Africa to Antarctica were destroyed by German U-boats to protect the secret. There are also claims that the last to go there were VIPs   and Nazi SS intelligence teams. At the end of WWII it is also claimed that Borman, the body of Hitler and many others within the Reich escaped directly to the Antarctica or via Argentina. None of this is fully documented to the point of being conclusive but we will see later that there  exists much circumstantial evidence.  I mention more here on the Antarctic expedition because unlike the other expeditions the Reich was involved in, this had all the earmarks of being more of a military movement which included a colonization. This I believe was a well protected secret and part of a possible plan B. Base 211 is the alleged name for the underground complex and Nazi Redoubt.

" Though they dig into hell, thence shall mine hand take them; though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down"            Click here for more                                               Amos 9:2



Meanwhile back in Germany...

People near the military compounds where alleged disk technology was being developed reported sightings of "ghost ships". This was before the term UFO or flying saucer was used but many of the same events were happening in the late 30's and 40's in Germany. Some reports were probably the v1 and v2 rockets while other reports were said to be more similar to UFO sightings. In a 1981 book by Nigel Pennick, Hitler's Secret Sciences, He describes events that were similar to what people would soon experience in South America and the United States in the 50's while encountering a UFO. In 1938 on top of one of the peaks on the Hartz Mountains called the Broken a tower was erected . Another was erected on top of the Feldberg peak near Frankfurt. At times cars traveling along the mountain roads would suddenly have the engine stall and the electronics died. They would be approached by a Lutwaffe guard who would tell them it was no use trying to start the car but he would let them know soon when they could. If true this has all the evidence of experiments that are giving out intense EM (electro magnetic) pulses.








Hartz Mountains                      Feldberg Peak                               Luftwaffe guard stalled car

There were several possible ways in which the Nazis obtained the technology to produce what we would call a UFO.

Many Scientists, Engineers and researchers were working on various projects that were all headed toward new forms of energy, propulsion, aircraft and other potential weapons systems. One of the greatest problems was that all of these projects worked separately within several different groups, The Thule society, The SS Order of the Black Sun, the Vril society, private enterprise and the regular military. SS General Hans Kammler was in charge of all research and development projects for the  Reich. Eventually the Nazis assumed control of all but it wasn't until wars end. Rivalry and competition between all these factions however, prevented these groups from working together or sharing their developments. Some independent Scientists were already working on alternate energy sources and were forced into working for the Nazi war effort.

 Viktor Schauberger.                                                                                                                                   SS General Hans Kammler    Schauberger produced electrical power from a unique suction turbine by implosion principles, and        later was pressured into developing a propulsion system using the same principles applied to air.
Schauberger developed a low-pressure zone on the atomic level with a prototype, which whirled air or
water radically and axially at a falling temperature. Schauberger referred to the resulting force as,
Viktor Schauberger

"diamagnetic levitation power."  It was only at the end of the war that he actually achieved a working prototype of a flying saucer. Schauberger was given a team of scientists to help him with his work. After their research headquarters were bombed, they were all transferred to Leon Stein. There they perfected the "flying disc", powered by Schauberger's turbine. The prototype was developed into a vehicle that could speed 1,200 mph in three minutes and fly in any direction at Mach 3! However,he had not perfected the ability to control its flight, as all the discs eventually crashed. This is eerily reminiscent of current reports of "alien spacecraft" crashes. Other more recent UFO observations includethe "slicing" through of clouds leaving a void pathway where the saucer flew through. Over oceans and lakes UFOs have been observed to suck up water. Refueling perhaps? Could this be evidence of Schauberger technology?At the end of the war, American Military officers seized everything in the laboratory and seeing Schauberger as a Nazi collaborator put him into protective custody for six months. The Munich publication, Da Neue Zeitalter, wrote in 1956 that, "Viktor Schauberger was the inventor and discoverer of the new motive power, implosion, which, with the use of only air and water, generated light, heat and motion".  The publication noted that the first unmanned flying disc was tested in 1945 near Prague, that it could hover motionless in the air, and could fly as fast backwards as forwards. This flying disc was reported to have a diameter of 50 meters                       

These are two types of small German prototypes Schauberger helped to develop. Could these have been what Allied Bomber pilots reported seeing over Germany and Japan in the last years of the war?

A few other known projects and teams were Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl who were engineers working in Prague with Skoda Works. Their designs were more typical of the saucer type disk with an outer rotating shell. Dr. Heinrich Richard Miethe and Senior scientist Professor Guisppee Belluzzo an expert on steam turbines, who was also the minister of economy for Italy's fascist party under Mussolini worked on projects out of Dresden and Breslau.  Mieth probably came from the triangular wing projects by the Horton brothers and was assigned to work with Belluzzo        WWII Bomber and foo fighter




 In addition to these, Peenemuende a research and testing complex in the North, is where the V1 and V2 rockets were developed and launched. Huge underground complexes at others places such as the Nordhausen and Thuringen complexes manufactured these strange projects and developed even stranger ones discovered at the end of the war. In all these were real people working on real projects in real places within Germany. There exists a wealth of documented paper trails to prove this reality beyond any myth level.


Photos from the Nordhausen Complex where V1 , V2 and prototype V4 rockets were manufactured.


Most of these pioneers were outside of the box in order to discover some of this new technology.  These were some of the more conventional means that were still a bit unorthodox by the rest of the worlds standards but in Germany rather mild compared to more extreme occult based Nazis. At the Weweslburg "think tank" and the many other arms of the Ahnenerbe, technological conclusions may have been drawn in the most unconventional ways. I will use only one example from perhaps Thuringen Complex                        hundreds, in the Ahnenerbe Nazi mind  that turned myths into into                that turned myths into technological realities. ere to block                      realities.   







Understanding the Nazi Mind: (if that is possible)

          "There is a Nordic and National-Socialist science whic is opposed to Judaeo-Christian Liberal Science"                From                                        From  Mein Kamf by Adolf Hitler                                         

Mercury; an Example of Technology Extracted from a Myth
One such example of extracting science from myth would be Mercury, the legendary hero, the symbol and the element. Mercury in Roman and Hermes in Greek mythology was the swift messenger of the gods, as well as the god of commerce and travel. The symbol of Hermes staff shows a disk on either end of a central shaft, with two inter-twined serpents, with wings of flight above their heads. The intertwining could indicate the vortex principles understood by Victor Schauberger. The dual disks on the shaft representing the electro-magnetic energy generated from the mercury vortex, with the result being flight as represented by the wings. Although you might think this strange, this is the very technology the Nazis are claimed to have obtained by this unorthodox view of mythology. The Nazis may have constructed Mercury plasma gyros. This system used an electrified mercury vapor. Further evidence of an unusual use of mercury was discovered in April of 1944. The ill-fated submarine U-859 left Germany and was sunk off the straits of Malacca in Indonesia. This sub had a cargo of 33 tons of mercury! This was strange cargo in such a huge amount and being treated as an important military cargo! In 1944 mercury was used for thermometers and switches, with no known military purpose. Some sort of unconventional use can only explain this strange cargo. It has been speculated by Childress and Vesco in their book Man Made UFO’s that the ship was headed for a base in the Antarctic, as one of many that headed in that region all during the late 30s and early40s. Another curious note was the death of Jack Parsons. He was the American Rocket scientist who invented solid rocket fuel. He died in a fire while working with mercury. And yes, he was involved with occult societies (Agape Lodge, part the the O.T.O.) that had Nazi connections during the war. There does seem to be more to Mercury than just switches, thermometers and mythology! This is only one small example of how the Nazis approached legends and myths and attempted to extract a practical physics from them . This example tells us more of the Nazi initiated mind and how they approached history, religion and myths. From the lunatic fringe to real truths discovered as described in the scriptures from the real Tower of Babel, in the final analyses the Nazis found almost everything they searched for.


There are also two rumors which really cannot be proven but are highly publicized within the UFO and Conspiracy circles. In spite of any lack of proof I do believe they are worth mentioning and should be treated as such, however it is a curious side note to everything else.

1. It has been said that the Vril Society received some of their understandings about constructing anti gravity propulsion disks through channeled messages from the ancient Nordic gods themselves. A clairvoyant member of the Thule Society, Maria Orsich  received instructions written in a glyphic language with drawings during a séance . She believed they were Aryan aliens from the Aldeberan star system. These writings were more of a blueprint than an actual message. Later another clairvoyant, Sigrun  from the Vril Society was able to despiser and interpret the writings . It was added that both the Thule and Vril societies began working on circular disk projects of the Vril and Haunabu types craft 11 years before Hitler and the Nazis came into power.  It was also said that the initial cylindrical vehicle created was actually an inter-dimensional one which traveled space/time. Now I agree that this sounds outrageous. Any one with a logical and practical mind would have many questions that challenge this as nothing but a Jerry Springer super market news tabloid freak show. But wait, I already explained in the clouds of heaven section that this is just the thing the scriptures describe would be a prophetic fulfillment. Continue on and with an open mind and consider what the scriptures might be telling us about this. I will conclude this section on man made UFOs  with scripture and logic that will explain many of these problems.

  Especially for my fellow Bible Believing Christians,  In accepting the possibility of such things being accomplished through the occult, you are certainly not giving credit or approval to these occult practices. If anything happened at all it was demonic spirits who were pretending to be these Nordic gods and aliens who were providing "secret information" to mankind. This was exactly what the book of Enoch said happened and what the Bible has warned us would happen again in the last days!

"These are the angels who have descended from heaven to earth, and have revealed
secrets to the sons of men, and have seduced the sons of men to the commission of
sin.."                                                 Enoch 63:1



the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority." Rev 13:2
The Dragon is Satan, and he is supplying power, position and authority. You have to ask yourself, is this being done by burning black candles and chanting some formula in Latin by the light of full moon at the summer solstice to beckon some red horned guy to appear? Or is it much more logical to see that through forbidden occult practices, unregenerate man comes into contact with evil entities who share forbidden knowledge for the purpose of destruction and control. This kind of occult is very real, but just because it is real does not make it real good! These rumors line up to exactly what one would expect if you believe what the Bible says.

2. Another rumor  like the Roswell incident, in 1936 states that a circular disk is alleged to have crashed in the black forest of Germany in which the Thule and Vril societies were able to start back engineering the technology.

"And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit."                          Rev 9:1 (KJV)




In the Greek, "Key" can mean an opening, as in something to study or scrutinize to gain knowledge and open ones mind to knowledge. This gain of knowledge opens the very portals of hell like a key which produces a hell on earth. The things that happened just before the flood and again just prior to the return of Christ in the last days are exactly what is being spoken of here.

How much and to what extent any of this may bear as being true know one can prove with solid evidence. However there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that corroborates with scripture and we will conclude this section with that.  What we can know for certain is that if any or all of it is true, the Bible has already provided a sure sound answer and proper perspective for us.

Satan is the great imitator. In the same but opposite pattern, he will work through mankind and communicate his desires and provide man with a false hope and vision for a his desired future. He will provide this on three levels, the intellectual, the spiritual and the physical. With this understanding it should not be too hard for the Bible believing Christian to grasp  the fact that what has happened and rumored to have happened, is just what we would expect if we believe what the Bible says.




When seeing this interconnected relationship it is not so out of context and strange. The strangest thing is the logic and reality to something so unbelievable. The gaining of this forbidden knowledge could involve all three aspects as  they are the same but opposite of Gods methods of revelations to mankind. To study the myths and extract a physics from them, is to discover knowledge on the intellectual level. To obtain this knowledge through forbidden occult means of communication accomplishes a faith based effort of the spiritual level. To discover an actual physical object is to learn on a physical level. Satan and his minions have provided all three methods to deceive mankind away from the belief in a personal God to one of a hope in ourselves to our new God, science and technology.


The above rumor is one which you might wonder                                  why I would even entertain such a thing!


                                                                      Click here for possible Biblical evidence!



LOGICAL NOTE: A cautious person would naturally ask if the Nazis actually had such a vehicle why didn't they win the war? The answer is quite easy. The technology to produce such a vehicle produces its own gravitational field apart from the rest of the cosmos. That is why they can travel without friction, stop on a dime and turn or accelerate to fantastic speeds. The crew inside would not feel the effects any more than we do not feel like we are spinning or revolving on our planet. Understanding this however, it is impossible to propel a projectile such as a bullet or cannon shell from one gravitational field into another one without making the craft spin backwards with an equal force that is trying to push the object forward. Therefore this was not an object that could be used as an offensive weapon and probably why Hitler did not devote as much interest in these projects as he should have. History buffs know that the Me 262 was put on the back burner as Hitler saw no use for it as an offensive weapon. The circular disks may have faced the same problem. The programs continued on in spite of this but not given top priorities until too late for the war effort. All they could do with the technology at the time was to fly close to bomber formations disrupting the electronics and navigational systems long enough to miss targets. By that late in the war the allies were sending 500-800 bombers at a time over one target so it was too little too late. But these vehicles could also have an intimidating effect if you began landing in your enemies own territory from a redoubt position of defense and pretend to be "Aliens" winning their hearts and minds over to your side as a "New Age" offered. As we will see they did what they could with what they had, but the UFO could do little to win the war as a military weapon.


NAZI UFOs? What do we really know for sure ?

Physical evidence:

In a very generalized manner, a couple of quotes allude to confirming some of the afore-mentioned
findings. Great Britain’s chief of the technical mission to Germany for Aircraft Production in 1945 said,
"I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they (the
Germans) had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been
confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare.”




Captured Aircraft and Technology

At the end of the war allied troops entered into the Hartz Mountain complexes of Nordhausen and Thuringen.  Much to their surprise they found much more than the traditional Nazi super weapons of the V1, V2 rockets and other conventional cutting edge weapons like the ME 262.

These are actual pictures of American troops and their encounter with some very unorthodox captured technology. What was captured was propelled by conventional means of piston engine, turbo jet and gyro helicopter methods. Here are some other actual triangular, circular, wing and jets which were physically seized by allies.








Triangular Craft left Above Flying wing bomber





Wooden Glider (Right)












     V2 Rockets                                                        ME262



Captured Documents and blueprints                                                              that display the same appearance as modern UFO sightings

There were also blueprints and drawings of alternate propulsion craft which were not found at any of the complexes. Only rumors of the destruction of these craft or the escape to the Antarctic remained. 

This is the only photo I have that claims to be an actual Nazi document. The others are copies by people who have claimed to have seen the originals. Below in the next frame, I will show you the drawing, then a model or artist sketch based on the drawing. Finally beside it I will show you a photograph or photographs of actual sightings that correspond with the other two. You will see that is quite a dramatic effect.

The Most famous of the Nazi Circular craft is the Haunabu series 1,2,and3 models. Rumors also state that in1934 the first RFZ (RundFlugZeug), or "Round Aircraft" series of discs were built which led in five short years to two vast programs of highly advanced disc aircraft overseen by Himmler’s SS- specifically, the SS technical branch Unit E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4) which was created to explore various alternative energies. This unit was developing both the Haunebu and Vril disc designs that utilized the world’s first electro-magnetic-gravitic drive systems: the Vril and Thule Triebwerks. These drives relied on Hans Coler’s free energy Konverter coupled to a Van De Graaf band generator and Marconi vortex dynamo (a huge spherical tank of mercury) to create powerful rotating electromagnetic fields that affected gravity.


The Haunabu

            Model based on Nazi Drawing                               50's Contactee George Adamski's photo of  Nazi Print Drawing                                                          of "space brothers (Nordics) spacecraft spacecraft                                                                                                                                space                                                Typical photos of UFO sightings of the 50's and 60's .






 50's                              60's

Alleged Captured Nazi Photo of Haunebu II                                      

70's                                                                                                                             90's




Vril (Later Model)                                Sightings        

Alleged Nazi photo         







Vril (later model) Print                                                         Model

Vril 7 (early model)

   Vril Nazi photo                                   sighting photo

       Vril 7 print



Cigar Shaped (Mother ship)


You can see from the drawing that this ship actually contains several of the Haunabu type aircraft within.









Bat wing type

                                                                                                                                                                       Kenneth Arnolds 1947 "Flying Saucers"



Nazi Triangle Aircraft






American Triangle Aircraft



Triangular UFO Sughtings


Captain Edward J. Ruppert, Chief of the U.S. Air force Project Bluebook stated in 1956,
“When World War II ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and
guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary
stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance
of objects reported to UFO observers……"




Captured Scientists, Engineers and Technicians

After the fall of Germany. when the allies came upon all the technology found at Nordhausen, Peenemuende and Thuringen, covert plans went into action to procure the projects, the documentation and the people working on these various programs. Operations Sunrise, Lusty and Paperclip went into action to accomplish these goals. One of the biggest mysteries at the end of World War II is what happened to most of these people. They seemed to fall off the face of the earth. The highest man in charge of most "black Operations in Nazi Germany was never found and not even searched for by Simon Wiesenthal the famous Jewish Nazi hunter. General Hans Kammler and most of the scientists, engineers and technicians just disappeared after the war never to be found. A small handful however were taken and in one way or another continued their work for the victorious allies.

General Walter Dornberger, General Kurt Davis, Dr Werner Von Braun, Viktor Schauberger  and the Horten brothers came to America most of them via Operation Paperclip.

Dr Miethe went to Canada and worked for Avro.

Otto Habermohl was captured by the Russians       Paperclip Scientists stationed at White Sands and Roswell New Mexico 



Unknown Luftwaffe medals

Photographed from the collection of Robert J. Lee, these Luftwaffe Pilot Badges were found in a storeroom during WWII by an American Soldier.
These badges have circular wreaths, unlike any of the known Luftwaffe Badges that have oval wreaths. Were these badges designated for the
German Luftwaffe pilots who flew electromagnetic propulsion craft?

Go here for the testimony about their

Also here for more on Nazi UFOs






Actual Navigational Instrument from a Nazi UFO?

William Lyne has the background to know what he found in an Albuquerque flee market. 

He had a Top Secret security clearance when he was in the Air force an MA and BA with 40 years as a UFO investigator. He has endured much in a community that wants to believe in ET rather than the possibility that this is part of a cover up conspiracy that is earth bound and associated with Nazis. Man can I relate to that! Here is his web site for more detail.

He is the author of several books including Space Aliens from the Pentagon and Occult Ether Physics. He is a rather cynical guy but I admire his integrity and fortitude to keep pressing on against the popular currents of lies and deception. I personally believe he holds a smoking gun that just about everybody in the UFO community does not want to believe but cannot refute .


This concludes the tangible hard evidence section for Nazi and man made UFOs



LOGICAL NOTE: Skeptics addressing the Nazi UFO as a myth, may admit to the obvious evidence presented here and then try to make it end here also. They site that we tried back engineering what we found and none of it seemed to work. So the Nazis never really had a useful technology and the objects we see today are extraterrestrial or just mass hysteria. They also site that the scientists and engineers brought over here had much conflicting data and testimonies.                                  

Here is my reply to their challenging thoughts. I worked in Auto Prototype in Detroit for almost 28 years. I know the whole prototype process. What was left for us to find was the junk! Some were failed projects, others were mock ups that were probably only researching a certain dimension or portion of engineering that was not an end product. Of course most of (that we know of anyway,) what we found did not work. There is sufficient  circumstantial evidence to indicate that the best of everything was taken somewhere else.

The conflicting stories from those who were brought over here is very easy to explain. Your whole life's work was invested into a company where your boss just blew his brains out, the company is out of business and a new company taking over operations is looking for the former key people to resume business with them. You already know you were deemed expendable by your old bosses so you make yourself look as good and important as you can and better and more important than the guy next to you. You embellish your resume to keep your life work and your future as bright as you can. Even the ones who were not hard core Nazis were quite comfortable in compromising to survive so this is just what you would expect, a feeding frenzy to survive. They also ignore or fail to make the connection to much circumstantial evidence. One is the strange fact that many early "contactees" of the 50's reported coming into contact with "Nordics". Tall Blond hair blue eyed aliens in craft matching the Haunbu Those arguments hold and prove nothing. especially when you realize that this is truly not the end of the story.


Circumstantial Evidence

Mysteries at the end of World War II

1. You can verify this in Guinness book of World Records, the largest unsolved bank heist recorded in history is the entire Reichstag Bank at the end of WWII! Yes, the entire nations economy disappeared! Now exactly how does that happen? It would be like somebody taking over the United States, they come into Fort Knox and all of the Gold is gone. When questioning anyone who should know anything about it, all they get is a blank stare a raising of hands and a comment of "I dunno?". That would have to make anyone suspicious! But wait there is more. If a group could remove an entire nations economy, it means they have a place and a plan for another day!                                                        A bombed out destroyed Germany late 1945      




2. When the Allies came upon the huge cement encased submarine pens where the latest Nazi submarines were housed as many as 200 of them were unaccounted for. Most of these had the latest snorkel attachment which could allow for a transatlantic crossing undetected as there was no need to surface to re-supply air and recharge the batteries.




3. The man who knew the most about secret operations and projects within the Reich, Hans Kammler just vanishes without a trace. Rumors of an obvious faked death and a body never found creates the mystery. Along with this top leader, estimates from various researchers of both conspiracy, UFO and regular historical researchers range anywhere from a couple of thousand to six thousand scientists , engineers and technicians who were never found. Many intelligence officers and other Nazi high officials also disappeared. Even mainstream historians admit that the Nazis were articulate in records keeping, they even filmed many of their atrocities for historical posterity. At the end of the war, records could account for citizens killed in bombing, troops taken prisoner or missing in action, taken to extermination camps and in spite of their efforts there remained almost 200,000 people from the general population that are still unaccounted for! 


Any one of these situations  alone would be a curious mystery but when you add them all together, this just demands the realization that a relocation and colonization has taken place. If not then what happen to all of the money and people? Can anyone logically say this is all just a coincidence?





Another rumor describes events that may have happened. If it holds up to any scrutiny it
certainly confirms the exodus to the Antarctic by the Nazis.  The story goes that another division of the SS called the Race and settlement Bureau, began to recruit as many as 10,000 Ukrainian women of believed Aryan descent between the ages of 17- 24, along with 2,500 Waffen SS soldiers serving in Russia. The goal of this massive undertaking was to create a colony at Base 211 suitable for habitation and continued development of the various saucer projects. The man in charge of this exodus is supposed to be none other than SS
General Han Kammler. Urban legend or veiled truth?  Admiral Donitz the highest Nazi Navel officer may have alluded several times to this Antarctic redoubt. “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Fuhrer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.” Another statement he made to the cadets of the submarine academy was in effect, that if the war were to take a turn for the worst a
safe haven has already been provided. Was this a reference to base 211?



Historical Fact

 Following the surrender of Germany, 4 months later, U-boats U977 and U530 surrender to neutral Argentina.
Both ships are completely empty. The U.S. sends a commission of high-ranking officers to investigate the acquiescence of the submarines. Both Captains were held in custody for two years and questioned about the whereabouts of Martin Borman, the body of Hitler, as well as a possible location of the last bastions of Nazis somewhere in the Antarctic. The commander of U977 Captain Heintz Schaeffer, was familiar with the Hartz Mountain complexes; the model 21 subs and had experience with patrolling the Antarctic. Following the grilling by the U.S. commission, Schaeffer was given over to the British for further interrogation. This part of the story is fact additional rumors were that the submarine first stopped off at a large cavern entrance in the Antarctic area of Neuschwabenland and dropped off crates and their entire payload.




Known Motive:

Part of Nazi ideology included Hans Horbiger’s eternal ice theory which claimed that the true Aryan peoples belonged in a much colder climate and would thrive there. Himmler and Hitler‘s goal was to section off a portion of land for an Aryan Empire. New Berlin. This empire was to be an example for the rest of the world to follow and desire. In keeping with these ideas, the Antarctic may well of been chosen for this purpose. The Thule Society believed also that Thule   HansHorbiger   the true Aryan capital was located from an entrance point somewhere in the North Pole. Believing that a reversal of polarity took place in our past, the Antarctic would now be the logical location and allowable entrance into this mythical inner world. That belief came from Blavatsky's symbolic meaning of the swastika. The Vril Society believed that pure bred Aryan descendants who possessed the power of the Vril-ya lived inside of a hollow earth. With the aid of Tibetan monks that opening was determined to be at the South Pole. Hitler was interested in the legend of Quetzalcoatl. It was said that as this ancient god left the Aztecs (including Mayan and Toltec variations) by sea, he would return from Tula a land that was once from the sun but now was covered with darkness and ice. He believed this legend tied into the other occult beliefs of Thule a variation of the same name. Believing these various myths almost demanded that this would be the spot to explore and colonize over any other place on earth. The United States believed it enough to try and do something about it



Operation High Jump was a hastily put together expedition to the          South Pole. Operations leader was the only Polar expert the United States had at the time Admiral Richard Byrd. The entire Task Force was under  the military direction of Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen. The public was told little about the venture except that the military was conducting experiments on military equipment in sever cold weather. In addition further mapping and seismological surveying would be done. At a time right after World War II that left Europe and Asia in shambles this was suspect right from the start. The timing was interesting in that this was the first opportunity since the war to safely navigate the area. This was and still is the largest expedition to the South Pole ever. The contingency of ships included 13 Navel ships  including six helicopters, six Martin PBM flying boats, two seaplane tenders, fifteen other aircraft,  and one aircraft carrier; the USS Philippine Sea . Over 4,700 Navy and Marine personnel were also included.They arrived in the area and broke off into three different areas which had all the appearance of being a military strike force with a typical attack strategy. They were outfitted for 6-8 months however they suddenly returned back to the States in only several weeks. In route back it is alleged that Admiral Byrdhad, in a ship to shore conversation with a Chilean newspaper stated that in the future we would have to defend ourselves from aircraft that could go from pole to pole in a matter of minuets. Of course there is no evidence or proof of this conversation and much of the High jump results have been silenced by our own government as in the next event about to happen in Roswell. Byrd was taken to Washington and silenced about saying anything to the public.

The following are the ships involved, does this look like a military assault group or a scientific expedition? If you can't tell the difference, I guess a weather balloon crashed in Roswell.

The East Group

Sea Plane Tender                              Destroyer                      Tanker





The West Group                                                                    

Sea PlaneTender                                            Destroyer                                          Tanker


Central Group

Communications                                   Supply                                                     Supply                                                Submarine

     Hey! Where are the Scientific Research ships?


             Carrier group   Aircraft Carrier


                                                                                                                        Ice Breakers



Rumor There is the an alleged "Lost Diary" of Admiral Byrd that gives a vivid description of this Antarctic expedition. Byrd is filled with amazement and wonder as he heads into a warm area of lakes and green vegetation and sees a Wooly Mammoth . He no longer sees a normal sky and  looses radio contact. As he then sees a village his plane is forced landed by circular disk aircraft with a swastika emblem. He is taken into a complex and warned about Atomic Bomb testing and then released. The captors were tall blond hair blue eyed Nordics as they spoke broken English in a Germanic accent. The only unbelievable part to this incredible story is the fact he was so amazed by the terrain. Supposedly in 1929 he had almost the same experience in a prior polar flight. A movie was made and played in a few major cities at theaters along with the movies which was typical back then. It was played for only a brief time and then suddenly it was pulled. This is documented in the Book, The Hollow Earth Enigma by Alee Macleillan in Reference to another book written by the only other  living person who was part of that expedition. When I first read of this movie in that book, I almost fainted. My grandfather told me he saw this movie when he was a young man. I was young then and was reading This Hollow Earth when in first came out in the 60's. This was how we got on the subject. My Grandfather swore he saw  it and told me all of the details. I always thought he was just a senile old guy who only thought he saw it. In hindsight  twenty years later and his recollection has put some validity to this earlier movie. If that is the case then there is a big problem with this "Lost Diary".  Why would Admiral Byrd be amazed and not compare this to his past trip. It just doesn't make sense. It seems to me this lost diary was a fake put out by someone who knew the truth and tried to get it out in that way. Embellishments of any kind  does more to discredit the truth than help to bring it out.



No Coincidence

Here is the claim I make, I believe that from this new position of defense, a last bastion of the Nazi regime used the technology they had in the only way they could at the time. By landing in their enemies own land choosing or randomly  appearing to the enemy citizens, they play the role of friendly aliens. Befriending some, they use them to influence the rest of that nation to their views and beliefs. Of course stealthily they mask their Nazi beliefs and convey the same message or philosophy to their enemy by repackaging it as a message of love and promise. This message no longer  based on bloodline and national identity is now now offered to whosoever will based on their spiritual beliefs of a  theosophical style called the "New Age". With a brief history of how we got where we are today we will look at some actual cases that prove this point. (You will view more on this in the Message hallw) It can be said that Theosophy had an Old Testament version based on bloodline and national identity with a New Testament version based on a spiritualized faith to whosoever will in a same but opposite of pattern of God's revelation to man through the Jew and Judaism and then the gentile and Christianity offered to everyone.








A brief History of the UFO community.

Contactees was the name given to a new group of "believers" in UFOs. These were people who claimed to have either psychic contact with Aliens or  actual physical contact by first observing a craft and then meeting the occupants. There was no lost time or memory masking. These were at many times, daylight encounters in remote areas usually in the desert areas of the southwest. While serious scientific investigation was just getting started, the contactee did much to discredit the whole subject by their unsubstantiated and very far out claims. Some of these claims included trips to the moon, mars or other cities on earth in a matter of minutes, prophetic warnings, special missions and messages of a new age occult based nature.

Abductees was the name given to those who claimed to be kidnapped by aliens in UFOs. Usually after a UFO sighting or alone at night in bed, these people experienced loss time or a lapse of memory that, in time, began to come back to them or was extracted through hypnosis. Typical to most abductees was the messages conveyed to them of a metaphysical, theosophical occult nature. In many cases of abduction, there was also enough physical evidence left that the more serious scientific community investigating the phenomena began to consider and accept their claims.

What used to be a division between Contactees and Scientific investigators has melded together because of the abductees and hard evidence.This is because the messages of both Contactees and Abductees were the same.   Several decades later and the new age concepts have integrated itself within the UFO community.

 But this influence has an even further reaching dimension and impact on our society as you will now see.




The early yeas after WWII.

Starting with some UFO sightings in 1945, there was a steady increase in 1946, until reaching a peak of "flap" sightings in 1947 of UFOs in both South and Northern America. The recorded sightings and encounters with the crews of the craft had a consistency within themselves and a remarkable similarity to the people and craft that were supposed to have relocated in the Antarctic. We will examine a few cases that will makes it's own point to my case.

Background of a few famous Contactees

 George Adamski

You cannot mention Contactees without mentioning George Adamski. He achieved national fame when
he began to have visits from the "Space Brothers" who wanted him to be their spokesman. They told him
they were from Venus. They stressed the importance of ceasing nuclear testing and living in peace and
harmony. Their message of peace was in a Theosophical view.

Once he overheard the space brothers speaking to each other in fluent German. Being from Poland, he
spoke some German, and easily recognized it as such. When he questioned the brothers they answered
that they spoke all the languages of earth, although they didn’t give an example.




He also took sharp clear pictures of their spacecraft. Skeptics claimed the photos looked like a 
manufactured Chicken Brooder. Further investigation discovered that the brooder was manufactured after Adamski’s photos. The owner was inspired by the photos and fashioned the brooder to look like Adamski’s pictures! What is never mentioned is the fact that Adamski’s saucers are identical to the alleged captured Nazi blueprints. His images are also consistent with other popular sightings of the time.

Followers of his, at the time were surprised that Adamski had mobility and opportunity afforded to him,
comparable to what a Government official would enjoy. It was discovered that Adamski had pre-war
connections with American Fascist leader of the "Silver Shirts" William Dudley Pelley. The American Nazi
group began their operations in 1932. Pelley was interned during the War. After the war Pelley started an
occult group "Soulcraft" and published a racist magazine called Valor. He wrote a book in 1950, Starguests.
Adamski and Pelley were involved together in the "I AM" cult group whose roots go back to the early days of
Theosophy and include beliefs in the hollow earth, alien contact and of course Theosophy.

To the general public, he was very eccentric, to say the least, and did much to discredit the
seriousness of UFO research. In spite of his way out manner, some real truths and experiences might be in his midst. 




 In his book, Flying Saucers have Landed, he remarks about one encounter with Orthon his main contact as being with a shorter brown man wrapped in a sari and barefoot. He said this smaller man left a footprint in the sand which included symbols of a reverse swastika and other glyphic impressions. It was not until 40 years later reading about the Bon Po sect of Tibetan Monks, did I discover that they tattooed their feet in this same manner. It was from this sect, the Nazis had recruited these people as part of the SS! 

Adamski may be a part of a consistent pattern to confuse and discredit real truths. By having accurate information disseminated through created unreliable sources such as Adamski. The Truth then is made unbelievable. At the same time, by giving false information to established legitimate sources a lie is made acceptable. Adamski could have been one good example of this kind of ploy. With a Nazi/Occult connection to his past, he helped lay a foundation for the Nordic "space brother" and their message of warning and hope.








Jack Parsons
Another early contactee with Nordics includes Scientist, Jack Parsons who met the so-called Venusian
saucer in the desert in 1946. He is the creator of solid rocket propellant fuel and went on to become one of
the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Houston and the Aerojet Corporation. To remind you, the President of this Corporation was none other than former Nazi SS General Walter Dornburger. Parsons mixed magik and science with his many discoveries and was an occult initiate. Jack was a member and leader of the Agape lodge. This was the American chapter of Aleister Crowley’s. occult group, Ordo Templi Orientis, based in England . Aleister Crowley was a world-renowned occultist and Satan worshiper. Prior to the war, Crowley met Adolph Hitler and continued correspondence with him.
It has been said that Crowley was everything from a Nazi spy to a double agent working for the allies. There is unclear evidence for both rumors but every indication is that he was involved in spying.  One of Jack Parsons early United States contacts with the Agape Lodge was a man code-named as "Frater H." He had a close association with Jack Parsons and led him to believe that he had come into contact with the same higher powers that Crowley himself came into contact with, in Cairo in 1904.  Parsons was a womanizer  and believed in sex magic and practiced this in his personal life. He invoked the spirit of Pan before any rocket launch in a full ceremonial procedure.

Jack and "Frater H" worked on a pseudo-scientific project Babylon Working where they tried to open a portal to invoke the presence of a feminine goddess Bablon. In Qabbalistic Gematria Aleister Crowley equated the number 156 with Babalon (using Ayin 70 in the spelling.) In Enochian, "Babalon" means "wicked". "Babalond" means "A Harlot".  In this occult encrypted belief they were raising the spirit of the Whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation 17 and the women in the basket of Zechariah 5.



Jack Parson's association to Frater H later proved to assist in his downfall. They shared a joint banking account of which Frater H. took the money and wound up marrying Parson’s girlfriend. By 1952 Parsons now referred to himself as Belarion Armiluss Al Dajjal Antichrist.  In his home laboratory he dropped a vial of fulminate of mercury and died in the resulting explosion. Jack Parsons was a man with a professional life filled with great achievements. He was hardly the stereotypical contactee as depicted by supermarket tabloids. Yet his personal and spiritual life was filled with the occult, deception and yet another possible Nazi / occult connection. He also paved the way for the Nordic type Alien.

L. Ron Hubbard AKA  "Frater H"

Frater H., the man most responsible for leading Parsons into this madness, was himself a claimed contactee of the Nordics. His real name is none other than the well-known L. Ron  Hubbard, Science-fiction writer, Author of Dianetics and Founder of the Church of Scientology. His sphere of influence today in America is renowned. Many movie stars, intellectuals and social elite are ardent followers of his "Church". Within the fast growing Church of Scientology is the doctrine of Aliens as Ascended masters and our creators. Their philosophy is just another variation of Theosophy.  Recently his "Church"  has suffered persecution in Germany. I believe because of all people, the German people have heard this line before and recognize it for what it really is!


            Many cults use Christian Icons



Daniel Fry Fry                                                                                                                                                   Daniel Fry encountered Nordic type aliens at white Sands NM in 1946. They flew in the Haunabu type craft. He worked for Aero jet as a rocket gauge technician. After his experience, which forever changed his life, he published numerous books, gave thousands of talks and started an organization called Understanding, which he ran until shortly before his death in 1992.

Howard Menger

Menger, who rose to prominence as a charismatic contactee detailing his chats with friendly Adamski-style Venusian "space brothers" in the late 1950s, has been widely dismissed as a charlatan. Nonetheless, his various stories, photographs and films have been accepted by some UFO believers

                                                                                  Another use of Christian Icons


Menger's painting of his contact with the "Space Brothers", Another Hanubu saucer





George Van Tassel

George Van Tassel claims both psychic and physical contact with the same Nordic aliens. In 1942 he met and became friends with an eccentric loner, Frank Critzer, who claimed to be working a mine somewhere near Giant Rock, a 7-story boulder near Landers, California. Frank Critzer was a German immigrant trying to make a living in the desert as a prospector. During World War II Critzer was under suspicion as a German spy . When officials came to question and search his underground living quarters he built under Giant rock, he blew himself up with dynamite he had stolen from a  nearby construction site. Immediately afterward Van Tassel leased the land of Giant Rock and moved his wife and children in the refurbished living quarters.
Van Tassel eventually built a home, a cafe, a small airstrip, and a dude ranch beside the Rock. It is there where he had his first physical encounter with "Solgonda", his main space brother contact. He was told to build the  Integratron a domed building made of wood and fiberglass that was supposed to be a life rejuvenator and time/ dimension machine. There were no moving parts or machinery and although on the lunatic fringe, he had many followers. He also hosted The Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention annually beside the Rock, from 1953 to 1978, that attracted at its peak in 1959 as many as 10,000 attendees. Guests trekked to the desert by car or landed airplanes on Van Tassel's small airstrip, grandly called Giant Rock Airport.

He quotes this text of scripture as being what happened to him with his first contact in 1951 at the Great Rock.

And the angel that talked with me came again, 
and waked me, as a man that is wakened 
out of his asleep.-- Zechariah 4:1 


It is strange that he used this text of scripture and we will cover this more in the Roswell Room.

My response would be Galatians 1:8  

          "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any

           other gospel unto you than that which we have preached

            unto you, let him be accursed."                          Gal 1:8

Van Tassel communicated telepathically, for a coming
“Lord” from outer space, One with another Gospel

The result of Van Tassels own cult following helped produce the off shoot cult  The Aetherius Society by another contactee. Dr. George King who was heavily involved in Eastern mysticism.


                                                                                                                   Right, Giant Rock  compared to human the                                                                                                             the largest free standing stone

The religious dimension to UFOs were created by contact from humans in craft that had a message for mankind. The humanoid occupants were tall blond hair, blue eyed Nordics (spoke with a German accent) who were a match for the possible escaped Nazi Ayrans. They flew in craft identical to captured Nazi documents and they had the same message as the Nazis repackaged as a  religion. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck it's probably a duck This is the part of the story that skeptics about Nazi UFOs do not want to address or acknolwedge.

Contactees are an unreliable source but...

These early Contactees had many wild unscientific claims, some refused to take lie detector tests, some had embellished stories and others were caught with forged and fake evidence. But in all of these contactee stories, their backgrounds and encounters had a consistency that must be more than a coincidence.  In almost every case the person was connected with the occult and eastern mysticism. In most cases also, there was a Nazi connection or possible influence. To say that this was all coincidence is to refuse to see the evidence for what it is. Another common thread to these stories not mentioned was the fact that many of these individuals lead very productive normal lives until their alleged contact. Something happened to these people that drastically altered their lives. Is the result a mere coincidence or did a last bastion of Nazis actually escape and began reprogramming society by their selected and random contact with their former enemies. Going on a historical fact and premise that the more technological advanced society has always influenced and absorbed the lesser ones, they pretend to be Aliens with a superior technology and superior cosmology, their beliefs are gradually accepted and a transformation begins. Many cults with influence on the lunatic fringe appealing to only a few have grown in influence as they hone their messages to fit into the voids of our culture and have become almost mainstream such as Scientology or the Realiens who will will see after we meet Betty and Barney Hill.


Betty and Barney Hill

New Hampshire residents Betty and Barney Hill's abduction by aliens in the early hours of September, 20 1961, is the most convincing case of its kind. They were the first recorded people to experience the modern day abduction scenario. They had a sense of lost time with memories
of a UFO sighting and then a buzzing noise followed by another one where they both are suddenly driving on the road unsure of what happened. They had lost two hours of time. They began to have sleepless nights, nightmares and flash cognitive memories of medical examinations in an overly lit examining table with human like little gray bodies with huge bulbous heads and bulging dark eyes. Through NICAP a civilian UFO investigative organization  and Major Donald Kehoe suggested a well-known Boston psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Benjamin Simon, who was one of the most respected doctors in his field for help. He induced the couple in several sessions of Hypnotic regressive memory retrieval. (I do not as a Christian think this is very wise). The results however are rather intriguing. Betty recalls a map the little gray aliens showed them of their "Homw World" Zeta Rectullia . It wasn’t until 1969 that the map could be verified as three stars in the mapped system by Betty had not even been discovered . Barney recalled a human among the little grays and kept calling him the Captian. When asked why he knew he was a Captian, His voice broke in fear and stated, “He’s He's a Nazi!” This case was one of the most scrutinized cases in history by the best of every believing expert and skeptics alike. This is one case that was not debunked by anyone in that time. I find it interesting that anyone presenting this case as extra-terrestrial, fails to mention Barney's testimony.


Billy Meir and the Pleiadians. 

The more recent contacts with "Nordics" have stated that they are now from the Pleiades. This sudden change of address may be the result of Voygers 1 and 2. As they gave evidence that Venus, Mars and Jupiter were uninhabitable, in the mid and late 70's, no more Nordic's came from there. Their recent
chosen contactee and spokesman is a Swiss farmer by the name of Billy Meir. The information given
through Meir along with his many photographs and movies have stirred up much controversy. Many
skeptics and believing investigators have scrutinized all of this. It is claimed that while some investigators
tried to reproduce the Meir photos, Meir got them mixed up with his own. Some photos have been
debunked and his credibility on the most part has not withstood the controversy with most serious
From Gary Kinder’s book about Billy Meir, Light Years, Atlantic Monthly Press 1987, he points out that
whatever you might think about Billy Meir, one puzzle remains. A Swiss farmer with a fifth or sixth grade
education described in his writings, technology and an understanding of the cosmos beyond his means.
These concepts were dictated from a "Nordic" named “Semjase”. He included descriptions about a Tychyon propulsion system, healing methods, celestial mechanics and advanced medical equipment. At the time of his writings only a handful of experts working in specific research and development programs understood these technologies.

Billy's cult group have locations in four countries

                                                              Right, Semjase and her "beam ship" Semjase is the name of he                                                          the leader of the fallen angels of Genesis 6 as recorded by Enoch                                                                                          Enoch (Ethiopic version) known as Enoch 1








These are various UFO cults still in operation today. They are all a variation of Theosophy and very anti-Christian of the true Biblical understanding. They conflict between themselves only in their messianic leadership's roles and duties. They are all the result of Contact with ones described and  matched with fallen Angels of the Bible or humans who are probably the last bastion of Nazis. There are many more smaller groups including several American Indian UFO cults. I would say their plan has been very effective.



Raëlian Movement, founded by former French auto racing journalist Claude Vorhilon, According to the History of Raëlism, an explanation of humanity's origins and future was transmitted to Claude over at the rate of one meeting per day from December 13 -18  in a volcano in Auvergne, France  in 1973. His visitors were the little grays as well as Caucasian humans. The Grays are the ultimate form and they created us in the human form to evolve into higher beings through cloning. After three books, the organization had enough money and followers to hire a top French genetics expert and purchase a medical complex in the Bahamas for their company, Clone Aid. This is one of a few divisions this organization has. Receiving technology from these Aliens, they have claimed to have the ability to clone humans and have recently opened several other centers, one in Korea. They evangelize their cause on college campuses across the world much in the same manner as Campus crusade for Christ does. Part of their beliefs are that they have to build a Temple in Israel so that the Elohim will return to bring us into a New Age of enlightenment. They recently changed their symbol which was originally taken from what appeared on the saucer Claus Vorhilon now renamed Realian had encountered. Here is Rael in an older picture with the old symbol. You can see why Israel is not interested in their offer. Yes what was on the spaceship and what they used was the Nazi Swastika! Now they have tried to change their Icon to a pinwheel to help win their goals in Israel. While they seem rather foolish and based on more fiction than science they are rich and powerful and growing all of the time. Rael has also been told to help set up a cashless society. Laughable perhaps but remember that a secret society (Vril) composed of an of obscure few, based on a Science Fiction book helped to become a political movement that killed over 50 million. Here aresome books written by Rael.






         New Raelian symbol







The whole human/alien contact is like a chameleon constantly changing it's origin, style and exploitations of  current events and human needs. The one thing that is the constant is the Theosophical Message. With all of these factions and fragmented apostles there should be a central location like a world Mecca for everything Alien and UFO. Part of a plan? We are finally finished with the very long hallway of man made UFOs. We are now ready to enter the ROSWELL ROOM to find out WHY ROSWELL?

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