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The following pages include prophetic dreams and visions, Spirit led revelations and teachings from  readers and viewers. I do not accept everything to publish here but I post prayerfully selected writings and testimonies from those whom I have had a chance to know or as the Lord had impressed upon me to post. After submission of your writing this process is necessary to ensure a measure of soundness and godly discernment before public exposure. I may not always agree with everything posted, but if the Lord deems it important, it will be posted. On that note be assured that you will not be filtered out by any personal bias or predisposition I may have. I want to promote the many important voices out there that have truly been inspired by the Lord who do not have the opportunity for a format to do so. After prayer and Holy Spirit confirmation you will have your piece posted here. Here are the categories available for your submission and or viewing.


Supernatural experiences like angelic encounters, miracles of circumstance and so called coincidence, divine appointments and answered prayer need to be proclaimed. While the church shrugs away from the supernatural or at times discriminates the experiences because they come from lay people, we want to encourage you to come forward with them. This is a time when the Lord is pouring out his Spirit upon every willing heart. We all need to know that this is for us today and that we are not alone in them

Dreams and Visions. Many denominations within the church today say these supernatural experiences have been done away and that they are not for our time. This is false and many who have had these end time experiences have not been allowed to express themselves even questioning their own sanity after being rebuked by church elders. You are not alone and you do have a legitimate ministry to claim and proclaim!


Inspired Revelations many laypeople who have diligently searched the scripture with prayer have asked for wisdom and received from the Lord revelations from the Word of God by the Holy Spirit. You do not have to be a Bible college graduate to be able to have a timely word from the Lord. This is the chance to spread your wings and be provided to share what the Lord has shown you to others with open hearts and minds that will not think you are "out there". Please be bold and share what God has given you.

Trips and 1st hand Witnesses  Viewers while on vacation visiting the many places of supernatural or Biblical locations share your experiences with others here.