" But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. " Matt 24:37

History repeats itself:
The above statement made by Jesus was a warning not only of the suddenness of his return but also of the events that would lead to his return. In this it would be very important to understand what the world was like before the flood and what events took place. Why? Because as the old saying goes, "Those that fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it." Many peculiar events took place that caused the great flood. The flood was a drastic action taken by God because he was left with no other alternative. These same peculiar events for slightly different reasons would take place again and cause God to take another drastic action.
Today as we begin a new century we are on the verge of new technologies that challenge our moral and ethical senses. Cloning, Gene Splicing and the integrating of machine with biological components are no longer the topics of science fiction, they are todayís dilemma. For as much good that can be offered, there is also a potential horror of abuse, the same we experienced before! So where will it go from here?
Strange events happened before the flood. Events unparalleled in all of historyÖexcept until now.
With an increasing amount of sightings of UFOís and alleged cases of Abductions with genetic experiments as apart of the experience, something peculiar is happening ...AGAIN. In order to understand these events we must contrast them with the events and the world that existed before the flood.
Letís first take a look and understand what the physical world was like. It was very different from what we know today.

The Old World:
The physical conditions
Many scientists that believe in the cosmology given in the scriptures say that a thick canopy of water vapor existed over the entire earth. The weight of this canopy gave an atmospheric pressure much higher than that of today. There was a constant stable climate of approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with no rain or winds. Any precipitation was a mist or dew that formed on the early mourning ground. The sunlight would appear as a diffused glow, as this thick canopy would block out radiation from the suns harmful rays. A "greenhouse" effect would be the result in a sub-tropic condition of rich lush vegetation on the one huge continent. (Gen 10:25) This environment was better enhanced to maintain and prolong life as well as congenial in comfort.
Recently in biomedical research, it has been shown that both high pressures and the absence of mutation producing radiation contribute significantly to longevity of life. In addition, the human genetic system and its bloodstream had purity very unlike our degenerated state of today. This was the result of very few accumulated mutant genes, and primeval absence of disease-producing organisms. (Which was a part of the result of sin and its increase not yet fully developed or experienced.)
From this understanding of the environment and the human biological response to it, it is not unreasonable to see how Cain, Able or Seth married their sisters. Genetically they would be pure enough to inter breed without harm. It also explains the longevity of life, the average life span being over 900 years. It was only after the flood and the bursting of this water vapor canopy that allowed the rays to penetrate the earth, that manís life-span reduced gradually until the time of King David, when the average age was about 76 years as it somewhat remains today.
This environment was truly Eden - like.

Spiritual Conditions
At about the same time just before the flood, there were two prophets of God, Enoch and Noah. While there was no written word of God at the time, there was knowledge of God. Part of this pre-flood knowledge was an understanding of the heavens. Comets, Eclipses, Constellations were all placed as a pictorial representation of the things of God or as he said, " to determine the times and seasons". This was not the modern day practice of Astrology. Oral traditions of the oracles of God were probably what was claimed and preached by these two men. The flood generation would have been only one life span from Adam and Eve. This would make the oral teaching relatively recent news. One of the first prophecies of the Bible was probably a long awaited promise even for the Antediluvians. In Geneses 3:15 the first prophecy stated:
"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel."
In the Hebrew "bruise his heel" means to set back. In this sense Satanís seed would cause Jesus to be set back or to die. In this however and what Satan never understood was the fact that this act would also be his undoing. As the woman's seed would crush the serpents head. This was the result of the resurrection and the beginning of the end for Satan. This would happen through the womanís (Eveís) lineage. This was the first prophecy that from this seed of the woman, God himself would come down to destroy the work of Satan and restore all thingís first spiritually, then physically. This is where a great deception and a very unusual intervention come into play.

Genesis 6 Controversy:
Probably no other text of scripture has ever been so controversial than that of Genesis 6th Chapter. There is so much to cover that I donít even desire to address the controversy here. In the appendix of this chapter I will briefly address the other thoughts on Genesis 6 as well as a breakdown. I would suggest reading Alien Encounters by Chuck Missler and The Omega Conspiracy by IDE Thomas. Both of these books cover the Genesis 6 account extensively. Their work is so good it doesnít need to be repeated here. I strongly suggest both as excellent sources of the Flood account and Fallen Angels with their return. Both are well documented and draw from many sources. The importance of understanding that the "Sons of God are Angelic beings and that Genesis 6 is a description of the hybridization of the human race cannot be over stressed. It is the only interpretation that follows true word etymology and contextual use. It is the only one that has a logical flow to explain many other parts to this one story. It is the only one that is in keeping with the nature and character of God as the loving patient God. Please refer to the appendix for my short explanation of the controversy.

Angels that sinned: Crossing over the line
2 Peter 2:4,5, "For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; And spared not the old world, but save Noah, the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;"
Those who do not want to face what is being said here try to separate vs 4 from 5 as separate events. It is assumed that the angels that sinned were a pre-Adamic event. Although this supposed event is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, it is assumed to be the joining of Satan in some unmentioned prior rebellion at some unknown past time before manís creation. As I think I have clearly shown in the mystery of iniquity section, Satanís fall started in the Garden of Eden as the overseer of Godís creation. The fall is a continual process carried out all the way through mankindís history of linear time. This is the fall! You cannot separate vs 4 from 5. In context a contrast of punishment and deliverance is being shown. First by those being judged and punished and second, those who are spared and delivered. In proper context using only two examples, the flood and Sodom and Gomorra.
There is no doubt whom Peter thought the sons of God were in the Genesis 6 account - The angels that sinned!

Left their proper place:
Jude 6 "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."
While Jude in context here does not tie this event with the flood situation it is because he is assuming the reader is already familiar with this as common knowledge in his time and not necessary. These angels that "left their estate and habitation experience the same specific and unusual punishment mentioned by Peter. This punishment is what ties the two together as the same group and event. You cannot assume that it is a different event because you do like the implications of what is being said. There is no mention of any other event in the Bible. This is not some vague mention of any pre-Adamic "fall". This is clearly an event of spirit celestial beings transforming into earthly terrestrial forms. The original language bears this out. Letís look at the word estate and habitation. Estate in the Greek, is arche; it means first ruling place or position, i.e. original position. This same word is used in Ephesians 6:12 as principalities, a government position or rank within the demonic/angelic realm. Habitation in the Greek is oiketerion, this is a house or dwelling place and in context meaning figuratively the body. This same Greek word is used in 2 Corinthians 5:4 as tabernacle, and in context is referring to the body. Clearly and logically look at this text paraphrased,
"And the angels which kept not their original position, but left their own bodies, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto judgment of the great day."
There is no way out of the understanding here; Angels left their eternal position in heaven, and their celestial bodies (1 Co 15:40) because they did this they were placed in chains of darkness. These same chains of darkness are placed on the "angels that sinned" mentioned by Peter during the flood. One in the same! There is no mention of any other group of angels that committed anything else. I admit that it is a bit unnerving to think that Angelic beings can intrude into our plane of existence and actually walk amongst us but that is a Biblical fact. The specifics are not mentioned here as to how they "crossed over" but they did. I stand firmly that it was not magic but technology that produced results for them. It happened before the flood and it is happening right now, right under our noses unaddressed because of the refusal to understand the reality of such an intrusion. Refusal to understand this falls into willful ignorance fueled by fear. There should be no fear for the Christian. We are promised that,
"Ögreater is he (Jesus) that is in you than he (Satan; his whole kingdom) that is in the world." 1Jo 4:4
That promise stands no matter what form Satan and his minions may be in. If this truth scares you it is because you are not seeing God as powerful enough to provide and you are not experiencing the power and might of walking in His Spirit. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2Tim 1:7
When these Fallen Angels appeared upon the earth, they came in some kind of deceptive manner. That is their nature! Letís see just how they pulled this off.

A Strong delusion Past:
Based upon the original languages, I have paraphrased Genesis 6 to its more specific meanings. In this much more could be said about these events.
"And it came to pass as when mankind began to be plentiful upon the surface of the earth, and female descendants were born unto them, that the fallen angels revealed themselves as messengers and determined who had moral goodness, and took them as wives; the ones who were tested and judged to be excellent. My vital spirit in man shall determine with understanding and not remain concealed from the ancient times past to judge with understanding. For that he is also a created mortal body, yet shall his days be a hundred and twenty years. There were (giants) fallen ones, mighty tyrants in the earth, and also after that, when the fallen angels had sexual intercourse with the female descendants of mankind, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty ones, strong and tyrannical, famous warriors which were concealed from times past, eternal yet men who were weakened and made mortal. And God saw that the wickedness was great in the earth and that every imagination, purpose and desire of his being was only evil everyday...The earth also was marred and ruined to decay before and behold, it was pulled down to ruin; for all the blood relations had been polluted in their own pathways upon the earth and God said to Noah, "The end of flesh is come before me: for the earth is filled with violence through them. And I will destroy them from the earth."
This gives us a vivid image of what really happened and one quite different than the image most people have. Traditionally most of us thought of evil and wickedness running wild and random as a total state of anarchy. I believe that in reality it was not so obvious. Evil is far more dangerous when it is made to look good and has science and logic added. This evil is not just merely committing acts of random violence. It includes man opposing the principles of faith in God as part of his social order into self-reliance and trust in "messengers" that had a new message and a new deal for mankind. This was a deception on a mass level never repeated until the end of times. The world before the flood became what many today desire to rebuild as the "New Age Utopia". As recorded in most cultural memories it was a "Golden Age of the Godís". Only the Bible tells us a different side to this same time as a horror. Now these "messengers" did not come to mankind looking like gray aliens. According to other scriptures they left their eternal position and body to mate. I am sure they came looking like a bunch of Keven Saboís or Fabioís or other desirable men. The woman would be flattered to believe they were "chosen" to produce the promised seed. These were not evil, ungodly women, the ones selected were the most likely candidates for the seed to come through. Satan not knowing the specifics would imitate the fulfillment of the first prophecy in Genesis 3 with a slight twisting of the truth to contaminate them all! These were morally chaste and perhaps religious people. However they made one mistake, they had unbelief of Godís true ways and his two prophets who warned of the deception. Enoch and Noah's warnings were not listened to, as the flatteries of these handsome men were desired more.

 A common mistake in thinking is if the Angels sinned why was mankind punished also. Satan cannot exercise any more power over man than what we give him. His power of influence is always by permission. This is why as "aliens" though superior to us, do not just take us over today. They need our permission. They must make us desirous of what they are and have to offer. The old excuse, "The devil made me do it," does not work. That was the excuse Adam gave God; " the woman you gave me made me..." and Eveís excuse, "the serpent deceived me". Man is held accountable for his own actions and in this Genesis account man stands without excuse. God sent two prophets to warn mankind, but man refused, preferring to believe a lie rather than the truth. This preference was motivated by their own lusts for an easy comfortable and pliable way to do and have everything their way and put Godís permission upon it. This gave them a false hope and a false belief system that rapidly engulfed all of mankind. This system slowly and subtly led man from unbelief in Godís ways to a progression conformed into Satanís desire that created a hell on earth. Such is the ways of the subtleties of sin and its progression upon a person, a family, a nation or an entire world.

Technology the bait                                                                                             What gave mankind the desire and openness to re-evaluate everything they thought they knew and accept a different path? ÖTechnology. The marvel of new ways to build, travel and other aids to ease daily living gave credibility to their message. It is only logical to understand, that if fallen angels intermixed and lived with humans they would also desire the standard of living with its comforts and ease that they were accustomed to in their eternal state of living. That would mean they would bring with them the understanding and application of the physics of their realm to incorporate it into this realm. They would in turn teach and bring to man this same superior level of knowledge. Their offspring would grasp and understand things much quicker than normal humans creating a pressure for all peoples to be a part of this new brain trust or lag behind as mere mortals. In this competitive manner, inclusion of the entire human race would take a very short time. It would be a matter of survival.

 From Godís point of view, this was a horror. Someone just gave his little child a loaded gun to play with. Abuse would be the only possible outcome in this distorted universe and our fallen state. The sense of morality from disobedience to God would continue to grow along with the technology. By this statement, I am not saying that the technology is bad in itself. It is mans inability to utilize it properly that is in error. Especially when it comes packaged with a rebel philosophy opposed to God, it always leads to decadence. Although the Bible does not mention some of these specifics other historical literature does.

Other Historical Accounts
The Book of Enoch
Although not recognized as canonical literature, the Apostle Jude in the Bible has quoted the Ethoptic version call Enoch 1. There are several distinct writing styles and there was uncertainty of authorship for the whole book. This (in part) prevented it from becoming a part of the Bible. The book however was recognized for itís historical content in the time of Jesus and was accepted as such and quoted.
In it we find the mention of one of the fallen angels called "Watchers" (this term is used by Daniel) who "scattered over the earth the secrets of heaven". We are told that God was angry that they disclosed certain secrets of heaven to their offspring, things men were striving to learn, and which God did not intend to reveal to fallen man. Along with these secrets, other acts began to take place that even shocked the citizens of earth. "They began to devour one another, and drink the blood."
The Book of Jubilee
The book of Jubilee is another book, which failed the canonical test of the Bible but is recognized for itís historical content. This book describes the same inter-breeding of Angelic and Human entities. It gives a date of this event as being as some interpret 3543B.C. It also says that this happened in the time of Jared, the fifth from Adam in lineage.
The Zadokite document
This minor document was discovered almost fifty years ago in the attic of an old synagogue in Cairo. It's thought to be related to the Dead Sea Scrolls. It reads:" Because they walked in the stubbornness of their hearts, the watchers of heaven fell, yea, they were caught thereby because they kept not the commandments of God. So too their sons whose bodies were as mountains."
Josephus: Antiquity of the Jews
The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, in his most famous work "Antiquities of the Jews" (1st century A.D.) recordís the pre-flood events with the idea of angel/human relationships. He tells of their offspring as having superhuman strength, and was known for their extreme wickedness. He also adds,, "For the tradition is that these men did what resembled the acts of those men the Grecians called the Giants". He also describes Noahís witness against the self-reliant unbelieving offspring and their cruelty.

Myths and Legends also abound:
There are also worldwide myths and legends from almost all cultures with this same theme.
Greek, Roman and Nordic Mythology record this "Golden age of Godís and their raping or lusting after human women. Their offspring such as Hercules and many other Titans become the "Heroís of old just as the Bible records that they would be, "men of renown". The ancient Sumerians , Incas, Teutons, South Sea Islanders even Koreans have traditions to their origins as being from "gods" who descended from the heavens and intermarried producing their particular ancestors.
In this time many distorted "monsters" and beasts are equally a part of this time. The Bible mentions that the bloodlines or pathways of the animals were changed. Could this be an indication of genetic manipulation! Are these mythical beasts and monsters the trace memories of real creatures? Could many of the monstrous dinosaur fossil remains be the result of genetic manipulation? If they are not then what is? The Bible states this alteration as a historical fact. To imagine man and T. Rex and Raptors existing together would truly be a hell on earth just as the Bible has declared.
Some of the most interesting Myths come from India. In the Mahabharata and other ancient Sanskrit texts, there are mentioned "gods" producing children from earth women who inherited supernatural skills and learning from their fathers. In some texts there are mentions of combat with flying Vimnas, (description similar to a UFO) missiles and explosions with after effects of nuclear blasts! The Bible concurs with some of this as the violence and being pulled down to ruin (pollution or fallout) again not fairy tales but trace memories of real events.
A theme that seems to run in most of the other cultural myths is the benign nature of some of the giants or offspring. Some even being called "Heros". All have the same sin nature as that of man and act accordingly. Many claim their origin from this union. Only the Bible records this as an invasion of creation, and an unredeemable situation resulting in drastic action.

The Ancient Ruins scream out! Our History is Wrong!
If these mythical accounts are a trace memory of truth, as described in the ancient literature and if the Bible's account is true, where is the evidence?
The general public is kept ignorant of the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that there was a civilization much more advanced than ours before the great flood. There are several reasons why this is not well know or so obvious. It is true we have never found a highly developed mechanized society in fossil records or Ancient ruins. There is a very simple reason for this.
First, this advanced civilization was not based on petroleum, the internal combustion engine and machinery, as we know of it today. Neither could it have been a petroleum based technological society. I am reminded of a lecture/debate I attended in 1975 at the University of Michigan featuring Dr. Duane T. Gish. He stated that fossils needed specific conditions to be created. Because we have such an abundant amount world-wide, indicate that the earth had to be hundreds of billions of years old, which it is not. The only other alternative situation would have been a global catastrophe. Such a single event could have created the ideal conditions to produce the fossil evidence that we do find.

The Bible records this one time event as the great flood. With confidence the claim can be made that the vast amount of fossils we find, corresponds to what the Bible declares. There is a layer of silt covering the entire earth that would indicate a flood of world proportions. From the Mt St. Helenís explosion we discovered that the fossilization process once thought to take thousands of years took only a decade to produce. Also discovered was the illusion of evolutionary layers of life. As the silt covered all living organisms, larger animals would bloat and float to the top strata or layers that would form. Trees and plants would stay in the middle with small life forms staying at the bottom, giving the illusion of a progression of life at different levels. In actual truth everything was buried at the same time! If you could believe the Bibleís account of the flood, gas and oil are the end result and final resting-place of all life before the flood. In that sense there were no vast oil fields or huge pockets of natural gasses to be used. We burn and use up the old civilization in our tanks. The old civilization used another means of power.

 If you really think about it most all machinery is used to form things that will produce objects that move from one place to another based upon the internal combustion engine and the oil it runs on. In this way, maybe you can visualize the reality of the pre-flood world. If you harness the use of gravity you donít need the machinery to form or produce parts to manufacture machines that move people and objects. What you might find is a rather simple society, with complicated structures and wonders that seem to defy normal constructional means (being based on anti-gravity methods). This sophisticated society could not have been based on engines and machinery but rather alternate forms of energy. It is known that crystals can store vast amounts of energy and electronically coded information. Light amplified through crystals can create sources of power. ie. Laser. Harmonics is another emerging form of power with a physics that can be applied without identifiable machinery. When these crystalline objects are found, they are perceived as "religious" objects rather than pieces of technology. In this misidentification, an advanced civilization is not recognized for what it really is and can be easily suppressed. The evidence is not so much in finding machinery and technology defined by our standards, but rather the end resulting "wonders" that cannot be duplicated even by our own technology today. Here are just a very few examples of such items.

Ancient Sumeria
Amongst ruins in an ancient Sumerian city (1st settlement after the flood) was found what Archeologists claimed was a "fertility relic". This was a sculpture "model" that resembled a double helix coil of the Human DNA! Zecharia Sitchin deciphered Sumerian cuneiform tablets describing a ten planet solar system. It depicted Neptune as a blue green planet of frozen gasses. After publishing his findings, later Voyger2 sent back information confirming his findings based upon Ancient Sumerian tablets!
Giza Pyramids                            
It has long been assumed that a slave labor force built the Giza Pyramids. They allegedly used logs as rollers or mile long ramps made of packed dirt, which rose up to the heights of the pyramids which enabled them to place the two to ten ton blocks of solid granite in place.

In 1996 NBC aired a documentary titled: The Mysterious Origins of Man. Geologists Dr. Robert Schock, French Archeologists Mr Boval, Civil Engineer Mr. West and Researcher/ Journalists Graham Hancock author of Fingerprints of the Gods challenged this traditional view. Each in their field of expertise explained how illogical, impractical and impossible the traditional explanations really are! . The ramp would take as long to build in the allotted 20-year time span declared by Egyptologists as the pyramid itself. It would take more than the entire population of the world to build it in that time span. Having no hard wood trees natural to the area, it would take a system of logistics unheard of, even in modern times to import such a vast amount. These pyramids are built to near perfection. From the very center of the top in relation to the area of the base, it is off center by less than 1/4 of an inch! This is including the thousands of years of settling. Man today with all of his technology and machinery cannot reproduce anything near this. Even if we could, why would we want to? It would be economically impractical! The Four Corners of the Large Giza pyramid is less than one degree off from pointing to the four true magnetic points of the compass! It is the most near perfect object built on this earth. It is more incredible to attempt an explanation in natural terms, than it is to realize and explore alternative means. As technology has advanced enough to gain understanding of other methods, such as anti-gravity with supportive evidence to this, it is quickly debunked as impossible because this technology is understood only in a theoretical sense and not a functional part of our society as a known technology.

 Based upon that, those in power refuse to accept that a technologically advanced society ever existed in our past. Egyptologists and other traditional scientists are a hierarchy unto themselves. They cling to ideas originated a hundred years ago, which was the best attempt anyone had to explain the unexplainable then. Our knowledge has increased to the point of considering alternative answers that make more sense than these outdated assumptions. However they are an established institution that will not be easily changed. Entire careers are based upon certain traditional ideas that if now incorrect, would appear to be disastrous. For them, it is a matter of survival.

Ruins of Tiahuanacu                   
In Tiahuanacu the ancient ruins are said to have been built and occupied by the Viracocha (white masters from the skies) Included in the ruins are a conduit system going throughout the buildings. Traditional Archeologists have explained these as possible aqueducts for distributing water. The problem is that these conduits run up along walls with 90-degree bends over ceilings. They have been said to look more like electrical conduits to house wire or cable not water. The city buildings and walls are constructed with huge blocks weighing tons. They are carved out with laser precision with seams so tight they did not even need mortar. Legends recorded by Spanish explorers state that the Viracocha built the city in one night by placing the blocks together magically by the sound of a "trumpet". An ancient Sufi text of magic from the mid-east describes the floating of objects with the use of a magic flute. Could these be trace memories of a lost technology, perhaps a form of sonic technology recently tagged as harmonics? This type of fringe science does not require machinery, as we would identify it. The Tiahuancu's Gateway to the Sun like Stonehenge, point to a knowledge of Celestial Mechanics that are out of context for that time. (Or so assumed). And just what time is this in? Pictographs on the walls at Tiahuanacu depict mammals that were supposed to have been extinct long before mankind was even around!
Off the wall Egyptian Style
Zecharia Sitchin built a working electrical light bulb from inscriptions on an ancient Egyptian wall relief. Crude forms of batteries have also been found that when refilled produced a charge. Some identifiable technology is found but again explained away.
Piri Reis Map
The Piri Reis map has been scrutinized and determined to be authentic. It was made in Constantinople in 1513 it must of been based on older maps. The map showed the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America and the northern coast of Antarctica. In 1513 no one knew there was an Antarctica! It was not even discovered until 1818! The map also shows an ice free coast of Queen Maud Land (Later named Neu-Schwabenland by the Naziís) . Geological evidence states that the Antarctic has not been ice-free for at least 4000years BC, just about the time before the flood! So where did the map come from? Professor Hapsgood had the map checked out by the U.S. Air Force in 1960. Comparing the Swedish British seismic mapping done in 1949. The Air Force agreed with the accuracy of the map. Recent satellite photos using an infrared method have also agreed with the accuracy of the map.

Fossil Anomalies Cry Out: Our Dates are Wrong!
In Pershing County, Nevada, a limestone fossil clearly shows a double stitched seam shoe print that has a squished trilobite underneath. This life form was supposed to be extinct tens of millions of years before man ever set foot upon the earth! It was dated to be 400 million years old!
Dinosaur and Human prints overlapping at Pulluxie riverbed
In Texas, the famous Pulluxie riverbed has human and dinosaur prints along and overlapping each other. There were claims that the footprints were carved in by someone as a hoax. A average sized man could comfortably fit right into this so called non-human impression. To end the controversy, Dr. Carl Baugh videotaped himself and a crew of workers removing the rock from areas of the riverbed. Underneath the removed rock were human and dinosaur prints in stride just where they left off. In his collection he has a fossilized human forefinger from South Africa dated 135 million years old. When x-rayed it shows all the internal structures of a normal human finger. Also from South Africa, miners found hundreds of metallic balls imbedded in pre-Cambrian rock, which claims to be 2 billion years old. They all have a center crease that is obviously man made. A gold ornate bracelet was found imbedded in Mississippian era coal. A steel-headed well-crafted hammer was found in limestone from the Cambrian era. A bullet hole in a fossilized Bison! The list goes on and on! Just one anomaly should require a re-evaluation about much of our thinking of the past. We have many ruins and fossils that just do not fit modern sciences claims about the past. I would suggest reading the book Finger Prints of the Gods by Graham Hancock or Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson . While I do not share in any of their worldview or conclusions, it does not diminish their research and keen insight to many questionable sites and Archeological findings.
On the Dark side to almost all of these sites, are the bloodthirsty records of human ritualistic sacrifice and mass murders. Just what the written legends, history and the Bible tell us.

Human remains and the Caveman Myth: Not Ascension of Man but Judgment from God.
Imagine if scientists from the future came upon a city in our day as an archeological dig. In this city they found its residents dead in their homes while in the midst of daily routines. This would clearly indicate that some catastrophe must of happened to kill these residents where they stood while in their daily routine. To think otherwise would be rather foolish. Yet this is just what the public is expected to believe by "modern scientist-priests" today in regard to "CAVEMEN".
Cavemen: a term used by scientists to describe an assumed civilization of early human beings that dwelled in caves. If evolution were true then the remains of a sub-human species living in primitive structures like caves would be just what you would expect to find. However there are some major problems with what we do find that are inconsistent with this whole idea!

Why is it that we find the bodily remains of these people in their caves as if they died there while in their daily life. We find no bedrock cemeteries with Fred and Wilma headstones or markers showing generations with a social structure. Consistent with "caveman" diggings is the dead bodies lying within the caves. Makeshift burials are found with bodies but these are within the structure of the caves along with the dead bodies of others unburied in a daily routine of living! This is more of an indication of some kind of world wide catastrophic event that resulted in the deaths of all within these caves.
One problem today is that most scientists are trained that evolution is a fact and not just a theory. Most do not believe in any accounts contained in the Bible as having any accurate historical reality. In their unbelief they reject the obvious evidence as described in the scriptures and draw a wild fictional history of pre-dawn man and his "ascension" to that of "Modern man" today.

The fact is the Bible gives us an account of two major catastrophes in our history. One was the great flood that encompassed the entire world. The Bible records that this event took 40days and 40 nights to accomplish the final resulting worldwide flood. In that time it is only common sense to realize that the peoples of the earth would seek high ground and seek the only natural protection available, CAVES! In this environment, they would bury their dead in makeshift graves, hunt, eat whatever they could catch with whatever primitive weapons they could form and perhaps try to record upon the walls events as they happened. Children would also draw cave pictures to help calm them from the terror around them. Eventually there they died in the caves while struggling to survive.

Neanderthal                       Cro-Magnon               Modern Man


Even the myth that these were primitive forerunners to modern man does not hold up. Recently scientists admitted that Neanderthal man walked upright, having the same posture as modern man. It has also been admitted that the Neanderthal manís cranial capacity is actually slightly larger than that of "modern Man". His bone structure also indicates muscle and sinew that would make him far stronger than that of modern man. Recent DNA tests have shown this being to be a completely different species than that of man! The Bible mentions a time when there was a "different species" of non-humans that existed on the earth! Did you also know that Cro-Magnon an early Caucasian had a larger brain capacity than that of modern man. There have also been skeletal remains of the other races that were more advanced than that of modern man. The Mullions, a Semitic race was discovered living as an entire civilization that suddenly died. Their fossil remains being the largest ever found in one dig. Their cranial capacity also was larger than that of modern man. The Boskop man, also fossil remains of a Negroid race who also had a larger brain capacity than that of modern man. How are these inconsistencies explained? They arenít! They are completely ignored or overtly suppressed from the general public. If evolution by the process of natural selection were the truth, then we would expect the superior life forms to survive and overtake the weaker ones. Our fossil remains indicate just the opposite. This is exactly what the Bible indicates happened, a judgment from God upon the "sonís of God" and their offspring, the "mighty men of renown".
We have their fossil remains, these inconsistencies are never addressed they are just sort of swept under the carpet of ignorance.
Even the most ardent skeptic cannot ignore the evidence that is overwhelming. What we find is what is declared in the Bible, remains of a different species of human and altered human remains!

Judgment for the sonís of God and their offspring, the mighty men of renown                             
"...and cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.        2Peter 2:4
"...he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the day of judgment."           Jude 6

It is important to realize just exactly what the punishment was that was placed upon the angels that sinned and their offspring. It is in this understanding of the sentence imposed that we discover the disembodied spirits that play havoc on earth today and just how the reappearance of the sonís of God take place, which is slightly different in the last days as is was before the flood. On the surface from both scriptures one would imagine prisoners chained in heavy iron shackles to a wall in some dark pit forever! I must admit this was my personal image until I looked at all the words in the original Greek. Peter said these angels were "delivered" Paradidomi the Greek word used her for delivered according to Thayerís can mean to deliver up to another to keep or use. This idea is consistent with Peter and Judeís use of teros, for reserved. This is the idea that they are put under watch or guarding not from escaping but in the sense of withholding for a personal end, and also in the sense to fulfill prophecy or a command. Next is real interesting in that the term "chains of darkness" is referring possibly to much more than what first appears. Zophos for darkness means a dark shroud (a wrap around enclosure) like a cloud. Strongís includes the idea of a "ghost". Jude uses the word Desmond for chains. This includes a figurative meaning, (aside from a meaning of a binding of any type) as an impediment or disability. In Mark 7:35 this same word is used as string: "the string of his tongue was loosed" Desmond was the word used here to describe the impediment or "string" that was loosed to heal the dumb man who could not speak. Jude also uses the word Hupo, for under. This addition reinforces this idea of an impediment; as the meaning is an inferior position or condition.
Peter uses the word Seria for chains. No, this is not proof of a different event. It is another example of the amazing harmony of the scriptures. This word further defines these chains in function. This overlap of the same event gives us a whole picture of one event. Seria as developed from its root and derivatives Suro and Airo can convey the idea of a preference or choice to be trailed or dragged down and to be taken up or away. This going up and down is described in the gospel of Luke .

"Jesus asked him saying, What is thy name? And he said Legion: because many devils were entered into him. And they besought him that he would not command them to go down into the deep." Luke 8:29,

As I have stated before, many times the deep, depth, waters, sea and pit are all describing a subterranean portion of sheol or hell. In this text the word "abussos" for depth means bottomless depth. The implication here is that this is where they were supposed to go, into the bottomless pit. In this sense, these spirits are in a continual "chain" or cycle of going up and down from the pit to roam the surface of the earth as a ghost or invisible demon spirit, occasionally being cast back to the pit only to ascend and roam again.
In adding all this up so far; we have the angels that sinned, and their offspring that are given over to be reserved for fulfilling prophecy, which is there judgment and leads to their eventual total destruction. They are put into a lesser form in a dark shroud like cloud - a ghost. This chain is also a cycle of going up and down from the pit. (Tartaros the lowest level of Hades) to the surface world.

What we have when we add this altogether is a ghost as a disembodied spirit! These invisible covert spirits that pretend to be deceased loved ones, or haunting ghosts, avatars, angels, and all of the channeled spirit guides and the entire empowerment of the New Age movement. They are now pretending to be the good guys so as to gain credibility and acceptability when they reappear as the "Nordics" or Angels or Pleadians, however manner you want to perceive them, they are still demons from hell. I have to admit it is just like God to give to these rebels a form of poetic justice. They crossed over to our realm motivated by the sensual lusts of this dimension and a desire to have a physical form like us and yet maintain and exploit their angelic powers over mankind to "Lord" over us. As a result, God takes away both terrestrial and celestial bodies from them. By placing their consciousness in a lesser form as a ghost or shadow, having no form or substance causing them to roam as a "wandering star" yet able to see and desire without the senses. A living hell for ones motivated by lusts. The eye is always seeing but the heart never fulfilled. Roaming the earth they seek to occupy humans to vicariously experience the sensual pleasures until they will once again be set free... and they will be set free again.

Disembodied spirits are different than fallen Angels
This state is not the normal condition of spiritual entities as assumed or believed my many today. In their normal state, they are ministering spirits but they do possess a celestial body. It may be hard for some to realize but these bodies must be subject to some limitations of material reality even in the eternal realm. We are aware that they engage each other in conflict, (Dan 10 :12,13, Rev 12:7) they can eat and can have a physical inter-action with humans . (Gen 19:3) There can be a reasonable implication that if angels engage in warfare and struggles of combat, they may suffer some form of damage or setbacks. If you think not, then explain how or why combat would accomplish anything. Resistance or victory must at least experience some kind of short-term results from this heavenly warfare. If there can be a physical set back in combat, yet the angels are eternal, an ability to transfer their souls into a cloned body of themselves may be the logical answer? This process may be alluded to in Gen3 about the serpent. He was to carry on in a superior reptilian form as from the fetus yet outside the belly. This cloning process could be some of the "secrets of heaven" made known to fallen man. It is this ability by the ones that sinned and their offspring that is prevented by this special judgment. In this lesser disembodied state they are only semi-inter-active and "trapped" in a ghostlike state. These two states, the natural angelic form and the ghost-like form are quite different from each other. There is a danger in assuming that all spiritual entities are not physical entities. This danger does not allow you to see the enemy in his full deceptive abilities. It is this misconception that is very popular within the modern Church today. The unfortunate result is in the refusal to see just how much physical activity is really taking place by spiritual forces in our midst.

A reprieve for the Angels that sinned? A Resurrection for Total Annihilation.
In the 26th chapter of Isaiah, a series of promises and judgments are given for Godís people and the nations around them. Included in this is the mention of the rapha, which are the "ghosts of the Giants". Their fate is set and they will not be apart of the resurrection. But then they are "visited". This word signifies something of an intervention or alteration of a natural process. This same word is used when Sarah was visited in her old age and conceived Isaac. Something supernatural is going on here. Letís look at the text.

Isaiah 26:13,14 "Oh Lord our God, other lords beside thee have had dominion over us: (better rendered: married unto us) but by thee only will we make mention of thy name. They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, (rapha) they shall not rise: therefore thou visited and destroyed them, and made their memory to perish."

As it is with many prophetic scriptures, this jumps from the present condition, an action taking place and then the eventual demise with even their memory erased. This obviously has not yet happened, but it is spoken in the past tense. Understanding events from Godís perspective, it has already happened. For us in a linear time frame it is still a future event. The word Paqad for visited, has a very wide meaning, the most common use is that of drawing or mustering up an army. The second is one of a supernatural intervention of the natural course of events. I believe the meaning here is twofold. It is a divine intervention of a normal process to allow for a resurrection of these giants, the angels that sinned and their offspring for the express purpose to be mustered up as an army to their final destruction. There is also the strong emphasis that this action is under control and part of Godís plan. Other scriptures can confirm this two-fold definition.
The visitation experienced by the angels that sinned is mentioned in 1 Peter 3:18-20,

"For Christ also once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened in the Spirit: By which he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; which sometimes were disobedient, when the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is eight souls were saved by water.

The word for preached, does not mean that Jesus went and proclaimed the gospel to anyone. This word without a definer simply means he made a proclamation about something. Also the spirits in prison were not departed human souls but spirit beings. When the word is used without a modifier, it refers only to spirit beings. This event then could be the visitation and the proclamation mentioned in Isaiah 26. After the fulfillment of the law and his death as a sacrifice, Jesus could announce to the spirits who tried to prevent his incarnation, a new set of conditions and terms that he would deal with them on. They would be set loose, (resurrected as an army) but only to fulfill Godís will for the judgment of total annihilation so that even their memory would be erased. This appointed time is mentioned in Isaiah 14:1 as described in the Horse and his rider section. This is the time after the life and first mission of the Antichrist was accomplished. As I have stated, this resurrection process is but an imitation of the real thing. What took Christ only one act instantly produced final results. For the impostor it required a developed technology because he is not God. It would also take human agents so as to give "permission" to intervene into this plane of existence. The book of Job further mentions this process as being "repaired".

Job 26:5,6, "Dead things are formed under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof. Hell is naked before him, and destruction hath no covering."
Commentators have suggested this is a description of the creation of whales or other large marine life forms. I do not believe when digging deeper into the original language this bears out.
"Dead things." - Rapha again is used here meaning ghosts, the deceased.
"Are formed" - This is most interesting. Chuwl a combined meaning is a twisting or whirling manner in a circular or spiraling pattern . A double helix coil? The genetic pattern or model of DNA? It also has the idea of bringing forth, as in birthing or perverting or the pains of birth. In all of this it is not too hard to consider something genetic and manipulative is going on not by the creator but by the imitator.
"From under the waters" - where is this happening? Ocean depths or subterranean? This happening within the waters as opposed to the surface or below the ocean at the opening of the subterranean realm.
"And the inhabitants thereof" - in most all study Bibles, this is footnoted as better rendered as "with the inhabitants thereof." Considering that east of Eden in the land of Nod may be the subterranean home of Cainís descendants, this could be describing the joint effort to resurrect these ghosts through genetic manipulation. The accidental meeting becomes a prophetic fulfillment. The descendants of Cain and the serpent (upright shining creatures, i.e. The grays) collaborate with the fugitives fleeing Godís wrath mentioned by Amos

"Though they dig into hell there shall mine hand take them: though they climb into heaven, thence will I bring them down." Amos 9:12,

This corresponds with the rest of Job26:vs 6. It is in this context that clearly the above description is speaking of activity going on in the subterranean realm. "Hell is naked before him" Can only mean that God sees everything that is happening. "Destruction has no covering" They believe they are secretly accomplishing their goals, yet from Godís perspective he sees their creative powers as only destruction which is not concealed. This is all part of Godís plan. They can run but they cannot hide, they have a destiny to fulfill that they do not believe will happen.
When adding all of the Biblical evidence together and looking at history some of these events have already happened and continue to take place even now. In Hell with a combination of help the resurrection begins. The sonís of God and the Nephilim return in bodily form.

Rebuilding the World before the flood: Recent Past is Prophecy fulfilled
One man, Adolf Hitler has already come in our history that has accepted worship and praise as a "messiah". He gave the world a vision of a superman, his seed (and the image of the beast). He spoke of having a thousand-year rein. He believed in a coming "New Age" The Age of Aquarius. His whole thrust was to reestablish the world before the flood both the technology and the race. No one understood what he was really about. Even history does not record the specifics of his understanding of "dark sentences" which is the occult. (Dan 8:23). He believed in Hans Horbigerís Fire and Ice theories. Blavatskyís cycles of earth changes and its interrelation with manís "evolutioní. He believed that a hollow earth existed with genetically pure supermen of whom he was related to live there. He believed in the power of the Vril, a power of anti-gravity that would help usher in this New Age. He believed he needed to destroy the past and inferior races, so that the new man with the new age might emerge.

"Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than religion; it is the determination to create a new man."... "and the ultimate aim is the coming of the Sons of God." ... Adolf Hitler

We had a group of people who believed their leader to be their messiah who would establish a New World Order. They went looking for the entrance of a hollow earth as directed by this leader. They colonized an alleged underground complex in the Antarctic called Neu-Schwabenland. They had superior tunneling and digging technology to produce the Nordhausen complex in the Hartz mountains. We now find many people who have claimed to be abducted by aliens and the focus of attention is one of genetics. They all appear to be taken into a subterranean realm. This same group of people where the first to experiment in "Twinning". A term coined by Dr. Joseph Mengele a Nazi SS officer and scientist. He was called the angel off death at Auschwitz where he conducted the most ungodly experiments in genetics on live prisoners. There are a couple of drawings done by two different people who claim to have been abducted by "aliens". One states she was not sure if it was just a dream. The other I have not been able to track down as of this writing. Both have made a sketch of a person one called the census taker and the other is titled The Doctor. The later is featured on a UFO video. These pictures are a part of assumed memories of their experiences. Both depict an older man with a thick brush like mustache typical of Europe in the 20's and 30's. The last known picture of Joseph Mengele was a carbon copy of the other two pictures. I had hoped to secure permission to use these drawings in contrast to Mengeles but I could not get any cooperation. This is typical of the UFO community. Many are eager to assist you as long as you are willing to accept the agenda. They say they are open and want the truth but if that truth should deviate from the New Age thought and especially embrace any idea of traditional Christian thought, the door is shut tightly behind you. I will display the picture of Mengele in hopes that many that have seen the sketches may see the startling resemblance.
SS Doctor Joseph Mengele

In the early 50's, contactees encountered German speaking UFO occupants, their ships looked exactly like alleged captured Nazi documents. Today we have normal and 8' tall "Nordics" as occupants of UFOís as well as the little Grays. Their message and activity are the same as Hitler and the Naziís believed. The earth is going to go through catastrophic changes. Mankind must be in harmony with these changes to "evolve" to the next level. They excuse the genetic experiments as necessary for themselves and mankind. Same message different dressings. Hitler was the person, the Naziís are the people and Cloning is the developed technology, the secrets of heaven scattered over the earth that produces this resurrection.

A Rebel World that comes Full Circle:
The world before the flood was a technological wonder and a spiritual horror with only faint traces left and understood today. All of mans legends and myths from every culture are but a faint memory of this time. The Biblical perspective and the Real Scientific evidence of this same event were overturned and undermined and all but forgotten by liberal re-interpretations and unbelieving miss-interpretation of material evidence and scripture. This misunderstanding of an important section of mankindís history has ill equipped the Church with no rhyme or reason to refute the current claims of modern popular Theosophical views, or the false enticement of new technologies that promise we will be like gods or never die. (Cloning and Time Travel)

The sonís of God were supernatural beings, angelic rebels that tried to usurp God and his creation. The Giants, some being rebels from the inner earth, sentenced as a wandering error, the decedents of Cain, others the men of renown, anomalous offspring of human-angels, a world population of creatures never meant to be. Not objects of wonder and desire as recorded by secular myth and legends but a horror destined for total destruction. A population doomed to roam as a wandering error. An entire inner world of rebels sealed off until their Day of Judgment. Not the final Day of the White Throne but rather a determined time of release and one to their unbelief to total destruction. This opening of the inner earth is accomplished by human agents who as fugitives fleeing the wrath of God escape to the extreme South (Antarctica) where they "dig into hell" with their once alive leader, the Antichrist (Adolf Hitler). This accidental meeting results in the "spreading out" of the Antichrist into the place of Christ. A Satanic resurrection begins as disembodied spirits and reptilian-formed angels cross over into our realm with "earth suits" provided through cloning and gene splicing. This mending process accomplished with the abduction and extraction of genetic materials and parts (cattle mutilations). Integration of mechanical parts may also be included as they will not be subject to normal death falling upon a sword and not being wounded, (Joel2) and have "breastplates of iron.(Rev9) All of this is accomplished through and with the Antichrist and his vision of a master race, a new age and a reclaimed world for his "seed". It would be done in the same but opposite manner in which Jesus had accomplished his twofold mission and appearances. In this sense an extrapolation of the Gospel that comes in two appearances and a bodily resurrection. This locust attack mentioned in Joel 2 and Rev 9 have two distinct phases. One not understood is clandestine and the other an outright invasion.
Invasion Earth! In Two Waves; a possible scenario

First Wave: To infiltrate
The invasion like the movie Independence Day is most feared and envisioned, however in order to have something like this happen against Godís creation they would have to have permission by our invitation. Therefore the first phase of this invasion is a set up for a massive deception. A propaganda and promotional campaign to make evil look good and good look evil.
The description in Joel 2 is one that is a clandestine invasion. This is a view from eternity that looks like a swarm descending upon an unsuspecting earth. This includes all time and space!
This is a paraphrase based upon the various options from the original languages. It reveals much more than the generalized definitions.

"A day of ignorance and concealment, a day of practiced magic and the lowering of high things, as the dawn spreads out upon the mountains, a huge abundant congregated mighty people come into existence that has never been before and shall never be after. A fire (or judgment) consumes before them and behind them a sword blade kindles, The land is as the garden of Eden before them and behind them a desolate wilderness. Yes and nothing shall escape them. The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses and as horseman so shall they run. Like the noise of chariots on top of mountains, so shall they leap like the noise of a flame of fire that devours the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array. Before their face the people shall be much pained, all faces shall gather a flushed anxiety. They shall climb the wall like men of war and they shall march every one on his way, and they shall not break ranks, Neither shall one thrust another, they shall walk everyone in his path and when they FALL UPON THE SWORD, THEY SHALL NOT BE WOUNDED. They shall run to and fro in the city, they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses, they shall enter in at the windows like a thief (abductions?) The earth shall quake before them the heavens shall tremble, the sun and the moon shall be dark and the stars shall withdraw their shining." Joel 2:1-11.

In a figurative sense from an eternal view they are like a swarm of locusts descending upon its prey, (i.e. a field of crops) destroying everything in itís path. I believe this invading army includes many types of plots and plans that transcend time. It is an attack described from the eternal viewpoint. This attack from our perspective being locked in linear time will on the most part go unnoticed and undetected. What will be noticed is the "secret societies" that keep and maintain a global agenda and like an unseen hand direct history and dictate itís will. In this clandestine manner, most will refuse to believe such a thing could exist! Like chess pieces placed in the proper time and place, the careful implantation of corrupt ideas, events and anomalies spread throughout all of time, a strategy for a checkmate waits at the end of times. This is an invasion of human like creatures that are no more related to the human race than an insect. It is by these resurrected sons of god and their offspring that this great deception is put upon the world that places mankind at awe with a desire to worship the dragon who gives the beast his power. Rev 13:4
I believe the Apostle Jude warns us of this event and the people involved. Whether the Apostle Jude actually understood the whole process or just the principle without knowing the mechanics we may never know in this life, but the text in his letter would indicate that he understood these were not earthly humans.

This is the description of the clandestine invasion!
Jude 4,8,10,12-14, "For there are certain men crept in unawares, WHO WERE BEFORE OF OLD ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men turning the grace of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ,, Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities...But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves. Woe unto them for they have gone the way of Cain...These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: CLOUDS are they WITHOUT WATER, carried about of winds: trees whose fruit withers, without fruit, TWICE DEAD, plucked up by the roots; Raging waves of the sea, foaming out of their own shame; WANDERING STARS, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever. And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, "Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment..."

Now in context, it is rather hard to see these people as mortal human beings. Letís review the evidence as stated in Jude:
1.who were of old, - Not liking the appearance of what this means, the preferred accepted rendering of today is said to mean, who were written about of old. This is solely based because of the assumption that this would be impossible for the same ones to exist. In the Greek this phrase says what it implies, they are the ones of old and further described by this text and supportive of this claim.
2.Ordained to this condemnation - In this sense these men mentioned are destined to fulfill this role. Why? Because they are something that should of never have been in the first place and not redeemable.
3. Clouds without water- defines the last statement! This could have a dual meaning. First they are compared to as a cloud without water. A cloud is composed of water vapor. The indication here can only mean they are something similar only in appearance and not composition. Water is also symbolic of the spirit. This could also be implying that this is a vessel without a spirit.
4. Twice dead- this can be referring to the opposite of the idea of being twice born. To be born once in the flesh and again once in the spirit. The saying goes, "Born once, die twice, Born twice die once." To be dead twice in this sense is to be dead spiritually and to have already been dead once before the flood, the men of old, men of renown!
5. Wandering stars - This is a term for fallen angles. In the broadest sense the term can mean any messenger. But again in this context the same judgment imposed upon the "angels that sinned" is mentioned here also, the blackness of eternal darkness forever.
The rendering of the term "strong delusion" of 2Thessalonians 2:11 is more accurately defined as "Wandering error". The same wandering error sent by God for all to believe that will not believe in him. This suggests GOD is still in control! Even to something as horrible as this!
Their objective: Set up the Great Deception

The text here reviews and uses every term for these beings called the men of renown, of which a judgment was given and a destiny to fulfill at the end of time. Clearly these are not mere ungodly human beings that are spoken of here. Jude concludes that these are the same ones that Enoch prophesied against before the flood. This description overlaps the already mentioned rebels and their offspring. They have sown discord, rebellion and inspired false doctrine and worship. These are the same that paint pictures of UFOís in religious paintings, create legends and myths and plant things to be found at a later date that will astound and amaze the world. If you are the first to utilize time as a weapon, you do not disrupt the past drastically so as to jeopardize your own existence and present state. If you are wise, you subtly place your agents all throughout certain times and places like chess pieces to undermine and plant your desired will. At a future time you can call out all your pieces bringing "all things together" to astound and amaze the entire world, convincing them of your agenda and desires. You could also "pluck up" your enemies "by the roots" by going back and placing an invisible yet powerful restructuring of a fifth column presence within the infrastructure of their governments to be activated at a later time in the future. You would set up "secret societies" as safe houses and points of control stations. Truly beyond science fiction! In the Tower of Babel, man made UFO section you can see how the realties of these "powers of heaven" that are "shaken" in the last days are the developed technology to "reach into heaven". This reaching is in the sense of breaching time and space! In this Satan will explain away faith in a personal God, and transport this invading army of "locusts" throughout time as chess pieces carefully placed to be the great delusion or wandering error.

The Second Wave: Armageddon

In the second wave an actual invasion will take place that ends up in the plains of Meggedo in Israel.
Once this total rebel alliance has conditioned the masses and made an entire generation desirous of them and their global agenda, they will appear as saviors during a time of conflict. The result will be that friendly Alien/Angels (this image of the beast) will be given charge over the nations and worshipped.
Dan 11:37-38 "But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange (alien!) god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain". (KJV)
It is in this time that the disguised Antichrist will reveal his true identity as Adolf Hitler much to the horror of Israel .
As they reject Hitler they also embrace their true messiah Jesus Christ. In their national repentance they also resist
the Global Agenda. Closing their borders to the Antichrist and his military hoard initiates an invasion but Why? What is so important about tiny little Israel other than their faith in the one true God?
This invasion may in part be motivated by the Antichrist. Adhering to specific occult doctrines, the Antichrist will believe that he must be in a certain place at a certain time to "eternalize" this dimension. The specific occult traditions when understood in light of what the Bible has to declare makes this quite clear.

Finding the center of an axis

From Delphi in ancient Greece to the Norse ash tree Yggdrasil to the Sun Pole of the Sioux Indians, every culture once had a sacred place that it believed to be the symbolic center of the world. The supernatural was once believed to enter the world at its center, a sacred place often marked by what was known as a navel stone. It was through this stone that an imaginary vertical line or axis ran, and this axis linked the material world with the mystical, spiritual world.
Here access might be gained to other worlds- heaven, hell and the realms of spirits and the dead. The imaginary vertical line that runs through the center is often referred to as the cosmic axis. It is called this because it places the earth at the center of the cosmos with heaven above and the underworld below. The "sacred" center is commonly known by its Greek name omphalos, which means "navel of the world".

To ancient peoples, locating the omphalos was essential to the creation of civilization, culture and religion because it helped separate the safe, human world from the dangerous world full of natural forces. To locate and mark the center of the earth, ancient peoples hoped to chart the natural world and even gain control of it. Medieval European cities often contained navel stones like the London stone, the stone of Tubingen Germany and the "blue stane" in St. Andrews Scotland, all representing the cosmic axis and center. In the Ancient Chinese book, Chou-li, the axis is described as a magical place where opposites come together, time and space are wiped out; the four seasons merge and the opposing principles of yin and yang come into eternal harmony. Vortex patterns depicted as swirls are often carved into the navel stones. In all of this is the image of everything having the ability to come together including time and space!

In the myth of this cosmic axis and the center of the earth, is there an encrypted knowledge of physics forbidden to fallen man? Fringe Science researchers, Bruce L. Cathie author of The Energy Grid and David Hatcher Childress author of Anti-Gravity and the World Grid are but a two of many to proclaim that there is a magnetic grid like a screen covering the earth, which is a natural flow of magnetic energy. The intersections create a vortex of energy that they say can be tapped into and utilized. Some have claimed that the mystery spots and ancient mysterious ruins from around the world are locations where these vortexes exist. This screen like covering might be alluded to in the scriptures in Ezk 28 as what Satan was given to provide and protect God's creation. This being what he traded back to mankind so he could control creation! The same screen Enoch described as the pathways of the angles, the wing's of the wind. In the mind of the Antichrist following these occult traditions, could be the applied physics and the way in which he plans to eternalize this linear dimension into his own eternal state. The catch phrase common to occultists is, "As above so below" which may also be Satan's battle cry and ultimate goal! More than just speculation this evidence reveals the importance of Israel and the location of Jerusalem and the temple mount. We can only begin to see this reality by going back to the scriptures to verify such a thing.

The Bible reveals the center of the earth!
" This is Jerusalem, I have set her in the center of the nations, with countries round about her." Ezk 5:5
It is quite clear that the Bible claims that the center of the earth terrestrially is in Jerusalem. In context we are not talking in any figurative sense but one of geography. An even further description and miracle helps to confirm this idea. 1Kings 11:36 states,
"ÖJerusalem, the city which I have chosen me to put my name there."
How literal could this statement be? In context he is describing the lineage of David and the promised line Jesus, as Messiah would come from. But there might be more to this in a physical way also! In the VHS tape, Globalism, Iron Mountain and UFO's, (Prophecy club, Topeka KS) Researcher/Pastor Norm Frantz reveals a Topographical map of Israel. On his map is an existing dot for the location of the temple mount, which is the location of the holy of holies, the central point of the entire temple in Jerusalem. He then places a transparency over the area with Hebrew writing on it. Part of this writing includes a dot as part of the letter. The entire inscription lines right up with the mountain ranges and the dots matching up with the temple location. The amazing thing is that the Hebrew writing is the name for God! This is no coincidence by any stretch of the imagination but it is a confirmation of ownership! Not only  is Jerusalem the center of the world, but a name of ownership has been placed upon it! When you understand the occult traditions and contrast them to recent scientific speculations and then learn what the Bible might have to say about the same things a clear plan of the Antichrist could be revealed!

The End of Time as we Know it! 2012, may just be the year for a "window of opportunity" where this will happen. There is a unique line up of the heavens whereby our Sun will be positioned in the very center of our galaxy. The twelve zodiac signs will be positioned around our solar system as a center point.  Our planets will be in alignment with each other in this unusual central position on December 21st 2012. There is a rift within the center of the Milky Way,  where some Astronomers have claimed a black hole is located. Could this line up be Satan's final conclusion point of his five point plan to "eternalize" this fallen dimension into one where linear time will end. Does he believe this will be his beginning and the end of the Ouroboros coming together?  This plan is based not on magic but on an occult physics. If the screen like covering alluded to in Ezekiel 28 is actually this intertwining electromagnetic "lay lines" or energy grid, that now holds our earth in a linear time existence is accurate, will it be altered? I believe the attempt will be made. I promise you I will work hard for the Lord as if it is but I am not going to panic and cancel my life insurance, max out credit cards months before or dig a bunker or any other silly reactionary thing. I will watch and pray and only do what the Lord may instruct me to do. I will look up and know my redemption is near but I do not have to have my self upset with fear of what is coming upon us. I truly trust in the Lord. If you aren't then by all means be afraid be very afraid. Only in Christ will you not be deceived. You may have the easy way out and follow the rest of the crowd. The hard choice in this time may be to follow a loving God who will help you face hardships. Your decision only has eternity hanging in the balance, but then that is happening anyway regardless of what you believe about this posting. I hope you make the right choice. For me, I peaked at the end of the Bible and read the ending. For those who remain faithful in their relationship with Christ, WE WIN!  Please do the same and don't be afraid or react out of fear and strife to do drastic things unless you are clearly directed by the Lord to do so. Like everything else on this site let's just watch , pray , wait and see!

The God of the Bible Wins! 

Rev 19:11-21
"And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. 12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. 13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. 17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; 18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great. 19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. 20And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. 21 And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh." (KJV)


In order to ever see this end time scenario include such supernatural events such as I have shown, one must understand the pre-flood world and all of the supernatural events that lead to its necessary destruction. To try and explain the flood with natural explanations, one can only conclude that God is wrathful and intolerant. It also means there is nothing supernatural that is going to happen at the end of time. The only thing to expect then is that once again people get really bad and an intolerant God destroys them. That kind of thinking is out of character with the God of the Bible, which states that, God is Love 1John 4:8, God cannot lie! Hebrews 6:18, God does not change Hebrews 13:8
The supernatural explanation is the only one that upholds the character and nature of the Biblical God. The supernatural explanation is the only one that provides answers to the many paranormal mysteries and puzzling experiences people are faced with today. For the Church to not understand the Old World from this Biblical perspective leaves Christians with very little scriptural backing to defend against the onslaught of lies coming against faith in a personal God.

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Debate of Gen 6
There are three main ideas about the text of Genesis 6. Because of the great controversy and the importance of understanding the proper events that follow a pattern of influence to us today, it becomes important to be familiar with all three.

What I call the "naturalists interpretation" attempts to take away the miraculous claims of this event and rationalize events to understandable natural terms. This idea first appeared in history around the 4th century A.D within certain Hebrew Kabala circles. The 5th century church began to accept this less embarrassing view but did not gain any broad acceptance until the end of the 19th century, (about the same time Darwinís theory and Blavatsky became popular). Unfortunately today this is a very popular and accepted view. It is losing ground because it is wrong and now important to understand it as such. I personally believe God at this time is confirming this error, because this is fast becoming a life and death situation for many.

This idea states that the "sonís of God are the righteous descendants of the line of Seth. The basis for this is in Gen 4:22 where it is said, "...then began men to call upon the name of the Lord." This text is footnoted in most Bibles as better rendered, "to call themselves by the name of the Lord." This latter is assumed to be the sonís of God. Nowhere else in the Old Testament is this term used for a human being nor is it used in this text. In any case, they would be marrying the daughters of men. The words used here are female descendants of mankind. Not denoting any particular portion of mankind, just mankind in general, using the broadest generic word. It is assumed however that this refers to the descendants of Cain. The general thought here is that believers in God are marrying non-believers. Now I have to ask, What kind of God do you have? Just what is your image or understanding of a God that lacks patience or understanding to where he would wipe out an entire earth for doing something that mankind has continued to do throughout his entire history. This idea lacks the understanding and integrity of Godís character as the loving patient Father. It also makes no sense or logic to the continuity to the story of mankindís redemption. Cainís descendants were banished from off the face of the earth at this time. I believe they did play a part in this event, but certainly not as the daughters of men. This idea lacks proper etymology in word usage and assumes way too much. It also ignores other scriptures supporting a different view. There is further difficulty in the sense of the separation of sexes. Why are only the men of Sethís linage, and the daughters of Cain the ungodly ones? What about the daughters of Seth and the sons of Cain? Are they good? The text says that the whole world became contaminated, except eight people, Noah and his family. This very unsound idea only raises more questions and offers no real explanation consistent to the Bibleís overall story. It offers no real answers or help to explain the many questions we are faced with in our present situation.

The second idea is the newest "Liberal" interpretation. This one is based upon recent archeological discoveries where rulers used the title "sons of God". Upon this evidence and based on Gen 4:22 alone, an entire doctrine is developed whereby earthly rulers began to pick multiple wives for themselves breaking Godís laws of marriage. This act produced further moral decay. Again I have to ask, what kind of God do you serve? Is God going to wipe out an entire world for adultery and polygamy? This idea is as unsound as any fictional story. Based on conjecture alone, it then describes the same wrathful God destroying an entire world for doing what has been done throughout the entire normal line of human history. That concept can only give a person the idea of a wrathful, ill tempered God. That is not my God! My God was provoked by something so horrible it is unimaginable! Something so irreversible he was left with no other choice than to start over. He had to stop the perversion of the human bloodlines before this act doomed mankind into an eternal fallen state! Something drastic happened, unlike anything in normal human history, apart from anything that continued as a part of the human experience , only to be repeated at the end time of history. Satan was only eight people away from completing this linear existence into an eternal state according to his own desire and will and cutting off the human linage from ever having the Messiah born to redeem this present state! This was a very drastic problem unique from normal history, that required an equally unique and drastic solution. The total destruction of the Old World by a flood!

The last idea about this text in Gen 6 is the original belief held by the ancient religious leaders. It needs no conjecture or speculation. There are many crossed-referenced scriptures and using proper etymology that verify that the sons of God were in fact "fallen angels".
Job 1:6, "Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them." This was a scene taking place in heaven not on earth. This was not earthly men before the Lord. In Job 38:7 there is a heavenly scene as the sons of God shout for joy at creation. The sons of God are clearly heavenly beings. When the Jewish translators transferred the scriptures from Hebrew to Greek, in the Septuagint, they rendered the term, "Angles of God" for sons of God in Gen 6. This idea was accepted as common knowledge without dispute or debate in the time of Christ who would have used the Septuagint. All period historical literature from that time period and Rabbinical comments without controversy accepted this understanding.

Too many sincere Christians have become victim to the influence of "naturalists" and "liberal" interpretation. Some great men of God, profound teachers of the Word have adhered to very unsound ideas and adding to itís credibility. I believe there are two reasons for a refusal to follow traditional etymology (the study of word usage, history and cultural application) concerning this text of scripture.
1. There is a fear of what the implications suggest by following proper interpretive guidelines. In the minds of too many Christians there is this never- never land separation of spirit and flesh with an unscriptural idea that the two never meet or dwell in the same dimension.
2. This unfounded idea is aided by the lack of understanding the rebellion of Satan, the fall of man and the restoration by God as an ongoing process throughout all of linear time. No Bible story is separate from other stories. All stories are interconnected and tell of one story with many different episodes, characters and events of paradise lost and regained. God is the central focus with man as the main character and Satan as the leader of a great rebellion still being played out in linear time.

Debate of "Old Earth vs Young Earth
I will be brief but just a few points that should be addressed for all of you weaned on Evolution, Darwin and the concept of billions of years of cycles. Everything might be a whole lot simpler than the complexities man likes to create. I hope I have shown by the many fossil anomalies that we really need to reconsider much of what we so vainly assume. These anomalies in themselves should be conclusive enough. Mathematical calculations from several hundred years of measuring and observation of natural elements such as salt in the ocean, hydrogen in our air, magnetism of the earth, and erosion of the continents have all been accepted that yes we have a know formula for the rate of increase or decrease. But when we project these findings even to a point of zero which we know could never have been, all accounts go no further than 10,000 years. Most recently in the November 12, 1997 issue of Trends in Ecology and Evolution vol 12 had an article about the most recent known formula for mitochondrial mutation. The controversy is in the fact that while the formula is accepted as true, the projection states that the first female, Eve was approximately alive only 6,500 years ago! That is exactly what the Bible time line states. Of course the article tells how controversial this claim is in light of "modern scientist". It then expounds with the standard rhetoric of the scientists- priests claims but offering no substantial proof.

Thank you Mt. St. Helen! Because of this explosion, we have been able to scrutinize the whole geological process and end results. Fossilization we found could happen in decades not millions of years. Larger animal carcasses bloat and then float to the top of the thick layers of ash and silt sediment, with smaller organisms staying on the bottom giving the appearance of "evolutionary layers" of a geological strata. The evidence is there it is just a matter of, do you want to believe it or not.