When God Speaks

One of the tests of maturity in the Christians life is our reaction when God speaks to us. Weather
it be that small still voice heard during a time of being quiet before the Lord in prayer , an
impression while reading from the Word of God , the bearing witness of the Holy Spirit while
hearing a sermon or teaching and even through someone else in the form of a personal prophecy,
what we do next with this revelation may determine an outcome for more than just ourselves as
we learn to wait upon the Lord. Many times truth ahead of it’s time will produce confusion
instead of the intended direction and guidance.

Do you have the play or the ball
To illustrate, the Christian who has just received a form of revelation from the Lord could be
likened to a football player sitting on the bench. The coach approaches the benched player and
gives him the next play to give the other ten players and sends him out onto the playing field in
the huddle. How outlandish would it be if the player instead of going to the huddle, starts running
toward the end zone as if he had the ball and was going to single handedly win the game by
scoring the touchdown all by himself.
Many times, young or old Christians may get caught up with the excitement of a revelation and
speak or react before the proper time or even before having complete knowledge. This can have a
very negative effect and not the intended one with results that affect more than just the

Do Bee Don’t Bee
Two examples of do’s and don’ts are illustrated in the Bible for us.

“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart”. Luke 2:19

Mary upon hearing that she was going to birth the promised Messiah and thereby be the mother
to the incarnate God pondered this in her heart when the shepards began to proclaim what they
were told.. Ponder in the Greek, ( Strong’s number 4820, sumballo) means to throw together, to
discuss with ones self as a mental exercise of analyzing, discerning and settling the matter in
your own mind. The scripture also tells us that she kept those things the angel spoke to her. Kept
in the Greek, Strong’s number 4933 suntereo means to remember and guard or protect these to
herself. She kept them secret to only herself. This is true wisdom when concerning supernatural
revelations . It is important to wait upon the Lord for further direction, confirmation or definition
that may only be for yourself or for a certain proper time. What results would have happened if
Mary went strutting around during her pregnancy telling everyone, See this? (as she pointed to
her bulging belly,) I’m carrying God in here an angel told me so. Everything is true but some
things have no business being said ahead of their time. This was something that was meant to be
kept secret and quiet, a revelation just for her..
Joseph was another who received a supernatural revelation as a dream.

“And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they

  hated him yet the more.”Gen 37:5

Joseph in his youth and lack of experience blurted out his dream to his brothers without realizing
that there already existed a tense relationship between them and that the dream would only
inflame things further. This foolish act started the course of events that would actually fulfil the
dream. This was a Romans 8:28 plan, everything worked together for the good in the end , but it
could have been less intense for Joseph perhaps if he had used wisdom in what he spoke out and

A recent example of both rolled into one
My father was a living example of having this balance and aspect to both examples. In 1979,
many of our members including my Dad and I were prophesied over by a well known missionary
evangelists, Steve Fato. My Dad’s prophecy was stated, “ that the Lord was going to extend his
life beyond his time and that he would be a pillar to others and that when they came to him they
would trust him because they knew he would not turn them in.”

Now because of the part about “not turning them in”, was there, he began to believe from this
that someday in the “end times” he would assist people in escaping to safety, who would not take
the “mark of the beast” . This was personal and he kept it to himself for awhile. In 1984 my
father was dead from a heart attack for more than ten minuets. He was miraculously brought back
to life without any damage. This we all agreed, was the first part of the prophecy fulfilled. His
life had been supernaturally extended as he should have died that year. This gave him a boldness
to share with his eleven grandchildren the rest of the prophecy. Nine of them were my brothers
kids and were not exposed to too many things about the Lord. Since that time my Dad had
several other heart attacks far less severe, a triple bypass and also angioplasty. He became a
familiar face at the local hospital and if you knew my Dad, he just saw all of this as a missionary
journey. Every time he went in, a nurse or fellow patient was getting saved by my Dad’s witness.

Much of his strength was in the hope of this prophecy. He stayed around out of a sense of duty
and responsibility because he still had something to do The last time he was in the hospital, his
countenance was different, he began to lose his short term memory and he realized that he was
too weak to ever perform what he hoped he would someday do for the Lord. He began to be
depressed and brokenhearted, that somehow he had failed the Lord and was being passed over.
I prayed and pleaded with the Lord for understanding and faithful as He is, I got the answer.

While I was Pastor of one of the first evangelical Christian Motorcycle Ministries, we had a rigid
line to tow to let the rest of the world see that this could and was a legitimate ministry. I was also
the authority figure of this ministry. Bikers and authority are usually not the best mix and this
was no different even in this Christian environment. Now my Dad was never a “biker” and got
his first motorcycle at 50 years of age to be with his son. My Mom and Dad were in my ministry
and I realized that they were parents to everyone who never had a loving parent. When I was a
kid I would have some of my friends come over not to visit me, but to talk to my folks. I didn’t
like it then but looking back on my life, how blessed I was to have such loving parents who could
love beyond their own. My father was the confidant to everyone in the group. I was the authority
figure, and many would not come to me with their problems, instead they always went to my
parents. They also knew that whatever was said to them, never came back to me or anyone else.

My Dad was a pillar in the church and a confidant who “would never turn them in”. He was also
the same way with his eleven grandchildren.
Although my Dad had a hope in a wrong interpretation of a personal prophecy he never let it
dictate his daily life. He realized that if this was going to happen it would be by the Lord’s
direction and not anything he could or would do in his own power.

With this balance and living adaily walk with the Lord, the prophecy was fulfilled by simply living in a daily obedience to theLord and Dad just being himself. I shared this with my Dad and I think he was a bit disappointedthat he was not going to do the things he hoped he would, but there was also a peace that maybehe hadn’t failed the Lord after all. The next time my Dad went to the hospital was the last time.

On January 17th 2000 my Dad went to be with the Lord and heard the words that every Born again believerlongs to hear,   “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into joy of your Lord.”

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with
wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31