Understanding the End Time Signs from Lying Wonders


Jesus said in Matthew 24 that prior to his coming we would see signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth.


For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”


The book of Acts 2:17  describes some of the end time prophetic events as an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit upon true believers. It says in part,

Your sons and your daughters shall prophecy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams...and I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs in the earth.”

This description does not tell us if these are good or bad events and probably means both. The important point being made here is that God will equip his saints and all things will be under the ultimate control of God himself. Nothing is done without God being in control. The saints are made ready by supernatural revelations through God's people as they are being prepared to understand these signs and wonders in heaven and on the earth both good or bad and the discernment between them.


Paul also warned us about the negative signs and wonders in 2 Thessalonians 2:9. These same signs and lying wonders would be included as events leading up to the appearance of the Antichrist.


Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,”


What we should expect

According to the scriptures We should expect a critical period of history where we will experience many different supernatural signs and wonders that will be real to our senses and perception. LA Marzulli presents the basic framework for this collision of the Supernatural and the natural in his recent book, “ Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural”. Real however does not make them right. We can also expect these manifestations to come through many different people and various types of displays. Mary apparitions, UFO encounters, angelic visitations, ghosts, astrological line ups, crop circles, Ancient astronauts and channeled messages, will all be pieces to this end time puzzle. They will compliment each other into weaving a solid belief system away from the God of the Bible and the Scriptures toward something else, a different belief system based on these events.

2Thessalonians 2:3 describes this as a “falling away”. The literal Greek means to stand apart and describes those who have never made a heartfelt commitment but had only an intellectual grasping of the truth, They will fall away or depart from any faith in God because their faith is nothing but the veneer of religion and not a relationship with a personal God. They do not go in many different directions, in context here, the falling away indicates that they are gathered together toward something else, an alternative hope directed by the signs and lying wonders that will be widely accepted by the masses and lead to their eternal destruction.


Our Hope and Promise

As Christians who believe in the Bible we have a hope that even Jesus verified by his own words that, “

if it were possible, they (the signs and lying wonders) shall deceive the very elect”. The implication Jesus made here is that it is impossible to be deceived, if we are willing to listen and obey him. My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.” That is relational not mere religious beliefs from an intellectual grasping. God, in many ways and through his called out and anointed ones will be given the understanding to explain the true perspective and give scriptural discernment to what is really going on. For the ones with a relationship with God, this is already a developed method personalized by the indwelling Holy Spirit that will provide the bearing witness or check into your own human spirit to truth and lies.(1John 4:6) Supernatural on this level should be what every true believer has already learned to depend on and not just the intellectual aspect of the five senses. God is actively trying to reach those willing to listen about these signs and lying wonders through every social order and type of people called by his name.


Digging Deeper: Surprise from the Skies!

Dr Spiros Zodhiates ThD considered one of today's top experts on the ancient Greek language made this amazing comment about the text in 2 Thessalonians 2:9. He writes in his “Hebrew, Greek Key Study Bible of the KJV” published by AMG publications the following :


...these two words do not refer to different classes of miracles, but to different qualities of the same miracle. Teras (wonders) is a miracle regarded as a startling, imposing...frequently used elsewhere for STRANGE APPEARANCES IN THE HEAVENS. Semeion (signs) is a miracle with an ETHICAL END and PURPOSE. They are valuable not so much for what they are as for what they indicate.”


I cannot think of any other possible description that fits any better than the two fold experience of a UFO/Alien encounter and their message. In a typical encounter, we have the sudden startling presence from the heavens and the second part is the implied message they proclaim. This message is always a warning of coming disaster and the need for mankind to be upgraded either physically, spiritually or both, to meet the coming challenges. They of course offer the answers which are consistent to all other contacts and messages in various forms of channeling and spirit contact. The basic message and warning is always in direct opposition and in conflict with the Bible and the real person of Jesus Christ, the son of God and God the son who came in the flesh. This “J” factor is what they always get wrong. The basic tenant of their belief system is called Theosophy.

I am amazed that we are to believe that these so called aliens come from millions of light years away and one of the first things they want to discuss is how we got Jesus all wrong. If they were truly an advanced civilization and Jesus was just another insignificant religious figure believed by our primitive traditions, why even bring the subject up? This prevailing fact suggests that Jesus is important to them and to us. Most of the time the individuals contacted are not professing Christians and were in no need of this correction. The message then is for all of mankind through them and deemed important as a main theme to their overall message. No other religious figure is singled out with corrective explanations like Jesus has been at the hand of these “Aliens”.

It is funny that we who are Christian investigators and researchers in this area of study are always accused of bringing “religion” into the subject of UFOs when they (the Aliens) actually started it by their own words from their messages to us. Hey, they started it, we are just here to end it. The UFO sighting then would be the real sign and the various forms of what they say are the ethical lies as the lying wonders. This is just what the Bible says and just what we have experienced in real time history


Supported by signs on earth

These various encounters are confirmed and supported by other signs and wonders in the earth which are also warned of in the scriptures. This interconnectedness is long and intricate and I am only going to use the simplest example to show you the tentacles of this octopus of deception.


There seems to be a mathematical consistency in many earthly constructions throughout the world that point to a heavenly time period of about 6 to 10 thousand years ago with various stars and constellations in the heavens. Recent claims are that this was accomplished by ancient astronauts who came into contact with our distant relatives. The Giza pyramids and a line up with the constellation Orion is one example. Stonehenge, and the mounds of Canterbury, England have a connection with Mars, The gateway to the Sun in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia or even the Basilica in Rome have construction mathematics in common now called “sacred geometry”. There are many skeptics that say this is all just coincidental foolishness. There is however, too much consistency to mythological and historical associations that shows intelligent design and purpose where you cannot just throw the idea away as ridiculous.


Location! Location! Location!

Recently “fringe” science has made the claim that an electromagnetic grid envelopes the earth with intersecting points where we find all of these ancient places and temples of worship. The Mithras beliefs of the Romans, Greeks and the mystery schools of the Egyptians in addition to the previous mentioned mystery spots seem to have been strategically placed on many of these intersecting points. Even mid-evil churches in Europe inspired by the Cathers, Masons and other occult Gnostic societies of the day, run true to the same calculations of construction and intersecting locations. Also running true to the same layout is America's capitol in Washington DC.


The Bible tells of these same ancient times and intersected mystery spots from a slightly different perspective. These are not the result of ancient astronauts but again the fallen angelic host of Genesis 6 and their offspring with the retained memories of this time by rebellious mankind. However this view is not taken seriously and brushed off by the secular world as silly religious beliefs of fanciful Christian fanatics. These serious explanations and missing information are left unknown and unheard of by the mainstream of society. In this deliberate obscurity, the general public is unaware of the Biblical perspective and do not even have a chance to deal with the possibilities. In spite of this, we who are personally involved continue to explain in any and every way we can, the Biblical claims of understanding signs and lying wonders in our time today.

This electromagnetic grid may be alluded to in Ezekiel 28:13 whereby the various gems mentioned are as construction elements for an intertwining fence or grid to protect God's creation which has been usurped by Satan to enslave mankind in a liner timed existence as part of the fall. The book of Enoch although not cannon but historically accurate, also mentions the electromagnetic grid in association with gravity being in part, the “pathways of the angels” in Enoch 18:1-7. This same mention could be the Biblical “wings of the wind” that the clouds of heaven travel on and more specific the physics of electromagnetism by which the grid and pathway allows this to all exist in the way we are just beginning to understand today. These particular places located on the grid intersections are described in the Bible as memorials mentioned in Genesis 11:4. as “let us make a name for ourselves They are part of a contingency plan to place encrypted knowledge in memorials alluding to skyward revelations just in case they are scattered by their act of rebellion to God for constructing the Tower of Babel. They were scattered and the memorials were built as mentioned. The original Hebrew bears this meaning out. These mystery places are just what we see and what the Nazi researchers understood to devise their technology from their occult beliefs as their own brand of Nazi Science based on Helena Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine and Theosophy.


The Twilight Zone

One of the most important coming out events for these “Aliens in UFOs” who are actually the fallen angels of Genesis 6 are also described in Zechariah 5th chapter. There is a women in a basket with a shiny metallic disk covering her in the basket. In short here, the woman is symbolic as the whore of Babylon, a false religious belief system. The basket is like the word cup and can mean an object of exact measurement or measurement in general. The cover is an image the text says is pure evil that will go out into all the world to deceive the world. It literally is a metallic disk. This measurement is determined between heaven and earth by an alliance of human and angelic but false angelic partnership. It is placed in the plains of Shinar. (Meaning the place of two rivers.) This place would be a foundation provided for a false religion under the cover event of a shiny disk. From that location and point the deceptive religion would spread into all the world. This was known as the Roswell event. This is where the alleged crash of a UFO bearing small Grey alien bodies were discovered.


To support the above mentioned claims is where it gets freaky, twilight zone, outer limits type freaky. We now will look at a measurement, the amazing 33.3 degree latitude line.



On this line amazing events have taken place all throughout history at various points on earth on this line. It was on this line that about 6,000 years ago the fallen angels of Genesis 6 were first said to appear on the top of Mt. Hermon according to the Book of Enoch. This is located on the 33.3 longitude and 33.3 latitude line. This was according to the earlier French prime meridian. This understanding comes from some of the work of Dave Flynn who discovered a specific codex

 that he was able to decipher from a crop circle that appeared in Canterbury England. This crop circle was a copy of his computer companies Logo. The Logo has a typical Grey type alien holding a sphere with an encrypted message within. The message he discovered held coordinates for dates, times and grid locations for certain events.

One such deciphered location and date was 19.47 at 104 longitude and 33.3 latitude. This came out to be a bit north of Roswell New Mexico. In 1947 something significance would happen at Corona NM just a bit north of Roswell on this line. This of course was the Roswell Crash at Corona in July of 1947. This crash site is in a valley that is famous for it's two main rivers, The Pecos and Rio Grande rivers. If you travel due East you go right over Mt Hermon and continue 380 some miles from that point on the 33.3 you are in downtown Baghdad Iraq. This is the location where the tower of Babel once existed. It is in a valley on the bank of it's two famous rivers of the Euphrates and the Tigress. This plain is called the plains of Shinar meaning the plain of two rivers.


Mirror, Mirror

Consider this, In the far east on Mt Hermon, the fallen angels first appeared at the 33.3 line on top of MT. Hermon. Later 380 some miles due east these fallen angels on the 33.3 line were made into mythological deities that every empire since that time has worshiped as Gods in one form or another. Jesus said in Matthew 24:27, “For as lightening comes out of the east and shines even to the west, so shall the coming of the son of man be.” Satan is the great imitator so in this same but opposite manner, The original events from the east are mirrored by the return of these events in the West. The two valleys of two rivers are not identical but fairly close to the same. They tell us of the two Babylons East and West. There distances from a mountain range and then to the sea or ocean are also very close in geography.

When you go from the east to the west we have Roswell where these fallen ones have now returned and made a foundation for the false belief system. After living in Roswell for four years you can see a reality unknown by most. Roswell is the Mecca for everything Alien and UFO for the whole world and influences the thousands who come there every year from all over the world. Travel due west 380 some miles from there and you are on a mountain range in between California and Arizona. This is one of the most desolate areas of the desert and the closest city in that area is Baghdad Arizona. What are the chances of that! The distance of that location to the ocean is close to the same distance of Mt Hermon to the ocean there in the East. In the mirrored West, found somewhere in that area in a wide desolate area is a hidden “Fortress of Anu”. How did I know this? From an encrypted meaning within the scriptures in Genesis10:10. This is called a “Sod”. This is one of four Hebraic styles of proper Biblical interpretation and not some form of mysticism. Encrypted in this text is the mention of Anu who is Anubus the Egyptian God that created all the other God's. In this area you will find the facility where a real army of darkness is being created. It is where the Nephilim are returning as being repaired as super soldiers, perhaps cybernetic clones who will be worshiped as the image of the beast just as in the days of Noah. This is Satan's plan to gather his own into an end time army at the deceived hands of Americas own gleaned Nazi technology and desire to keep our own warriors out of harms way. I know this all sounds like a cheesy B rate sci-fi movie but that is why my book about all of this is named “Beyond Science Fiction”.


Multiple Witnesses

I recently met a Christian man Ron Skiba II who is a movie producer and has done some extensive study on the Biblical perspective of UFOs and Aliens. He has written many episodes for a TV series based on Biblical knowledge of the return of the Nephilim in the last days. His hero figure ends up in the Arizona desert on the 33,3 line where he actually found a huge gaping hole like cave. He got this from his own studies having nothing to do with me or my studies. This was no coincidence either.


Jesus also said he saw Satan as lightening fall from heaven. Interesting is that fall means to flitter or skip across the sky. This is an accurate description of the movement of a bright lightening like object as it is seen moving in the skies above us. Satan himself said in the famous 5 I wills in Isaiah 14, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high.” Satan is described asthe prince and power of the air”. These scriptures support the UFO sightings as the signs and lying wonders of these end times.


I will end this on a coin. When I first wrote about the Roswell connection to Zecheriah 5 I sent this to Tom Horn to review in 2006.. He sent back a photo of an ancient Babylonian coin that was prophetic in it's entire markings .

Here is the photo of this ancient Babylonian coin provided to me by Tom Horn

First notice the figure in the middle on top. It is half human and half animal in a mid eastern birthing position. Symbolic of the origin and overall plan to accomplish the combined form of a hybrid human angelic creature. To the eastern side is the figure of a tall woman firmly established and next to her a fully human woman in the birthing position. Symbolic of the human origin of the Nephilim being established in the East. To the Western side is another tall woman firmly established. Behind her is a human with a tail standing to symbolize it's firm position as resurrected and returned in the West. In between them both are two figures on a rock or pedestal. Alluding to the two places of foundation. One with a weapon one without. The first foundation was through peace being married to humans and establishing a world dominance through integrating themselves within human society. The second foundation is through an aggressive military takeover ending fortunately for us believers, in the valley of Meggido in Israel know as Armageddon. Am I a victim of an overworked imagination or has the Lord shown me and others  the amazing connections to reveal the truths about signs and lying wonders. You decide.


Why did I overload you?

In conclusion, I deliberately bombarded you with an information overload in this short article. I wanted to make a point that there is plenty of Biblical text, historical events, mythological tales, mathematical calculations and hidden meanings that has been revealed to many of God's servants which explain mysteries that have baffled mankind for centuries. These revelations are not given to just a few select people because they are special or unique but are offered to anyone who is willing to seek prayerfully with an open heart, and have willing ears and eyes to see outside of the box while retaining the core issues of faith in a close relationship with the Lord Jesus. We are in the last days. Satan's 5 I willed plan, this mystery of iniquity is coming to full fruition with signs and lying wonders. But in the midst of this are many people who have heard from God and have taken personal responsibility to explain these things and prepare you for the days to come. Most of us do not like to be called prophets as this has been a much maligned term used by Jim Jones , David Koresh and other abusers. We are watchers called by God to warn the unrepentant, to encourage and inform the family of God and prepare those willing to listen to the truths about signs and lying wonders.


Planting a Seed for further Action

We have another job that needs to be addressed and I will put this out only as a seed of thought to develop in it's proper time. In this article I hope I have also shown the combined work of many who when compiled together make up a vivid picture. This coming together is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. There needs to be a meeting, like a think tank of the many known and unknown individuals who have heard from the Lord, who have done prayerful research and have something to say. If we combined our work, revelations and knowledge in a meeting both public and private in a central location annually it would be a great start to fitting all of the pieces we individually have into a bigger broader picture for all to understand. This is the next step I believe the Lord desires to see within all of us who are called into this type of ministry. Well I tossed out the idea let's see how it may develop.


Since this article was first written about 6 months ago meetings were started and many were invited. From the 36 people invited to become a part of these meetings 14 responded. There was great enthusiasm and people wanted to meet weekly instead of my idea of once a month. We had many technical difficulties with using the right conferencing program and personal equipment. By the time bugs were worked out about half the interested members became discouraged and quit coming because of the technical glitches. Some came back but I believe I was another part of another problem. The first month we grew so fast I was afraid we would come into chaos unless we had some kind of structure.

We agreed upon several joint efforts including the writing of a composite book. To do this we would have to have a bank account in a name with a Constitution and bylaws. When I started one of the first evangelical Motorcycle ministries I had to combine the structure of a motorcycle club and a church and created a constitution with by laws. I have in the course of 30 some years also wrote a constitution for another church who was fleeced by their Pastor for all they had. So I am experienced in this kind of thing. I spent one week solid working on a basic form tailored for our group 10-14 hour days. It was explained to all that this was just an example not policy but we could use it, tweak it if or when we needed it or if desired we could use it as a framework for ourselves. It served only as the requirement to satisfy opening an account with a proper name. That action was poisonous from the moment I submitted it. I was too zealous in my efforts and should have waited until we all knew each other better.  One particular individual saw this as an attempt to organize a new group with myself as the leader. Being a competitive individual, he saw this as a grab for power or control and was suspect of my intensions which he voiced to others and it created a division right from the start. In no way did I desired this and that was not my objective at all. I even had this type of control issue prohibited and written in the format. This dissention made me suspect by others too I am afraid. Almost overnight we were reduced to only a few members. The whole thing crumbled in less than three months in operation. We slowly developed our meetings into a round table discussion format as we tried to do too many things in one meeting and people like myself talked too much. Our original volunteer to run the meetings quit when we had the tech problems. I admit I was probably not the best choice to run the meetings but no one else stepped up to fill in the spot. When we found the perfect person for the job, it was too late in the game. There was also the problem of doctrinal differences. Most were flexible enough to set aside their personal differences that were not core issues but others had a much broader view of what was core than others. Fellowship waned as these differences became more apparent. There were many unanticipated problems in trying to put together this kind of meeting.

The whole purpose of this part of the article is that if anyone else desires to pick this up and try again, maybe the mistakes I made might help you not to make the same ones.   I take the biggest brunt of responsibility for the failure of these meetings. I was the one who started them and could not keep it together. However, I cannot take it all on myself. There were and still are many problems that needed to be worked out and existed as a basic nature of the type of ministry and the individuals called into this area that was not dependant upon any one individuals leadership ability no matter how good they might have been.

We are all in real trouble though without some motivation to change. The Church on a whole remains in a comatose state of denial that anything is even going on in the way of end time events and others refuse to accept anything supernatural as being a part of the traditional prophetic events.

Even worse are those who have been awakened to these realities and have taken personal responsibility for what they know have so much inflicted damage and baggage that we forgot how to work with others. We have all experienced rejection and ridicule and have suffered personal loss. We by the nature of what we have as a message to others have been rejected by the church and therefore have been isolated and alone in our ministries. With a drive of the Holy Spirit and pioneers by nature, we have continued on alone in this for so long we forgot how to work with or even get along with others. We on the most part remain isolated or separated from any kind of unity of purpose.  We are easily provoked to be suspicious of each other, or anything that even looks organized. We all have such a limited venue to share what God has given us we are like an over populated small pool of starved fish on a feeding frenzy. Some have resorted to every trick of man to promote their ministries that we have compromised ourselves with out notice. Out of a sense of our own busyness we have had to resort to a less than servant attitude and look at any involvement with the attitude as, "what is in it for me". Those on the most part who are established and well known are far too busy to be bothered with yet another meeting and do not consider the fellowship others in this field as serving any real purpose being comfortable with their own progress and social position.

There is also a caste system that exists that should not. If you look real good you can see this in up and coming Conventions. One such convention only has speakers with nothing less than a masters Degree and most are PhD's. Most are excellent in what they have to present but they represent only one spectrum of what God has given to his Church for instruction and encouragement. No others are speaking with anything less. This exclusion restricts the full amount of information that is available to the public as only one dimensional. There are many with God given inspiration but far less or no credentials of men that have an equal amount of material on a different level or perception to share that is rejected by the self proclaimed elite.

 I do not want to sound like someone filled with sour grapes and I confess that I am to an extent as I fit into this lower category, but this becomes the same age old problem that existed even in the Bible. Will we ever learn from our past mistakes of our basic fallen human nature. Inspiration can and is just as important as education when it comes to anything from God to mankind and both should be considered with no respect to persons but that is not the fact. So we will miss out on a complete understanding of things until we can get past ourselves and unite. Several of us have even had some of the material we had shared plagiarized by the "famous" elite group without credit due. Yes we are in bad shape all the way around.  Perhaps when the Madrid fault line, the San Andreas fault line or Yellowstone National park explodes, or "Aliens" land on the Whitehouse lawn telling everyone they are our creators, maybe those remaining researchers and ministers covering the paranormal or supernatural will see the need to step down from themselves and truly unite for the bigger picture. I only hope someone will pick up the ball I dropped and carry on.

We as watchmen, need to work together, promote each other and see ourselves as a team of individual pieces important to the whole without regard of education, social position and respect of persons. When there is pressure and persecution for our beliefs we become more flexible toward one another out of the sense of survival. Maybe that is why judgment comes first on the house of God. Just like the Church on a whole needs a shaking up as a wake up call, the pioneers in ministry as watchmen also need to be provoked into unity to see their need for each other. Without this unity, we will remain divided and less effective to reach a clueless world that does not seem to know what is going on in our time. Please pray for this unity and focus of purpose for the leaders and pioneers in this type of ministry, that they become fellow ministers of the gospel united with a selfless servant attitude, because as of now that is not our reality we are more divided now than ever before and in need your prayers.