Offended or Concerned


Important Warning signs ignored by the press and not understood by the American Public       




I will not tell you who to vote for:

This article is not a political plea to vote for any particular "side" or person. As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I have never used my influence to convince anyone who to vote for. This is a serious personal responsibility between the individual, their conscience and prayerfully with God.

However as a minister I have a moral obligation to provoke people to consider anything or person that is not in alignment with the scriptures. As an American, I also have the freedom of speech and obligation to point out Anti-American activity or proclamations that could do harm to our country.

Anyone who knows me personally, or if you have read much of my writings posted here, can and should know that I am not a racists. So in this writing, I do not want to receive any ranting responses that I am.

I am also not a person who defines himself as a Republican or a Democrat. Because I am an Evangelical Christian that holds fast to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, most would consider me a conservative. However I am more of a Libertarian or Moderate even though I have never voted in that parties favor. I am also a Christian who knows that we as a Nation were founded by Biblical principles and were established as a Republic, not a Democracy. There is no such thing as a separation of Church and state in our constitution. I am certainly not for a Church run state / country. However,  I do believe Biblical principles should be the foundation of our Laws as our founding fathers encouraged and incorporated into our National infrastructure. 

I Want Change Too but at what Price?

Like most Americans I want change from our present course! I am greatly disappointed by the Bush administration, the Iraq war, health care , our economy and the threat of terrorists. I want change but the change I would like to see is a return to the values, beliefs and practices that made us the Nation we once were. That was a nation who's people believed in their God and His Word the Bible. What God who's God? The only one that made us great! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The great I am of the Old Testament and his Messiah, the provider of salvation, Jesus of Nazareth. We do not need to rewrite or change the constitution, we need to believe and enforce the one we already have.

For this to happen, we need listen to what our founding fathers advised, We should seek out and encourage Christian God fearing men for political office. If we have any hope at all of a future in this violent threatened world, it is a return to the former faith in our God to heal our land. That offer is probably not on the two party ballot this year for our national leaderships top position and has not been for some time. So I have no answer for you there. A lesser of two evils? A third party that better represents your personal beliefs and faith? Do some research, there a few that make a Christian Biblical claim.

But I will warn you of who Not to vote for:

More important is not, who to vote for this year but rather to consider, who should I not vote for. What kind of change do you want for our country. The groundwork and foundation has already been set for drastic changes that are already taking place even before a leader has been established.

When both political parties agreed on this economic bail out, we ceased to become  the USA. We have now become the USSA. The United Socialists States of Amerika. The main point in describing what you already know is the fact that both parties sold America down a road forever changing us from what we have been for 300 years, a free enterprise nation. A net has been sown that now threatens to slowly close around us.

A leader has already been selected by the NWO to be the cement of this new movement. This goes far beyond Bi-partisan politics. The NWO now presents to the American public, Barrack Hussein Obama. This is why countless points of dangerous considerations are ignored or fluffed over by the press. The race card is being played along with anything else that will "work" to present Obama as our new savior with a new plan and new deal.

Hypocrisy at its worse.

When it was discovered that David Duke had connections to the KKK, his political aspirations and possible carrier ended dead in its tracks and rightfully so. When similar evidence has been presented about Obama it is glossed over, excused and even ridiculed as impossible. When many of these claims have come from a white person from the right, they have been called racists or unfair negative campaigning. How outrageously biased, naive and hypocritical is that! Color has nothing to do with these concerns! Here are three pictures of Obama's various political headquarters. This should raise questions by any fair minded person who knows their history!

Obama Campaign office features Communist Murderer







This is the Cuban flag and in all three pictures there is the image of Che Guevara. Che Guevara was a kind of right hand man for Fidel Castro during the Cuban revolution. A Marxists Communist, Guevara is most noted for killing tens of thousand of Cuban nationals or anyone who opposed him. Many executions were by his own hand with his pistol. In my day in the 60s, this was a popular figure for posters and worn on tee shirts and  worn by campus pseudo-intellectuals against the Viet Nam war as well as many anti-protesting hippies. It symbolized protest, resistance to the establishment and for some, a reflection for serious communistic goals. Most however, mindlessly wore the shirts because they were "cool" and because it ticked off the establishment. To be fair, these posters were posted by the volunteers themselves who denied any comment to the press ( Fox news was the only one interested in researching this.) Obama neither sanctioned or disapproved the postings and they were just  accepted without any comment.

This would be the equivalent of  David Duke or any other white politician  from the right who would have allowed a picture of Hitler or the Nazi flag in an office representing their headquarters. Sanctioned or not what the heck would something like that have to do with the official and what does it say about his company of supporters or his administrative abilities? Yes this should be a concern to any patriotic American with a brain to think. This alone should be convincing enough but there is a mountain of other related dots that all connect.

Early on in his campaign Obama was asked if he thought it was unusual that McCain did not mention his religion. Obama agreed that he thought it was odd that McCain did not mention anything about his Muslim faith. A moment of total quite and then the newsman tried to bail Obama out by saying you mean your Christian faith. like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Obama backpedals and stumbling for words, repeats, yes I mean my Christian faith. Here is the actual clip.

             "My Muslim Faith"


Obama has said that he meant the faith he was accused of being but in context this just is not true, This was a real "Freudian slip".  There have been other times where he has made slips in his speeches. Another one which has created much controversy is the 57 states that he had visited.

                     57 States?

  What did he mean?

A claim by many suspecting Obama to be a closet Muslim, is that this was another Freudian slip. There are 57 nation states composed of the Islamic World Conference and perhaps he had this more on his mind? Another possible explanation claimed by supporters is that he meant to say 47 states with one he missed and two that he couldn't go to making 50. Now I certainly do not think that he doesn't know that we have 50 states, so yes it was some kind of a slip but what kind? Both are equally suspect. Giving him the benefit of the doubt we still have a problem. When words in such a highly scrutinized election are so critical, why would you make such careless mistakes. When dealing on  global affairs, careless spoken words could mean war or peace and sometimes you can't take words back. A President dealing with such a violent world today must be articulate in everything said. At best this shows inexperience, at the worst, evidence of a being a secret Muslim.  Can there be any truth to a Muslim influence or Obama being a closet Muslim? Here are some facts on his early years and major influences that were in his developing life.

Early Influence and Adult choices of belief.


Is Obama a Marxist?

The Video cuts off the ending of the sentence which  states, "....  the end of the white enemy". Obama supporters say that Obama was never a Muslim and that is not true. His Father was a well educated Intellectual, and a Marxist Muslim activists, the children are automatically Muslim. His formative years were spent living in an Kenyan village as a member of a traditional Muslim family. When his mother divorced and remarried, her husband was another Marxists activist that worked for the Indonesian military. In Jakarta, Obama was registered as a Muslim student in a Catholic school, later transferred to an Islamic school where the reciting of the Koran was required. Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship in those days and both Mom and Son were citizens of Indonesia. With such radical views does Obama really believe in such things? We have recorded, his ideas written in his book not taken out of context, his words simply mean what they say and say what they mean so let's see his own quotes with his own words.

Audacity of Hope Quotes from Obama's Book


We have another no win situation here for Obama. Are we to believe that for twenty years Obama had no idea what the theology of his Church was? If that was true, then what kind of discernment is he showing for any kind of leadership. Mr. Oblivious would not be able to detect anything about foreign leaders while in negotiations.  Obama I really do not think you are that stupid. Crafty and manipulative but not that oblivious to things around you. If that were true, you would be a disaster waiting to happen on the international scene. Of course the quotes from your book and many speeches indicate otherwise. In one speech you talk about the redistributing of wealth as not being socialism, but rather opportunity. Yes you are a Marxist, racist and either a closet Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. The final quote from your book being that you would, "not hesitate to side with Islam if things should happen to get ugly"..

Actions speak louder than words. Here is a picture that should concern any peace loving person especially Christians. Is this just a mistake? Or is this an action of committed belief. This is a picture of Obama and Michael attending a recent campaign rally. Don't say this doesn't mean anything! Could you imagine a White Republican prospective first lady publicly giving a Nazi salute? How  fast would that end a political career? With lightening speed I would suspect and rightfully so. The same discernment should be applied here.

I added the Black Panther logo and the Black power sign. This gesture was started by Black militant groups like the Panthers in the 60's. It symbolizes a militant desire that goes beyond equality. The fist symbolizes the application of force by might to over throw and destroy "oppressive whites". This is no less an offence than a Nazi salute by the KKK , it symbolizes the same militant hate based beliefs with only the color and political associations being different.


Just as both racist ideals have crept into western society in many forms and political factions, so have the gestures. Yes there is more to these connections than meets the eye.


Today, the Nazi salute is used by extreme Islamic terrorist groups and clergy. Modern sects including the Baath party of Iraq was fostered by the Nazis during WWII. They have had a connected past with the Nazis and were taught many of their methods of operation by them in the 40's.






Obama's Church and Pastor Honors Louis Farrakhan leader of the Black Muslim movement in America. They are strong believers in a Black Communist Doctrine of Liberation Theology!


With such a questionable background and radical beliefs, this might be our next commander in chief. This is what he says he will do as Commander in Chief.


 Obama was clearly in a technical sense and in a traditional Islamic sense, a Muslim. This has been clearly shown. He may soon become the most powerful man of the western world. Why, you have to ask, does all of Islam eagerly hope he wins the election. The extremists do not want peace or co-existence with America, they want our extinction. Islamic law of Taqiyya states that a Muslim who converts to Christianity should be put to death. No one is calling for his death from the extreme Islamic leaders, they are happy! Does this not tell you something! Here is why they are rejoicing! They think Obama is the Coming One!


Louis Farrakhan fully understand this. Like a John the Baptist he  declared Obama as their Messiah on October 10th 2008!


Obama said he would concentrate on defending America from within. While at the same time stripping down our military from being a global power. This is his plan!


A civilian anti -terrorists force equal to our military force! A powerful youth following ready to serve his will and desires. If this isn't starting to sound familiar to any of you yet, there is one Christian Minister who "GETS IT" and is not shy to tell you!


The Messiah will "gather the youth", Farrakhan says. He will come from the West the Islamic Prophecy states. Obama will create a civilian organization as large and well funded as our military? Will they wear Brown shirts with his symbol on their arms? Will they be recruited from the many urban youths as a counter part to gangs? He has already shown he is not afraid to establish Nazi like "truth squads" during the election process. My God people the signs are right in front of you! If a conservative or church group from the right organized youth to sing the praises of a conservative politician the press would go ballistic! Yet this act done by a teacher who asked for volunteers from her class to sing a song is looked at as just cute. There was a compliment of professional adults that made this a major professional production. Obama had this on his site until there was so much controversy he removed it. Another man spliced the sound track with an old historical archived clip from the good old days of a past promised change, they seem to fit so well it is almost prophetic.

Obama Song and Hitler Youth                                       Obama worship song sung to the tune of                                                                                    "Sanctuary"  This is creepy!


This is how Obama uses the Bible and what he really thinks about some very basic beliefs. Not at all Christian.

But Obama says he is a Christian!


This next video is powerful. It shows the political actions that are in conflict with Biblical Faith. It also tells us what it really means to be a Christian Something Obama does not understand and or rejects as the "religious right" who as he states, "has hijacked the faith".


Obama is probably not the Antichrist

I will do a part two after the election because there is much more to all of this. No I do not think that Obama is the Antichrist but many are starting to wonder. He is a catalyst that will cause America to swing to the far left. He has the potential to be a dictator and will impose his change on all of us like it or not. Much like what happened in Germany in the early 30's, right when it looked like there would be a Communist take over of Germany and all of Europe, Hitler appeared with charm, power and the will to enforce his new beginning. People were so fearful of what was happening that they desperately sought out anything that looked like they could stop this change. Even moderates flocked to the extreme doctrine driven National Socialists,  overlooking some of their acts as they wanted their own immediate safety and needs met above all else and not thinking about the long range effects. Hitler promised change just like Obama and the world got it. 

It appears that Obama will be President for a short time. His reign will not be any longer than to create the threat of complete leftist swing. This will activate an even worse backlash to the far right. When this happens the actual Antichrist will appear. It will, I believe, happen in accordance to Washington's prophetic vision. This will include the heavenly appearance of the Nordics. It will include the ET scenario with the false replacement doctrines of British Israelism.  I must say this is not a, "thus sayeth the Lord", only an educated guess based on some of my research and only a vague prompting of the Holy Spirit without details. If you read my section of America in Prophecy the Nordics and the Conspiracy of the Big Lie, I explain this in detail

Twenty eight years ago, I had a dream just as intense as the one I had about UFO's. in this dream, I saw America in a state of total chaos.  There were many different factions fighting each other for various reasons. There were foreigners on our land also. I saw Russians and an international "peace keeping force" headed by the UN. We allowed ourselves to be divided by race, religion and political associations. like Lebanon in the 70's Marshal law was imposed and there was a break down of our entire infrastructure. It was very dangerous for Christians of any type. Long story short, the Lord had impressed upon me that the real danger was not coming from outside the US it was coming from within. Hatred and atrocities was the rule and law of the land. Many gang type people roved around like storm troopers causing terror wherever they went. Their was a highly organized militia that God showed me was the real danger. This was a hate based people hell bent on reclaiming the US from the current régime, it was a fourth Reich as a fifth column, a sleeper waiting for the right moment to take over. We invited this presence at the end of World War II and it has slowly grown since.  This part, may lack detail but I know this is a , "thus saith the Lord", it will come to pass and very soon.

In sharing all of this, I came across this video in my research and my heart quickened by the Holy Spirit to listen up. This was a prophetic word from the Lord. I was amazed at how it describes what I had suspected and even wrote about elsewhere on my site in the America in Prophecy and the Nordics section in my book and on this site.


In the coming days and years, everyone that names the name of Christ who has received the Holy Spirit and is Born Again of God, (especially in America,)  need to see past this world. I mean everyone of every color, national identity, or political affiliation that believes that Jesus is their Lord and God. Our hope cannot be in any political party, any individual or personal resources. We cannot even put our faith in assumed doctrines about end times. Our trust needs to be only on the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in the end times, we may already be in part of the tribulation period.

But know this, we are here and these things are a reality now! The only drastic thing to do is to get  grounded so much in God's love and uncompromising grace through faith that we do not buy into the hatred that will be around us. Many of us and our loved ones will become victims of hate and injustice.  This is the hardest time we will ever go through but God's will, as always, will take you where his grace can keep you. Unlike Islam, we do not kill our enemies we pray and love them. The highest calling today is to an impossible love that unregenerate man cannot have or even know. They have to see this kind of love in us if they are to come out of this great deception themselves. God is our only hope and we are the lost worlds only hope to be pointed toward Christ, in this time.

It will be our ability to be servants, ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will see us through to our appointed time. Guns, bunkers, stored food or silver and gold are not going to help you, only a tight and right relationship in Christ is going to see you through. Israel and the God fearing portion of the US has a shared destiny with each other, a bond that will bring a unity and salvation to all of Israel and refuge for many fleeing Christians. Some day maybe only a few years from now the voice of the Lord will be heard throughout America to "Come out from among her my people while the indignation of her wrath comes upon her"!

Here is a prophecy that is still for the future and address three different beings or groups. I received this on my birthday in 1996 while fasting in prayer. I think now is the time to finally share this with you.

Prophecy of July 22 1996

     Oh America, Oh America how I desired to gather you under my wings and protect you from this hour. For once you walked with Me; your roots were embedded deep upon a firm foundation. Your spirit was that of My Spirit and a great voice was given you declaring My glory. A golden cup filled with the new wine of the covenant did you let the nations of the earth freely drink who thirst. I led the nations to flow into you that they would taste and know that their God was good. You were a light to the nations, to teach them to walk in My ways.

     But you did not learn from Israel, and made the same error. Have I not warned, not to take the spoils of war, the idols of the heathen into yourself so as to contaminate you? Yet this you have done and corrupt from within, you have slowly become what you once abhorred. The great voice now speaks lies, the bride became a whore. The chalice is filled with filth that makes the world mad.

      Do you think that I am blind and see not the evil that is being done? The hidden evil that is not known? Do you think I cannot see the rage of the beast that is to prosper? Have you not read, do you not know that you reap your own doom and damnation?  Am I blind and see not the tribulation that you have prepared. I am He that formed you, I am He that wrote of you and I am He that will utterly destroy you again from the face of the earth. The blood of your brother does cry from the dust. Do you think I cannot hear? Do you think I hear not the pleas of my people for your murders? Their pleas have come up to me as a testimony of their faith in the midst of this evil.

     Does the creation think he can wipe away the Creator? Does the hand say I have done this great thing and need no other part? Therefore I will cut you off as an offence. As it is written for within one hour you shall be no more. The cry of my people will become the winepress of my wrath. Though you turn the moon to blood, yet have I redeemed them that no man may pluck them from me.

   Oh Babylon! you mother of harlots, creator of abominations, you cannot wipe away my work or my memory. What you have purposed to do will come back on you double. I know of your works, and I know of your wrath hidden in secret places. They shall fail, you shall fail as I alone shall lead you to your own destruction, you vain and conceited whore. You sit upon and ride this beast as if you do no wrong, “it is for the good of the whole that this be done.” Are you so foolish to think I see not what is in you? Dead men’s bones and the stink of death. You have the soul of a beast, the spirit of a whore and the body of an abomination. Do you think you cheat death and hell? I tell you it was made for you and your kind, and there you shall dwell.  

  I am the Lord your God and beside me is no other. You shall not ascend unto my place; but cast down, you Will be a desolation and a mockery of yourself. This is the end of the matter: and you will not prosper forever                                           


What you should do next:

Warning: The last video and statement from myself as speaking for God, states in no uncertain terms that this is God speaking as a prophetic utterance. The Bible says,"

1Thes 5:19-21
 Do not quench the Spirit.  Do not despise prophecies.  Test all things; hold fast what is good. (NKJ)

Be prayerful and careful about this video and anything that is said including my Word that i shared with you. When presented in no uncertain terms "Thus says the Lord" Don't reject it outright, remain skeptical for their is safety and soundness in that. But also be open to the fact that it might just be from the Lord. I checked trumpet sound of God at their site and could find no named representative or statement of faith. It is a bit odd but even then, just be prayerfully cautious and yet open. Let the Lord lead you to discern in a personal way what to believe about it. It is OK to put it in the wait and see section of your mind. This is all I asked of you on anything I  have presented to you on my site

From everything I have gathered here, it would appear that Obama may become our next president as judgment from God. In that case we might be getting what we deserve. That does not mean however that we just roll over and quit. We as Christians need to be responsible as guardians to the rights we have been given. Regardless if you think your vote is already predetermined by God or the New World Order, you have an obligation and responsibility to do the right thing and vote. Throughout the last 300 years much blood was shed to give you that privilege. 2,000 years ago another blood was shed to allow you to stand before God and be led by him in all things including voting. The prophetic aspects should as I have always said, be put on the wait and see category of your mind. Act and respond as if your vote means something even if it doesn't. If nothing else, Vote because it is the right thing to do. Vote prayerfully, Vote your heart led by God not by your personal desires and pocketbook.

Above all at this time PRAY then VOTE and PRAY AGAIN!


   May God Forgive Us and get us ready for  what is to come!