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First time ever!!! Below you will find Evangelistic Tracts made up from the basic content of this web site and from my Book, "Beyond Science Fiction": Briefly they introduce many of the paranormal and supernatural subjects with a strong evangelistic approach.


Download them for free below. Don't worry about copyright issues. I want these to go viral so take and use them as you will.

The tracts are a tri-fold template in the format of WordPerfect. You will have to have that program to open them. I am sorry, I realize this is not a popular format but I am too busy right now to convert them to PDF. I have had these tracts for almost ten years and have not done much with them as there has not been much of a need for them other than my own personal use...until now. I and my colleagues have done our work and the message is out and understood by many of you who are eager to share with others. These tracts are short and concise but compelling to learn more. They are all backed by scripture and support the claims made.

I have also noticed that the graphics seem to float which may be my own lack of talent to know how to "Lock" them into place. If you have any trouble please notify me via e-mail @ but otherwise hey, they are free. If you try to change the format without using a tri-fold template, you will have to re-arrange the layout. WordPerfect can be bought here just click on the Box.







Below are the individual Tracts. You must have Word Perfect on your computer to open them. Click on each one to download on your computer.



Alien Abductions        BLOOD POWER    The Caveman Myth           Cloning and the Bible


     Conspiracies          The Real Eden          Ghosts and the Bible           If God is a Loving God, Then Why?

Hollow Earth Part 1   Hollow Earth Part 2       New Age Nazi Roots        Talking to the Dead





What are the clouds of Heaven?






         I am posting these for free but if this format does not work for you and you want hard copies I will have to charge for them. I am going to work a deal with a local printer to have them made up.    I do not know prices until I have worked it out with the printer. Give a couple of weeks to make arrangements. (posted 9-22-09)



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T_Abduction Tract.pdf

T_Blood Power.pdf

T_Caveman Myth.pdf

T_Cloning and the Bible.pdf

T_Consp Tract.pdf

T_Eden T.pdf

T_Ghosts + Bible.pdf



T_NewAge Nazi roots.pdf

T_Talking to the dead.pdf

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